As a society, we’re becoming more and more aware of how our purchases impact the environment. This is overwhelmingly a good thing. It can also make shopping for our loved ones that much more difficult. But there might be more unique Valentine’s gifts out there than you realize.

You don’t need to live a perfectly green life to want to gift responsibly. Every eco-friendly purchase is a small step toward living more sustainably as a whole.

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The best part is that it’s never been easier to find handmade alternatives to traditional Valentine’s Day gifts.

14 Unique Valentine’s Gifts for a One-of-a-Kind Romance

unique valentine's day gifts

Are you and your partner trying to limit your waste? Or are you an eco-warrior working to get your partner to use more eco-friendly products? Either way, these handmade and unique Valentine’s gifts are sure to prove your love.

1. Jewelry tray

Have been together for what feels like a lifetime? If so, your partner may have already collected an impressive range of jewelry from Valentine’s Days past. A handmade jewelry tray is a great way to help them store and show off their collection.

For a simple and feminine aesthetic, we recommend the Mud & Marble Custom Engraved Jewelry Dish. This jewelry dish can be customized with your initials, anniversary, or another important message.

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The JaysClay Ring Holder is perfect for securely holding rings when showering, working out, or just not wearing them.

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Meanwhile, the Chabi Chic Trinket Tray works as catch-all storage for everyday jewelry and miscellaneous trinkets. It’s handmade by Moroccan artisans and will look perfect on a vanity, nightstand, or bathroom counter.

2. At-home spa day

For many, this Valentine’s Day will be spent at home. If you’re someone who enjoys giving (or receiving) spa treatments every year, this could be a hard pill to swallow. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to have a spa day without leaving the house.

When hunting for one-of-a-kind Valentine’s gifts, don’t knock the convenience of a gift set. The KayaSoaps Rose Bath and Body Gift Set features everything your partner needs for a relaxing night in the tub, complete with notes of rose and ylang-ylang.

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Or, you can build your own custom spa retreat with the Bright Endeavors Soaking Salt Flight. Choose from natural scents like lavender, coconut, and vanilla — no one knows what your partner would like more than you! This set is perfect for anyone who needs to relax or rehab sore muscles.

3. Candles

Few things say “romance” quite like a few lit candles. If you’re looking for unique Valentine’s gifts, however, you’ll want to stay away from synthetic and mass-produced candles.

The Personalized Prosperity Candle is made in small batches in Massachusetts. You can customize the jar’s label with a heartfelt message, and every purchase supports the fight against women in poverty.

Is your partner from a different state or country? Are they missing home, especially after the limitations of the past year? The Old Castle Candles I Miss Home Candle comes in many scents inspired by different places around the world.

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If physical touch is your or your partner’s love language, skip the traditional candles. Instead, gift them a La Parea Wellness Kentucky Bourbon Massage Candle.

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4. Pearl jewelry

Pearls are controversial. But it is possible to support pearl farms that prioritize the health of their animals and the environment. Cultured freshwater pearls are a great place to start.

A simple Pearl Bracelet is ideal for anyone who appreciates an understated jewelry look. This handmade bracelet features conflict-free gold and comes with either a white or black freshwater pearl.

For a more dramatic look, the Moonstone and Freshwater-Culture Pearl Necklace is sure to turn heads. It is handmade in California and, again, boasts a freshwater pearl.

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Of course, no matter how carefully they’re farmed, pearls are never vegan. Keep this in mind when shopping for this year’s sustainable Valentine’s gifts.

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5. Cuff links or collar stays

Finding unique Valentine’s gifts for those with a more masculine style can be difficult. If your partner enjoys dressing up in their best business attire, then a set of collar stays or cuff links might be in order.

With a set of Personalized Brass Collar Stays, your partner can carry a custom message with them anywhere they go. Or, if you want your gift to be on display, get them a pair of ZaNa Design Personalized Gold Cuff Links.

The Schimmel Woodworks Steampunk Cuff Links are a fashionable gift idea for anyone with a more eccentric taste. Your partner can pair these cuff links with their most business-appropriate suit for a bit of flair.

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6. Watch

Fitness trackers and smartwatches have largely made traditional timepieces obsolete. If your partner considers themselves a watch-aficionado, though, we’ve found some handmade and interesting Valentine’s gifts to add to their collection.

The LMWOOD Engraved Ebony Wood Watch is stylish and truly one-of-a-kind. You can have the back of this watch engraved with a custom message to your sweetheart.

The donebetter Personalized Wood Wrist Watch is another hand-carved wood watch face. But this one has a leather wristband. Again, the maker is happy to engrave a personal message onto the back of the watch for a gift that’s even more thoughtful.

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7. Clean shave

Whether your partner sports a clean shave or a hard-earned beard, high-quality grooming tools can make all of the difference. One of these unique Valentine’s gifts might be exactly what you need to get them to ditch the aerosol shaving cream or plastic razors!

The Honest Elephant Whipped Shave Cream is the perfect way to prep for a shave or trim. The formula features natural ingredients that moisturize and soothe the skin. It even comes in a fragrance-free version for sensitive noses.

If your partner enjoys shaving with a straight razor, why not upgrade their current kit with the Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush?

Finally, The Mod Cabin Core Beard Kit includes everything your partner needs to maintain and pamper their facial hair. After all, some people just refuse to shave!

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8. Chocolate

Yes, you can enjoy chocolate without a guilty conscience (in more ways than one). And, if you ask us, Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a few bites of this sweet treat.

Expand your palette with a collection of curated chocolate bars made with sustainably sourced ingredients. This Valentine’s Day, our favorites include the Divine Chocolate from Ghana Flight and Beyond Good Chocolate from Madagascar Flight!

9. Valentine’s card

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day apart from a partner or loved one, a card may be all you have to give. Instead of a traditional paper card, however, we suggest sending them a wooden one that will last a lifetime.

Hereafter makes a wide variety of wooden Valentine’s cards that are more beautiful and longer-lasting than paper cards. You can even request a custom message be permanently engraved onto the back.

There’s no shortage of fun and heartfelt cards to choose from. Our personal picks include Hereafter’s Penguin Love, Forever Valentine, and, of course, I Love You Like No Otter designs.

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10. Holiday decor

Are you and your partner struggling to feel the holiday spirit this year? You’re certainly not alone. One of the best ways to fight this funk is by decorating your home with Valentine’s Day decor.

Add some instant romance and fun to your living space with the I Love You Felt Garland or Heart Felt Garland. These garlands are easy to put and takedown. The best part, though, is that every garland helps support artisans in Nepal.

You don’t need to reserve these items for Valentine’s Day, either. The Hereafter You & Me Wood Ornaments and Love Quartet Ornaments make great additions to any Christmas tree. You can even leave them out year-round.

11. Gold jewelry

While there are tons of unique, out-of-the-box sustainable Valentine’s gifts out there, sometimes you just want to stick with a classic. In this case, gifting ethical gold jewelry is a great way to say “I love you.”

You can’t go wrong with a Classic Jewelry Gift Set. This miniature collection includes a pair of dainty hoop earrings and a matching necklace. Each piece is handmade in Cambodia with conflict-free gold.

12. Perfume and cologne

The most romantic Valentine’s Day gifts benefit the entire relationship, even if superficially. If you want to surprise your partner with something you can both enjoy, there are few gifts better than a bottle of perfume or cologne.

Unfortunately, many popular perfumes are full of synthetic chemicals that go into the air with every spritz. While more research needs to be done to determine the best way to combat this air pollution, some experts suggest switching to products with all-natural ingredients. Another great option is to apply perfume or cologne directly to your skin rather than using a spray bottle.

The Baiser Beauty Formula No. 9 Moonstone Perfume features essential oils from neroli, jasmine, and rose. It also contains jojoba oil and botanical extracts of bergamot and coriander.

For a more masculine scent, the Drakensberg Rollerball Cologne also boasts a jojoba oil base and zero alcohol. The citrusy, woodsy scent is made up of several botanical oils. Best of all, the roll-on applicator means no need to spritz chemicals into the air!

13. Hand-carved artwork

If your partner enjoys decorative keepsakes, there’s no better Valentine’s Day present than something handmade by a skilled artisan.

The “Kissing You” Statuette and “Two Hearts” Sculpture are both hand-carved from Suar wood in Indonesia. These wooden sculptures would look stunning on a bookshelf, mantel, or anywhere else your partner chooses to display them.

You can use the “All My Love” Heart Puzzle Box to surprise your partner with a piece of jewelry or other small gift hidden inside. Once they solve the puzzle, the box will serve as a stylish reminder of this Valentine’s Day.

14. Cookbooks

If creating delicious meals together has become one of your most cherished pastimes as a couple, celebrate Valentine’s Day by expanding your culinary horizons.

Food is a universal language, and there’s a good chance you’ve only scratched the surface of global cuisine. Surprising your partner with a Cookbooks Bundle full of recipes and stories sourced from all around the world will help fix that.

Complete your gift with an Olive Oil Flight sourced from small-scale Palestinian farms.

Celebrate Your Love With Unique Valentine’s Gifts

Whether Valentine’s Day is just another day for you and your partner or you go all out each year, this holiday is going to be a bit different than those past. But there’s also never been a better time to jump-start better consumer habits with some handmade and sustainable Valentine’s gifts.

Don’t get wrapped up trying to pick the perfect present or spend the most money. Shopping sustainably isn’t cutting corners. Rather, it’s putting in even more effort than normal.

And, as always, it’s the thought that really counts.

What are your favorite eco-friendly gifts to give or receive? Let us know in the comments below!