The Best Bluetooth Keyboards

Using a Bluetooth keyboard helps get rid of the clutter of wires and frees up a USB port on your computer. Over time, they have become less expensive and provide you with greater mobility, flexibility, and portability so that you are not necessarily stuck in one place with your system. It’s preferable to type using a keyboard instead of using a touchscreen keyboard on a mobile device. Having a wireless keyboard also helps you sit at a better distance from your screen, particularly if you use a laptop, since you are more likely to have your face closer to your screen than if you used a desktop computer.

Bluetooth keyboards free you from being tethered to your computer by a cable. The keyboard you choose should be based on your activities. For example, gamers will want a mechanical gaming keyboard that works with their gaming style. Some other features gamers seek are programmable and tactile keys, backlighting, changeable number pads, and integrated LCDs.

Someone who works long hours at an office or home computer will want a full-sized keyboard that can be paired with multiple devices, such as phones, laptops, and tablets, to ensure maximum productivity. Office and desk workers may want to find the most ergonomic option available to provide more comfort for their fingers and wrists.

People who like their music and their movies should look for keyboards that have built-in features, such as volume control, play and pause buttons, and track skipping. Also, if you tend to store your films and shows on your computer or mobile device and watch them on a TV, wireless keyboards are preferable to remote controls because typing names or words is easier and more comfortable to use.

The Top 20 Best Bluetooth Keyboards

1. Microsoft Modern Keyboard

[amazon box=”B07Y3ZS47V”]

This rechargeable keyboard is highly recommended for desktop keyboard usage. It is aesthetically pleasing with its all-silver look and feels good to use. The keys are clickable, and there are dedicated keys for Windows users. There is even a built-in fingerprint reader. The budget is high but you are paying for the quality and appearance of this Bluetooth keyboard.

2. Logitech K780

[amazon box=”B01LZTBKBG”]

For laptop and tablet users, this is the best portable keyboard option. It is compatible with the Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android platforms, and it can easily be switched between your computer, tablet, and smartphone. It supports three devices at once and has its own USB dongle to use with systems that do not have Bluetooth. It comes with a stand to hold your phone or tablet, and you can switch between devices with a button. This keyboard also has a number keypad and chiclet-style keys. This keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries.

3. Logitech MK540 Advanced Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

[amazon box=”B07K2KPSBQ”]

This is a great budget option, where you get both a Bluetooth mouse and a keyboard. They are both good quality options, with the keyboard having well-spaced keys and allowing for tactile typing, meaning that the texture makes for a good typing experience. There are also programmable keys and media buttons.

4. Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

[amazon box=”B079JLY5M5″]

This is an even better budget option than the higher-end MK540, with both the keyboard and mouse being very affordable. The keyboard is full-sized with a numeric keypad and has nine function keys and multimedia buttons for easy access. This combo is both portable and comfortable and is an option for PC and Chrome users.

5. Logitech K810/K811

[amazon box=”B0099SMFP2″]

The K810 is a good choice for PC users, while the K811 is for Mac users. The body is metal, the keys are illuminated, and the battery is rechargeable. The keyboard can be connected to a computer, a tablet, and a smartphone, all at once.

6. Apple Magic Keyboard With Numeric Keypad

[amazon box=”B07JMZH19Y”]

For Microsoft Excel users or number crunchers, this keyboard from Apple is made from aluminum and has a battery that can run the keyboard for a month between charges. The keys are backlit, and it is a good option for people who need a full-sized keyboard.

7. Corsair K63

[amazon box=”B07NNZXNSZ”]

This wireless keyboard is a mechanical gaming keyboard, one of the few that does not need to be wired. This is ideal for PC gamers, who can have a clean gaming setup, LED backlights, and hotkeys for playing back music. It is like the brand’s wired version in terms of features offered. The battery life is good, running for a full day on one charge when the lights are off.

8. Logitech Craft

[amazon box=”B0768LTVCQ”]

This is a premium, professional-level keyboard that is intended for desktop and laptop users but can also be used with tablets and smartphones. The keyboard is powerful and slick, with many features, shortcuts, illumination, and a good amount of comfort. One unique feature is a touch-sensitive creative input dial that adapts to the app you are using at that moment. The keys light up when your hands approach the keyboard, and the backlit keys automatically adjust the brightness level, depending on lighting conditions. It’s considered a keyboard for creative types.

9. Microsoft Surface

[amazon box=”B01MQ0SB7Z”]

This is an attractive, ergonomic keyboard option that uses two AAA batteries that last up to a year. Windows 10 task buttons are also provided. While intended for use with Microsoft Surface laptops and tablets, this keyboard can also be used with other brands’ laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

10. Logitech K380

[amazon box=”B0876P8VHN”]

This is a low-budget option. The keys are round and the body is colorful, even playful. It’s portable for laptop, tablet, and smartphone users and is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, Android, iOS, and Chrome.

11. Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

[amazon box=”B00X5P8BJO”]

This is another low-budget option. It’s portable for use at the coffee shop or in your bag with your tablet or smartphone. The battery is rechargeable and lasts for six months. You can choose between seven backlight colors and two brightness settings. There is also an auto-off mode to extend battery life.

12. Logitech K480

[amazon box=”B00MUTWLW4″]

This keyboard can be paired with three devices at once and is easily switchable. It comes with a slot where you can place your tablet or phone for convenient viewing. The battery life is two years, and the keyboard works with iOS, Android, OS X, and Windows devices.

13. Anker Ultra Compact Bluetooth Keyboard

[amazon box=”ASIN”]

This is another low-cost option. The keyboard can be connected to any Bluetooth device, such as a smart TV or a streaming device, which makes typing much easier than using a remote control. It has a compact design and has a six-month battery life.

14. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

[amazon box=”B00UBGU4PY”]

This keyboard is highly portable and at 5 millimeters thick, it’s a rather thin keyboard. It is light and small enough to put in a jacket pocket. You do sacrifice some comfort for the size and portability, but in return you get good battery life and a three-year warranty. It’s compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

15. HP K3500 Wireless Keyboard

[amazon box=”B00FXWIQY2″]

This is a Windows-compatible keyboard that allows you to link to five devices at once and has hot keys to allow you easy access to common functions. Your productivity increases because you’re using fewer keystrokes.

16. Logitech Keys-to-Go

[amazon box=”B07D54YKV7″]

This keyboard is a good portable option, particularly for Windows and Android device users who want a decent battery life of three months, a portable stand for tablet or smartphone viewing, and something that is thin and lightweight. The keyboard is also comfortable, with well-spaced keys.

17. Omoton Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

[amazon box=”B00GD1BGYO”]

This inexpensive keyboard is ideal for connecting to mobile devices and is compatible with Android, iOS, and other devices. The battery life can last up to six months between charges because of the automatic sleep mode of the keyboard, which is small enough to put in a handbag, laptop bag, or suitcase.

18. iClever Wireless Folding Keyboard

[amazon box=”B08R68N4S3″]

This keyboard has a tri-fold and has a three-color backlight. It’s compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Despite its small size, the keyboard is ergonomic and has full-size keys to make for user-friendly typing.

19. Kensington KP400

[amazon box=”B07B4MM6CC”]

This keyboard has good switchability and can be used as both a wired USB and a wireless Bluetooth keyboard with your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. It includes a numeric pad and is compatible with Android and Windows devices.

20. Rii i9 Bluetooth 3.0 Ultra Slim Wireless Rechargeable Keyboard

[amazon box=”B00OHIKQDC”]

This is another low-cost option that has wide compatibility with desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones that use iOS, Windows, and Android operating systems. The keyboard works with smart TVs and other Bluetooth devices. It has shortcut keys and has a slim, compact, and lightweight design, which is ideal for travelers. The keyboard uses two AAA batteries that can last up to three months.

How We Chose Our Top Picks

We review available data about the products as well as customer reviews. We base our ratings on the combined material, and we aim to provide accurate information about the listed products to help you make informed decisions.

Buyer’s Guide

Here are some things to consider when trying to decide which Bluetooth keyboard to buy:


If you are looking for a keyboard for your desktop computer, you can go with something larger and heavier, with more features. If you often use your laptop or tablet, you will want a lighter, compact, and portable keyboard, which may have fewer features but will be less cumbersome.


Avoid keyboards that have no angle or height adjustment options. Your keyboard should have adjustable legs or feet.


For comfort, the keys on your keyboard should be sculpted and have the right spacing. Ideally, you should test out your keyboard before purchasing. It’s important the keys feel right to you, and keys vary between traditional, flat, and chiclet, where the keys are small squares with straight sides and rounded corners, like the Chiclet gum.


Because the keyboards are not wired, batteries will be mandatory. Look at what type of battery is needed and how many batteries are required to power the keyboard. The most common battery options are AA, AAA, alkaline, and rechargeable lithium-ion. Alkaline batteries are more expensive than lithium-ion but last longer. Lithium-ion batteries can be recharged through a USB port, and it’s advised that you should charge the battery when you’re not using your devices. Gamers should opt for lithium batteries because they can hold up to lengthy gaming sessions and do not require replacements as often as alkaline.

General Ease of Use

Your Bluetooth keyboard should not be difficult to use. You should not have a problem pairing any of your devices with the keyboard, and it should be easy to switch between devices.

As you can see, there are many Bluetooth keyboard options available on the market. There are several that cover different needs, from mechanical keyboards with long battery life for gamers to thin, light, and portable keyboards for people who commute or travel often with their devices. Decide what your most important needs are and test out the available options so you can choose which one types and feels the best for you.