Best Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Have you ever been working on an important document on your desktop PC and all of a sudden the power goes out and you lose all your unsaved work? Well most of the desktop PC users would’ve experienced such a scenario at least once in their lives. An Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS as it is called for short, is a device that is used with desktop computers to act as a source of power when there is a power cut. Apart from just acting as a backup power source, these devices tend to have surge protection capabilities which can be quite useful when it comes to protecting all your expensive computer accessories. These are commonly used only for desktop computers as laptops already have their own batteries. Here is a list of some of the best UPS that we were able to find.

1. APC Battery Backup & Surge Protector (BE550G)


When it comes to UPS, the two most popular manufacturers are APC and CyberPower. APC takes the number one spot with this best-selling UPS model. The UPS costs just over $50 so it falls in the affordable range of UPS. You can choose between several different voltage options for the UPS, but we picked out the 550V model due to it having sufficient charge and also the fact that it is still quite cheap. The UPS comes with a surge protector which can provide protection for your devices that are connected to the UPS from power fluctuations. It automatically supplies backup power to your computer in the case of a power failure so you don’t get any interruptions. There are 8 outlets on the UPS, through which you can connect multiple devices. However, only four of them provide power backup and the other four are only for surge protection. It uses the PowerChute software to manage the power backup.

2. CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent UPS


CyberPower is the other popular UPS brand that is out there. The CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD Series UPS is still in the cheaper end of the UPS scale as it costs over $100. There are several different voltage options that you can choose from, but for this review we considered the 1500VA model. The UPS is able to deliver 900 Watts of power, which should be sufficient to protect your desktop PC and its peripherals. It can also prevent data loss due to it being able to immediately switch to itself to generate backup power. The UPS is quite energy efficient as it is able to reduce the energy consumption by up to 75%. There is an LCD display on the UPS which provides various statistical information. This display is quite easy to read. There are eight outlets in total, with four of them being surge protection only while the other four has surge protection and battery backup functionality. You will get a three-year warranty with the device.

3. Tripp Lite SMART1500LCDT


Tripp Lite is probably the next most popular brand when it comes to UPS. The Tripp Lite SMART1500LCDT costs almost $150, but is still worth the price as it comes with an LCD display and smart features as well. There are several different voltage options that you can choose from, but we have selected the 1500VA model with 900 Watts of power. The UPS has an AVR and an LCD screen which can give comprehensive information regarding the power that is being supplied to your devices. There is a long six feet cord that comes with the UPS so you can get quite a large reach on your devices. There are 10 outlets on the UPS of which only five provide battery backup capabilities. There is a USB port as well on the UPS so you can get surge protection for your USB devices as well. Tripp Lite gives a 3 year limited warranty with the product and a whopping $250k insurance for any equipment that is damaged when connected to the UPS.

4. Liebert GXT4-1000RT120


The Liebert GXT4-1000RT120 is the most expensive UPS to be featured on our list, and is probably not ideal for home usage. The UPS comes in a 1000VA size but there are other voltage options as well that you can choose from. The UPS has a 120V rack tower and there is also a kit on the UPS to mount a rack. The UPS is energy star qualified and can deliver power of up to 900W. There is no lag when it switches from the external to internal power so you can be well ensured that you will not lose your work due to a power cut. The speciality of the UPS is that it can offer significantly higher level of protection even compared to other UPS models in this range. There is also a button on the UPS which you can use to toggle to Eco-Mode, which can allow for much higher efficiency. The batteries of the UPS can be easily hot-swapped.

5. OPTI-UPS SS1200


OPTI-UPS is a less popular brand of UPS than CyberPower or APC, but we decided to feature it on our list due to its incredibly cheaper price. The UPS costs just over $30 which makes it the cheapest model to be featured on our list so far. There are 6 outlets on the UPS, all of which can provide voltage regulation as well as backup battery. The UPS is capable of automatically adjusting between low or high voltages based on the input power. It has a capacity of 1200VA and can provide 600 Watts of power. This is still quite high considering its ridiculously cheaper price than most of the other popular UPS brands with similar ratings. One handy feature about the UPS is that it has LED indicators which can provide notifications regarding the status of the UPS. This UPS can be used for both home or office equipment as a reliable backup power source to your desktop computer.

6. APC BE600M1 Back-UPS


APC provides probably some of the best value for money UPS out there. The APC BE600M1 Back-UPS is quite different to the previous model we listed in that it has a USB charging port as well. The UPS costs just under $60 when it is sold at its deal price which makes it quite affordable for home use as well as office use. There are seven outlets in total on the UPS. Of this five of them can provide battery backup as well as the surge protection, while the remainder provides only surge protection functionality. The fact that it has a 1.5A USB port as well makes it quite handy as you can charge your mobile phones even during power outages. This model of UPS is also quite small and much lighter than some of the other models by APS. There is also a feature which lets you mount the UPS on the wall for convenience.

7. CyberPower CP825AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS


This UPS by CyberPower is another one of the more affordable UPS out there which gives you great value for your money. This is the only UPS so far that has an LCD display but still costs below $100 in price. The drawback of this UPS is that it has a low voltage rating of 825VA. It can deliver up to 450 Watts of power which may provide sufficient power for you to save all your work and shut down your PC without losing data on what you are working on. The UPS uses GreenPower technology which can reduce the energy consumption by up to seventy-five percent. This makes it one of the best products to use if you are looking at long term savings on your energy bill. There are eight outlets on the UPS of which four of them provide surge protection only, while the other four provides both surge protection and battery backup. You will also get a 3-year warranty with the product.

8. Tripp Lite 1000VA Smart UPS


The Tripp Lite 1000VA Smart UPS is another one of the best-selling UPS models by Tripp Lite. There are several different voltage options that you can choose from for the UPS but for this review we chose the 1000VA model due to its good value for money. There are 8 outlets on the UPS of which half of them provide surge protection only and the other half provides both surge protection and also battery backup. The UPS is able to perform automatic voltage regulation without having to consume its battery power. So you can expect it to perform quite energy efficiently. You will be able to get up to 10 mins of half-load time with the UPS, which should give you sufficient time to save all your work and shut down your PC. The UPS is priced just over $100 which was the only drawback that we found, but it still does provide quality functionality. There is also an easy to read LCD panel on the UPS.

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