Whether you are a teacher, professor, or just pitching an idea to a team, presentation is everything. It is the difference between actually reaching your audience and losing them completely. While your performance is important, the tools that you use can play just as large a role.

So, what can you use to gain some extra points with your listeners? Well, a wireless presenter remote, of course! These are easy to carry with you as you walk around and make your argument. It also means that you don’t have to lurk next to your laptop, waiting to change to the next screen.

There are certainly a lot of wireless options out there but not every one of them can be relied on. If you want to be sure that your presenter remote is going to help you be a superstar speaker, look at the following choices. You will be blown away.

1. Wireless Presenter

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Why we like it: The Amerteer wireless presenter laser has numerous functions and is also compatible with a wide variety of operating systems.

One of the downsides with some of these laser presenters is that they are compatible only with a few operating systems. You then have to go looking for a remote that is right for your device. This is not the case with the Amerteer remote. Whether you have Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android, you are covered. Of course, this is not the only perk. The small USB receiver with this remote is plug and play, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of installing drivers.

Then there is the fact that the  present Amerteer also has a lot of functions. In addition to the usual back and forth movement of the slides, you can also blank out the screen whenever you want. Also, if you want to refer a website, you can do this as well with ease. You can even browse with separate picture software if you need to. So, if you want to give a presentation that has a little more flair, this is the remote for you.

2. Kensington Wireless Presenter

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Why we like it: The Kensington Wireless Presenter has an ergonomic design and is simple to use, making the learning curve minimal.

If you are not all that great with technology, you will still love this Kensington presenter. Why? Because of its fuss-free design. Not only is this remote easy to hold in your hand, it only has four buttons. Each of these is clearly marked and positioned so that use becomes instinctive. Within just a short period of time, you will be an absolute expert with this remote. This is a great option for those who are looking for something that is simple yet effective.

The other benefit of this remote is that it has to deal with very little interference. The receiver on the remote is uniquely paired. This means that you don’t have to worry about the connection giving out, midway during your lecture. The Kensington presenter is more than just a remote, though. It can also function as a laser pointer, helping to make your speech more interactive without ever having to move closer to the screen. You should be able to use this remote from 60 feet away.

3. BlueBeach Presenter Remote

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Why we like it: The BlueBeach presenter remote is compatible with various devices including tablets as well as different types of presentation software.

If you are the type of person that switches up their devices or their software from one lecture to the next, you will be pleased with this remote. First off, it works well with PCs, laptops, and even tablets! It is also compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android operating systems. It can even function with all types of presentation software without a hitch. It is a great choice for people that have to constantly move from place to place without guarantee of devices or operating systems.

There is no hassle involved when using this presenter remote. All of the buttons have been designed for thumb pressure and are also clearly marked. It is easy to move from one page to another or even highlight things on a specific page. You can also quickly connect to any device since it has a plug and play USB feature. You don’t have to waste time downloading drivers onto new devices and then waiting for them to install. There is a carrying case included.

4. DinoFire Wireless Presenter

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Why we like it: It doesn’t get any simpler than the DinoFire wireless presenter. With just a few buttons, but lots of features, you will never be at a loss for what to do.

Do you hate staring at a lot of buttons, trying to remember what each icon means? You inevitably end up pressing something completely different, causing your presentation to get messed up. Well, with the DinoFire wireless presenter, there is no danger of this happening. This is because there are just three buttons on the remote. The page up, page down, and laser buttons are easily placed so that you know just where to find them without looking down at the remote.

This doesn’t mean that the presenter remote is lacking in features though. No, you can still go to a black screen, exit the screen, and more with this remote. The minimal number of buttons means that there is also a very streamlined design. In fact, holding onto the DinoFire wireless presenter is no more cumbersome than holding a toothbrush! The battery light lets you know when the power is low. This is an excellent choice for someone who doesn’t really like technology but is forced to use it anyway.

5. On The Way Wireless Presenter

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Why we like it: The On The Way Wireless presenter is incredibly comfortable to hold and use. Flipping through slides on a presentation is a breeze with this remote.

Why not get a presenter remote that sits well in the palm of your hand and is really user-friendly? If this is a question that you are asking yourself, then the On The Way remote is your answer. The remote boasts an ergonomic design so that holding it is very instinctive. Not to mention, you couldn’t be happier with these large, well-labeled buttons. You will quickly get used to working this remote and will not have need of any other presentation tool.

Switching over to a laser pointer is also really easy, as the large button is located right in the middle. The bright light is quite visible against most presentation backgrounds, making it easier for you to highlight parts of the slide. You will not have to worry about making any mistakes or pressing the wrong button with this remote, so it is great for those that aren’t comfortable with technology. There is a small USB receiver holder within the remote so that you will not be in danger of losing any pieces.

6. JSVER Wireless Presenter

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Why we like it: The JSVER wireless presenter has a rechargeable battery and plenty of energy-saving features to help the remote last longer.

It can be difficult to always have a set of batteries just when you need them. With the JSVER, you don’t have to be concerned about running out of supplies again. This is because the lithium battery is rechargeable and, as such, can be plugged in almost anywhere. It also means that you save quite a bit of money on power sources. To top it off, it has a standby mode and sleep features so that the remote doesn’t use up any more power than absolutely necessary.

The other thing that is great about this wireless presenter is that the design is simplistic and user-friendly. Also, there are only a few buttons, all in a row. It will not take you long to figure out how to work this remote or get used to it. At the same time, you can expect all of the other typical features found on remotes including skipping through pages and blacking out the screen. It also comes with its own USB storage area.

7. AmazonBasics Wireless Presenter

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Why we like it: The controls on the AmazonBasics wireless presenter are incredibly intuitive and, therefore, easy to use. It also has a comfortable and curved design.

Holding the AmazonBasics wireless presenter in your hand is a lot like holding your own TV remote, only the presenter is smaller. It has a comfortable fit, making it easy to grasp and navigate the controls. It is not only the design that is familiar but also the control buttons. You will be able to easily find your way around this remote without even looking at it. This makes any presentation that you have to give a lot more effortless for you.

There are some great features on this remote, including being able to control the volume of the presentation. The AmazonBasics remote can also be turned into a laser pointer so that you can more easily explain things to your audience. You will see that this remote is so simple to set up and connect with another device. Since it relies on plug and play, you don’t have to worry about drivers or other complicated jargon. You will be able to immediately start your lecture.

8. Restar LP0005 RF Presenter Remote Control

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Why we like it: The controls on the Restar LP0005 remote control are large and well placed, making it very simple to use this presenter remote.

This is definitely a comfortable remote control to hold in your hand. It has a great design that makes it easy to cradle in your palm while being able to reach all of the necessary buttons. Although the remote is quite compact, the buttons are large, with easy to see icons. This means that you can immediately identify the control that you want to press. Also, they are well spaced so you won’t be pressing the wrong button at the wrong moment.

The presenter remote control works well with different types of software, ranging from Word documents to Excel sheets. Also, in the middle of your lecture, you can feel free to surf the internet and link up to a website. The presenter will be just as easy to use here. If you want to highlight something in your slides, just turn on the red laser pointer to draw attention to it. This light is bright enough to stand out against most backgrounds.

9. Doosl Wireless Presenter

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Why we like it: The Doosl wireless presenter has incredible range, which makes it perfect for presentations in larger spaces. The design is also very sleek.

Do you like to really work a room when you give a presentation? Do you find yourself marching up and down and even heading into the audience? If this is you as a lecturer, then the Doosl wireless presenter is the remote for you. This is because the remote is capable of being connected from 100 meters away! Now you no longer have to be forced to stand in one place and give a presentation, the floor is your stage.

The design on the Doosl is also really thin and sleek, perfect for holding and pointing with. The curve of the remote makes it easier to hold onto it during use. In addition to being able to flip through pages, start a presentation, and black out the screen, there is a red laser. This comes in handy when you want to draw your audience’s attention to a particular place on your slide. Since it has an auto standby mode and sleep functions, you can conserve your battery.

10. Logitech R800 Wireless Presenter

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Why we like it: The Logitech R800 has additional features such as LCD displays and timers that put it ahead of the competition.

For those serious presenters who are looking to get a little more out of their presenter remotes, the Logitech R800 is a good choice. For one, this remote has a display screen that lets you know the time and how much battery is left. Its real purpose, however, is to function as a timer. If you want to spend a specific amount of time on a slide or your presentation, you can just set the timer. It will then vibrate, letting you know when it is time to move on.

Of course, this remote has all of those important functions that you need as well. This includes page up, page down, screen blackout, and others. Another interesting feature about this remote, though, is its laser light. While most others are red, this one is green. The benefit here is that your audience can see where you are pointing with most backgrounds, regardless of the color. All in all, if you want extra features, this presenter remote will definitely not disappoint.

11. Newmen P012 Laser Presenter

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Why we like it: The Newmen P012 presenter remote has a sleek and streamlined design. It is minimalistic as it has only a few buttons.

If you want a presenter remote to look sleek and stylish, then the Newmen P012 will certainly not disappoint. This presenter has a slim, streamlined profile and is actually only a little bigger than a pen. So, if you want your remote to be discreet, this is the one that you should try out. The remote relies on just two buttons so you don’t have to worry about trying to hurriedly find the button you need. Although it is compact, it still has an operating range of 30 meters.

With just a click of the button, you can turn on a red pointer laser. This is especially helpful if you want to point out something on the screen and don’t want to actually walk up there. It supports Windows and Mac operating systems and is quite easy to set up. If you are concerned about any of the parts getting lost on this remote, don’t be. There is a USB adaptor that lets you store the receiver in the remote so that you will always know where it is.