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Without any special water treatment system in place, the water you get is naturally hard, which means it contains a high content of calcium, magnesium and other minerals. These minerals will leave deposits that can cause build up in your pipes and clog them in the long run. When used for cleaning, it leaves water spots on shower walls and glassware. And after a wash, your hair will not feel completely clean and loses its shine. Hard water dries your scalp and may cause dandruff. Your skin also dries quickly, which may aggravate skin conditions like eczema. Therefore, if one of your New Year resolution for 2017 is a healthier lifestyle, or if you are looking at getting high-quality water supplied to your premises, then you will need a water softener or a water treatment system that does the almost same thing. This list will hopefully narrow down your options so you can choose one that suits your household or business needs best.

1. Fleck 5600 SXT Metered Water Softener


The 5600 SXT unit is an affordable, premium electronic water softener for homes. Developed by Fleck, it works to remove water hardness so you can eliminate those white buildups that are left on your dishes and plumbing fixtures. It consists of a compact, turbine-electronic meter on an on-demand valve, and a vessel made completely of poly glass material for years of reliable service. It also comes with a brine tank with salt grid and safety float system. It has been engineered with double backwash to remove dirt effectively from the tank. The digital display shows the time of day and the amount of soft water remaining. The system regenerates automatically and with four modes of operation, you can select for the regeneration to be immediate or on a particular day of a week. It comes with a 5-year warranty on the valve, and a 10-year warranty on the tank. It is easy to install, set, and operate. However, if you need assistance, you can request for professional installation at additional cost. This installation will include the removal of the previous water softener; installation of one water softener with a softener that you will need to supply and clean up and testing of the newly installed unit. However, the personnel will not assist with any moving of the unit to another location. The water softener is available in eight different sizes ranging from 16,000 to 64,000 grains. You can choose from a black, almond or blue unit to match your household.

2. Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener


Hard water contains minerals such as magnesium, calcium and manganese compounds that when deposited, becomes limescale that binds on the sides of sinks, nozzles and showers, and the inside of pipeworks and appliances like a washing machine and water heater. This can reduce their efficiency. This eco-friendly device by Eddy is not exactly a water softener but aims to give the same result, which is deposit-free surfaces and plumbing. Unlike a salt-based water softener, it is designed to simply break down these minerals to eliminate hard deposits while leaving the water mineral-rich. It will not leave the high content of sodium in the water like a regular water softener; soft water is unsafe to consume on a regular basis. Virtually anyone can set it up because it does involve any plumbing changes. Simply place the two coils provided around the incoming water supply pipe, and the complex electromagnetic waves produced will break down the lime scale. Great for households and businesses, this electronic water descaler is affordable, there is no maintenance required, and you do not have to keep purchasing salt. Please note that it only works well with metal or plastic pipes; but not on lead or iron water pipes. Also, note that it is not waterproof so you should not install it outdoors. The package includes standard cables for pipe diameters up to 1.5 inches. If you happen to require a larger pipe, simply contact the supplier. It comes with a 12-month money back assurance as well as a lifetime service or replaces warranty.

3. ClearWave Electronic Salt-Free Water Conditioners


Just like the previous unit, the CW-125 unit is not really a water softener. It is a revolutionary product by ClearWave that treats hard water effectively by using electromagnetic waves to break down hard calcium carbonate crystals in order to make it easier to flow through pipes and fixtures. This prevents limescale from forming, which makes it easier for pipes and fixtures to be cleaned. But what sets it apart from traditional water softeners is that it leaves the water mineral-rich without extra sodium content. It is also much cheaper and less hassle to maintain. As most homes have both hot and cold water systems, you can rest assured that this water conditioner by ClearWave will work on either. It is simple to set up and can take less than 15 minutes. Extra tools are not required because the package will include everything you need for installation. However, it has been reported that the mounting tie wraps included can be tricky to secure. So try checking out video tutorials from websites like YouTube before setting it up. Also note that you may require several units for different applications; for instance, one for the washing machine, and another one for the water heater.

4. Magnetic Water Softener


Ideal for small homes apartments, the next contender on this best water softener list produces great tasting water and eliminates buildups on sinks and showers. Magnetic Water Technology has developed a water softener that utilizes the latest hydromagnetic technology without the use of salt; the magnetic fields will break down the molecular structure of mineral particles. It is, therefore, cost-saving as you do not need to maintain it at all or get regular purchases of salt. The magnets used are not just regular ones; instead, massive, powerful neodymium magnets ensure longer use. They are available in eight different sizes from light to extreme. It can be installed in mere minutes without the need of tools or changes to the existing plumbing system. And since it is not electronic or uses any complex mechanism, it can be installed both indoors and outdoors. But be reminded that the magnetic force is extremely strong so if you are handling more than one, you will need to be vigilant to avoid getting your fingers caught. Otherwise, you can always request for professional assistance in order to complete the installation, at an additional cost. It comes with a 10-year warranty.

5. ScaleBlaster SB-75 Water Conditioner


Another water conditioner on this list is the SB-75 by ScaleBlaster. This innovative, computerized water treatment system attempts to weaken calcium carbonate, the mineral mainly responsible for limescale deposits, without the use of any chemicals or salt. This is great for those who are looking for a healthier lifestyle and do not want to get unnecessary salt into their diet as the water produced is salt-free. The package consists of a computerized control box, which sends a wave current to an induction coil of wire that needs to be attached to the pipe of your incoming water supply line. The unique and complex modulating frequency waveform breaks the calcium molecules. You will find that this water conditioner will not require maintenance. It is pretty simple to install because no plumbing will be required. However, you will need to be familiar with the setup and instructions prior to installation. The manufacturer does provide a lot of helpful materials; you can find the manual and installation video on their website. It comes with a 3-year warranty, which can be extended. It is specially designed for residential and indoor installation only. You can also install this onto tankless water heaters.

6. Aquasana Whole House Filter


This Whole House system designed and engineered by Aquasana aims to provide you with a long-lasting, high-performance water treatment system for a healthier lifestyle and safer environment. To suit your budget, you can select from several combinations depending on how many water treatment stages (filter, softener, UV starlight filtration) are included, the capacity size of the filter up to 1,000,000 gallons, and the duration of either a 4-, 5-, 6-, or 10-year filter. So you can either get the whole works, which is a big investment or, you can narrow it down a few and maybe forgo the professional installation kit for a more affordable option. Since you can upgrade the filter with a water softener, it found its way to this best water softener list. The Aquasana’s Simply soft salt-free water softener, which uses proven NAC technology. You can say goodbye to scale formation and protect your pipes and plumbing from getting corroded. Because it does not use chemicals or salt, this water softener upgrade will not demineralize your water or leave excess chemicals or salt water. The Whole House filter system does not require electricity to work, and you do not have to worry about drainage, backflushing or waste-water. If you choose to complete the installation on your own, you will need to be familiar with the setup and have some plumbing experience.

7. WaterBoss 950 Water Softener


The WaterBoss unit has been designed to cater to city water (without iron) because it has activated charcoal, which absorbs chlorine taste and odor, in addition to being a water softener. The dirt and sediment filter has also been designed to save water, and with the built-in, self-cleaning system, no maintenance is required. It claims to soften up to 35 grains of hard water per gallon. This unit has a programmable LCD display for better control. In terms of regeneration, it should take around 19 minutes, 15 gallons of water, and only 2.5 pounds of salt for this process. However, it has been reported that the quality of the parts is only fairly good. Installation instructions are not comprehensive so you may need to hire a plumber for assistance. With its compact design and a capacity of 22,000 grain, it is more suitable for residential homes.

8. ABC Waters Built Fleck Water Softener


The 602abcWATER model works by removing undesirable minerals through a bed of resin beads, similar to the Fleck model on this list because it uses the same on-demand metered valve and bypass valve with a 5-year warranty. It consists of a mineral tank and a square brine tank with safety float boasting a high capacity of 48,000 grain, suitable for families with up to five members; each is with a 10-year warranty. With the Iron Man system, it claims to treat both ferrous and ferric iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide in the water, effectively eliminating most stains caused by hard water. One thing great about this company is that they preload the resin in the tank. The package includes a hardness test and an installation kit with instructions by 602abcWATER technicians. But if you require assistance, you can always include installation by a professional personnel by paying extra. Support and customer service are available through multiple channels including FaceTime.

9. On The Go OTG3NTP3M Portable Water Softener


For the best water softener for the modern nomad, this unit by On The Go is perfect. There are three sizes available: 8,000, 16,000 or 32,000-grain units to suit your water needs. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry and fast to install; it is especially great for those living in a recreational vehicle. It is designed to treat water that exists in most RV parks. Once you have set it up, you will find the treated water tastes and smells better, and showering is more satisfying with increased lather from soaps and shampoos. The water will also not dry your skin up. Water and rust stains will be visibly less, and there is much less scale build up. You will also find that the lifespan of any appliances you have that depends on water will be extended. You can use table salt for regeneration and the large mouth opening makes it easy and quick.

10. Ronaqua Universal Shower Filter


If you do not wish to change your whole water treatment system, and just require soft water specifically for your shower needs, then this water softener is the one for you. It is by Ronaqua and comes as a compact shower filter, which can be fitted easily to any handheld or overhead showerhead, or any shower combo, and can endure water temperatures up to 80˚C/120˚F. It has been designed for efficiency and performance and uses a unique multi-filtration system that employs anisotropic ferrite magnet, high flow sediment-filtration, as well as carbon filtration. It boasts of removing both chlorine and other harmful substances found in most hard water for a healthier lifestyle. It can also remove chlorine smell effectively. This revolutionary shower filter contains a removable filter cartridge, which you may change after every 12,000 gallons of water or around six months. This can vary depending on your daily water usage. It is available in chrome or white so you can choose one that matches your existing shower unit. Each filter comes with 30-day money back guarantee.

11. AFW Iron Pro 3 64K Water Softener


AFWFilters offers a water softener that also has the capability to filter iron and sulfur, using salt for regeneration. It consists of a digital control head, which is metered and programmable so you can control when the next regeneration is due. With proper monitoring, you can save on salt and water usage. It has a high capacity of 64,000 grains. The system has an automatic backwash system to clean of any sediment, iron, and hardness. After successful installation, prepare to enjoy the soft water with no iron staining and sulfur odor, and reduced limescale build up. It does not come pre-assembled, but the setup is simple. You do, however, need some basic plumbing skills. Should you require professional assistance, you can add on installation at extra cost. It comes with a 5-year warranty.

12. Tier1 Water Softener


Tier1 is a reputable brand for water softeners, designed with high-quality materials and engineered to be a complete home system. It consists of a digital meter control valve with a user-friendly LCD display, valve with bypass, adapter, a brine tank with safety valve, and mineral tank. It is pretty similar to the Fleck model but claims to have improved the features to suit its customers. The regeneration cycles are fully adjustable based on requirements you may have for specific water quality. With proper installation, the Tier1 unit should be cost-saving; it is energy efficient, and because soft water allows better foam, you may use up to 75% less soap. The installation and maintenance are easy and quick. The company also offers 100% money back guarantee, a pretty good deal.

13. nuvoH2O Salt-Free Water Softener


The aim of the nuvoH2O water softener is to eliminate existing limescale and prevent any future buildup without the use of salt; the soft water produced is healthy to consume, safe to be used for washing, and makes your appliances work more efficiently. It boasts a capacity of around 50,000 gallons, which is the average yearly water usage of a household of two. You can install it without any changes to the existing water flow or plumbing. Once a cycle is over, you can purchase 20-inch salt-free replacement cartridges. It has been reported that the nuvoH2O unit may not be as efficient as most of the models on this best water softener list. But you can always get a hardness test kit to make sure.

14. Aquios AQFS220C Salt-Free Water Softener


This version of water softener by Aquios boasts a clear and compact housing, which gives you visual access to the efficiency of this product. It is an all-in-one, salt-free unit that acts as both a water filter and water softener. The design boasts a carbon block filtration with a food-grade additive to soften the hard water and removes limescale buildup. Once installed, it will not make any changes to the current water flow. There is also no programming, electricity, or maintenance required. With each package, Aquios will include the unit and the first cartridge, as well as the mounting bracket, mounting hardware, and wrench for easy installation. Each cartridge can last an average family around six months before the next replacement. If you require help with setting up this unit, you can add installation to your purchase.

15. Digital Catalytic Carbon System


This easy-to-install unit by Abundant Flow Water has been engineered to remove a wide range of contaminants for a better tasting and smelling water. The backwashing catalytic carbon technology targets iron, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, and chloramines chemicals. The complete system includes a structural resin tank, a catalytic carbon media, a user-friendly Fleck digital backwashing filter valve, and a stainless steel bypass valve. The valve comes with a 5-year warranty, while the tank is with a 10-year warranty. The company encourages you to install the system by yourself; the package includes comprehensive instructions for simple installation. You may require basic plumbing skills, but common knowledge can also get you there. Should you require assistance, simply call or email an Abundant Flow Water technician.

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