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Okay, so flossing is something that you know you should do. It helps to keep gingivitis at bay, prevents plaque from building up, and cuts down on the risk of gum disease. While you may know just how good flossing is for you to do, it can be difficult to do it every day.

First off, it is boring and like most people, you really don’t want to add to your nighttime routine. Also, it can be a little tricky trying to maneuver the floss between your teeth, especially if you’ve got a couple of crooked ones. If you have braces, the difficulty level with using floss goes way up.

If you are serious about improving your dental health, then there is a slightly more fun alternative – water flossers. These shoot streams of water between your teeth. Admit it – that sounds like a laugh. However, you are going to need to know which ones will actually live up to their claims. You can save yourself some time and check out the ones in this guide:

VAVA Water Dental Flosser

Why we like it: With the VAVA water flosser, you can make sure that your entire family’s teeth are being taken care of properly.

Editor’s rating:

This is a countertop water flosser, which makes it a little easier for younger kids to use. Speaking of kids, this really is a machine that is meant for the whole family. It has got three differently colored jet tips so that there will be no confusion about whose nozzle it is. The other reason that it is suited to families is that it has adjustable pressure. You can choose it from one to ten. This means that you can use a lower pressure for the kids and something a little stronger for you.

The dental flosser has an incredibly large reservoir. This means that you can floss for a little longer. In fact, you can get up to 90 seconds of flossing per person here. Actually, this machine gives you the opportunity to clean your mouth, teeth, and gums so well that you should have better oral hygiene in a week. The flosser has been designed quite well. Not only is it splash-proof, it is also leak-proof, making it safe for you to use at all times.


Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser

Why we like it: The Waterpik offers up excellent quality as well as lots of features. You are guaranteed healthier gums and brighter teeth.

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There is a reason that the Waterpik is one of the most sought-after water flossers – it works. Not only does this flosser clean your teeth incredibly well, it also offers up a lot of features to choose from. For instance, you can choose from the ten pressure settings that are available with the machine. This means that whether you have sensitive teeth or tricky dental work, you are covered. It is also great if multiple people want to use the same machine.

You get seven flossing nozzles which allow you to share the water flosser with others. Even if it is just for you, you can survive for quite a while without having to get replacement heads. This water flosser does more than just clean between your teeth, it also focuses on below the gum line. This prevents the possibility of developing serious problems such as gum disease. Also, people with issues such as periodontal pockets will find that they get a more thorough cleaning.

Nicefeel Water Flosser

Why we like it: The Nicefeel water flosser has a nozzle for every part of your teeth cleaning process. This ensures that all parts of your oral hygiene are tended to.

Editor’s rating:

It is safe to say that the Nicefeel water flosser has a nozzle for everything. In addition to the nozzles for regular cleaning, you also get a periodontal tip, a plaque tip, and even a tongue cleaning tip. Really, once you are done using this water flosser, your mouth couldn’t be cleaner or fresher, even if you tried. So, if you are concerned with your oral hygiene or you suffer from a lot of problems, this is definitely the machine to use.

Not only does this flosser remove food particles from between your teeth, it even tackles plaque! In just three seconds, it can remove most of the plaque from one section of the mouth. What this does is prevent a whole host of other issues as well. With your teeth so clean, you don’t have to worry about gingivitis, gum disease, or any other oral-related problems. The pressures on the flosser are adjustable so that you get a customized cleaning each and every time.


SmarToiletries Water Flosser

Why we like it: The SmarToileteries water flosser is completely waterproof and safe to use in the bathroom. It has a massaging feature too.

Editor’s rating:

The SmarToiletries has gone to great lengths to make this water flosser as waterproof as possible. If you are worried about just how safe it is to keep a water flosser in your bathroom, this flosser will ease your fears. Now, this isn’t all that this device has to offer. No, it is also incredibly effective at removing plaque present on your enamel. This means that you can say goodbye to the chance of ever having to deal with scary oral problems.

There is the sensitive and normal option for cleaning between your teeth. So, whether you just want a light flossing or something a little deeper, you will be covered. What’s truly great about this flosser, however, is that it is excellent for your gums as well. It has a gentle pulsating feature which massages the gums as it works. This way, you are a lot less likely to develop gum problems such as periodontitis, gingivitis, or gum disease.

H20Floss Water Dental Flosser

Why we like it: The H20Floss flosser has a convenient design, which makes it perfect for home use. It also has various nozzles for a more thorough cleaning.

Editor’s rating:

The H20Floss design really is great. In addition to having a large water reservoir, the machine also has a convenient storage space for all of the nozzles. Not only does this make it easier for you to reach all of your tools, it is also a lot more hygienic as well. Speaking of nozzles, there are numerous ones available for this one flosser. Whether you are looking to keep your teeth spotless, gums healthy, or your tongue clean, this machine will be able to do it.

The H20Flosser is really easy to use. The design makes it easy to grasp and the features make it less nerve-wracking to manage. For instance, you can actually stop the water mid-stream. So, if you want to focus the nozzle onto a different part of your mouth, you can do so without making a mess. It also offers up the perfect frequency – it is strong enough to clean your teeth but gentle enough to be comfortable. You are definitely guaranteed a healthy mouth and fresh breath.

SMAGREHO Oral Irrigator

Why we like it: The SMAGREHO oral irrigator is an affordable option for the entire family. It doesn’t use electricity and includes different nozzles.

Editor’s rating:

Not everyone is thrilled about the idea of involving electricity and water together. If you have similar concerns, then this oral irrigator will suit you just fine. The mechanism behind this flosser is just water pressure. You can attach it to your faucet and that shoots jets of water into your mouth. It is quite compact and can be taken with you wherever you go. Since there is no electricity involved, you can even use it while camping or traveling.

While the flosser relies on a faucet, it can still produce an incredible amount of pressure – 0.6mm DC pulse of water. Also, the flosser is compatible with most types of faucets, allowing you to use it wherever you go. This device actually comes with different nozzles and even brush heads. All of this ensures that you are going to get a thorough cleaning, removing all traces of debris in your mouth. Also, all of these options mean that several people can share one machine.

2Nice Water Flosser

Why we like it: The 2Nice water flosser is great for the whole family to use and is very effective in removing plaque and food particles.

Editor’s rating:

If you don’t want to spend money getting each person in your family a water flosser, then you don’t need to worry. The 2Nice water flosser has four different nozzles. This way, each person can use one for a complete and thorough cleaning. The flosser has a large reservoir to make sure that you clean out your mouth in one uninterrupted go. The great thing about this flosser is that it prevents you from going overboard with your flossing. If you lose track of time, it shuts off automatically after two minutes.

The flosser has a decent battery and you should be able to use it for thirty minutes without needing to recharge it. You can choose between Soft, Normal, and Pulse modes, depending on what your oral hygiene routine requires. Regardless of what you pick, though, you can be guaranteed a good cleaning. In fact, you can be quite sure that almost all of the plaque will be removed from your mouth with this flosser. You will also be able to target all of those tightly embedded food particles between your teeth.

Panasonic EW1211A Dental Water Flosser

Why we like it: The Panasonic EW1211A is cordless, compact, and makes it very easy for everyone to use on a daily basis.

Editor’s rating:

The last thing that you want to do is to clog up your bathroom with even more items. Well, with this water flosser, you will barely notice that it is there since it takes up so little space on your countertop. It is essentially like having another electric toothbrush. You shouldn’t let its size fool you, though. This flosser shoots air powered jets of water into your mouth to clean out even the stubbornly stuck pieces of food. It is also good at blasting plaque from your enamel surface.

There are several modes to choose from. There is a sensitive one for children as well as a normal mode for maintenance of healthy teeth. If you are suffering from a whole host of dental problems, though, the deep cleaning mode will be quite useful. As mentioned, this is a cordless design, so you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up in wires. For safety purposes, it is also waterproof. All you need to clean the flosser out is to rinse it under water!

QQcute Water Flosser

Why we like it: The QQcute water flosser is the perfect device to take with you wherever you go. It has customizable cleaning features.

Editor’s rating:

The QQcute water flosser is as easy as carrying your toothbrush around with you. This is why it is well suited to people who tend to travel quite a bit. Of course, this isn’t even the highlight of the flosser. What’s really great about this flosser is that despite its compact size, it is no less effective. It has a large reservoir that lets you floss for up to fifty minutes. Not to mention, it also has enough charge to last you two weeks!

The water flosser is excellent if you have dental work such as braces, bridges, or implants. The machine cleans all of these thoroughly, preventing bacteria or plaque from forming there. It is also great for sensitive teeth or gums. You get to choose from three different modes, including one which is suited for gentle cleansing. There are also two flossing nozzles. The safety features on this flosser are excellent, and you can be quite certain that water and electricity will definitely not mix.

Poseidon Oral Irrigator

Why we like it: The Poseidon oral irrigator is small, handheld, and very simple to hold and use. It also has a large reservoir and long battery life.

Editor’s rating:

If you want a fuss-free oral irrigator, then the Poseidon model is one that you should definitely check out. First and foremost, the design of the water flosser makes it very easy to grasp and use as well. Since it has a design similar to that of a toothbrush, using it is actually quite intuitive. For such a small flosser, though, it has a sizable reservoir which lets you floss without your flow getting interrupted. The battery life is also quite impressive and can hold up for about eight hours once charged.

Of course, the best thing about the irrigator is just how well it keeps your mouth clean. It targets all of those spaces in between your teeth and makes sure that all of the debris is removed. This can prevent plaque build-up as well as the related diseases such as gingivitis and gum disease. There are three modes that will help you control just how much pressure the irrigator produces. As a result, you get a cleaning that is thorough yet comfortable for your teeth and gums.


PECHAM Water Dental Flosser

Why we like it: The PECHAM dental flosser is great for getting into all of those hard to reach places in your mouth, thus cleaning out your teeth more thoroughly.

Editor’s rating:

One of the perks of using the PECHAM water dental flosser is its 360-degree revolving nozzle. This allows you to position the nozzle according to the part of your mouth that you are cleaning. As a result, you will find it much easier to clean teeth at the back of the mouth as well. The stream of water is high-powered. So, you can be quite certain that any and all food particles are blasted from in between your teeth promptly.

At the same time, the flosser has three different settings to choose from. These range from mild to a more powerful jet. So, even if you have sensitive gums and teeth, you will find that this water flosser suits your situation quite well. In addition to clearing out the debris, this flosser also helps to massage the gums. This stimulates blood flow to this region, making the gums stronger and healthier. The flosser has a battery that can be charged and used for up to two weeks.

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