Technology has become an integral part of communication. Gone are the days of face-to-face communication and handshakes. Today, it’s all about social media and quick communication. Unfortunately, this lack personality. Webcams however, is as close as it gets to a personal touch without really having to be in the same room. It’s vital to have a good webcam handy whether it’s for business or personal use. Here’s a roundup of the best webcams available on the market:

1. Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam

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Why we like it: This little gadget may look a tad bulkier than its counterparts however weighs in at 0.66 lb pounds. It works well with various systems such as Xsplit and OBS. To use it, you will need Windows, which is important to note. For those times you simply cannot wait to catch up with your best friend halfway across the world, this webcam fits the bill as it does not need driver installation, allowing the third-party software to do that instead. Just hook it up, log into Skype and voila. It is also great for travelers who are constantly moving. A common concern with tech items is that they can break down leaving you in limbo, however with the Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam camera and webcam, you can enjoy manufacturer’s warranty.

2. Elegiant Hd Webcam

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Why we like it: If you are looking for a webcam on a budget without compromising on quality, then you have found it with the Elegiant HD Webcam. With functionality across all Windows softwares, this webcam also comes with built-in sound absorption in the microphone which allows your voice to be heard crystal-clear. With 12.0 pixels, it is also rotatable so you can angle it up to 30 degrees either up or down depending on which gives you the most flattering look of course. Auto colour-correction, white balance and autofocus helps you enjoy a hassle-free conversation instead of having to fiddle around with the setting on your laptop or desktop and yes, it works with both. If you work from home or are always on the move and need to attend to your meetings or conduct interviews online, then the Elegiant HD Webcam is the perfect candidate for the job. An added bonus it its easy installation.

3. Sony Webcam Wcx550

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Why we like it: Sony needs no introduction. For years, the brand has been synonymous with quality and durability making it one of the go-to options anytime anyone needs a technological overhaul. As far as webcams go, the Sony WCX550 webcam is a bit on the bulky side, however its features more than make up for this. To begin with, it is fully rotatable at 360 degrees giving you full motion. Its camera is also unique allowing you to select from close-up frames and long-shot frames by fixing the double-setting that comes with its adjustable fixed-focus zoom lens. Not only can you video call, you can also upload images and videos to social media channels such as Facebook and Youtube. It is only compatible with Windows Operating Systems and includes a microphone that controls both echoes and background noise delivering a seamless experience. If you are looking for a webcam on a low budget, this one fits.

4. Microsoft Lifecam Hd-3000 Webcam

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Why we like it: Although we have a range of communication methods at our fingertips, nothing comes quite close to being able to see each other and have an uninterrupted conversation. After all, texting does not really convey everything one wants to say. Which is why webcams were invented. If you are looking for an option that delivers clarity without a cinch, look no further than the Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000. Compact and lightweight at just 0.35 pounds yet incredibly powerful, this device comes complete with TrueColour Technology which means that it delivers high resolution colours without being hindered by any sort of lighting conditions. You no longer need to angle yourself to look as flattering as possible. This webcam does it for you. Along with a 720p HD capability, the Lifecam also boasts a 16: 9 widescreen for ultra-clear recordings. Obviously, it is only compatible with PCs that are installed with Windows and is Skype certified.

5. Ausdom Hd 1080p Usb Webcam

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Why we like it: Compared to some of the webcams mentioned here, the Ausdom HD 1080P USB Webcam clocks in at a higher budget, but still bearable. Its construction is quite thoughtful, allowing you to fold it up and pack it in comfortably wherever you have to go, making it the perfect webcam for those who are always moving about. Its 1080p HD video property equips it with resolution that is full of clarity and furthermore boasts a microphone that not only cancels noise, but also offers recording options. Its versatile stand makes it possible to place it anywhere you want, not just on your laptop or PC specifically, once again solidifying its suitability for travellers and those who work out of the office. It also has image recording and allows you to snap high-definition pictures making it a truly multi-functional device. What is more, this webcam can rotate 360 degrees giving you a complete view for an enhanced video experience.

6. Fosmon Usb 6 Led Webcam

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Why we like it: This webcam stands out from the pack as far as webcams go. With its subtle yet eye-catching design (it literally looks like an eye), it packs in a punch with 12 megapixel video quality. It can easily be plugged into your USB port so you do not necessarily need a power source, and to protect the surfaces of the devices you are mounting it on, it also comes with foam pads attached to a sturdy clip. However, its most prominent feature is its Night Vision capability. With 6 white LEDs fitted onto its sides, if you ever wanted to be discreet about your night-time conversations, well now you can. You should note though that it does not have any zoom facilities, and the camera is therefore at a fixed distance which might make it problematic if you want a closer view. Since you will have a brighter one however, this should not be much of an issue.

7. Logitech Hd Pro Webcam C920

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Why we like it: Logitech has been a market leader in its own right as a brand, and is a prime choice amongst people when it comes to both webcams and speakers. Their modern designs and up-to-date technology makes it easy to see why. The Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, is a clear example of their taste with its sleek exterior and powerful specifications. Over the years, webcams have given us a unique opportunity to communicate with our loved ones. Equipped with complete 1080p for video calling compatible with Skype, it also comes with HD video recording options. This device is also fixed with dual microphone capability able to produce sound quality like no other. A common problem with webcams in the past has been precision with regards to visual clarity so if you have been struggling to battle those blurred images, the Logitech C920 webcam’s autofocus ability puts this little problem… well, out of focus.

8. Creative Live! Cam Sync Hd 720p Webcam

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Why we like it: Yet another well-known and respected brand in the industry, Creative has on offer its Cam Sync HD 720p Webcam. Its elegant design is very much in touch with 21st century standards making it one of the top contenders in the market. Adding to this, is its fantastic feature of noise-cancellation in the microphone which gives you great clarity when speaking so even on public transport, you do not have to worry. At just 0.15 pounds, this webcam consists of two unique traits that sets it above the rest. For starters, it also doubles up as a security camera with integrated surveillance software allowing you to keep tabs on both your home and your office via your mobile phone. Secondly, it is password protected so nobody else can access it giving you maximum privacy. Not only is it great for general webcam purposes, it is also clearly quite versatile.