When summer rolls around, many of us would love to prop our doors open, enjoy the balmy breeze, and cool off with some nice lemonade. The patio or balcony is probably one of your favorite places at this time. So, it makes sense to have a semi-open space between the indoors and outdoors where the kids can also play safely. However, if you don’t have a screen door installed, pesky bugs like mosquitoes might ruin your summer nights.

Without a screen door, you’d probably have bugs landing in your food, buzzing in your ears, or biting you everywhere. However, if you live in a rental home, installing a proper screen door isn’t the wisest investment. Plus, a regular screen door usually won’t allow you to keep every door wide open. That’s why magnetic screen doors are such an exciting option!

This is the kind of door that won’t scar the property you’re renting. With the hook and loop feature, you’ll be able to keep your deposit safe and those bugs away for good.

What Is a Magnetic Screen Door?

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A magnetic screen door is a sort of mesh door that you can install in any kind of doorway. It allows fresh air in, while keeping the unwanted pests out to have a disinfected space. But, of course, if you have pets, they’ll be able to move in and out even with a magnetic screen door. These doors take only a light push to open and will close automatically.

As with most other products, you can choose from several magnetic screen doors. Let’s look at how you can choose the best one for your specific needs.

How to Choose the Best Magnetic Screen Door

No one wants to undergo the hassle of purchasing a magnetic screen door and installing it just to find out that it doesn’t meet their requirements. To prevent buyer’s regret, here are some factors to consider before placing an order.

Know the door’s size

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Make sure to measure the area where you aim to place the magnetic doors. That will ensure that you get the right size.

Assess the magnet power

Since you’re paying for a magnetic screen door, you should make sure that its magnet is powerful enough. Quality magnets mean that the screen door curtains close properly. Reputable brands are a must if you don’t want annoying gaps that will let in even more annoying insects.

Search for the right materials

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Several kinds of materials might make up your magnetic screen door. However, if you want a long-lasting experience, you should choose one that has durable, hardy materials.

The main materials for such doors include polyester and fiberglass. These will make up the mesh. But some companies may use ABS plastic for extra durability. For the frame, we can expect metal or wood. Fiberglass mesh is the best option, especially if you want the maximum amount of fresh air in your home. While it may cost more, this is the best choice if the door is getting a lot of use.

On the other hand, a polyester mesh is relatively affordable, will let you see through more easily, and is better for letting in natural light. If you do go for this option, make sure that the fiber count is higher. This will ensure maximum durability.

The mesh is encased in small portals with an ABS plastic frame, perfect for letting pets in. With a metal frame, the door becomes resistant to changes in temperature. However, keep in mind that the fastening joint of the frame to the wall is prone to moisture buildup, corrosion, and rusting. If you’re going for a metal frame, use adhesives instead.

Wooden frames in magnetic screen doors are in danger of cracking or expanding if the temperature falls or rises too much. High humidity will also adversely affect the frame, as will insects like termites or carpenter ants. However, wooden frames will make using tacks, screws, and nails much easier than metal ones.

Never settle without the hook and loop system

A hook and loop system will ensure that the magnetic screen doors are easy to install and remove. That way, you won’t have to hammer in nails and risk getting in trouble on your rental. At the same time, you can easily remove the doors and take them along when it’s time to move.

Prefer flame-resistant doors

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Flame-resistant screen doors are available in the magnetic variety. If you’re installing one in the kitchen, it’s worth the extra cash to stay safe from possible fires.

The Best Magnetic Screen Door for Renters

A lot of magnetic screen door models are available online today. Unfortunately, it can be overwhelming to look at all of them. So, let’s start you off with some of the best options right now.

Flux Phenom

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The polyester mesh of the Flux Phenom magnetic screen door has a tight weave and has been upgraded from its old design. The reinforced edges have thumbtacks that give more security and ensure that the door will stay up even in a house with kids and pets.

Door frames that are up to 38 by 82 inches will be suitable for this screen door. In addition, there are 26 magnets along the seam, which are heavy enough to close the door the second after someone passes through easily. There’s even a video tutorial available to tell us about the installation guidelines in the easiest manner. Luckily, the installation is possible without any additional tools.


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The iGotTech screen door has a quality build, which is made for long-term use. The door is suitable for areas up to 34 by 82 inches, and the price is surprisingly affordable. It’s also great for pet owners, as they can easily move in and out of the home.

The hook and loop seal in this design is useful for easy installation while the 26 magnets automatically close the door at once. You can hang this door on the balcony, garage, porch, patio, or any other doorway with this system. It’s also great that the mesh doesn’t tear or stain too easily. So, you’ll be safe from bugs even when the weather is rough.

Magnetic Screen Door Cover by IKSTAR Store

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This screen door option by the IKSTAR store comes in several sizes, including the standard French doors. The range starts at 39 by 83 inches and ends at 72 by 8- inches. There are seven more options between these limits. So, you’ll probably be able to find the perfect fit for your doorways soon enough.

The mesh here is made from lightweight fiberglass, which keeps bugs out and lets the sunlight and fresh air. You can easily install this door to wood or metal door frames with the included adhesive strips. Incidentally, the package also contains pushpins to make everything especially secure.


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JOYPEA is made of durable fiberglass, with a full framed hook and loop system. It can fit any door up to 36 by 96 inches. But it’s important to measure your area before installing it. The materials are also scratch-resistant, which is why you don’t have to worry about heavy wear and tear in any season.

The seams of this door are closed using a short magnetic strip. There are a total of 26 strong magnets. So, the curtain is sure to close seamlessly. Additionally, eight gravity sticks are sewn into the bottom of the door so that there’s no blowing in the wind. With the pushpins and the hook and loop system, the installation will be a breeze as well.

Titan Mall

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This screen door by the Titan Mall store features a fiberglass mesh with gravity sticks to weigh everything down. We especially like the widened fastener with Velcro to help out the strong glue for enhancing the curtain’s performance.

The size of this screen is 39 by 82 inches, which should fit most doors. With the hoop and loop adhesive, we have the assurance of more security. Plus, the edges are reinforced to protect against daily damage. Installing this option means that you can open the screen with one hand and remain free from unwanted guests, whether indoors or out.


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The Augo magnetic screen doors are made from heavy-duty materials, with a quality polyester mesh that’s both durable and tear-resistant. The installation is easy and secure with the hook and loop system, Velcro strips, and pushpins. At the same time, the mesh is lightweight enough for kids and small animals to push at and pass through.

The mesh will also provide proper sealing throughout the whole day. There are 52 magnets installed inside, which is twice as much as many other options. With the proper closing, there won’t be any holes or gaps to let the bugs through. You can use this option for sliding doors, RV doors, or standard doors.


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This magnetic screen door by the AIFFERA store also has a lightweight quality fiberglass mesh, which is both heavy-duty and light enough for kids to use. There’s also a hook and loop system that’s been upgraded for an overall better experience.

The Velcro on the door is better in quality and stickiness. It means that there’s much less risk of the screen falling off. In addition, there will be the benefits of cold and heat resistance, moisture resistance, decent light transmission, anti-aging, and no silk tampering with the reinforced fiberglass. The design also ensures high tensile strength and no deformation. You can even install this door in the kitchen due to its flame-retardant properties.


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Many of the best magnetic screen doors can be quite pricey. But Homearda is an option for those on a budget. This door has Velcro strips, a hook and loop system for easy installation, and adhesive backing for even more ease.

The weighted sticks and powerful magnets make for a convenient design, with a fast closing that’s still silent. With the quality construction, it’s an overall excellent choice.

Sentry Screens

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The simple design of Sentry Screens helps to make the interior and exterior of your home more comfortable. By staving off the bugs, everyone can enjoy themselves and relax more easily. There’s also a partition in the middle for easier access on either side.

The hook and loop fasteners will make the installation process quite speedy. What’s more, the fasteners come in several sizes and colors. So you can choose whatever goes best with the home decor! With the lifetime warranty and quality construction, this option seems like one of the best out there.


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A temporary screen door should be of high quality, and the sturdy construction on this one seems to fit the bill. With a size of 39 by 82 inches, Homitt provides easy passing by for humans and pets alike.

With the hook and loop setting, the installing mechanism is easy and user-friendly. Its unique, black color will suit most themes and decors, while the hands-free walkthrough makes the experience even more convenient.


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The Fenestrelle screen door is easy to mount as it has the hook and loop system included. It’s also flame-resistant, as the mesh is fiberglass. Incidentally, this material also makes the doors resistant to chemicals and corrosion.

There are 14 pair magnets here, which the trim could be either black or white and black according to your choice. Overall, this is among the best options for flexibility and durability.


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This 36 by 83 magnetic screen door has fiberglass mesh, 28 magnets, and several other great gestures. The magnetic door might have a tight seal, but it will let the pets and kids in easily. Overall, it’s a dependable option for making any home bug-free.

Apalus a worthwhile choice because its curtains automatically close together once you use this magnetic screen door. Plus, it’s removable and washable.

The Magnetic Screen Door That Locks Those Unwanted Guests

magnetic screen door

All the magnetic screen doors we’ve discussed above seem like excellent options. They’re durable, reliable, and have hook and loop systems to make installation as easy as can be. However, if you’re looking for the best one available and have the budget for it, go for the Homitt Magnetic Screen Door. It has a unique design, quality construction, and a lot more to recommend it. For those who want a more affordable option, the iGotTech door might be the next best thing.

So, which of these magnetic screen doors will you choose? We’d love to know your opinion.