If you are familiar with welding, you will know that a helmet is an all too important thing to wear when you are working at it. It shields your face from all the fiery particles that come flying out as you weld – sparks, radiation, etc. all of which would cause tremendous harm to your body if it is left exposed.

But with it established that you need a welding helmet in order to weld, the question is which one should you buy? There different kinds of welding after all and some helmets are more suitable than others. But of course, knowing the fundamental elements that make up a proper helmet would be a good place to start narrowing down the market. But with so many products on offer, that can be a long and tedious process… This is where we come in.

With this, our list of the best welding helmets on the market right now, we have essentially taken care of the first step of the elimination process. We have reviewed several different welding helmets that would be accessible to anyone anywhere and shortlisted nine that we think promise the best bang for your buck. They all deliver splendidly on key details such as visibility, safety, durability, and technology.

Lincoln Electric VIKING Black Welding Helmet

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Why we like it:

What more could you want than a helmet that makes you look cool on the outside and fits around your head like it was made for you?

Editor’s rating:

As a welder, you would feel proud to put this one on because, well, look at it. It brings a whole other element of style to the welding process. And even better, it is not merely all face and no trousers. Underneath those sleek, racy lines and mean, glossy black lies some potent technology that makes this helmet one of the front-runners in the market. Every part of it is designed to be comfortable and safe and the technology used to achieve it is about as updated as a live news report.

So let us dive in then. The design for the interior is that of a pivot-type to make life inside comfortable. The lenses are cleverly configured to provide impeccable visibility with a lot less strain on the eyes of the welder thanks to 4C technology. You also get an automatic darkening feature powered by a battery system. And thanks to nylon and polycarbonate, the construction is kept light and stiff so you can afford to take in a rough impact with this thing on if such a situation is unavoidable.

Instapark ADF Series GX990T Welding Helmet

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Why we like it:

Instapark was not afraid to try new things with the GX990T and as far as we can tell, the risks have paid off well.

Editor’s rating:

Here is a helmet that is very definitely pointed at the future. The Instapark GX990T welding helmet draws its power from integrated solar cells and a replaceable battery. Its auto-darkening filter is activated via 4 arc sensors. So a whole lot less of that flipping of the helmet up and down when you are replacing the torch. It is cleverer than that now as it can make the switch light and dark in an instant once an arc has been hit.

Instapark also employs a revolutionary new design with this welding helmet that features external controls and adaptations for a dark state as well as delay and sensitivity. All this means a welder has fewer variables to worry about and can use up time and energy a lot more efficiently. Ergonomics is a big deal to Instapark and rightly so. The interior of the helmet features ratcheting headband to make it adjustable to different head shapes and sizes and comfortable padding all over the interior.

Maxworks Solar Powered Welding Helmet

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Why we like it:

This helmet is properly put together, packing formidable performance and safety with the expected level of comfort you need to use it on the job.

Editor’s rating:

Yes, it is solar powered, but do not for a minute think it is as flimsy and unreliable as the first ever wheel. The Maxworks welding helmet boasts some impressive features that bring a wide grin on the face of even the most skeptical welder. How impressive you ask? Well, let us give you one example. If you wear this helmet and get caught off guard by the flash of an awfully bright light – like the sun – the amount of time it would take for the shade of the helmet to darken on its own is 1/10,000th of a second!

Yes, that is quite a jaw-dropping number, and that is only the beginning. There more features on this helmet that makes it a serious buy for welders. The shade can be adjusted between shade DIN numbers 9 and 13. For grinding, it will be shade DIN 4. To make sure it fits on your head just right, you get an adjustable padded headband. Safety with this helmet is well past the right side of the ANSI standard. You would know if you have ever used one.

Sun YOBA Auto Darkening Solar Welding Helmet

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Why we like it:

It is highly adjustable and durable, and safe enough to meet ANSI, EN, and CSA standards.

Editor’s rating:

The kinds of welding this helmet is most recommended for are Arc welding, stick welding, MIG, and TIG. And through it all, it will keep your face and neck properly sealed off from harm. The same can be said about the viewing glass. For its build quality and safety features, this helmet has managed to satisfy the standards of the ANSI, EN, and CSA. Reaction time by the shade control is somewhere between 0.15 to 0.2 milliseconds.

The shade, of course, is adjustable for which you can refer a shading chart that is part of the whole package. The adjustment can be made via a knob that has been fitted on the outside of the helmet. Power is drawn primarily from a lithium battery. However, it also uses solar power as a backup power source. And welders will have no trouble using it with high operational temperatures. And at just over half a kilogram, you will hardly notice it on your head after a little while.

Antra Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

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Why we like it: Any way you look at it, it is a proper bargain and one that we were all too happy to fit on our list. Here’s why…

Editor’s rating:

This is one of the real bestsellers we managed to pluck out of the market and, upon reviewing it, we could absolutely see why that was so. First of all, it fits quite lightly on your head so your head movements are not all that slow or heavy. And not only can you wear it on welding jobs, you can use it for grinding and cutting jobs as well. And we know for a fact that it costs a whole lot less than most fixed shade glass welding helmets and goggles.

And let us not forget the types welding you can take on with this helmet. There are TIG welding, MIG welding, and MMA operations as well. Even as welding helmets go, it is extraordinarily good value. Front sensors on the viewing window accurately distinguish the intensity of the surrounding light and darken the glass suitably. In addition to being lightweight, this helmet is also quite comfortable to wear and does a good job of dissipating heat, very important if your welding activities continue for long time periods.

Coocheer Solar Arc Tig Mig Welding Helmet

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Why we like it: With a versatile range of applications and at least a decade-long lifespan, it really is a worthwhile investment.

Editor’s rating:

This helmet was designed primarily for arc welding or cutting processes such as MIG, MAG, SMAW, TIG, and Plasma Arc. It draws its power from both lithium batteries and solar power. And its automatic darkening feature is acutely responsive, able to deploy within 1/15,000th of a second upon being exposed to too much light. Great news for your eyes, obviously. And it will work equally well in temperatures ranging anywhere from 5 to 55 degrees Celsius.

Storage temperature has a bit more of an extended range – between -20 and 70 degrees Celsius. UV protection is available up to 16 levels. It is worth trying on just about any type of welding with the notable exception of laser welding. Durability is another strong point with this helmet. Thanks to solid build quality and fire redundant materials, it can last for at least a decade showing no signs of weakness. That is some serious return for a relatively small investment.

OEMTOOLS 24357 Automatic Darkening Welding Helmet

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Why we like it: One of the simpler units available in today’s market but still very capable and reliable.

Editor’s rating:

Say hello to another top-end battery powered welding helmet with a boost of solar power. And when we say battery-powered, we are talking a good 2000 hours or so on a single charge. This helmet is TIG rated and suitable for MIG and STICK welding operations. Thanks to its delay controls, adjustable sensitivity, and variable shades between 9 and 13, you are likely to find it a joy in the workplace.

The number of components has been kept to a minimum so you will not have much trouble figuring out how it all works. Other high-end manufacturers tend to cram so much technology into their helmets and consequently make them a little complicated for welders to get used to. So it is quite refreshing to find OEMTOOLS reminding us all that a helmet is in fact, a helmet. It makes do with a couple of independent arc sensors, an auto-off feature, and replacement cover lenses.

Jackson Safety Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

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Why we like it: Without a doubt, one of the better helmets we managed to include here. Everything about it is made to the highest possible standard.

Editor’s rating:

The Jackson Safety Auto-Darkening welding helmet is claimed by many to be the best welding helmet you can buy right now. As ever, we were skeptical and tested that claim out for ourselves. While its specs are impressive and functionality second to none, we will reserve the title of best welding helmet for now. It will have to settle instead for being one of the best, and that is taking nothing away from what it is worth. It is oozing with technology and good craftsmanship.

First off, it does not matter if you are the owner of a business, a full-time welder, or a freelance operative, this is one helmet that will serve you well no matter whose shoes you are filling. It elegantly fulfills those universal features of comfort and a lightweight construction that make it so useful to so many welders. Besides, it has its own technological hacks that put it ahead of the competition. And it lives up to the safety standards of the ANSI.

Esab SENTINEL A50 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

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Why we like it: Brilliant usability all round and sports a nice rounded shape.

Editor’s rating:

This last entry offers up a little something new in terms of appearance without sacrificing on quality and function. The configurable shade makes it super simple to accommodate multiple welding scenarios and needs. As for the helmet itself, this one looks like something you’d see in a Halo release – it is rounded, lightweight and fitted with a large, curved lens for enhanced visibility.

A solar cell keeps this helmet’s two lithium batteries at full charge even if you are just storing it in a lit room. A colored touch screen control panel makes it easy to monitor the helmet’s modes and status, plus a grind mode that can quickly be activated keeps you focused on your work without needing to remove your helmet between activities.