Best Windshield Wipers 2017

Bosch 26A IconWinter, Spring, Summer, Fall. Regardless of the season, your car is going to need a good set of wiper blades. While most car drivers like every part of their car to look good, the wiper blades are one of those easily overlooked parts of the car that we want to both look good as well as function correctly. Wiper blades are an absolutely essential safety feature for your car that should not be forgotten. After all, a good windshield wiper will not only help you see in heavy rain and snow, but will keep the streaks and nasty bug splatters off of your car’s windshield. Likewise, the glare that can come from unclean windows can seriously impact visibility while driving, increasing your risk of a very dangerous accident. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Dear buyer, you have a problem, and that’s your old, cracking, poor quality wiper blades! We’ve done the leg work to determine which wiper blades will give you the most bang for your buck, as well as keep you safe during those extreme weather events and morning and evening drives into the rising and setting sun.

Product NameSize RangeHandles extreme weatherBlade TypeOur Rating
Bosch 26A Icon13” - 28”NoBeam4.8/5 Check Price
Rain-X Latitude16” - 28”YesBeam4.7/5 Check Price
Rain-X Weatherbeater12” - 28”YesConventional4.5/5 Check Price
Aero Premium13”-28”YesBeam4.5/5 Check Price
SilBlade FLX18”-28”NoBeam4.0/5 Check Price

Best Windshield Wipers 2017 – Reviewed

Bosch 26A Icon

Bosch 26A Icon

If you thought the curved design of the Rain-X Latitude was impressive, Bosch has something to show you. The Bosch 26A Icon has an extremely curved design, and much like the Rain-X Latitude, is made to fit curved windshields. However, Bosch’s award-winning design comes with a noise-cutting spoiler that also serves to apply pressure across the blade, giving you a clean, smooth and vision-clearing wiping experience. You can feel safe on the road with a pair of Bosch 26A Icon wiper blades installed on the front of your car.

Unlike most other wiper blades, the Bosch 26A Icon wipers operate extremely well at high speed. As any experienced buyer knows, higher speeds can result in lessening visibility as the water begins to streak across the glass, or the snow’s impacts increase in frequency and strength. The uniform distribution of pressure across the blade and the glass results in a powerful pushing force across the surface, moving precipitation and other road spray away from your vision evenly.

As with every wiper, the most important feature is the rubber that connects directly to the surface of the glass. Bosch uses a dual rubber compound with a micro-finish wiping edge that not only cuts through the weather with ease, but withstands oxidation and ozone deterioration, as well as added heat resistance. It is not only the constant use that can wear your wiper blades down; the elements that it encounters from the outdoor air can be a big factor. Bosch’s dual rubber compound will counteract those negative influences, giving you much longer life from your blades.

Those buying replacement parts for their car can be a very fickle and easy-to-please group. Bosch sports some of the highest ratings you will find of any wiper blade. The spring-loaded system in the wiper’s frame is a crowd favorite, and part of the reason this wiper blade sports an amazing 4.4/5 average customer rating on Amazon. The few negative reviews that do exist primarily complain about streaks and ineffectiveness in winter weather. However, negative reviews for this product are minimal, so take them with a grain of salt. Most reviewers found them more than adequate.

  • Dual-rubber compound for cleaning wiping
  • Spring-loaded system
  • Spoiler included for a quieter system
  • Does not make wipers that fit ever car
  • More expensive than competing wiper blades

Rain-X Latitude

Rain-X Latitude-

If your current pair of wiper blades are just not cutting it, it’s time to make a change. Any old wiper blades from your local auto parts store simply won’t do. If you’re looking for the best, the Rain-X Latitude line of wiper blades should be on your new wiper blades short list. These wiper blades are specifically designed for the harsh weather conditions that you’re going to run into during your daily travels, keeping you and your family safe on the road.

The Rain-X Latitude wipers are immediately recognizable for their contoured frame. Most modern windshields are not simply straight up and down, and do often have a curve to their molded design. In order to maximize the coverage, Rain-X developed a contoured frame so that these wipers will hug your windshield as they push rain, sleet, snow and other road refuse out of your line of vision. This close-cutting swipe will provide you with a streak-free operation, greatly improving your driving experience and reducing the often cloudy remnants that cheap or well-worn wipers sometimes leave behind.

For wipers, the power is always in the rubber. The substructure that influences the flexibility of the wipers is extremely fluid in its movements and grips well to your car’s windshield. This is due to the rubber-encased substructure . Rain-X’s design also incorporates a graphite-infused rubber blade. The blade is the rubber component of the device that does the heavy duty work of pushing material off of your windshield. As the strength and durability of the rubber are what help give it cleaning ability and longevity, Rain-X’s use of graphite in the rubber design gives you that added strength and durability that you require to keep your windshield clean of precipitation over an extended period of time.

For those living in locations that experience snow and ice, these wipers may be right up your alley. By eliminating the use of exposed metal, Rain-X Latitude wipers reduce the effects of freezing and sticking to the windshield that can occur with exposed metal frames. And for those who hate the hassle of installing new wiper blades, these wipers come with all of the necessary installation components for a simple plug-and-play installation. Remember that every car is different, and wiper blade sizes vary to fit different sizes of windshields. While the Rain-X Latitude is not one of the most popular wipers you’ll find out there (3.9/5 average rating on Amazon), they are highly purchased and used. Before purchasing these wipers, make sure that you have a curved windshield. A select few negative reviews complain about a low life span for these wipers, as well as the possibility of slipping from the grip. However, the vast majority of users found these wipers more than adequate to keep them safe on the road.

  • Contoured frame for better hold to most windshields
  • No exposed metal
  • Strong, durable rubber blade
  • Fairly consistent negative reviews regarding longevity and wiping ability

Rain-X Weatherbeater

Rain-X Weatherbeater

Between the Latitude and the Weatherbeater, the Rain-X Weatherbeater wipers offer similar, but slightly improved technology for beating out the year-round weather conditions that threaten your safety on the road. The Rain-X Weatherbeater wipers come in with an impressive 4.0/5 average customer rating on Amazon. These wipers come highly recommended, and with very good reason.

Rubber, rubber, rubber! This product is designed with an all-natural squeegee rubber blade, and stands up well against the things that threaten to ruin your wiper blade: rain, sleet, snow, road salt, heat, ozone and extreme weather changes (especially ice). All of these things can result in very unfortunate cracking and tearing of the wiper’s rubber blade, making your wiper ultimately ineffective. Broken and torn rubber will also leave streaks. A good design will help avoid this unfortunate and potentially dangerous situation.

The galvanized steel frame on these wiper blades are made to withstand the rain and wet weather that easily lead to rust in lower quality wiper blades. While these blades do not offer a curved design like the Rain-X Latitude wipers, they still offer an easy-to-install feature. You may need extra help from your local auto parts store, however, as these wipers do not include as many connector options as the Rain-X Latitude.

The Rain-X Weatherbeater was designed for all types of weather. Rain, sleet and snow will have a hard time keeping up with your wipers. And, with 4 specific pressure points along the blade, the Rain-X Weatherbeater wiper blades will ensure that you get an even coverage along your windshield to help prevent the uneven wiping that limits your vision.

  • Straightforward, simple and effective
  • All-natural squeegee rubber blade
  • Four pressure points for a more secure clean
  • Exposed metal frame
  • No curved design

Aero Premium

Aero Premium

The Aero Premium All-Season Frameless Wiper Blades are a good alternative for anyone with a newer car. These beam blade wiper blades are designed to be a direct replacement to your original equipment manufacturer’s wiper blades, coming in at a cost that is far less than what you would pay for most other blades as well. These blades have received a lot of favorable reviews from those who have given them a try.Amazon customers have rated this product a 4.5/5, with very few negative comments to go around.

One of the most positive benefits to the Aero Premium blades is how many cars they will fit. While the Bosch wiper blades are among the best beam blades you’ll find, the Aero Premium is sort of an everyman’s wiper blade. They come in a rather extensive size range, from 13” to 28”, one of the largest ranges on our list. Only the Rain-X Weatherbeater, which uses a more common conventional blade design, has a wide range. Be sure to check the exact size requirement for your car before purchasing.

The rubber material and physical design on these wiper blades make them a good option over a conventional blade option. The contoured design will prevent them from getting stuck in snow build-up on the windshield. They will rarely stick to the windshield during a freeze event. While they are designed to last long, note that these are lower-end blades. While they are extremely effective at getting the job done, there are some credible complaints that the blade’s lifespan is somewhat on the short end when used in heavier icy conditions. If you buy these prior to the start of the of an extremely icy winter season, you may find yourself replacing them by the end of the season. As a budget option, this may not be a problem, however. The company suggests that these should last a year before you need to replace them.

  • Inexpensive
  • Good all-around clean
  • Very popular
  • Only fits newer cars

SilBlade FLX

SilBlade FLX

The SilBlade FLX wipers are a unique windshield wiper. These wipers, which come in at a slightly higher price than some of their competitors, may be seen as worth it for those who need some serious wiping. This is an excellent blade choice for those with sports vehicles and SUVs. SilBlade only sells their FLX blades on individual pages. Unlike with every other wiper blade, you’ll have to search specifically for your size. The sizings are limited as well, so you may find that SilBlade does not sell them in your car’s fitting.

The curved blade design is fairly solid, as is the material that SilBlade uses with these wiper blades. While the size fittings are limited, SilBlade utilizes a patented adapter design. This allows the blades to attach to most vehicles quickly and easily. The blades come with a hard plastic covering over the rubber. This is something you will want to make sure you remove before placing these on your vehicle.

Positive reviews for these blades are fairly easy to find. However, certain sized fittings have reviews that are more negative than positive. You may indeed find these blades to be noisier than you would prefer. Likewise, some customers have explained that there is a gap between the driver’s side and passenger side blade that unfortunately leaves material on the glass.

These blades are not advertised as all-weather. Be cautious with using them in the wintertime. The added protection that SilBlade includes in the packaging may hint at blades that are not the best during winter or in dealing with cold in general. That said, most customers found that these blades were extremely effective, with many pointing to them as providing some of the smoothest cleans they’ve seen.

  • Extremely efficient cleaning
  • Quiet overall
  • Impressive packaging
  • Not all-weather
  • Leaves untouched areas on some windshields
  • Limited fittings

Best Windshield Wipers – Buyer’s Guide

Despite being such an easily overlooked safety feature, buying the right type of windshield wiper for your car is something that every car buyer needs to do with some regularity. It’s quite easy to simply go to your local auto parts store, pick out any model of windshield wiper that fits with your car, and walk away not thinking much of it. However, windshield wiper technology has vastly improved the quality and life of most wipers on the market, with some wipers possessing unique and proprietary traits that could very easily change the way you think about your next wiper blade purchase. Many buyer’s guides will talk you through a lot of technical details that you don’t need to know or may not even understand. Here, we’ll break down the basic functions and operations of the blade to help you make you purchase.

Most Important Fact: Does it Fit?

Never, ever buy a wiper blade without first checking to ensure that the brand you want to purchase makes a wiper blade size that fits your car’s windshield. Most wiper blades available on Amazon or other online locations provide you with searchable database to find your car’s make and model and whether or not the blade will fit your car. The worst situation you can find yourself in is having purchased a wiper blade that is either too small or too large to effectively cover your vehicles windshield.

Wiper Blades 101

Your wiper blades are made of a lot of different components and individual parts. Not every part is going to be something of deep concern to you, the average buyer. However, some of these parts are ones you will need to pay extra attention to when you make your purchase.


If you can’t properly connect your blades to your car’s wiper blade fitting, you’re in trouble. Most modern wiper blades come with everything you need to connect your blade to your car, and many come with several different attachments for fittings that are uncommon or unusual. For older car models, there are three types of connectors for your wiper blades:

Side Pin: small pin on the wiper arm that connects the wiper arm to the blade

Bayonet: flat and square piece of metal that slides into the wiper blade attachment

Hook: curved shaped hook that goes around the blade

These are the connectors for traditional wiper blade devices. Traditional blade devices have a rubber blade at the long end of a somewhat complex, pressure sensitive and flexible metal frame. Newer cars may utilize a new type of blade technology. These are called beam blades. They are composed of an almost entirely plastic and triangular-shaped frame. The frame and blade are thinner, more aerodynamic, and apply more pressure across the windshield. If your car is designed for this type of blade, the following connectors apply:

Pin and Hook: composed of a small pin that fits into the wiper arm, and a hook that holds the pin in place.

Balanced Bayonet: a clamp on the arm that fits into place on the blade.

Pinch Tab: the blade moves into position is released through pressure applied to both sides of the arm.

Wiper Blade

The wiper blade is the primary piece of your windshield wiper. The wiper blade is almost always made of a rubber material, and is what comes into direct contact with your windshield. If you are looking for a wiper blade that will last, look for one that utilized different types of rubber or rubber compounds. Rubber infused with different materials or coated with different materials will offer more strength and resistance to harsh weather conditions. Keep in mind that your car’s wiper blades are constantly exposed to the elements. Heat, cold and the outside air can cause your blades to deteriorate. Over time, the blade will begin to crack and tear; this is unavoidable. However, buying a good blade with excellent rubber material can extend the life of your blade.

Blade Types
There are three blade types you should consider: conventional, beam and hybrid.

Conventional blades have a cross-section metal frame and a thin rubber strip. They are always straight in design, and are fairly effective at pushing material off the windshield. However, many new cars come with windshields that have a curvature to them. There are several reasons for this, including limiting wind drag. However, this necessitates using a windshield wiper that can better conform to the shape. Traditional windshield wipers are typically very rigid and not good at conforming to the curved shapes. They will more often get stuck to the windshield during snow and ice events as well.

Beam blades have a distinct curve in the middle. This design helps them better conform to different windshield shapes, and helps to prevent sticking during snow and ice. You will find that the beam design also lasts longer. However, beam designs are often louder than conventional wipers if no attention is taken to prevent his. Beam blades also do away with the criss-crossing metal frame that conventional blades use for support. Instead, they utilize a flexible steel beam internally.

Hybrid wiper designs combine features of both. They are often mostly straight with a slight curve, and use a modified frame. You will find that they are often quieter than beam blades, but more effective than conventional blades.

Pressure points

All blades work by applying pressure across the windshield. If you have a newer car, your windshield is likely curved, maybe even to a significant degree. Wiper blades that are contoured or curved in their frame can provide you with more coverage and therefore better pressure applied more evenly across your windshield. Full coverage avoids streaks lowers the chances of rips and tears from foreign objects on the glass.

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