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We all need shoes. From the time we are only just beginning to walk to the time we can barely walk, they keep our feet insulated and protected from injury and hazardous exposure. But just what kind of shoe are you looking for? If it happens to be walking shoes for men, you have come to the right place.

Indeed, there are shoes designed for all kinds of activities. Walking is a favorite past time for a lot of people, so there is a highly diverse global market for walking shoes. In this article, we will be focusing purely on the men’s section. What are the best walking shoes a man can wear these days? To answer that, you have to consider each and every shoe designed for walking, and that can be a tedious business. By applying a high standard to elementary details like durability, versatility, comfort, aesthetics and hygiene, you can narrow down your options considerably, until you finally settle on one that suits you best.

To that end, we have taken a long hard look at the market, and after conducting thorough reviews, have come up with our own top 10 list of the best walking shoes for men that are on sale right now. All these easily fulfill the basic criteria required to be included on the list in their own inimitable way. They also carry the names of some of the most recognized brands in the business. Perhaps what you have been looking for is down below.


Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Training Shoe


Product Info
  • NIKE SHOES MEN: The Nike Air Monarch IV (4E) Training Shoe for Men sets you up for a comfortable training session with...
  • DURABLE LEATHER: Men's sneakers are made with leather upper features for durability and support, while perforations...
  • CUSHIONED COMFORT & DURABLE SUPPORT: A lightweight foam midsole with full-length encapsulated Air-Sole unit cushions...
Why we like it: You may not see it right away but these shoes have “Just Do It” written all over them!

Editor’s rating:

The “Just Do It” people over at Nike clearly took their tagline quite seriously when they came up with the Air Monarch IV training shoe. Want to enjoy the benefits of lightweight cushioning? Just do it! Want to extract solid support and traction on almost any surface? Just do it! Want it to last through relentless training exercises out in the field? Just do it! So it is settled then, this shoe is well and truly a Nike, not in the least bit shy to take on a daunting challenge.

But of course, in order to just do it, this shoe first needed to be intelligently designed and engineered. So how has that come about? The lightweight cushioning comes from a Phylon midsole. The solid support and traction is gained from the rubber outsole. And finally, what makes the shoe tough enough to last through vigorous training sessions is the generally durable overall quality of all its main materials, including leather, rubber and the mesh tongue, which keep up a good rate of ventilation.

Propet Men’s Life Walker Strap Sneaker


Product Info
  • Firm heel counter with removable footbed
  • Cushioned EVA midsole with herring-bone tread rubber outsole
Why we like it: A simple design that harbors plenty of clever hacks to help you enjoy long walks in good safety and comfort.

Editor’s rating:

It does not get much simpler than the Propet Lifewalker Velcro-Mens. Slide your feet in, strap ‘em up and you are good to go. We really do like the rocker profile of it that has been set in scrumptious leather for the upper, padded up collar and tongue and Velcro straps. This shoe does administer an unusual amount of support for the heel of your foot, containing an inner as well as an extended heel counter and integrated contoured heel stabilizers.

Good luck trying to figure out what that is all about. But the heel is obviously not the only point of concern with the Propet. It also has an extremely durable arch support and a lightweight shock absorbing EVA midsole. A unique design for the rubber outsole provides excellent durability and traction. It will be a monumental task for any surface to induce a slip while you are wearing these shoes. Shoes really do not get much better than this for those of us who like to walk.

Skechers Felton Slip Resistant Relaxed-Fit Work Shoe


Product Info
  • Supportive work shoe featuring lace-up vamp, logos on tongue/side, and reinforced stitching
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Memory foam padded insole insert
Why we like it: Everything about it has been geared toward achieving all-terrain sustainability and a supremely comfortable fit.

Editor’s rating:

This is one more brand we simply could not ignore. The Skechers Felton work shoe has been recommended for literally any kind of terrain, which is a pretty bold claim. But once you dive into the details and see how it actually works in the field, you will begin to have a lot more faith in it. The outsole is made from rubber to make it tough and lightweight. There are also synthetic overlays, nitrile, which is OSHA compliant, and synthetic faux leather to provide great durability and a comfortable fit.

And we do mean comfortable; slipping your feet into this pair of Skechers is an event in itself. Plus, that comfort stays with you even when the going gets rough, especially with the reinforced stitching to hold it all together. Mind you, Skechers is still a relatively young competitor in the shoe industry, only showing up in 1992, and yet the company displays the design and engineering prowess to rival much older, more experienced manufacturers. Go figure.

Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes


Product Info
  • SHOE SIZE: "D" = Medium width, "EE" = Wide width, "B" = Narrow width, "EEEE" = Extra wide width
  • MAXIMUM SUPPORT: Our Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar strategically supports your arch to guide and keep your body...
  • SLIP-RESISTANT, SECURE FIT: The forefoot MC Pod construction and an innovative outsole sets your foot in an efficient,...
Why we like it: Simple design easily scores traction in dry and wet conditions and fits comfortably for a very long time.

Editor’s rating:

If you are looking for shoes that will fit you comfortably day in and day out, this walking shoe from Brooks does not land far from the bullseye. It maintains a casual, simple profile which makes it a great fit for most daily situations that you walk into. But of course, the fit you will be most concerned about is how well it applies to your foot. As it turns out, this shoe is going to fit you extremely well and there are some good reasons why it would.

For starters, it provides excellent support for your lower arches as well as control for overpronation. A lot of this is owing to the materials used: either full grain leather or velvety nubuck, to ensure high quality and longevity. That midsole is innovatively designed by MoGo to give you a cushy, soft feel and enhanced energy return all throughout the day. The outsole is made from a nature-friendly silica compound for better skid resistance and improved traction in both dry and wet conditions.

Skechers Men’s Equalizer 2.0 True Balance Sneaker


Why we like it: The Skechers Men’s Equalizer 2.0 True Balance Sneaker offers you the comfort and dependablity. With a brand like Sketchers behind this sneaker, you shouldn’t expect any less.

Editor’s rating:

When you are on your feet all day, then one of the best walking shoes to slip your feet into is the Skechers Men’s Equalizer 2.0 True Balance Sneaker. When you are out of the office, these are the shoes to slip into so that your feet can find comfort and relief. These sneakers were designed specifically to give you comfort, support, and protection for when you are moving around. If you are a runner, these are also a great pair of shoes to invest in as well because they offer all the support you need. The exterior of the Skechers Men’s Equalizer 2.0 True Balance Sneaker is made out of a knit material that is sleek, durable, breathable and modern. The knit exterior comes in a range of color options including black, charcoal, white, and blue. Additionally, the Skechers Men’s Equalizer 2.0 True Balance Sneaker comes in a range of sizes as well so you can find the right fit for you. What’s great about the size options is you get to choose from a standard size and a wide toe size as well. With the wide size, you do not have to feel constricted in your toe or lower foot area because there is ample room for you to move around in. This is part of the reason why the Skechers Men’s Equalizer 2.0 True Balance Sneaker are so comfortable. With every step you take, you are sure to find comfort and stability thanks to the rubber sole that lets you keep your traction. This is what makes the shoe the ideal option to go with if you are someone who runs. You will not lose your step no matter the environment or the surface you are running on. 

Rockport Men’s We are Rockin Chranson Walking Shoes


Product Info
  • GENUINE LEATHER: Genuine leather nubuck offers natural comfort and durability
  • SOFT, BREATHABLE INTERIOR: Textile footbed cover and mesh lining offer breathability so every step you take is cool and...
  • SHOCK ABSORPTION: truTECH is Rockport's lightweight comfort feature that absorbs shock and provides long-lasting...
Why we like it: A shoe that is equally concerned with personal hygiene as it is with personal comfort? Yes, please.

Editor’s rating:

Here is another manufacturer we simply could not ignore. Rockport has been manufacturing shoes for over four and a half decades now. In that time, the company has remained thoroughly consistent with the quality of shoes it produces, as well as defining their place in the market for years to come. The Chranson walking shoes are among the best you can buy to combat foot fatigue. On a less serious note, you will not even have to worry about your feet smelling to high heaven after a long day’s work in them.

Any foul odor is taken care of by the mesh lining, which swiftly expels moisture and keeps the interior nicely ventilated. There is a bit of ADIDAS in it too, specifically the latest ADIPRENE technology which effectively cushions the heel against shock. It is placed atop of an EVA outsole that provides excellent grip on even very tricky surfaces. And being a Rockport, it certainly has its trademark sense of style and simple color scheme. Hard to fault it when it is just so complete.

Mohem Men’s Poseidon Mesh Walking Shoes


Product Info
  • Mohem Poseidon Water Shoes Capture the spring and summer's easy elegance
  • Breathable air mesh upper lets the air flow through,very durable and comfort
  • Zero burden - Less than 8oz/shoe,soft shoes design,fresh and breathable lycra net cloth
Why we like it: By far and away, one of the prettiest shoes for everyday use but can still take a load of punishment and keep your feet safe and comfy through it all.

Editor’s rating:

This is in our estimate, the prettiest candidate on our list. It is entirely made by hand, using Lycra net cloth which is fresh and breathable. Whereas previous contenders on the list have all sought to conceal their clever design and not attract too much attention, the Mohem stands out and will turn heads wherever it treads. And why not? It is bite-the-back-of-your-hand beautiful. You might imagine then, that buying a pair is going make you bite the back of your hand once more.

But no, the going rate for a pair of these beauties is entirely within the low range of prices attributed to walking shoes. So if you have an eye for fashion as well as function, you have got to consider getting yourself one of these. Yes, it fits just as well as it looks. Each shoe is very lightweight, but still stiff enough to give you a strong foothold. The rubber sole ensures that. At the same time, the fit is so soft and tender, almost preferable to wearing no shoes at all.

Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe


Product Info
  • Lightweight walking shoe with breathable mesh panels featuring padded tongue and collar and removable insole
Why we like it: From one of the most recognized names in the business comes a shoe with several fine improvements to its already proven design.

Editor’s rating:

Asics is one of the most popular and trusted brands not only in shoemaking, but in the sports equipment-clothing industry in general. And with the NEO 4, the company continues to improve on its already proven methods. The upper fit of this shoe is just as good as ever. But other elements have been upgraded to last longer and work better. The most cosmetic ones are the breathable mesh upper, as well as the medial window.

But that is not all that is new here. There is also an ortholite sock liner which offers better anti-microbial properties and slightly improves the comfort of the fit. Both DuoMax and Trusstic technologies have contributed to the already acclaimed sole geometry. Feel free to walk in these shoes for several miles on end without having to endure any sort of discomfort. Both the gel cushioning systems and midsole systems will make sure your feet stay comfy all the way through.

Orthofeet Avery Island


Product Info
  • GUARANTEED COMFORT! Test our shoes for up to 60 DAYS and see for yourself why Orthofeet is regarded by millions as the...
  • PLANTAR FASCIITIS? HEEL PAIN? FOOT PAIN? NEUROPATHY? Orthofeet orthotic shoes offer the BEST ORTHOPEDIC SHOE solution....
  • EXTENDED WIDTHS - These SUPER COMFORTABLE men’s casual shoes with soft, non-binding uppers are available in Medium,...
Why we like it: A shoe that looks downright average on the outside and is anything but on the inside.

Editor’s rating:

What’s not to love about this shoe? The design has been painstakingly configured to offer optimal arch support and safety for all the pressure points on your feet. Stepping into it, you will be greeted by a delightfully soft, cushioning sensation from the sole, and thereafter you will find walking to be incredibly easy and natural. The deep toe box at the front will help further relax your foot, allowing it to occupy an ample amount of space without feeling like a loose fit.

The benefits of this design, rooted firmly in biomechanical science, just keep getting better. We know Aver Island as a brand which specializes in making comfortable and therapeutic shoes for diabetic, orthopedic, and arthritic patients. Wearing them will greatly alleviate any risk of developing pain in your foot, heel, arch, knee, forefoot and even lower back. And all the while it maintains a modest, unassuming appearance. It looks just like a regular shoe, except of course, it isn’t.

Brooks Ghost 10 Mens Walking Shoes


Why we like it: Pulls out all the stops to make it durable, tough and hygienic, while keeping the style that you are looking for.

Editor’s rating:

Aside from being a high ranking contender for trail running and other strenuous legwork, Brooks shoes are a serious fashion statement. We can see an engineered upper mesh that gives great breathability. It keeps an ample amount of air circulating in and out of the shoes so your feet do not develop an unbearable stink at the end of the walk and are safe from microbial nuisances.

There is a high energizing and full-length segmented crash pad cushion which will absorb those high-intensity shocks that would otherwise feel very unpleasant. There is a mix of BioMoGo and responsive Brooks DNA for more breathability and better hygiene. The sole is made from rubber, so it will stick even in a slippery situation. It is well put together and looks cool in the company of your fellow walkers and joggers. It is very good value for the money.

Men’s Walking Shoe Buyer’s Guide

You’re ready to give your feet the treat they have been aching for and buy that perfect pair of walking shoes that will keep you comfortable during all of your activities. But first, you’ll need to know what to look for. You’ve seen a nice variety of shoes, but how do you determine what unique traits best fit your needs? Below we list some of the most important tips and questions to check for when buying walking shoes.

Flexibility and support

To see determine a shoe’s appropriateness for use as a walking shoe try these quick and easy tests:

1. Pick up the shoe by the heel and toe and bend the toe upward. Does the shoe bend at the ball of the foot or at some random point halfway along the arch? It should bend under the ball of the foot.

2. Twist the shoe sole from the heel to the toe. Does the sole feel like a wet noodle, or is there some resistance to twisting? As a walker, you want to feel light to moderate resistance.
Assuming your shoe passed both tests, it should likely be a proper walking shoe.


Walking doesn’t put much strain on your foot so a true walking shoe won’t need much cushioning but some cushioning under the ball of the foot will definitely be something you’ll want to look for.

Shoe weight

Are you buying walking shoes for fitness or just as a comfortable companion for getting around? A lighter weight shoe might feel great walking down the sidewalk, but something more heavy and formidable might be wanted if you plan on walking down hiking trails.

Situational fit

Think about the surfaces you will be walking on. Will you be climbing stairs or walking down inclines? If so you, you might want to check how the shoe handles the change in elevation. Do they stomp and scuff your feet, do they have poor gripping and make you slide? Will you be walking on tile flooring commonly? If so, you may want to check to make sure the shoes are silent and don’t squeak with each step.


Are you going to getting your shoes wet often? Are you going to getting them muddy, dirty, or otherwise? Are you just walking a lot indoors and want to look professional? These questions are important to ask yourself before you buy a pair of shoes. If you think your shoes will get wet frequently make sure that they support water and will dry off well. Check if they are washable. While some shoes can be hosed down or thrown in the wash others will be completed ruined.

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