There has always been a great debate raging about wine bottles that come capped with either cork stoppers or screw caps. More often than not, you will find that your favorite and most delicious wines are topped off by a cork. Now this presents a few problems. First, it can be quite difficult to pull free meaning that you usually damage or destroy the cork in the process. Unfortunately, this means that you cannot use this cork as a stopper if you do not finish the bottle of wine. If you find yourself in this situation, your best solution is a wine stopper. These help to keep the wine sealed up tight and ensures that it does not lose its taste or potency. Here are some of the best ones:

1. Joie Expanding Bottle Stopper

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The Joie wine stopper is certainly unusual looking but it does serve a spectacular function. With this wine stopper in hand, there is no more issue with pushing or pulling the stopper to plug it in or get it out. Instead, the creative design here allows you to easily fix the cork into a variety of bottle mouth sizes. In addition to wine bottles, this stopper works with champagne bottles, beer bottles, and even olive oil bottles. Once the stoppers are fitted inside the mouth, you simply have to pull on the lever. This instantly creates an airtight environment inside of the bottle, assuring freshness. With just a tug of the lever, you will be able to release the stopper with ease. This stopper is also incredibly durable and you will be able to continue using it for quite a while, without any problem. You can choose from a variety of shades, or mix and match to create a colorful set.

2. OXO Steel Wine Stopper

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This wonderful wine stopper has two very useful functions. Are you tired of constantly pulling the stopper out and then replacing it every time you want to pour a glass of wine? Well, this OXO wine stopper eliminates the need to do this completely. This is because it works as both a stopper as well as a pourer. Fit the stopper on top of the mouth of the bottle and settle it in tightly. Then simply position the lever to ensure that the bottle is tightly sealed. When you want to pour yourself a glass, simply move the lever in the opposite direction. Instantly, you have yourself a pourer. The pourer has been designed to ensure that not a drop of wine goes to waste or is split in the process of pouring. This wine stopper, pourer combo is able to fit a variety of wine bottles of different sizes.

3. Kloud City Wine Bottle Cap

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This wine bottle stopper is actually quite distinctive in its design as well as its function. It is also perfect if you are tired of attempting to yank corks that have nestled tightly into bottle mouths. This wine stopper can be placed around the bottle mouth rather than fitted inside. There are five separate caps, all in different shades. All you have to do is place the cap over the mouth and press down until it is firmly encasing the bottle mouth and neck. Just like that, your wine is well sealed and protected. The cap is silicone based and as such can fit around different bottle types and can be utilized in stoppering up beer bottles as well. As it can be stretched, it can also fit wine bottles of all shapes and sizes too. These caps have been proven to prevent any leaks or spills from occurring while they are fixed on.

4. Outset Wine Stopper Set

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In this set, you will be provided with four different wine stoppers of varying colors. They all come stamped with a beautiful detail. While it may seem as though these stoppers are quite delicate, they are actually really quite good at sealing wine bottles up. They are made from silicone and as such can easily adjust to a variety of bottle mouths. It also makes certain that the stopper will not be absorbing any of the wine’s aromas. You simply fit the stopper into the wine bottle mouth and the stopper seals it up tight. In addition to being quite flexible, silicone also has the distinct advantage of being quite long lasting. Therefore, you will be able to use these stoppers over and over again. Last but not least, all of the stoppers are dishwasher safe and can be quickly and easily cleaned before being used again. They really are quite handy.

5. SZUAH Wine Bottle Stoppers

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You can get ten, brightly colored SZUAH seals in this set. Each of these are constructed of silicone and stainless steel. Both these materials are incredibly robust and will not be damaged or worn down easily. The unique shape of these stoppers guarantees that it fits snugly into the mouth of any wine bottle. It will be kept air-tight and fresh until you decide to take the stopper out again. The texture of the silicone means that you can use it on a variety of bottles, not just wine bottles. If you have some bubbly lying around, these stoppers will work just as well in preserving the drink. The stopper design allows you to easily push the stopper into the mouth of the bottle. When you want to remove it, you simply give it a gentle tug to set it free. These wine stoppers can be placed in the dishwasher to be cleaned.

6. Vacu Vin Wine Stopper and Pump

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Have you ever wondered why wine goes bad or begins to taste funny after it has been opened? Well, that is due to the oxidation process that takes place due to the presence of oxygen in the wine bottle. With the Vacu Vin pump and stopper, however, you will not have to worry about your wine going bad again. You are only required to put the stopper on the bottle mouth and place the pump over it. With the pump, you will create a vacuum inside the bottle. When you hear a click, the ideal environment has been created within the bottle. The stopper will then act to prevent any more air from going in. When you want to remove the wine stopper, you simply toggle the top and it easily comes away. This pump and stopper works well for several types of wine and guarantees freshness for a long time.

7. AVINA Wine Stoppers

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Do you have a beautiful wine shelf that you like to store your wine bottles on? Or perhaps, when you put your white wine in the fridge, you have the bottles laying down. In these instances, you are going to require specialized stoppers. This is to ensure that the wine will not spill out, even when in an odd position. This is precisely what these Avina stoppers do. They are also extremely easy to use as they have a push and lock feature. Here, you will simply just push the stopper onto the mouth of the bottle and lock the stopper in place. With this innovative seal, you can be sure that the freshness is sealed in and all of the other aromas are kept out. This stopper also works well to stop the bottles from rolling around when they are placed on their side. With this set, you will be receiving three Avina wine stoppers.

8. Servino Wine Stopper

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If you are the type of person who enjoys when all of their gadgets can be fit into one, this will certainly impress you. Here, the pump is built into the wine stopper. This means that you just have to place the stopper in the mouth of the bottle and press down on the pump. This will automatically create a vacuum inside the wine bottle. That’s not all, however, with this set, you also get special stoppers for both champagne bottles as well as soda bottles. These can also be used to cap bottles of sparkling wine. Here, the bubbles and the effervescence will be maintained. Best of all, the stoppers for the sparkling wine and soda come with an adjustable date option that you can mark. This will tell you precisely when the bottle was opened. You certainly cannot find a wine stopper that has as many different components as this one.