Water bottles are an excellent way to keep your children hydrated whether they are spending a day in a major league game or at the pool.

While getting a bottle may seem like an ordinary thing, you may soon realize that you need to evaluate certain factors before making a purchase.

The best water bottle for kids needs to be safe for your children’s overall health. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing a water bottle and some of the top picks to consider in 2019.

a half full water bottle on the floorHow We Chose Our Ratings

Before listing the top water bottle for kids, we evaluated specific factors like the bottle’s size, design, durability, capacity, and the cost. We also looked at the material used to make the bottles to ensure that these bottles are safe for your child.

Our top picks are also easy to use as they have a spout or a full mouth to allow the liquids to flow smoothly without your child putting in too much effort.

Here are our top water bottles for kids to consider in 2019.

CamelBak Kids Water Bottle

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As a first time parent with a young child, you need a water bottle that will fit into your toddler’s hands. The CamelBak is an excellent option as its design suits little hands. You’ll love the spill-resistant design which prevents accidental messes. Your child will appreciate the fun graphics.

The bottle is suitable for children aged three to eight. Your little one doesn’t have to struggle with the flow as this bottle has a bite valve and a cap that provides a faster flow. The only thing your child needs to do is bite and sip; the water will flow through the valve.You don’t have to worry about cleaning the CamelBak water bottle as it’s easy. It’s BPA-free and features durable silicone, what’s more, you can use in the dishwasher without worrying about damage.

Unfortunately, some users have complained about the bottle leaking occasionally. Also, if not careful, you may find mold growing. You need to clean the spout and lid properly to prevent any mold growth.

Nalgene Tritan Bottle

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The Nalgene Tritan water bottle is highly rated as one of the best leak-proof water bottles for kids. You can choose from a variety of vibrant colors and designs that your child will love. Also, the bottle features safe plastic that is BPA-free.

Your child will find the smooth mouthpiece comfortable. The bottle is durable to withstand any drops. With it being spill-proof, you don’t have to worry about your child making little messes. Its dishwasher safe, and the price tag makes it a winner if you’re on a budget.

However, some parents have issues with the bottle as they found it frustrating for their little ones to get much liquid out without exerting too much effort.

Zulu Shorty Kids Water Bottle

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The Zulu Shorty Kids bottle features a plastic silicone sleeve, an open mouth design, and a one push button. With the sleeve, you’re sure that the bottle is safe from any falls and drops. Also, the one-push button allows for easy closing and opening.

You’ll need to ensure that the bottle fits in your child’s backpack before buying as it holds 16 ounces. The open-mouth design allows you to add ice cubes if you want to keep the beverages cold.

Its locking mechanism means that nothing can open the bottle without intent. You can be sure that you won’t be wiping any spills because your little one accidentally hit the bottle.

Thermos Funtainer Water Bottle

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As a parent looking for a bottle that can keep drinks cold for more than ten hours, the Funtainer will meet your expectation. The bottle features excellent vacuum insulation. Its stainless steel material gives the bottle a unique feel.

Moreover, your child can easily access the contents inside as the Funtainer has an instant pop mechanism that pushes out the straw. Your child will love the colorful graphics.

Unfortunately, this bottle isn’t suitable for hot liquids as the material heats both inside and outside.

Go Bottles Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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Sometimes you need a water bottle that your child can carry out to camping or on a fishing trip. The Go Bottles stainless steel water bottle is an excellent choice as it features a grade stainless steel material which is durable. The manufacturer also states that it’s rust and tarnish-free.

Its non-slip grip exterior makes it easy for your child to grab the bottle. What’s more, the easy to carry loop allows your little one to clip the bottle to his backpack or bring it on the run. With the inclusion of a straw design, you can relax knowing that your child will drink the content without any spills.

Some parents have complaints about the spouts breaking. Also, a few users had issues with the straw leaking.

Upstyle Plastic Mini Water Bottle

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As your child grows, he/she will get to a point where he wants to feed himself. Finding the right bottle is critical, and the Upstyle mini water bottle doesn’t disappoint. It has food-grade PC material which is safe for your child.

You’ll love the bottle as it’s resistant to shatter, shock, or high temperature. What’s more, it’s odorless and tasteless, which makes it ideal for small kids. The manufacturer goes a step further and includes a no-sweat insulating sleeve and a locking flip-top lid which is leak-proof.

Your child can easily use the bottle as it has a baby silicone nipple. The bottle has a high-quality loop, which allows you to carry it outdoors. Some disadvantages of this bottle are that it doesn’t keep the drink hot for long and once you open the cap, the bottle is no longer leak-proof.

Klean Kanteen Water Bottle

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The Klean Kanteen bottle is not your basic bottle as it has food-grade stainless steel, something that makes it safe for your child. Its silicone drinking valve and wide spout allow your child to drink his beverages with ease.

You can also add in ice cubes to this bottle to keep the water cold for an extended period. Its design allows you to clip the bottle to a backpack.

Unfortunately, the Klean Kanteen bottle lacks a flip cap over the spout, which could lead to spills. Also, filling the bottle with icy cold water promotes outside condensation.

Contigo Autospout Water Bottle

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The Contigo Autospout water bottle comes with a transparent material, which allows your children to view the contents. Its leak-proof valve prevents any accidental messes. Your child can easily clip the handle to his backpack.

You’ll love the wide-mouthed spout as it allows your child to drink water without exerting pressure. Also, the bottle is BPA-free, which makes it safe for your little one. The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t have graphics at the back.

Buyers Guide

blue water bottle

Studies conducted show that children who take enough water throughout the day concentrate more in class and become better learners. However, with a variety of water bottles to choose from, it can be confusing to settle on one brand.

We’ve made your work easier by listing some tips to have in mind when shopping for the best water bottle for kids. Some factors to consider include:

The Use/Purpose of the Bottle

You need to determine how your child will use the bottle. A water bottle meant for running may not be suitable for school. Also, specific water bottles can carry hot beverages in them, while others can’t. Narrow down your options depending on how your child will use the bottle.

The Size of the Bottle

Finding a bottle with the right capacity or size is essential. Manufacturers measure the capacity in liters or ounces. Consider how much water your child drinks before buying him a bottle.

If your toddler participates in strenuous activities like playing football or running, he/she may require more water. Choosing a bottle with the right capacity ensures that your child doesn’t have to refill the bottle every time he gets thirsty.

The Materials of the Bottle

You can find a variety of water bottles in different materials. Each material offers a unique benefit and works for specific activities. Plastic water bottles are durable and can withstand any abuse.

a boy drinking from a water bottle

Nevertheless, when choosing a plastic water bottle, you need to ensure that it doesn’t contain bisphenol or BPA. The chemical is harmful as it can get into the water, leading to diabetes and cancer. You can get BPA-free plastic bottles in the market, which are safe.

Stainless steel water bottles provide insulation when your child needs to carry hot and cold drinks. The double-wall construction gives these bottles excellent insulating properties. Unfortunately, these bottles are cumbersome and dent easily than plastic ones.

You can also find glass and metal bottles in the market. Glass bottles are breakable and may cause injuries if your child walks around broken glasses. Metallic bottles may be difficult to use as the tongue may stick inside due to the vacuum created.

When choosing the best water bottle for kids, you’ll have to understand the risks associated with each type of material and decide the best one for your little one.

Find a Leak-Proof Bottle

Having a leak-proof bottle is essential as you don’t want your child spilling water or other beverages on clothes. Children carry their bags or lunchbox bags without thinking about the content inside,

You should get a water bottle that won’t leak after being tossed. Check the lid to ensure it’s tight, and it doesn’t shake or close loosely.

The Shape of the Bottle

four water bottles that can be used for kids

You may need to find a suitable shape of your kid’s water bottle if he plans to carry it to school. It will need to fit in his bag or lunch box bag. However, if you’re looking for a bottle that holds more water, you’ll realize it may be challenging to fit in the side sleeves.

The Nozzle

Water bottles with a nozzle come in handy when your child is biking. Your toddler can continue their activities without taking the lid off. Moreover, the spout prevents any accidental spilling or sloshing.

The Design

You don’t want to end up with a bottle that your child won’t love carrying. Find something with a favorite cartoon character. Older kids will appreciate a cool design or color.

Ease of Use

The right water bottle should be easy for your child to grip. Ensure that he/she can carry it comfortably when it’s full. Also, check if your little one can open it without requiring too much effort to get the water.

The Cost

While most water bottles are reasonably priced, you may need to find something that fits your budget if you’re planning to buy more than one. You’ll notice that plastic bottles are inexpensive while glass and stainless steel bottles are on the expensive side.

Caring for Kids Water Bottles

You need to maintain your child’s water bottle for it to last long. Some of the essential things you should do include:

  • Replacing the straw in case of any tears
  • Allowing the water bottles to dry before returning the cap to prevent trapped moisture
  • Checking the manufacturer’s recommendations for washing
  • Washing the bottle with warm water
  • Using a special brush to clean the straws

Final Thoughts

At first glance, the number of water bottles may seem countless, which can make it challenging to pick the right one. Fortunately, our top picks for the best water bottle for kids will save you the hassle of walking up and down the shelves.

Ensure you pick a bottle that is safe, durable, and has the right capacity to keep your child hydrated, which will promote his growth and developmental needs.