Yoga is not just a trend for Californian women. It’s really a full mind-body workout. The health benefits of yoga are far reaching, with countless studies showing evidence for improvement in psychological and physical health. There are multiple different types of this practice, each with its own results. Whether you have physical ailments or psychological distress, yoga can be quite healing. Depending on the type of yoga you choose, you may need certain equipment. The mainstay in your arsenal, however, will be the classic yoga mat. It’s important to make a good selection of your mat as this will be what you stand on, sit on, and lie on, and it should be comfortable and conducive to your practices. Here are some of the best ones available.

Lover-Beauty Inch Exercise Yoga Mat

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Why we like it: 

This is one of the products on this list that comes in a wide range of colors. It is also one of the cheaper options for those on a budget. This mat is made from an eco-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable thermal plastic elastomer, a hypoallergenic and toxin-free and rubber-free material.

This material is very lightweight, with the whole mat weighing only around 2.4 pounds. Despite being an extra-long mat (72 inches long, 24 inches wide), it is still incredibly light and easy to carry with the carrying strap and the bag that it comes in. This mat is quite ideal for most activities, from hot yoga to Bikram yoga, and comes with a textured anti-slip and anti-tear durability. The mat is not washing machine or dryer safe but can be washed weekly with ease.

Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat

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Why we like it: 

Gaiam Sol mat is well suited for hot yoga, Pilates, and gymnastics. It is extra-long, measuring 68 inches long and 24 inches wide. The Gaiam Sol extra thick dry-grip Yoga Mat ensures you stay secure and slip-free with topcoat taking away moisture during hot yoga practices. You will remain supported and grounded as you move from pose to pose with the thickness being 5mm/ 3/16.

There is also an excellent closed-out cell design that seals out germ, odors, and bacteria on top of the mat. Gaiam yoga mat is free of the top 6 harmful phthalates. Mat is also made from lightweight PVC. Mat can be carried around easily with the carry strap that comes with it. You can wash with mild detergent then dry flat. Or clean with a damp cloth and warm water.3.

Premium Yoga Mat by Sternitz

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Why we like it: 

With four different colors to choose from, this mat comes in Eco PVC and a jute mesh. The eco-friendly textured material also includes an anti-slip feature with high traction. It is well suited for any time of yoga and is easy to clean by hand with a damp cloth. This mat has a self-strapping system with a handle and two elastic straps to make carrying and storing the mat convenient.

Yoga is a powerful tool for getting fit and healthy and for getting your mind and body functioning at their best. Yoga has been used to ease anxiety, depression, pain, and many symptoms of serious and terminal illnesses. Whatever your reason for taking up yoga, you will be all the better for it. Make sure you purchase good quality equipment to suit your needs and keep you comfortable throughout your practice.4.

Yoga Life Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

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Why we like it: 

This simple mat comes in a biodegradable and recyclable TPE material. It is made to be resistant to bacteria and sweat, and it features a double layer of textured material for preventing slippage. You can use this mat in all types of yoga or Pilates classes and it can be placed on any type of flooring indoors and outdoors.

The hypoallergenic mat is a standard 68 inches long and 24 inches wide, and has sufficient cushioning for yoga and other fitness routines. This lightweight mat is also only 2.4 pounds, and comes with a convenient strap for carrying and storing with ease. The mat requires hand washing or wiping.

Golden Lotus Premium Yoga Mat

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Why we like it: 

This is a great choice of mat for home and in-class yoga practice. It’s made from an eco-friendly microfiber and natural rubber material that is biodegradable and non-toxic! The Golden Lotus has good grip so that your body or the mat won’t slip and slide during a particularly tough workout or routine, and is perfect for hot yoga classes as well. The strap allows for easy carrying and storage, although the mat is a little heavy at around 7 pounds.

The best feature of this product is the body alignment lines that act as guides for body placement as you shift positions. This mat feels comfy and can double as a yoga towel, and you can machine wash it safely. Perhaps the only downside of this mat is that it is only about 68 inches long and 2 feet wide, which means taller people will have their feet out for the prone and supine asanas.6.

FlowMats SunFlow Yoga Mat

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Why we like it: 

This mat is ideal for any kind of yoga, from vinyasa to hot yoga. With four different colors to choose from, this mat has ultra-absorbent biodegradable material with extra grip to prevent slipping. You will not need a yoga towel with this. The material is also anti-microbial to prevent mold, and can be used on either side. The length is around 71 inches with extra width of 26 inches.

Though a little on the heavier side compared to many of the mats on this list, 5.24 pounds, this mat has a unique benefit that puts it right on top: a visual guide for the sun salutation yoga sequence. This sequence is one of the most common and fundamental yoga sequences, and the mat has the asanas and breath cues to assist in your practice. These mats have one more benefit to their purchase, which is that every mat bought contributes to the education of children in India. The company promises to build a school for every 1000 mats sold.7.

Clever Yoga Premium LiquidBalance Mat

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Why we like it: 

The Clever Yoga Premium mat, the most expensive on this list, has a particularly extended length and width, making it perfect for taller individuals over 6 feet tall. The mat is made from eco-friendly natural tree rubber that is fully biodegradable, and comes with incredible non-slip grip. The thick cushioning is idea for more strenuous activities, and this versatile mat is well suited for all kinds of fitness and yoga practices.

The attractive carry bag with shoulder strap and handle makes toting this mat around or storing it convenient and simple. This mat should not be washed by machine but does need regular cleaning by hand with soapy water to prevent staining from natural oils and sweat. Though not the heaviest mat on this list, the mat does weigh around 6.5 pounds.8.

Peace Yoga Rubber Mat

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Why we like it: 

This is the most easily affordable yoga mat on this list, and it comes in five different colors and inspiring designs. These gorgeous rubber and microfiber mats are extra-long, measuring 72 inches in length and the standard 24 inches wide. With extra thickness for cushioning, this mat weighs around 5 pounds.

Though this mat can be used for any practice, it is actually especially geared for hot yoga. The microfiber side is perfect to soak up sweat, and even grips better and gets stronger as a result. The grip surface requires a wet spray, however, prior to your session. This mat requires handwashing with water and soap only.

FeelinGirl High Density Exercise and Yoga Mat

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Why we like it: 

The FeelinGirl High Density mat comes in five different colors, and features thermoplastic elastomer material that is easy to clean and lasts long. This mat is 72 inches long and 24 inches wide, with non-slip surface material on both sides. The self-strapping system has a handle and two elastic straps to make storage and transport an absolute breeze.

This is one of the lightest mats on this list, coming in at a weight of only 2.2 pounds. There is a textured ridging for skid-protection and moisture resistance in the memory foam material. With good cushioning as well, this mat is great for any kind of yoga or exercise.10.

I am Athletics Natural JuteYoga Mat

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Why we like it: 

The eco-friendly natural jute mat comes with Eco PVC and an anti-slip feature on both sides. This highly durable mat is extra-long so that you can lie down easily, about 2 feet wide and a length of 72 inches. Cushioning and traction make this mat suitable for a variety of activities from Pilates to yoga to any other fitness practice you try your hand at.

At just about 3.4 pounds, this mat is easy to carry with a black full cotton strap that can also be used as a yoga strap. This mat is not washing machine or dryer friendly, and will have to be wiped down only with water. It is also advised to use a yoga towel with this mat to improve on the anti-slip properties during activities like hot yoga.