Best Walking Shoes for Men

Norty Men’s Hiking Trail Walking SneakerRegardless of whether you’re a student, in the workforce, or enjoying a well earned retirement we all spend an ample amount of time on our feet, so it’s integral to treat them right. A good pair of walking shoes can make the difference between aching in pain with each blistering step towards your car or comfortably strolling through mountain trails. However, with so many thousands of shoes available it isn’t easy to decide on the right pair, which is why we have invested our time to research and come up with the best pairs of walking shoes that retain all the essential qualities we search for when deciding to make a purchase: comfort, durability, features, and yes, even style.

Product NameComfort RatingDurability
Norty Men’s Hiking Trail Walking Sneaker5/55/55/55/5 Check Price
New Balance Men’s MW577 Walking Shoes5/54/54/54.35/5 Check Price
Rockport Men’s We are Rockin Charson Walking Shoes4.5/54.5/53.5/54.15/5 Check Price
Mohem Men’s Poseidon Mesh Walking Shoes3.5/54/54.5/54/5 Check Price
Dr. Comfort Douglas Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Shoe5/54.5/52.5/54/5 Check Price

Norty Men’s Hiking Trail Walking Sneaker

Norty Men’s Hiking Trail Walking Sneaker

Outdoorsmen look no further, your dream walking shoe is here. Norty may not seem like a brand name you expect on the top of lists, but Norty’s Men’s Hiking Trail Walking Sneaker earned the top spot on our list for a reason. Quality, comfortable, and way less expensive than the competition? It seems too good to be true. We were skeptical at first, but upon in-depth research we found shoe to be the perfect fit for many, and we mean that literally as they are famous for their extremely accurate online sizing!

If you’re looking to keep your foot comfortable during those long walks through hiking trails and rough terrain without spending a fortune Norty has your foot covered. Featuring breathable man-made fabric, adjustable lacing with a cushioned insole, a rugged rubber tread sole, a heel tab for easy pull on, and to top it all of a comfortable ankle collar and tongue with support giving you that reassuring extra grip and stability. With these sneakers you’ll be able to keep moving in comfort even on the longest multi-mile outdoor treks.

Surely at this point you expect us to tell you about the critical flaw. I wish I could tell you there was one. We digged deep and the only complaint to be found is that they are heavier than the average sneaker, but that is to be expected for hiking shoes since they need more durability. These sneakers look impressive in all three color options and will cost you less than half of what a normal pair of walking shoes typically go for. Anyone looking for an outdoor pair of sneakers should check these out immediately, your feet and wallet will thank you later.

  • Extremely affordable
  • Durable
  • Very accurately advertised size
  • Heavier than most sneakers

New Balance Men’s MW577 Walking Shoes

New Balance Men’s MW577 Walking Shoes

When it comes to crafting a well-fitting shoe, New Balance is by far one of the most driven towards accomplishing this goal. For over a century, they’ve honed their craft and have focused on creating comfortable shoes that will not only satisfy the needs of the average pedestrian but also athletes as well. The MW577 Walking Shoe is the evolved result of countless New Balance shoes before it and we believe to be one of New Balance’s best products. Whether you have just gotten out of foot surgery and need something cozy to sink your weary foot into or if you just want to power-walk down four miles of city without making your feet feel like detaching themselves, New Balance’s MW577 Walking Shoe delivers excellently.

What makes the MW577 so comfortable isn’t just its famous wide toe box, but the plethora of features woven into the shoe specifically designing it to be your favorite walking friend. Features such as a padded collar and tongue, a walk-specific comfort footbed, ABZORB midsole cushioning, and a Walking Strike Path outsole all made in the USA give this pair of shoes enough comfort to walk you anywhere you wish. The only downfall is the durability. Be warned that while everything else about this product is amazing, some users have reported the upper separating from the lower after 6 months of usage.

But what about the style and price you ask? New Balance always delivers a slick style available in either plain black or white, suited to match just about anything you could wear with it, so you can focus on your life instead of your shoes. As for the price, you are looking at the standard but fair retail price one comes to expect with even the largest of sizes offered being well under the $100 mark. Like it so much you want to share? Checkout our female walking shoe guide where we showcase the women’s edition of the MW577!

  • Upper has been known to separate from lower after 6 months
  • Lacks some review information due to being fairly new

Rockport Men’s We are Rockin Chranson Walking Shoes

Rockport Men’s We are Rockin Chranson Walking Shoes

Rockport isn’t a new player in the shoe game. When they say they have a rockin new shoe you can bet it will be just that. From casual strolling to walking, the new Rockport We are Rockin Chranson men’s lace-up rock! Featuring a latex footbed designed to help cushion your foot and reduce foot fatigue; this shoe will keep you comfortably moving on concrete while being rugged enough to handle off trail hiking as well.

The secret of Rockport’s successful shoe comfort comes from a long list of engineering and designing that went exactly according to plan. Featuring high quality leather, a rubber sole, suede & synthetic upper, a latex footbed, ADIPRENE technology, a rubber outsole and mesh you can expect the feeling your foot has been asking for. Each element from the outsole to the upper materials flex in all directions, giving you the freedom to move confidently as well as biomechanically designed outsoles designed to support your natural walking motion with the stability you need without limiting any of your foot’s freedom.

Oh, and did we mention these shoes look amazing? The quality leather outside and refined black edges of this pair of walking shoes will not just keep you comfortable, but looking good in any outfit. This kind of comfort and quality doesn’t come as cheap as some of the $50 range shoes out there, but for the slight price jump you will notice a large quality improvement that makes this pair a valuable and wise choice.

  • Light, flexible, and comfortable
  • Great arch support
  • Stylish and durable
  • May run a little tighter than expected
  • Can get very warm during the summer

Mohem Men’s Poseidon Mesh Walking Shoes

Mohem Men’s Poseidon Mesh Walking Shoes

You love the water but the water doesn’t love your shoes, it’s time to treat your feet right with the Mohem Men’s Poseidon Mesh Walking Shoes. These lucky finds don’t have quite the same legacy as other top shoe brands, but what they lack in brand name they quickly compensate for with quality.Comfortable with or without socks these stylish outdoor walking shoes are perfect if you’re into the beach, fishing, hiking, and just being around water this shoe has been called the “Air Jordan” of the water for a reason and will quickly become your foot’s new best friend.

Purely handmade from fresh and breathable lycra net cloth this ultra lightweight soft shoe features more than just a popular style. The Poseidon Mesh sports extremely high quality and comfort with features like breathable air mesh upper that lets air flow through that will keep your feet happy on even the longest trek in or out of the water not to mention a strong grip that won’t send you slipping.

Factor in that this is one of the lowest priced of walking shoes on the market it is a must-buy for people who find themselves in, out, or around water. Worried soaking wet shoes making a mess or sand and pebbles invading your feet space? Fear not, these shoes dry quick and can be made as snug as you like with the laces to keep out anything but comfort reaching your feet all the while looking sharp and stylish in and out of the water.

  • Super light and comfortable
  • Exceptional grip
  • Inexpensive
  • Poor arch support

Dr. Comfort Douglas Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Shoe

Dr. Comfort Douglas Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Shoe

You know you are in for a good shoe when the brand name is Dr. Comfort. Living up to the name, the Dr. Comfort Douglas Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Shoe goes above and beyond in terms of comfort. Accommodating for most foot problems, this pair of shoes will make the casual indoor walker feel like they are walking on clouds.

But this isn’t some cloud, it’s a work of art featuring classic craftsmanship and sophisticated style, one strap velcro closure, seamless padded uppers, leather and lyrca (stretch fabric) and a refreshingly light weight these shoes are perfect for the indoor man who is tired of his feet hurting as he walks.

While more expensive than many competitors, the quality shows through in exquisite craftsmanship and durability with raving reviews across the board and users reporting years of upstanding usage making this pair a great value despite the high price tag. If your feet aren’t what they once were and you’re looking for a shoe to make your day-to-day life feel easy again, then you have found the right shoe. Living up to the name Dr. Comfort makes one amazingly comfortable orthopedic walking shoe you won’t regret buying.

  • Noticeable craftsmanship
  • Extremely long durability
  • Great comfort
  • Expensive

Men’s Walking Shoe Buyer’s Guide

You’re ready to give your feet the treat they have been aching for and buy that perfect pair of walking shoes that will keep you comfortable during all of your activities. But first, you’ll need to know what to look for. You’ve seen a nice variety of shoes, but how do you determine what unique traits best fit your needs? Below we list some of the most important tips and questions to check for when buying walking shoes.

Flexibility and support

To see determine a shoe’s appropriateness for use as a walking shoe try these quick and easy tests:

1. Pick up the shoe by the heel and toe and bend the toe upward. Does the shoe bend at the ball of the foot or at some random point halfway along the arch? It should bend under the ball of the foot.

2. Twist the shoe sole from the heel to the toe. Does the sole feel like a wet noodle, or is there some resistance to twisting? As a walker, you want to feel light to moderate resistance.
Assuming your shoe passed both tests, it should likely be a proper walking shoe.


Walking doesn’t put much strain on your foot so a true walking shoe won’t need much cushioning but some cushioning under the ball of the foot will definitely be something you’ll want to look for.

Shoe weight

Are you buying walking shoes for fitness or just as a comfortable companion for getting around? A lighter weight shoe might feel great walking down the sidewalk, but something more heavy and formidable might be wanted if you plan on walking down hiking trails.

Situational fit

Think about the surfaces you will be walking on. Will you be climbing stairs or walking down inclines? If so you, you might want to check how the shoe handles the change in elevation. Do they stomp and scuff your feet, do they have poor gripping and make you slide? Will you be walking on tile flooring commonly? If so, you may want to check to make sure the shoes are silent and don’t squeak with each step.


Are you going to getting your shoes wet often? Are you going to getting them muddy, dirty, or otherwise? Are you just walking a lot indoors and want to look professional? These questions are important to ask yourself before you buy a pair of shoes. If you think your shoes will get wet frequently make sure that they support water and will dry off well. Check if they are washable. While some shoes can be hosed down or thrown in the wash others will be completed ruined.

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