You know stress when your power cuts off during a storm two hours before you need to submit a research paper. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent and deal with both stress and power outages!

A solution to this problem, and many others like it is an Uninterruptible Power Supply, or UPS for short. A UPS is a device that is utilized as a power “back-up” for your desktop computer in the event of a power outage. Aside from being a backup power source, a UPS can also prevent a power surge, or spike in your electrical current, which can ultimately cause damage to your home, appliances, and electronics. With an Uninterruptible Power Supply, you can protect your computer from damage and continue to work on your projects throughout any storm or power interruption. Of course, now you may be wondering what type of Uninterruptible Power Supply you should get. UPS units vary in size, from small to large, and can be used to power a single device or multiple devices.

1. CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent UPS

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Why we like it: A smart, energy efficient UPS with great features and a significant power supply.

We continue this list with the second most popular brand in the UPS industry. The CyberPower Intelligent UPS gets a spot on our list with its superior features and reliable power capacity. This UPS unit protects a plethora of devices and appliances including PCs, workstations, and home entertainment systems. This UPS unit also comes in various voltage options you can choose from, but in this guide we’ll focus on the 1500VA/900 Watts option. This reliable UPS unit provides a sufficient 900 watt power per device. It also prevents data loss and protects your electronic equipment from harmful, irreversible power problems.

This powerful UPS unit also comes with a line interactive feature which corrects brownouts and overvoltage without the need of battery power. Want a UPS unit that provides power and protects your devices efficiently? The CyberPower UPS unit uses “Green Power” which reduces energy consumption up to 75%. This unit comes in an updated, sleek case design and has new features such as: additional outlets, an easy to read LCD control panel, and an accident-proof On/Off power button. Be mindful that this product is a bit on the expensive side. Some customers have also noted their dislike for the product’s large size and its lack of landline surge protection. Nevertheless, this UPS unit is protected with a 3-year warranty and has an overall positive feedback!

2. APC BE600M1 Back-UPS

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Why we like it: A quality product with sufficient backup power and protection that is also affordable.

The APC brand makes a comeback on our list with this UPS unit. Comparable in quality to the previous APC product we reviewed, one significant feature that makes this product stand out is its 1.5A USB charging port. Conveniently located on top, the USB charging port provides power for your smartphone, even during power outages. The UPS unit also offers a total of 7 outlets (with 5 outlets meant to provide battery backup and surge protection and 2 outlets for power surge protection only). With this feature, you’ll have guaranteed power for your computers, external hard-drives and other electronics, such as your wireless router so you will be able to maintain a network connection.

Another feature that makes this product different from the previously reviewed APC product is its size. This UPS unit is much smaller and is quite lightweight, meaning you can even mount this UPS on your wall! Also, this product comes in other voltage options, but we decided to select the 600VA / 330W option for this review. The only noticeable issue we found is that this unit’s software isn’t exactly compatible with Mac devices. Nevertheless, connecting your valuable devices to this UPS unit will ensure protection against irreversible damage, which makes this product a great addition to our list.

3. CyberPower CP825AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS

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Why we like it: A quality UPS unit that uses green power technology and backs up your devices efficiently.

The CyberPower brand finds a way back onto our list again with this UPS unit. This intelligent UPS unit protects a variety of your investments including PCs, workstations, and home entertainment systems. With its use of green power technology, the UPS unit reduces energy consumption by up to 75 percent which makes it a great product that helps you save on your energy bill. In addition to that, this unit can prevent data loss and interruptions that may cause lost product configurations. This efficient UPS unit is also line interactive and can correct brownouts and overvoltage without using the battery.

The UPS unit features a total of 8 outputs with 4 of them being battery backup & surge protected outlets and the other 4 being surge protected outlets only. Want to know all the stats of your UPS unit? This unit features a brilliant, interactive LCD display that provides runtime in minutes, battery status, load level and other status information. This reliable unit safeguards all of your valuable documents, photos, videos, and music files from loss or damage due to power fluctuations and surges and stabilizes devices after uncontrollable equipment shutdown. While the product has excellent features, we do express concern with its low voltage rating of 825VA which can only deliver a maz 450 Watts of power. Nevertheless, this unit is backed by a 3-year warranty and is deserving of a place on our list!

4. Tripp Lite 1000VA Smart UPS

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Why we like it: A smart UPS unit backed with a multitude of features and an impressive voltage control option.

Looking for an efficient UPS unit that’s compatible with many of your devices? The Tripp Lite Smart UPS unit proves it’s the product you’ve been looking for with its power management features that utilizes the power of both Windows and Mac OS. The unit also comes equipped with an efficient USB port that enables data-saving, with its unattended shutdown feature, when used with Tripp Lite’s PowerAlert software. The UPS unit is available in a variety of voltage options, but for this review, we selected the 1000VA 500 Watt option. This smart UPS unit even features a lengthy 6 foot cord, allowing for optimal connection to your devices.

The UPS unit features Surge/Noise Protection that prevents irreversible damage to your devices. This feature also shields your equipment from destructive transient voltages and electromagnetic (EMI/RFI) line noise. The unit’s automatic voltage regulation (AVR) feature solves chronic voltage problems including frequent switches to battery, which drains reserved power and shortens battery life. The UPS unit comes with 8 outlets total with 4 outlets having both battery backup and surge/noise protection and the other 4 having only surge/noise protection. The only drawbacks we noticed about this product are that it is a bit expensive and its physical features (including the whirring fan noise and some difficulties in setup). Besides that, this quality product earns its spot on our list!

5. APC Battery Backup & Surge Protector (BE550G)

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Why we like it: A powerful UPS equipped with surge protection and enough power supply to backup multiple devices at a time.

Let’s start this list off right with a popular brand that’s leading in the UPS industry. The APC Battery Backup and Surge Protector does exactly what its name says and does it well. This UPS unit comes equipped with a total of 8 outlets: 4 surge/UPS outlets and 4 surge only outlets. You won’t have to worry about any damage occurring to your devices nor errors in your signal/network with this UPS unit as it also features Data line surge protection. With its data line surge protection, your internet connection will be stabilized meaning you can continue to use your phone or computer even during the power cut.

Not to mention, this UPS unit also comes with its own management options, including safe system shutdown and energy monitoring to enable cost savings and prevent potential data corruption. The UPS unit has an output power capacity of 330-watt/550-volt, a sufficient amount of power per each device. Additional features of this UPS unit include audible alarms, an energy-efficient design, and a four stage LED status display. Some users have noted that the set-up of this product provides some difficulty and the volume of the audible speakers is a bit jarring. Nevertheless, if you don’t absolutely love it, this product is protected by a 3-year warranty. With its great features and guaranteed customer satisfaction, this product deserves a spot on our list!

6. APC Back-UPS Connect UPS Battery Backup BGE70

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Why we like it: A battery backup unit that helps you stay connected to the internet and works efficiently for your most valuable devices.

The APC brand is back at it again with this UPS unit! This UPS unit works to ensure you stay connected to the Internet during any power outage situation. With its super efficient design, the UPS unit can maximize its battery backup runtime for low-power devices like network routers, Amazon Echo or VOIP systems. The UPS unit is also equipped with 3 hours of extended runtime which provides instant battery power to your most critical electronics when the power goes out. Although this UPS unit is available in several other styles, we selected the BGE70 style with a nominal output charge of 120V for this review.

This APC UPS unit features a total of three NEMA power outlets, all of which shield your devices against dangerous surges and spikes in voltage. The UPS unit also comes equipped with a 5-foot long cord and a user manual for efficient use. The product ensures that you can work productively through a power outage, avoid the loss of valuable data, and safely shut down equipment. It is important to note that this product is only compatible with 2-prong outlets and that some customers have an issue with how bright the product’s on-switch light is. You won’t have to worry when purchasing this product, however, as it is backed by a 3-year warranty, making it a risk-free purchase and a great buy!

7. Tripp Lite SMART1500LCDT

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Why we like it: This UPS unit is packed with a multitude of smart features and a long 6 foot cord!

Next on this list comes a brand name also renowned in the UPS industry. The Tripp Lite SMART UPS unit earns a spot on our list with its impressive attributes. The UPS unit features a multifunction LCD screen that displays power conditions and provides easy access to settings. The UPS unit is also equipped with 10 outlets (5 for battery backup and the other 5 for surge protection). Like the previous product we discussed on our list, this UPS unit also comes in a selection of other voltage options but for this guide, we selected the 1500VA/900W option (due to its sufficient power supply capabilities).

Want excellent surge and network protection? This UPS unit comes with TEL/DSL/Ethernet and coax line surge suppression and data line protection. Never worry about damage to your devices again because this UPS unit is also equipped with noise filtering to shield your equipment from harmful transient voltages on AC, phone, network and coaxial lines. With its USB interface, the UPS unit can connect to a computer for power management and automatically save files. Some customers have also taken issue with some of the unit’s physical features such as its tendency to overheat when powering multiple devices and the tendency for the cord to bend. Besides that, this nifty UPS unit is looked upon positively and is also protected by a 3-year warranty.

8. OPTI-UPS SS1200

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Why we like it: A reliable battery backup and surge protector in an affordable product!

The OPTI-UPS unit proves you can have both reliability and affordability in a product. This UPS unit provides surge, lightning and overload protection. The UPS unit also features 6 versatile outlets, all which can be used as a battery backup or a voltage regulation. Speaking of voltage, the UPS unit allows you to seamlessly adjust between low or high voltages. Just be mindful that the maximum voltage (and watt) capacity you can reach on this unit is 1200VA, 600 Watts. The UPS unit also features a sufficient surge protection energy rating of 525 Joules.

Though the OPTI UPS unit isn’t exactly a popular UPS brand like APC or CyberPower, this products proves its reliability for usage with home or office equipment such as your desktop computer. The UPS comes equipped with LED indicators which provide notification of the status of your UPS. The best features of this product include its voltage stabilizer (or automatic voltage regulator) which protects your equipment from damage and its ability to monitor incoming electricity and clean out damaged currents. Though some customers have expressed an issue with the product’s humming sound and its no return policy, we place this product on our list for its otherwise positive reviews, great features, and affordability.

9. Liebert GXT4-1000RT120

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Why we like it: This UPS unit provides a great deal of protection to your devices and does it efficiently.

Before we get into this product’s great features, let’s start off with the negatives. This product is quite expensive. With that said, this product has some killer features. The Liebert GXT4 UPS unit is a certified Energystar product that delivers up to 900 Watts of power to each device with zero transfer time from external to internal power and 7 minutes of battery backup time at full load. Though not ideal for home usage (as some customers have said it’s loud), this UPS unit is ideal for your business or IT infrastructure. The UPS unit is also available in other voltage options but for this guide, we chose the 1000VA / 900W option.

Need a UPS unit that can charge a plethora of devices (or a whole infrastructure) without tiring out? This UPS unit contains the highest capacity range and supports the highest level of protection available with capabilities that are designed to handle output overload conditions. This impressive unit also features on-line double conversion which ensures consistent power flow to your infrastructure and helps to extend the life of your assets. This UPS unit also prevents virtually all power disturbances caused by power outages, brownouts, sags, surges or noise interference. The UPS unit gets a well-deserved spot on our list.

10. Chafon CF-UPS008 UPS Portable Standby On-line Backup

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Why we like it: A durable, versatile battery backup unit that provides sufficient protection to your devices.

The Chafon brand proves that versatility matters with its product. This UPS unit contains a plethora of versatile outputs ranging from 500W to 1000W. The UPS unit also includes 4 USB charging ports up to 6.2A. It also features LED light for more function and power. You won’t have to worry about any drastic energy consumption with this product’s three-way input charging which includes: an AC input, a car/cigarette input charging cable, and a solar input charging port feature (not included). This efficient UPS unit comes equipped with lithium battery technology, an AC adapter, and a USB port (meaning you can charge all of your smart devices if need be!)

What’s great about the Chafon UPS unit is that it’s great for use anywhere, not just inside your home during a power outage. You can take this UPS unit with you on camping or hiking trips to provide a source of power to your devices on-the-go. This product’s battery management system (BMS) ensures that all of your devices have guaranteed protection. The units comes with voltage control, temperature control, and surge protection that will protect any and all of your investments such as desktop computers, wireless networks, gaming consoles, camping supplies, and even a scooter! It is important to note that this product is on the expensive side. Some customers have also noted that its instruction manual is a bit difficult to read. Fortunately, this product is protected under a 1 year warranty and makes a great addition to our list for its extreme versatility.