Has it ever struck you that the condition of the water you use every day could be much better? And we are not just talking about a good filtration system here. What about a softening system as well?

It is not a fancy add-on for the vain and sophisticated. There are some real, crucial benefits to having a water softening system installed in your home. We know for a fact that the primary culprits of so-called hard water are calcium and magnesium. And when these hard minerals encounter enough heat, they form what is called scale, which can gradually pile up to become a troublesome blockage in your pipes. And what does a water softener do about it? It eliminates that problem for you, giving you what would be considered “soft water”. In addition to making your water a lot easier on your devices, it is also tender on your skin and hair.

We studied the market and narrowed it down to a list of what we believe to be the best water softeners that are commercially available to you. They all house the latest technology and premium-build quality that anyone could desire in a water softener. Continue reading for water softeners reviews, and what we believe to be the best water softener system that the market has to offer!

1. Fleck Structural Grain Water Softener

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Why we like it: It is a totally reliable piece of kit that will do the job day in and day out for many, many years without sustaining any glitches. It is our choice for the best home water softener.

With this water softener, you will set it up nicely to extend the lifespan of your plumbing and other water-dealing devices. It facilitates a clever process of ion exchange to remove elements like calcium and magnesium that are a major cause of hard water. And that, in turn, makes for a lot less wear on all the plumbing channels it travels through. The regeneration process in it is meter-based so the system is only regenerated when absolutely necessary.

Regeneration obviously depends on the amount of water you are using. If it is a little, regeneration will not be as frequent as when you might be using gallons of water. The 5600 valve on this water softener has a stunning 5-year warranty attached to it. And never mind about that because they have been tested and can run continuously for at least 27 years if necessary. Finally, on the SXT controller, you will find a user-friendly interface on an LCD display, touchpad controls, and two days of power backup.

2. Aquasana Whole House Water Filter and Softener

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Why we like it: This is one of the few salt free water softeners on the market, so you can do away with a need for salt and can enjoy some of the purest water you can possibly have.

Now and again we turn on the news and read of horrifying stories that link sudden epidemics and illnesses to contaminated drinking water being used at home. This water softener is guaranteed to put you at ease. It will easily wipe out a good 97% of the chlorine in your usual tap water and also significantly reduce other pollutants like pesticides, rust, sediment, metals, and other harmful substances that contribute to overall water hardness. And it will keep doing that one decade at a time. Very impressive.

And, of course, it prevents the buildup of scale without the need for any chemicals or salt. The design is versatile enough to make for an easy hookup to most water filtration systems. It is such a relief to use a water softener that saves you the trouble of lumbering about with a huge load of salt on your back. The SCM technology in this one essentially augments the hard minerals into forming crystals so they cannot combine and form any amount of scale. It is an astonishing 99.6% effective.

3. Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener

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Why we like it: It is one of the cheapest substitutes to a cumbersome salt-based water softener and also significantly less exoensive.

Sometimes, deciding to settle in a new area can come with nasty late-term surprise that conditions are just perfect for scale build up. And these are details that can easily pass under the nose of your contractor and are at the mercy of the previous residents to inform you about. However, bring in the Eddy Water Descaler and all the funny business will be over. No big bucks, no fuss, and no salt. It will rip that scale clean off.

Fitting it on is doable by just about anyone who thinks they are up to it. There is absolutely no reason why any plumbing services would be necessary. You do not have to bother with loading it with salt and it is a heck of a lot less expensive than a salt-consuming water softener. What it does is generate an electromagnetic wave directly onto your water supply pipe via dual coils that wrap around it. The ever-changing magnetic field changes the behavior of limescale so it will no longer be sticking onto clean surfaces.

4. Nuvo H2O Dphb-a Home Water Softener System

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Why we like it: It is cost-efficient, well equipped, and settles for nothing less than the best quality of materials money can buy.

There is plenty of good news to learn about this water softener. It is bundled with 3 Everflow Supplies 610C001-NL Lead-Free Full Port Sweat Ball Valve, 1-Inch, which is constructed from forged brass and has a chrome-plated brass ball. In particular, it has 1-inch solder cups for use with copper pipes. Also, the maximum pressure is 150 PSI for saturated Steam and 600 PSI for WOG, and it is fully approved by CSA, UL/FM, and UPC and Compliant with NSF 61-g.

Nuvo is FDA approved; it prevents scale build-up and removes hard water scales. Your water heater and plumbing fixtures will last much longer when you use Nuvo. Also, it has no water waste, no salt and no electricity is needed.

5. ON THE GO Portable Water Softener

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Why we like it: Perfect for your water-based needs if you like to travel a lot. The compact design makes it extremely portable.

Apart from the name, which somewhat resembles something that Eminem would come up with, we absolutely love this water softener. What is especially cool about it is that you can now enjoy a clean and tender water supply while you are on the move. It is called ON THE GO for crying out loud. You can choose between three sizes –an 8,000, 16,000, or a 32,000-grain unit. And it satisfies every requirement you need with a properly portable device.

It is as compact as it can be, lightweight to shift around, and quite fast and easy to install. If an RV serves as your living space for most of your life, we have a feeling this water softener was designed precisely for that. It is so effective that you will instantly be able to identify the differences in the way your water smells and tastes. It will even help generate more lather of your shower gel and shampoo. Also, your skin will not dry up so easily and you will see a significant difference in rust stains as a result of the soft water.

6. Aquios AQFS220C Full House Water Softener

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Why we like it: It is not often that we come across salt free water softeners that filter water as well.

The Aquios AQFS220C water softener can not only soften your water but filter it as well. It does this so efficiently by use of a carbon block filtration system that is rated at 5 microns with a food-grade additive that uses no salt and takes out scale build up. The result is water that leaves no taste of chlorine and is as tender as it should be, all achieved by one cost-efficient and easily stored device. Fancy that on any day.

It is always a big win for you as a customer when you have bought both a water filtration system and a water softening system in the same package. Normally, those functions tend to be mutually exclusive. And the few cases that are not, they tend to make unacceptable compromises on quality and efficiency. But this one, we can personally vouch for it to be one of the best filtration/softening mechanisms you can buy right now. It is just sensational.

7. Tier1 High-Efficiency Water Softener

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Why we like it: It is either going to blow your mind away with what it can do or afford you a full refund on your investment.

What you get with Tier here is an affordable, well-designed, and well-engineered water softener coming from a brand that has maintained a good reputation over the years. And it is guaranteed to generate full satisfaction for its customers. Now that we have gotten you interested, let us go into the fine details. The electronic control valve in this device is NSF certified and features proven piston, seal, and spacer technology. And what else is NSF certified? The fiberglass pressure tank produces softened water.

The design also includes effective measures towards the prevention of overflow such as the brine tank safety valve. The control valve harbors a digital meter and LCD display. By referencing it, a user can find out about the time of day, regeneration mode, and the remaining gallon count. All things considered, it is a user-friendly device and allows you to stay updated in real time on this vitally important component of the whole system. And finally, your full satisfaction will be achieved thanks to a full 100% money-back guarantee.

8. Ecopure EPHS Whole Home Water Softener

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Why we like it: This water softener goes a long way to give your skin and hair the maximum amount of protection as well preserving the longevity of your other appliances.

Just think for a moment what dealing with hard water would be like without one of these. It would long, tedious, and expensive and no one is likely to be fond of that. The Ecopure EPHS is just another of those simply fantastic water softeners that make a world of a difference to your bathroom activities and appliances. Not only does it make the water gentler on your hair and skin, but also on your towels and other hardware you use in there.

Thanks to 31,000-grain capacity, it is easy enough to suit users from a single person to a family of 6. It is common knowledge that the traditional substance used for purifying water is chlorine. But the problem there is it can also leave your skin and hair a bit too dry. This water softener will take out the taste and odor of chlorine from the water and will, therefore, make it a lot better on your body. Not only is it better for your hair and skin, but it is also better for your shower head and other appliances. And do not ever worry about getting a filter for it because it knows to automatically clean itself when necessary.

9. Clearwave Electronic Water Conditioner

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Why we like it: Utilizes the modern and more efficient electromagnetic method of preventing scale buildup and takes up a lot less time and money to live with.

This device is a clear and definite leap forward from the traditional salt-based mechanism. Instead of salt, it uses electromagnetic waves to deal with hard water particles. This is highly effective at preventing scale buildup. But crucially, it is also a much less expensive and hassle-free apparatus, so it is definitely worth a kudos from us. It has already rid so many residential pipes of those nasty calcium and magnesium relationships. And it has managed all of that with ease.

Interestingly, the electromagnetic waves take a different approach to preventing scale buildup. They alter the behavior and properties of the calcium and magnesium so they do not ultimately latch onto clean surfaces and start building up. If you happened to have invested heavily in your bathroom and plumbing, it would be very satisfying to know that this device will efficiently maintain the pristine condition of your ceramic, metal, glass, and plastic surfaces. And let us not forget the benefits you get for your skin and hair too.