Best USB Flash Drives

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As computers began to expand and people needed to store more and more of their data, it became clear that an external mode of storage was imminent. Over the years, these modes have been introduced then modified and adapted or done away with altogether (floppy disks anyone?). Having said that, two of the most popular methods people turn to when it comes to storage are hard drives and pen drives. Given the compact, easily transportable size of the latter, it comes as no surprise that they are extremely popular and are very much in demand. If you have been thinking of getting one for yourself yet are daunted by the sheer number of choices, then this could help. As long you invest in a pen drive that is durable and reliable, you really have nothing to worry about. Since they are also not terribly expensive, they are quite affordable.

Eastfun 5Pcs 8GB USB Flash Drive


Available in a range of eclectic, funky colors, the Eastfun pen drives are another option you can look at. It is not very big on capacity though, so it is most suitable for those who do not have a lot of stuff to store. Though you might be able to easily hold onto some documents, files such as music and photographs in large volumes will not be possible. It also comes in a pack of 5 so you have plenty to spare. Can be used with both PCs and MACs, and requires no form of software installation. Furthermore, it includes a one year warranty with every purchase. The brand guarantees that there will be no defects of any sort for that period of time. If you are not satisfied with the product at any point, they allow you the option of contacting their team for either a replacement or a refund. Aside from being an assurance, this is also excellent customer service. Worth looking into.

Fastdisk 3 in 1 Multifunction 8GB USB Flash Drive


If you are the sort of person who enjoys using products that are as multi-functional as you are, then this Fastdisk pen drive is just for you. Although it only provides 8GB of capacity as far as storage is concerned, its packaging is quite intriguing. Both a ballpoint pen and a touch pen as well as a pen drive all at the same time, this is great to have at work especially. As mentioned, you will not be able to backup a whole lot of data, however, it is useful when you need to load a quick presentation and run. You can however, go for its 16GB and 32GB options if you wish. The touch pen in particular, is useful for those who might have lost the stylus of their phone or in general prefer using a stylus since it doubles-up as one. It has been built bearing durability and portability in mind whilst it you can also write with it. A great addition to your working life.

Topsell 10 Pack USB 2.0 2GB Flash Drive


Are you the type of person who constantly misplaces or loses pen drives? Well then invest in this 10 pack set from Topsell. Although this one is 2GB in capacity, you can increase up to 8GB and 16GB if you need more. Regardless of whatever type of computer you may be using, this pen drive is compatible with them all. Designed for easy storage and convenient portability, you can use it pretty much anywhere. As far as price goes, it is quite worth it seeing as how you are getting a whole bunch of them. Even if you lose it, you would only need to worry about the data misplaced not the pen drive so much. You can fix a key tag or lanyard to it so you can keep track of it at all times and lessen the likelihood of you actually losing it. Definitely a good gift idea for someone who is always on the move and needs pen drives for work especially.

Lexar JumpDrive S73 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive


This Lexar JumpDrive 64GB pen drive is great for someone who needs a lot of storage space. It comes with a retractable connector as well as a thumb slide for added convenience. As it also incorporates USB 3.0 speed, it performs much faster than those that are USB 2.0. If you want more capacity, you can go up to 256GB which is a significant amount. It works with both Mac and PC systems so you can easily store and transfer filed across devices without any complications. Simply plug and go. Although it is comparatively more expensive than other pen drives mentioned, it is durable, hardy and suitable for long-term use all of which are important traits to be considered. If you are looking for something suited for official purposes, this should do the trick. The green and white packaging is unique and allows you to easily identify it in case you lose it.


SanDisk Cruzer Blade 16GB Flash Drive


If you have never come across SanDisk at least at your friend’s house then you really do live under a rock. These discreet little pen drives are some of the most common around. Do not let its size fool you though. Although this particular pen drive has a storage capacity of 16GB, it also comes in other options which you can choose from. Its operation is quite simple. All you need to do is simply plug it in then drag and drop whatever you need to backup. It is so small and sleek that you can just fit it anywhere, even your pocket. You should be mindful though since if you are not careful you could lose it. Furthermore, you can ensure utmost security for your personal files with the SanDisk SecureAccessTM software. This also helps guarantee protection when backing up files online. As a brand that has long been in the tech sphere, it is worth the buy.

Silicon Power 64GB USB 3.0 J06 Jewel Flash Drive


Sleek and powerful this 64GB pen drive from Silicon Power is attractive in a deep blue hue. It is incredibly portable since it is quite small. It can easily go with you anywhere so you can use it at home, at work, at school or in the car. It is also incredibly durable as it is resistant to dust, shock and water therefore protecting it from damage and ensuring long-term use. Furthermore, it includes a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty which gives you peace of mind in terms of usability. The included software helps you with file recovery as well. If you want a pen drive that looks uniform and serious to be used for official purposes this is it. Although it is slightly more expensive than other pen drives, it is worth the additional cost. Whether you want to store your favorite playlists, movies or television series, it does the job for you efficiently.


DigiOcean 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive


This 16GB pen drive is not only a great choice in terms of performance but comes in a range of delightful colors to choose from. In fact, this set is actually sold in a 5-pack which means that you can use a different color for different files if you wish! Be it music, documents, photos or movies the possibilities are endless. Cherish your most treasured memories and work for as long as possible by securely backing them up onto the DigiOcean pen drives. It is also compatible with both PCs and MACs. No driver installation is necessary all you need to do, is plug it in and you are good to go. With a reading speed of 10MB/sec and writing speed of 2.5MB/sec, it is quite fast. For those of you who find it difficult to keep track of the typically fiddly caps that come with pen drives, there is a solution with this. As it comes with a swivel cap design, you will never lose the cap ever again!

HP v165w 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive


HP is without a doubt one of the leading brands in the tech industry. Hence, you can totally depend on this 32GB HP pen drive. For its incredibly small size, it is a little hard to imagine how it can contain so much of storage space, but then again it is the 21st century. Its design has been structured to be as ergonomic as possible so you can easily use it. The key-fob included helps you affix it onto your bags, keys or wallets so you will always have it with you. It also reduces the likelihood of you losing it for the umpteenth time. Additionally and conveniently, it works with both PC and MAC laptops and desktops so whichever of these you have, you are sorted. If you ever run into any problems, do not worry for there is technical support provided as well. It is also available in other storage capacities if you wish.