When we say something about summer fun, nothing beats the joy of throwing water balloons at each other! Add to that the laughter such water-filled balloons bring to the kids’ outdoor play. So join their party, and we’re sure that you’ll explore that inner child within yourself.

If you have a garden, a backyard, or any outdoor space at your house, you can make outdoor activities more interesting by bringing home some water balloons. But it’s not a wise decision to choose just any balloons. Water balloons should be affordable, easy to fill, biodegradable, and hold a considerable quantity of water.

Fun Ideas for Using Water Balloons

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Before exploring the water balloon options available, we want to help you pick some best water balloon games. That way, you’ll be able to choose the balloons that best fit your favorite outdoor activity.

Toss and break the balloon

Make a group of two to five people and let the first member of the group start tossing a water balloon to the second, the second to the third, and so on. Play some music and stop after a few seconds. Whoever has the water balloon at the moment will break it on the head of the person next to him!

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Play with the spoon

Let’s get racing. Get some wooden spoons and place the water balloons on each of those spoons. Give these to each of the kids. The challenge for the participants is not to let the water balloon fall to the ground. Now, start the race and see who wins the game.

Play bull’s eye

Choose a spot as your target. It can be as simple as a basketball net. If you have one, just use the water balls instead of the basketball itself. The one whose water balloon goes inside the net wins. You can choose some other spot as well. Just drawing a target on the floor with chalk will do wonders. The player who throws the water balloon closest to the target will win.

The Best Water Balloons for a Great Splash

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Since water balloons are mostly available in bulk, you should choose those that don’t disappoint you later on. Besides the material, a good box of balloons should have all other features that make it outstanding. So let’s have a look at the best ones here.


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Get the party up and running with FEECHAGIER. Who said water balloons are only meant for kids? So let the inner kid out by playing and splashing these water balloons at your next outdoor summer party. Become the coolest mom on the block, arranging these at your child’s summer party.

It won’t even take you that much time to fill and tie 592 balloons in just 60 seconds. So, there is no hassle of filling up individual balloons. Get hundreds of balloons in a few minutes and let the battle begin. Available in vibrant colors, these water balloons are made with high-quality materials. The manufacturer claims to get the return just in case you’re not satisfied with the balloons.

You can fill them up in a bin in the shortest time so you can start partying without losing any time.


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It’s never a dull moment with ZURU. Before you know it, you’re all drenched up in water and fun. After all, it’s hard to say no to a water fight. With the rapid-fill capability, you can fill more balloons without hand tying every water balloon.

There’s a reason these balloons were established as the Toy of the Year for the years 2017 and 2018. Quick and easy, these water balloons bring back the fun in a water fight.

You can literally fill 100 water balloons in 60 seconds. Yes! Have a whole water balloon party up and running in just a minute. That’s because of its self-filling O-Ring technology. It makes ZURU a perfect choice for kid’s summer parties when you’ve invited a lot of little guests.

Biodegradable Latex Water Balloons by the Ueerdand Store

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Who said a water balloon couldn’t be both fun and safe for the environment? Enter these biodegradable water balloons by the Ueerdand store. Unleash fun in a new way. Get the eco-friendly ones, so it’s a win-win for you and the earth!

These water balloons are made of biodegradable latex. There are no chemical powder coatings or biodegradable latex, so you can have fun without feeling guilty about the environmental impact.

The kit includes 1700 balloons and 3 hose nozzles so you can have non-stop fun. The multi-color package introduces a range of colors. So besides presenting a toy train set to them, you can also surprise the kids with water balloons.

And they’re not just handy at a water party. You can fill up these balloons with water or with air. Then, let them float up in the sky for a wonderful evening party. What a nice backdrop! With these balloons, the limits are endless.


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Have a blast of time without going anywhere, and this will be a party everyone will remember for summers to come.

With DMYC, you’ll have a bomb of a party. So fill up these colorful water balloons and start having fun already. The best thing about these is that you can quickly fill up the balloons with the refill kit, and there you go! That way, you can fill and tie 333 water balloons in just 60 seconds.

If you don’t feel like going through the hassle of filling up water balloons, just say bye-bye to it. Usually, by the time you are done filling balloons, you’re too tired to start the water fight. Well, none of that now.

Bunch O Balloons

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These crazy color Bunch O Balloons are just that — crazy fun! With these water balloons, you don’t have to wait for hours to fill them up. And by the time you’re done, don’t you start wishing you would have just opted for the takeout? Well, we are having none of that. So what’s the fun in that?

Have something different at this year’s summer party. After all, summers are all about letting yourself experience a world of fun. Plus, you don’t even have to struggle with tying them (and oops, bursting them by accident!) The self-tying balloons make it all the easier.

Plus, they’re recyclable. That means while you’re partying, the earth is too. So, it’s a win-win for both you and the earth.


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Have a summer full of splash and fun with these AzBoys. The assorted color balloons appeal to everyone, so even if you’re planning a kid’s party, we’re sure the adults will have just as much fun having the water fight.

Plus, they’re made of biodegradable natural latex. So, you don’t have to worry about them hurting Mother Earth. You can also use them for tabletop balloon decorations. Isn’t that neat?

The pack of 50 water balloons is big enough, so you’ll have plenty left over for even your next summer party. In addition, they’re the perfect balance, so they neither burst in your hands nor just bounce off another person.


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Planning an outdoor party? It’s incomplete without water balloons. If your party is missing them, you should give Prextex a try.

The pack includes a whopping 1800 items, so you can truly have a blast of a time. Whether it’s a pool party or an outdoor splash party, you’ll have non-stop fun at this summer party.

Fill them up with colored water or let these colored water balloons as it is. They’re fun in both ways. You can have an enjoyable water party with these biodegradable water balloons. This means no more nasty-smelling balloons. The natural odor-free biodegradable latex of these balloons is the best part about it. Now you can have fun the earth-friendly way.

So, what are you waiting for?

Peachy Party

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So, is throwing water balloons at each other fun or having a splash fight while floating on the pool water more interesting?

Yes, we’re talking about some unique balloons! These smile water balloons get you in a perky and upbeat mood. Have pool party fun with these Peachy Party smile water balloons. These are perfect for an outdoor party for not just the kids but also adults.

You can get the balloons in bulk for all your parties. Each pack contains 50 colorful assorted balloons. There are tons of parties you can use them at (not just water fights)! Fill them up with air and decorate the tabletops. Or better yet, fill them up with paintballs, and suddenly, you have at your hands the best party ever! What could make the hot days more fun? These smiling water balloons are here to the rescue.


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Looking for the perfect item to get the party up and rolling?

Ctoiotc balloons are good to go for fun backyard and outdoor parties. You could even use them in party games for kids and adults. For instance, how about the water balloon basketball game? Grab a bucket and have fun throwing the water balloons in the bucket.

Or you could try water balloon baseball. You would definitely need a baseball for this game, and the rest you can figure out from the name.

If you’re worried that the balloons might just burst halfway through these games, worry not. These water balloons are made of great material, so you can even pre-fill them the night before the party, and they’ll stay like that without popping and leaking.


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Water parties are great fun. We aren’t too big on the part where we have to fill the balloons. Doesn’t it take forever?

These balloons from the DOOGAXOO store are all but that. The 100 self-sealing rapid-fill water balloons are your perfect party sidekick so you can focus on having fun. There’s no need to wait around hours and hours to fill the balloons.

Bring them to a kids’ party and let them have fun while building their social skills. Join the cool summer game and have fun in water fights. You can beat the heat and boredom at the same time.

Fill up the 100 water bombs in a few minutes. They’re enough to last you long. Fire them up at your enemies without letting your guard down. Stock up on the water balloons so you’ll always be the winner without missing any fun.

Have a Blast at the Water Fight!

Water balloons are the best boredom-busters for a summer party. Though all of the above-mentioned options are good enough to please your friends, family, and little ones, you can choose considering the need of the day.

So, which brand of water balloons tempts you the most? Have you tried any of these before? We’d love to know your thoughts.