So you’ve moved into your new apartment and now you want to spruce it up. You put in a coffee table, add some plants, and a lay down a colorful rug, but your walls look so empty. You think to yourself, what would be the perfect decor to put on your wall…

The answer to that is a wall clock. Not only would a wall clock accent your wall, you would always know what time it is as well! Wall clocks are beneficial accessories to your home and add a personal touch to your space. You can choose from many different wall clock styles to match the vibe of your home.

Unfortunately, the great variety may make your decision that much more difficult. Wall clocks nowadays can either be analog or digital, and of course come in different designs. Additionally, some wall clocks may even make ticking noises while others don’t but nevertheless, they all come at various budgets. That’s why we’re here to help! We compiled a list of some of the best wall clocks out there!

1. Seiko QXA520KLH Wall Clock

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Why we like it: This solid, metallic wall clock is made by the well-known brand, Seiko and combines the elements of simplicity and functionality with its classic design.

Next up on our list is the well-known brand Seiko and its product. The Seiko brand is certainly known for making sleek and sophisticated watches, and it’s about to be known for its sophisticated wall clocks as well. The Seiko Wall Clock is so straightforward in its design, it’s not even funny. The wall clock takes the simplistic approach, featuring a metallic design with a black encasing. This clock looks like it was designed for the professional atmosphere, but we are certain it will bring a classic edge to your home as well. This wall clock will look great in your office or work space, and will look equally just as good in your living room, bedroom, or dining area.

Just as with many of the clocks on this list so far, this wall clock also features Quartz movement. The wall clock features a quiet sweep-motion secondhand, meaning (you guessed it) no noisy ticking involved. While this wall clock is also battery operated you’re in luck! The wall clock comes with the battery already included, meaning no unnecessary trips to the store. The classic-looking clock is slim in size, making it lightweight. Do note, however, that the material of its black case is plastic which means it doesn’t have the most durable build.

2. Lulu Decor Crystal Leaf Wall Clock

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Why we like it: This trendy wall clock is designed out of decorative crystal leaf metal and will surely accent that living room or bedroom!

We keep our list going with wall clocks with intriguing designs! Next on our list is a unique wall clock by Lulu. The Lulu Decor Crystal Leaf Wall Clock truly is an item of decor and will certainly bring life to your living space with its elegant features. The wall clock is made of a decorative, crystal leaf metal and its dial is made of Arabic glass. In terms of size, the wall has a diameter of 25” while its arabic glass dial is 9″, making it easy to view from a distance. The elegant wall clock is also available in a multitude of flower pattern styles including: Crystal (the option we selected for this review), mirror, night, vintage, and more.

These radiant, glass-made wall clocks make the perfect gift for someone and can also make the perfect housewarming gift! This wall clock also features a number dial and comes with a silent non-ticking feature, meaning you won’t be disturbed by any noisy ticking. The wall clock also features high-quality, Quartz battery operated movement. The clock will require one AA battery (which is not included). The frame and leaves of the wall clock are actually made with real crystal accents which emit shine and glow, thus the manufacturer warns to beware of cheap imitations of this product. If you want a clock that’s revolutionary and remarkable in design, then we suggest looking into this product!

3. Rivet Modern Clock

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Why we like it: This unique, modern wall clock is crafted out of black glass, has a silent, non-ticking feature and will look truly bring your wall to life.

We can honestly say that Rivet is leading in the world of extravagant wall clocks on Amazon with this radiant wall clock. The Rivet Modern Clock is a force to be reckoned with for its high quality design and features. The wall clock is designed to create a modern flair, and has easy to read dials. The black glass wall clock is great for minimalistic spaces. In terms of measurement the clock’s diameter is 18″. This extravagant wall clock makes the perfect gift for a friend or makes a great housewarming gift.

The decor wall clock is simply-made and modern in design and will match many pieces of modern furniture or other decor you have on your wall. Got a Van Gogh painting on your wall and a black couch? This wall clock will still fit right in! The wall clock only needs a simple AA battery, which is not included. While we may not know what the style numbers actually mean, what we do know is that this wall clock is a bit more expensive than the others. Nevertheless, this wall clock is worth it as an addition to your contemporary or industrial space, in our book!

4. HITO Modern Silent Non-ticking Wall Clock

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Why we like it: This modernized wall clock tells you the time silently with its non-ticking feature, and is available in a multitude of colors!

We come to the next clock on our list by HITO. If you’re looking for a truly modern-style clock with sleek features, this is it! The HITO Modern Silent Wall Clock is the perfect product for anyone looking for a contemporary style clock with great features. The wall clock features large, easy-to-read numbers that anyone can clearly see. Customers will have the opportunity to select from many different colors of this wall clock including: Apple green, blue, gray (the option we selected for this review), orange, pink, and more! Do note, some of the clock color options feature the “HITO” logo while others don’t. With or without the logo, you can guarantee that with this wall clock, your bedroom or living room will be noticeably enhanced.

This wall clock features high-quality “Quartz Sweep Movement” which guarantees accurate time and an absolutely silent environment. You won’t have to worry about any loud, noisy ticking with this clock. Its average battery can last up to an impressive 6 months! The clock is powered by one, AA battery (not included) and it is advised that you use an average carbon battery instead of high duty batteries. The clock features an easy installation process with its back nail slot. The wall clock is also lightweight. One downside is that depending on the color you choose, the numbers on the clock may be hard to see in dim lighting, according to a few customers. Besides that, this is a solid wall clock and we’re happy to recommend it!

5. Vincenzo World Map Wall Clock

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Why we like it: It’s a wall clock and a map, all in one! This radiant clock also gives off traditional vibes with its wooden design and “old world” charm.

We come to our next wall clock which features a truly stupendous design. Vicenzo gets an A+ in our book in terms of craftsmanship and style with this clock. The Vicenzo World Map Wall Clock is a remarkable clock that will seriously accentuate your space with its features. This wall clock is exactly what its name states: A clock and a map. The wall clock is handmade in America and features a radiant, printed map face on a solid piece of 1/2″ mdf wood product. That’s right. The face is not a sticker, but in fact printed directly on the wood. Due to the thick mdf wood, this wall clock is solid and its edges are nicely rounded.

The wall clock comes in many different sizes including: 10 inch (what we selected for the review), 12 inch, 15 inch, 18 inch, and more for differing budgets. The clock also features silent Quartz recessed mechanisms! That means the clocks is very quiet and has no annoying ticking. This convenient clock sits flat against the wall and does not wobble. The wall clock is also designed with an open faced and does not have glass, meaning no glare. This clock is easy to read from all angles. The clock is a bit expensive. The other, larger clocks will cost you a heftier expense. For any reason your clock breaks or does not work, it comes with a lifetime warranty which allows it to be easily fixed or replaced anytime. For its warranty, great features, and innovative design, we totally recommend this product!

6. Marathon CL030033SV Wall Clock

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Why we like it: A self-setting, self-adjusting wall clock that is available in a selection of simple yet elegant colors and includes 8 different timezone settings.

We head back to the digital world with another digital clock by Marathon. It’s pretty clear to us now that Marathon knows how to make a top-notch wall clock with their second clock to be featured on our list. This Marathon Wall Clock may be digital like the other Marathon clock, but it is smaller in size. This wall clock also comes with an abundance of solid features that will surely please any person who wants to add a personal flare to their office or home space. The wall clock features an easy to read 4″ high display and even comes with self-setting/adjusting features. The wall clock includes radio frequencies that broadcast from NIST’s Colorado Atomic Clock.

This versatile wall clock also features 12 or 24 hour display formats with indoor temperature display in celsius or fahrenheit. The wall clock will also let you choose among 8 time zones (which is a Marathon exclusive) including PST, MST, CST, EST, AST, NST, HST and AKST with the option to turn on or off Daylight Savings Time. Like practically all the other wall clocks on our list, this wall clock is also battery-operated, but luckily comes with the 2 AA batteries you’ll need! You’ll also be able to choose this wall clock in one of four simple yet sleek colors such as black, silver, white, and wood. This clock, which can be mounted on a wall or left to stand on its own, is slightly expensive. Nevertheless, for its simple design but extraordinary features, we certainly recommend the product!

7. Umbra Ribbon Wall Clock

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Why we like it: A wall clock designed with complete originality. This sophisticated, steel-plated wall clock will certainly add a unique flair to your space.

Looking for a wall clock that will surely stand out from the rest? Well, look no further than Umbra’s wall clock! The Umbra Ribbon Wall Clock is a clock to remember for its impressive and unique design! The wall clock features black, powder-coated steel ribbons to mark the hours. This modern and original wall clock is made out of bent stainless steel and features a black finish. The wall clock’s silver hands make the time easy to read. Yes, we know the wall clock doesn’t have any actual numbers on it, but who needs numbers when you can tell the time with “ribbons” that look much cooler? Customers will be able to select this wall clock in one of three sleek colors such as: black, copper, or stainless steel.

No matter what color you choose, you can be sure that your space will be truly illuminated with this innovative wall clock. The wall clock features Quartz clock movement, allowing for precise and maintenance-free measurements. Speaking of measurements, this wall clock is 12-Inch in diameter x 2 1/4-Inch in depth. Like many others on this list, the wall clock is battery operated and requires 1 AA battery (batteries not included). While the clock features an upscale design, it also comes with an upscale expense. Still, with its truly intriguing design and smooth operation, we consider this product worth checking out!

8. Adalene 14-Inch Large Wall Clock

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Why we like it: This solid, wood-crafted wall clock is a work of craftsmanship. It is sure to naturally enhance any room of your house with its traditional look.

When it comes to traditional decor, you can’t get any more traditional than an accessory made from wood. Adalene obviously knows that to be true with their wood-crafted clock. The Adalene Large Wall Clock is a true work of craftsmanship with its classic features and home-felt design. The wall clock features a solid wood frame that radiates an attractive sheen, enhancing the sophistication of its “inherent grain pattern and natural beauty.” In terms of size the wall clock stands at 13.8 inches in diameter and 2 inches in depth. This traditional-style wall clock features a beige design for its dial, has black metal hands, and contains black Arabic numerals.

What’s great about this clock is that it’ll fit right in with colored walls, decorative wall paintings, and various pieces of furniture. This convenient wall clock features a silent, sweep motion secondhand meaning no disruptive ticking. This classic wall clock is perfect to place in various areas such as: dining rooms, living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, study rooms, kitchens, offices, or conference rooms. The wall clock features Quartz movement and is of course battery operated, requiring 1 AA battery (which is not included). Be prepared to pay a pretty penny for this quality wall clock. Nevertheless, this product is a true work of art and has some great features, making it worth our recommendation!

9. Westclox 36014 Color Panel Quartz Wall Clock

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Why we like it: This uniquely designed wall clock features a “kaleidoscope” look and features quartz accuracy, meaning it will never be too fast or too slow.

Next up on our list is this unique wall clock by Westclox. Westclox makes it clear that when it comes to adding decor on your wall, originality is always a plus. The Westclox Color Panel Wall Clock features a remarkable design that will truly please any homeowner. The wall clock contains a “kaleidoscope look,” and features a black frame and distinct color panel for each number. The wall clock also features a sleek, black hour and minute hand, combining both radiance and simplicity in its design. This unique wall clock will enhance any room in your home including the living room, dining room, or your bedroom!

Now let’s move onto this wall clock’s features. The wall clock is 18.5″ round diameter in size and features quartz accuracy. That means that this clock will never be too fast or slow in time and will always display the time correctly. The wall clock, however, is made out of plastic material, so it isn’t very durable in terms of its build. Nevertheless, the clock is nicely light in weight and has been praised by many customers for its modern and “attention-grabbing” appearance. The wall clock requires 1 A battery, which unfortunately is not included. For this wall clock’s colorful appearance, simplistic features, and highly-praised “soft ticking,” we find this product worth the recommendation!

10. Marathon CL030049BK Digital Wall Clock

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Why we like it: A sleek, digital clock with a built-in alarm. This digital wall clock can either be hung up on a wall or simply placed on a counter!

We kick off our list with a digital wall clock by Marathon. Marathon is a company known for making reliable, high quality watches, timers and clocks, and this digital wall clock is no different. The Marathon Digital Wall Clock will be sure to enhance your room and deliver the time accurately with its solid features. The wall clock features a large, high quality display with enhanced contrast for maximum legibility. This functional wall clock also contains multiple features such as: the time (of course), calendar, and temperature. That’s right! You can get all the information you need just from this nifty wall clock. If you ever need to know what temperature it is or what the date is just simply look back at this clock and you’ll have all the information you need to get your day rolling!

This convenient wall clock can be mounted on a wall or left to stand on a counter. The clock features a button activated backlight that is gentle on the eyes while providing maximum illumination. Its display remains illuminated for approximately 5 seconds. This clock is easy to use and features an alarm with a simple snooze function. The clock is able to display the days of the week in 7 languages: English, French, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, and German. The clock is available in many colors such as black, pink, blue, and white. The biggest downside of this clock is its size, with some customers saying they wished it was a bit larger for a wall clock. Nevertheless, we find it to be a solid product!