Filters come in many different types and sizes. Some filters can be attached to a faucet which can then turn the water faucet into clean drinking water. Filters are quite important if you want to ensure good health when consuming water. Though water from the mains supply goes through rigorous filtration processes before it is supplied to households, it is still better to take added precaution when consuming water. There are many different types of filtration methods, with the most common being the reverse osmosis filters. These use a membrane to separate sediments and other particles that are found in the water. When selecting a filter, you will need to make sure that it filters the water properly and also is able to store the water if it is not a faucet filter. We’ve put together some of the best filters that you can buy, which are listed below.

1. DuPont Faucet Mount Water Filter

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The DuPont Faucet Mounted water filter is slightly different in comparison with the other filters that we have reviewed so far. The DuPont Water Filter has an easy to read electronic display which displays how many gallons of water has been filtered thereby you can well aware of the filter cartridge life in case it needs to be replaced. The filter is able to produce better tasting water as it thoroughly purifies water of its impurities. The filter is able to reduce impurities such as sediment, chlorine, and other harmful heavy metals that may be present in water. The filter is also able to improve the taste, color and odor of the water, making it suitable for drinking. There is also a Microban Antimicrobial protection built in to the housing of the cartridge in order to improve the filter life. You can choose between three different color variants, based on your preference.

2. APEC – Top Tier Water Filter

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This particular brand of filter that is manufactured by APEC is probably the best filter that you can purchase if you want a filter that is both effective and efficient. The filter uses a 5 stage filtration process that guarantees safe drinking water. It uses reverse osmosis to thoroughly filter the water and remove up to 99% of contaminants in the water. It can also remove chemicals that are generally added to water such as chlorine and fluoride thereby resulting in pure water. The filter is long lasting and is attached directly to the tap. Apart from being really effective in filtering the water, it also leaves the water having a taste that is far superior to bottled water as well. The filter is certified by the WQA and guarantees a trouble free and noise free filtration system. Installation of the filter is quite straightforward and requires no additional equipment to set it up.

3. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

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The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher benefit from triple capacity filters which produce 150 gallons of water each. This makes them incredibly long-lasting.

This amazing water filter removes fluoride, chloromines, lead, chromium 6, mercury, and chlorine. This leaves you and your family protected from any contaminants that may exist in your tap water. The filter removes all of these contaminants whilst also keeping a healthy trace of minerals such as magnesium and calcium in your water.

The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher also benefits form a lifetime guarantee and same-day customer support. If your pitcher ever breaks, Aquagear will replace it completely free of charge.

If you are looking for a water filter which filters out contaminants and benefits from amazing customer service then this is deifnitely the perfect option for you.

4. Woder 10K-GenII Water Filtration System

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The Woder 10K filtration System is a highly effective water filter which you can attach to your household faucet. The filter is able to remove almost all traces of water impurities such as heavy metals, odors and other contaminants that are generally added to the water. However, it is able to still preserve the essential minerals that are found in water to pass through unaffected. The Woder filter is highly efficient and can last for more than 10, 000 gallons of water, hence why it is named as the 10K. This would mean that you can use the filter for approximately three years without the need to replace the filter cartridge. Assembly and installation of the Woder 10K is quite straightforward and should take you only about 5 minutes if you follow the detailed instruction manual. Woder also provides a money back satisfaction guarantee with the product.

5. BWT Vida Water Filter Pitcher

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The BWT Vida Water Filter Pitcher is another pitcher type filter which is quite similar to the Brita Filter which was listed earlier. The filter is very affordable and has a strong ABS plastic body which ensures durability. The pitcher has a highly effective water filter system which uses the BWT Magnesium technology which reduces chlorine and other heavy metals that are present in the water. It is also able to mineralize the water with Magnesium, thereby making it taste natural and fresh. The Filter has also won several different awards for its attractive design and also product of the year awards. What makes this filter quite special is that it is able to relieve the magnesium deficiency which is present in most people due to it not being present in our diet. The filter has a silver coating to provide antimicrobial protection for the filter and thereby prolong its life.

6. Kaster Clean Water Filter System

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If you are looking for a good value for money filter, then the Kaster Clean Water Filter is probably the best option. The filter comes in three different variants that you can choose from. There is the Chrome colored model if you want a metallic finish and also two other variants which are slightly cheaper. The filter uses carbon filtration which can effectively remove all harmful contaminants that are present in water such as chlorine, heavy metals and sediment. This is accomplished by the KDF55 Carbon rod which is also effective in killing bacteria and fungi that may be present in the water. The filter is able to improve the taste of the water as it gets rid of any odors such as chlorine and also eliminates any sour taste. The build quality is quite sturdy so it will not crack or leak easily. The filter lasts for about 200 gallons of water after which the filter cartridge will need to be replaced.

7. Zen Water Systems Water Filter

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Countertop filters are also another popular choice for water filters apart from the faucet filters. The Zen Water Systems Filter comes in three different capacities. There is the four gallon, six gallons and eight-gallon capacity filters which you can purchase according to your preference. The filter is able to transform ordinary tap water into clean, healthy drinking water which is also mineralized. The filter is able to effectively filter, purify, mineralize, alkalinize and also magnetize water with all the different filtration layers that it uses. The water is treated through a multi stage filtration system which effectively eliminates bacteria, chlorine and other impurities that are present in water. The filter operates without the need for any electricity or plumbing. Just pour water into the filter and it will perform the filtration by itself. The filter is very affordable, making this one of the best choices in countertop filters.

8. Brita Pitchers Water Pitcher

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If you need a water filter that you can use on the go, then the Brita Pitcher Water Filter is the perfect choice. The pitcher is able to store water that is sufficient for ten cups of water which is well within the daily requirement. The pitcher has a filter that is able to effectively remove all harmful chemicals that are generally added to water, such as mercury, copper and cadmium. The water that is filtered remains odorless and free from chlorine, so it is safe for consumption. Furthermore, there is an indicator on the filter that notifies you when you need to replace the filter. This is usually after every forty gallons or about two months of usage. The filter is cheap to purchase but may not be recommended as a primary source for drinking water in your household due to its relatively small volume.

9. APEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter

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The Apex Countertop water filter comes in a variety of color choices to choose from based on your preference. You can either go for the plastic, transparent filters or the more expensive chrome colored, metal filter. The Apex Countertop Filter is a faucet filter so you will have to attach it to your faucet in order to get clean drinking water. The filter effectively removes the chlorine taste and odors from the water along with other metals such as mercury and copper, making the water pure and free from impurities. The filter is also able to hydrate your body by adding minerals to the water such as calcium and magnesium which are essential for the human body. It comes in a small size so it is easy to find a suitable location for the filter. The filter has been tested thoroughly to ensure that it effectively filters the water.

10. iSpring WCB32-O Water Filter

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The iSpring Water filter is another one of the high end water filters that you can buy. It is similar to the Apec water filter, which is number one on our list, but is not effective as that filter model. The filter uses a 3 stage filtration process that is able to thoroughly purify your water by removing all impurities that are commonly present. It is able to remove sediment, chlorine and other organic chemicals effectively from the water. The filter can be connected to any faucet that you will be having in your house. There is a pressure release button on the filter that allows you to release water to meet the standard house water pressure, which is something you do not find on most filters. The filter cartridges that are used is the standard sized cartridges that can be easily obtained in any supermarket or hardware store.