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Wood stoves are a great device to own if you want to go gas-free in terms of cooking and heat. It’s even better if you enjoy spending time in the outdoors, and wish to make your outdoor experience more convenient. There is a range of stoves available, with different features that cater to different needs. There are large stoves and even stoves that are compact and can be transported easily. Some stoves can even be taken apart for extra convenience. They are particularly handy devices to take with you when you go camping or to spend some time in a cabin out in the woods. For those of you who are inclined to cook in this manner, below is a list of the best wood stoves as of the year 2017.

1. Iregro Collapsible Stainless Steel Wood Stove

This burner is made of stainless steel, which means it can handle high levels of heat. Due to this material, it can also withstand large amounts of weight in terms of what you place on it. Thus it is quite sturdy and durable. You can place your cooking ware on the four pot holding arms that are on top of the cooker. This allows you to balance your cooking pans and make sure that the pans are heated evenly and consistently. The fact that this product takes convenience seriously is visible in the built-in wood feeing opening, which you can use to add wood to the machine without stopping your cooking process. Therefore, you can keep the heat going without stopping in between. The most convenient thing is that you can use any type of wood, pellet, leaf, or twig to fire up this device and get the heat going. This makes it incredibly easy to use in the great outdoors, where almost everything can act as fuel for your device. It is very light in weight and you can disassemble, pack, and take it anywhere. Considering all these features that make this product so convenient, it can easily be considered one of the best wood stoves in the market.

2. Solo Stove Titan Wood Burning Stove

This popular stove won “Gear of the Year” and comes highly recommended by Backpacker Magazine. Survivalists around the world also rate it well. It has won numerous other awards. These accolades prove that this specific stove is well worth the price and is perfect for cooking outdoors. The unique design of this machine features a double wall, which means that the fuel you use burns fully, resulting in less smoke and air pollution. In addition, due to it being a wood stove, you won’t have to spend much money on fuel, since that pretty much anything out in nature can be considered fuel. You can use wood, pellets, twigs, or leaves to heat up this machine. This also means that when you are backpacking with very little luggage, you don’t need to worry about carrying fuel canisters that take up a lot of space. Made of stainless steel, this product is lightweight and heats up very fast. It claims to be able to boil water in 4-6 minutes. This efficiency is unparalleled. It also comes with a nylon sack, which you can use to carry the device in.

3. La Nordica Wood Burning Cook Stove

This wood stove is a bulkier one. It’s the type of stove you can keep permanently in your house for household cooking purposes. It is extra large in size. However, this size means that it comes with a variety of extra features, which make it a very versatile tool. It has a wood-fire-heated stove, which you can use to cook on. It also features a cast iron cooking top and a drawer, which is made especially to store wood. The frames, plates, and rings on the cooker are all made from cast-iron, which is durable and easy to clean. The most notable feature about this device is the large baking oven that comes with it. You can use it to bake anything from cakes to roasts. The entire thing is powered by wood, and it features a very efficient combustion system to help make your baking successful. This stove is durable and can handle frequent use. If you are looking to invest in an efficient product that does not require any form of fuel besides wood, then this wood stove is perfect for your household.

4. Ohuhu Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Stove

Made from stainless steel of the best quality, this device can handle high amounts of both heat and weight. It has a system of three arms, which helps keep your pots and pans stable atop the cooker. This also helps heat up your cookware evenly, resulting in better cooked food. Any leaves, twigs, pinecones, or wood can be used as fuel. It is very sleek and modern in design and not heavy at all. You can easily carry this in your bag whilst hiking or camping. It’s the perfect cooker to carry with you, and it ensures that you will have a warm cooked meal at any time. Owing to it being a wood stove, it is eco-friendly. It does not have any chemical emissions, and you don’t need harmful forms of fuel to use it. When you purchase this item, you also receive a carry case, which you can use to carry the device with ease and protect it from the elements. Because of its incredibly small size and great efficiency, this product falls on the list of the best wood stoves.

5. Camp Chef Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Stove

This particular item is perfect for storing in your cabin in the woods or even at home, fro when you want to pull it out to grill and cook some food. The device has shelf racks on the sides for placing food or cutlery on. The legs of the machine are adjustable, in case the ground you place it on is not even. Even though this device is a bit on the larger side, you can remove the external parts and store them inside the main compartment, so it does not take up much space when you store it. This means that you can transport it with ease as well. The system comes with a chimney pipe, which efficiently lets out the smoke. The design focuses on simplicity and minimalism; it lacks any complex parts that need to be fitted together. Since the design is simple, actually using the product is very simple too. It can be operated with ease. This cooker provides one of the most efficient methods of cooking outdoors. For these reasons, this is one of the best wood stoves available.

6. Lixada Lightweight Folding Wood Stove

As the name states, this cooker is lightweight and very compact design. It is ideal for cooking outdoors, whether it is for a picnic, camping site, or wood cabin. The design is very unique and the manufacturers claim that it is perfect for emergency hunting and cooking situations. The instructions are very simple. It is easy to install, and you just have to add wood and get the fire going. The machine does the rest of the work. It comes with a black bag, making for convenient portability. Due to its small size and weight of fewer than 400 grams, this folding wood stove is very easy to take with you when camping or hiking. It is made out of stainless steel, which means it is long lasting and can be cleaned easily.

7. EcoZoom Rocket Stove – Versa

The EcoZoom stove focuses on providing efficiency to its user without creating any harm to the environment. It is ideal for camping, hiking, and any form of outdoor cooking. It contains a refractory metal combustion chamber with ceramic insulation that is not conducive to abrasions. This insulated chamber reduces the emissions that come about from burning wood. There are two doors that are attached to the machine by hinges. You can rest your cookware on three cast-iron arms that are on the top of the device. This ensures that all cooking ware will be evenly heated. A stick support system is also included in this machine. The housing of the cooker is made from painted sheet metal, and all handles are either plastic or steel. This means that the machine is very durable and can withstand constant use. The steel handles are covered with silicone to ensure that you will not get burnt when opening or closing the compartments. These small features make a big difference when you actually use this device, and thus, the machine is one of the best wood stoves currently available.

8. Pleasant Hearth Wood Burning Stove

This wood stove is only for the purpose of heating up either a room or cabin. It is quite powerful and can heat up to 2200 square feet. With one compartment full of wood, the machine can heat your rooms for up to 8-10 hours. The heating capacity is 77,000 BTU’s. The device is compatible with the 6-inch stovepipe, and it contains a sliding draft control on top of the door. A variable speed blower is also included. There is a small door, which can be used to clean out the ash. This requires minimal effort and makes the cleaning process very easy. This stove is EPA certified and one-tested, to ensure your safety. It is made in the USA and is approved by the Washington state standard emissions regulations. The stove itself is non-catalytic in nature. It is efficient in terms of indoor heating and it comes with a five-year warranty, to protect you against any manufacturing defects.

9. US Stove BSK1000 Cast-iron Barrel Stove Kit

This barrel stove kit focuses on providing economical heat to your cabin, lodge, or workshop. This device is not recommended for houses. It is affordable compared to other devices that require expensive fuel sources. The concept behind this kit is that it comes with the whole lot you need to convert any 36 or 55-gallon steel drum into a wood stove. All parts in the kit are made from cast-iron, which is sturdy and can withstand heat and regular use. The kit includes legs, door, flue collar with damper, and mounting hardware. The affordability comes mainly from the fact that you can take any steel drum and convert t into a heater. It is very cost-effective, without compromising on efficiency. If you are someone who likes to get involved in hands-on projects and build things yourself, this stove kit is absolutely perfect for you. However, even if you aren’t good with building items, and you just want an affordable option, this kit will still be great for you. This is because it follows a very simple mechanism and can be put together by just about anybody. For these reasons, this is one of the best wood stoves that can be purchased.

10. TMS Portable Military Camping Wood Stove

This wood stove is multi-purpose. It can be used as a heater for your tent or campsite and as a cooker for your food. With a stovepipe vent, this machine is perfect for heating up your tent or camp space, so you don’t have to go cold when exposed to the elements. The machine includes a spark arrester for additional safety. The system features removable cooking tubes, which can be used to cook meals like potatoes wrapped in foil. This makes it easy to cook meals with very little cookware and washing up. The stove contains airflow regulators in the front and back. It also has a tray at the bottom that collects ash. This tray can easily be removed and cleaned. Another convenient feature of this device is that the top grates can be folded together and used as a handle to carry the machine. In this manner, most parts of this machine are dual-purpose. The grates also create a heating surface, which can be used to dry socks, gloves, and other small items. The top space is also more than enough to cook up a couple of meals. This cooking stove is truly versatile. In one machine, you get a heater, cooker, and dryer. Due to this multi-functionality, this device is truly one of the best wood stoves out there.

11. US Stove 2016EB King Wood Stove

This state of the art machine is EPA-certified manufactured based on the latest standards in the wood stove industry. With a capacity of up to 89,000 BTU’s, this device can heat up around 2000 square feet of living space. The machine is lined with firebrick, so it can handle heat and frequent use. This ensures that the machine is long lasting. This feature also aids in combustion efficiency. There is an ash chamber in the pedestal of the stove, which helps the user easily discard of the ash that is created as a result of burning wood. The handle of the stove’s wood compartment has a cooling mechanism, ensuring that you will not get burnt when you touch it. An efficient 100 CFM blower is also included, and it works without a sound. The ceramic air-wash glass that is part of the door allows you to see the fire from the outside, making for a warm and comfortable environment. This device allows you to gain all these benefits at a very reasonable coast, and would no doubt be a worthy purchase.

12. Portable Military Camping Wood Stove

This wood stove is very similar to the “TMS military camping wood stove”. However, this stove comes with more advanced features. It has the four interlocking flue pipe sections and a spark arrester to ensure safety. The legs, which are quite long for convenience, can be removed to make the machine easier to transport. There are cooking tubes on either side, which you can use to cook food items placed inside foil. There are regulators on the front and back and an ashtray, just like the TMS stove. A couple of tools come with this stove: stove pipe cap, stove pipes, side tubes, legs, and a top grate, which also acts as a carrying handle when folded. All the removable parts can be stored inside the wood compartment for easy transportation. When the grate is let down, it is a heated surface, which can be used to dry clothing items. An additional feature of this wood stove is that it comes with a water kettle, which attached to the stove with a flue pipe. This large kettle can hold up to 2500ml of water. The stove is average in size. This means you can disassemble it and carry it around, or properly attach and vent it to your house. This versatility explains why this product is on the list of the best wood stoves as of 2017.

13. US Stove 1269E Logwood Stove

This EPA-certified stove adheres to the latest standards set in terms of wood stoves. With a capacity of 64,000 BTU’s, it can heat up to 900 square feet at a time. The machine is made out of very sturdy cast-iron, making it perfect for cabins, garages, or workshops. You can fit logs that are up to 23 inches in length inside the wood compartment. This stove is actually a 2-in-1 device. In addition to having the ability to heat up a room or cabin, this stove has a cooking surface at the top, along with a safety handle that stays cool. It is a reliable machine, which is multi-functional. The best feature is that you get two functions out of one machine, at a very reasonable cost. For these reasons, this machine could be a great addition to your log cabin or workshop.

14. US Stove 2469E Logwood Stove

Made out of cast iron, this stove is heavy-duty. It can handle frequent use and high levels of heat. This model is very similar to the previous “US Stove 1269E”. It comes EPA-certified and includes safety handles that are cool-to-touch. This stove too is perfect for log cabins, garages, or shops. With a rustic theme in terms of design, this device is perfect for those who want both efficiency and an item reminiscent of olden days. The wood stove comes tested by Warnock Hersey, ensuring that it is completely safe for regular use. Weighing in at 172 pounds, this item is better off in a stationary place, rather than being transported around. This machine comes with the ability to heat and cook, along with a sense of nostalgia. The cooking surface makes the stove multi-purpose, and therefore, a valuable purchase.

15. ASW-60B Stainless Steel Stove

Weighing in at 19 pounds, this wood stove is made out of stainless steel. The benefit of the steel material is that it can handle high levels of heat, whilst evenly distributing this heat. This material also makes the stove incredibly easy to clean. The design comes in black, giving it a sleek and elegant look. This caters to those who don’t want their wood stove to look out a place in their modern homes. The paint coated on the steel is also heat-resistant, ensuring that no damage will come to it. The inside of the fire compartment also has a double wall. Due to its thin walls, it can heat up a small or medium-sized house quite fast. It is quite small and compact in size, which means you can store it anywhere in your house, even out of sight. For those who want a wood stove that is concerned mainly with efficiency, and maintains a compact and sleek design, this stainless steel machine is perfect for you.

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