Best Weight Lifting Gloves

If you engage in heavy weight lifting exercises, you will be quite aware of the strain that it leaves on the palms of your hand. It can damage the skin on the palms of your hand and fingers, making them get a rough texture which may be undesirable. Getting a pair of weight lifting gloves can help protect your hands from getting damaged after continuous weight lifting exercises. These may be unessential if you only tend to do cardiovascular exercises or stretching since their main purpose is for use when you are engaging in weight lifting. When selecting a good pair of gloves, you will need to make sure that they are the right fit and is made from a comfortable material. It should be able to allow you to move your fingers with flexibility, thereby not hindering your form when you work out.

1. Nordic Lifting Weight Lifting Gloves


When purchasing a pair of weight lifting gloves, you will seldom find any that offers the warranty of any kind. This is because weightlifting gloves are highly susceptible to damage due to intense lifting and the fact that your palms may get sweaty. This is the reason we picked the Nordic Lifting Gloves since it is sold with a one-year warranty. Apart from just the warranty, it is still a great pair of gloves. It comes in Black color and there is no option of choosing a different color for the gloves. There are a variety of sizes that you can choose from for the gloves for hands of all sizes. It provides great grip which is suitable for both men and women. There is an adequate amount of padding, to keep your hands comfortable while allowing for easy movement as well. There are wrist straps on the gloves to further increase the grip and comfort when wearing the gloves. The gloves will cost you less than $50 and are the best out there for its price.

2. Harbinger Men’s Power Weightlifting Gloves


If the warranty isn’t as important to you, then you might want to consider the Harbinger Men’s Power Weightlifting Gloves which is priced a lot cheaper than the Nordic Lifting gloves. The gloves cost a little over $10 which is quite cheap considering that the gloves sport a very good quality and comfort. There are several different sizes that you can choose from based on your hand size. The gloves are marketed as being exclusive to men but it could be suitable for use by women too. The gloves feature a half-finger design which will give you plenty of mobility for your fingers when using them. There is an elastic mesh on the gloves which allows for greater flexibility when using the gloves to workout. The palm area of the gloves is made of leather, which will be able to protect the skin on your hands. The gloves feature a wrist closure, which is fully adjustable so you can tighten or loosen the strap based on the tightness you require.

3. EZY Fitness Weight Lifting Gloves


This set of weight lifting gloves gives you a great value for its price as it comes bundled with three items in total. The package will include the gloves themselves, a set of wrist straps and lifting wrist straps. This makes it ideal for use with simple workouts such as bench presses or even advanced workouts like dead-lifts, where having wrist straps could come in a lot handier. The set will be able to protect you from injuries as the weight lifting gloves and fitness straps can keep your hands well protected when you lift heavy weights. Another great feature of the product is its good build quality. The gloves are made of a synthetic leather which will not be damaged even after continuous working out. The only real drawback we see with the gloves is that there are no options of selecting from different sizes, so the fit may vary depending on your hand size. The other reason to get these gloves is since it comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

4. Fittest Pro Weightlifting Gloves


These weightlifting gloves really caught our attention as it is quite different from most of the weight lifting gloves out there. Whether this may be a good thing or a bad thing will depend entirely on your personal preferences and the type of workouts that you perform. The gloves feature a pad like design which covers only the relevant parts of your hand rather than your entire hand. Fittest Pro gives you a money back satisfaction guarantee with the product, as they are quite confident that you will love it. Though the gloves seem to offer very little protection, they do offer a substantial protection from injury and tearing of the skin on your hands. The only drawback we found with the product is that it doesn’t protect your thumb, so this may still be prone to injury. The gloves come with wrist wraps which allow for Cross-fit and for intense weightlifting exercises. The gloves cost a little less than $50, so it isn’t the cheapest pair of gloves out there.

5. Seeu 2-Fitness Women’s Men’s Weight Lifting Gloves


The Seeu weightlifting gloves offer something which all the gloves we listed so far did not offer, the choice of color. The gloves come in five different colors, all of which are quite contrasting to one other. Apart from just selecting the color, you can choose the size of the gloves as well to find the size that fits you best. The gloves feature an elastic wrist strap which can maximize the protection on your hand, preventing the skin on your hands from getting damaged and minimizing the chances of abrasions. The gloves are made of a non-slip material, which will offer you the perfect grip for your workouts, provided you pick the right size for you of course. The gloves are made of a Terry Cloth material, which not only offers comfort when worn but can allow for free movement with your fingers. Seeu guarantees quality with their product as it will not rip apart over time like some of the cheaper gloves out there.

6. Swagga Workout Weight Lifting Gloves


These weightlifting gloves are a lot more affordable than some of the other gloves on our list. You get the choice of choosing the size you want when purchasing the gloves. However, there are no options of selecting a different color for the gloves as they come in Black by default. The gloves cost a little less than $30, but you may be able to get it for even cheaper if it happens to go on sale. The Swagga Weightlifting gloves are quite comfortable to wear and can provide a good level of protection to your hands. The gloves offer a non-slip grip so you will be able to grip the bar or weight firmly, preventing any injuries which may occur from the weight slipping out. The design of the gloves is another one of its main highlights, as it will look great when worn by both men or women. There is white stitching on the gloves which highlights its excellent craftsmanship and gives it a very stylish appearance.

7. Trideer Padded Anti-Slip Weight Lifting Gloves


The Trideer Weightlifting gloves is another pair of gloves which features a very stylish and sleek design as well as an affordable price. The gloves will cost you around $30, which is like some of the other affordable glove sets we featured on our list. The gloves come in a black color and do not give you the option of choosing the color of the gloves. You do get the option of selecting the size of the gloves, which is quite essential as you get to choose the size that fits you the best. The gloves can be worn by both women and men without any issues. The gloves can be used for a variety of exercises such as Cross-fit and various other exercises. The gloves are made of a Microfiber material which is light in weight and offers great comfort when worn. The gloves have wrist straps attached to them which you can adjust based on the level of support that you require.

8. Muscle Composition Weightlifting Gym Gloves


These are another pair of gloves which we liked due to its different color scheme, compared to the typical black color which most of the gloves come in. The gloves come in a black and white color which makes it stand out from most other weightlifting gloves out there. The gloves are made of genuine goat leather which offers great durability as it will be able to withstand most of the strains that you will experience on your hands when working out. It is well ventilated so you will not find your palms sweating unnecessarily when working out. It features double stitching which adds extra durability to the gloves. There are long straps on the gloves which provide additional wrist support, with the ability to adjust the tightness of it based on your preference. You do get the option of choosing the size of the gloves so you can find the one which fits you best. The gloves would cost you less than $20 regardless of the size you pick, making it one of the cheaper options out there.

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