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Umbrellas are one of those things we think have become all they could possibly become. But the tech community is adamant that they can be a little more livened up and relevant. The high-end umbrellas are really so much better at doing what conventional umbrellas do and more.

No, we are not talking about some James Bond style gadget that shoots poison darts or missiles out of its shaft. We are talking advancements that are altogether more civilized, more functional, and safer. What you typically need an umbrella for is shielding you from weather you would rather do without. It could be rain spoiling your new suit before a function. It could be the wind messing up that expensive look you got at the salon, or it could be the sun catching you on a day you forgot to apply sunscreen. Whatever it is, a good quality umbrella can really alleviate your weather woes.

To prove our point, we have assembled a list of some of the best umbrellas that are commercially available right now. They combine features like durability, practicality, and resistance to the elements to create the ideal travel companion for you wherever you go.

Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella

Why we like it: A lovable blend of retro and modern technology and to top it all off, a lifetime guarantee.

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There is not much Mother Nature can do to upset this device. You can rely on it through rain, snow or even sleet and it just will not die. So naturally, we were curious to see what it was made of. The shaft and frame are made of metal, but there are modern touches like the ribs, for instance. There are nine of them and they are made from fiberglass reinforced by resin. Under intense gusts of wind, the ribs will flex slightly without allowing the canopy to be inverted.

The canopy has a Teflon coating so any moisture does not last for very long. The open/close function is automatic so it can be controlled using just one hand. The whole umbrella weighs 15 ounces so it fits almost unnoticeably in your hand or luggage. The handle is slip proof and made of rubber and comes equipped with a strap that goes around your wrist for convenience. What’s more, you get a sweet lifetime replacement guarantee from the manufacturer.


Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella

Why we like it: It truly is you best friend in the rain, providing excellent resistance to the weather and comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

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Your perfect Rain-Mate is equipped with a load of features and functions that make it so good at maintaining a dry spot in a wet storm as well as a vacuum in a wind tunnel. Its metal frame and shaft hold the canopy firmly against whatever direction the wind blows at it. The effects of the wind are further cushioned by nine fiberglass reinforced ribs that are also part of this umbrella’s fail-safe technology. Basically, under forces that are really too much, they cause the canopy to invert without bending out of shape or snapping.

Since the shaft has a telescopic design with three folds, it can be compressed into a very small 12 inches so it fits nicely into tight spaces. But when deployed, it balloons the canopy to an immense 42 inches that can accommodate at least a couple. An automatic system for opening and closing is another highly appreciated feature on this umbrella. With regards to customer service, you get a lifetime replacement guarantee, although, given the pedigree of this product, the chances of needing one is really slim.

Benkii Travel Umbrella

Why we like it: This umbrella helps you walk through all forms of weather like a boss.

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Ever caught yourself wondering about exactly how resistant your umbrella is to the elements? For instance, even with a so-called windproof umbrella, you usually do not have to deal with gusts that are capable of ripping billboards and slamming them in your face. But if you do, this is going to be your best defense. It will fight off winds blowing at up to 60 mph. That is some serious resistance and most reassuring should you find yourself in that kind of emergency.

The Benkii travel umbrella has strength and durability written all over it. Wind forces being one of the main obstacles of maintaining rigidity, the Benkii has a reinforced frame design that does not allow it to flip inside out no matter how hard the weather sneezes at it. Meanwhile, water and UV rays are taken care of as well. The canopy expands to a diameter of 45 inches so there is plenty of room for at least two people. It is an all-day relevant tool that allows you to make forward progress even in the harshest conditions.

Sun Tek 68″ UV Protection Wind Cheater

Why we like it: It lives up to its name with a cunning mechanism for defeating the elements.

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Most of the time, you realize you need an umbrella not for the rain but for the sun, unless of course, you live in Britain, then it’s definitely rain. The Sun Tek Windcheater does exactly what its name suggests. It shields you from that awful UV rays and does not let up against strong gusts of wind. Being such a complete shield against the sun, you can count on it to do the same in the rain as well, no problems at all.

It is designed to be very durable and the construction makes that very clear. The shaft is made of fiberglass. So are the ribs. This significantly lessens the element of risk in a lightning storm. And for good measure, the handles are made of rubber and equally compatible with both hands. This umbrella gets its superb wind resisting qualities thanks to a system called Vortec Venting that essentially keeps it from flipping the wrong way and exposing you to some windy misery.

Monstleo Inverted Umbrella

Why we like it: Carries the practicality and convenience of the inverted design but still a natural at keeping Mother Nature from spoiling your day.

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The inverted design for umbrellas is all the rage these days as it makes them so much more convenient to use. You do not have to worry about dripping water on your valuable carpets or turning the floor into a precarious slip ‘n slide. The Montsleo inverted umbrella offers you the benefit of a great design plus some other materials that up its performance over a traditional umbrella. It also features the C-shape handle so it can easily hang over your arm and free up the other five fingers.

But how does it compete with the elements of fire, water, and air? The fabric used on this umbrella is Pongee which is as water repellent as you would like. Durability and strength is provided by the black electric ribs which do not let up under pressure from the wind. When deployed, the canopy can cover a diameter of 41.7 inches, plenty of space to keep two people in the dry. We reckon you will be grateful to get caught in the rain with your loved one if you have one of these.


Ouwei Compact Umbrella

Why we like it: It bears its teeth clearly at the weather but is a real soft ball to carry around when you are not using it.

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The Ouwei does not beat around the bush when it comes to maintaining rigidity. The stretcher and shaft are both comprised of reinforced stainless steel that is tightly connected to the canopy and prevents it from inverting from gale force winds. Opening and closing functions are made easy with an automatic system. The fabric used on the canopy is extremely water repellent and quick drying pongee. That is a huge practical asset compared to stock umbrellas which take forever to dry up.

In addition to its formidable resistance against bad weather conditions, the Ouwei is also a practical little thing. It folds tightly enough to occupy a tiny slot in your luggage, be it a ruck sack, briefcase, hand bag, purse, school bag etc. What’s more, it also comes equipped with some great customer service. Although we severely doubt anything can bend it out of shape, you are entitled to a full refund for the first three months. In addition, you also get a lifetime warranty.


Doryum Automatic Travel Umbrella

Why we like it: Totally safe and perfect for combat against rain, wind or shine.

Editor’s rating:

With this umbrella, it is clear that safety has been an obsession for whoever designed it. Pushing the umbrella to any level on the shaft will not cause it to collapse back in at all. Amazingly it will remain locked at any position you set it at. That is a first even for automatic umbrellas. In fact, the whole umbrella can be controlled with just one hand. So the traditional features of umbrellas that can cause injury are all done away with here.

Often times, making a product safer also means making it more durable. To that end, the materials used on the Doryum contribute handsomely. The fabric used for the canopy is made of 210T polyester which is extremely long lasting. The shaft is made of alloy and there are 8 ribs made of reinforced fiberglass which can cushion the strain caused by a heavy wind just enough to avoid inverting. And yet, the weight has been kept down to a feather at 0.7 pounds.

Tadge Goods Windproof Travel Umbrella

Why we like it: Lightweight, easy to use and formidable at keeping you dry in a wet situation.

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The Tadge Goods Travel Umbrella makes every effort to keep you out of being drenched and disheveled as much as possible. When you are trying to make an important meeting or function, the last thing you need is a sudden down pour than would destroy a flimsy stock umbrella. With this though, you no longer need to fear the weather. It cannot bully you into a corner and keep you there bored and miserable. The Tadge travel umbrella has you covered.

It is a properly durable product that holds its own in many harsh weather conditions. It can see off even the worst torrents thanks to its Teflon coating. It also has flexible ribs that absorb any punches thrown at it by the wind without even breaking a sweat. And when you do not need to use it, it folds into a lightweight and compact device with its very own storage bag and can be slotted into a small space ready to deploy when duty calls.

ZOMAKE Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

Why we like it: With a design that delivers on both fashion and function, this umbrella is for the win.

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Enjoy the benefits of full resistance to the rain, sun and the wind with this double inverted umbrella. Straight away, one of the most striking features about it is its C-shape handle. The design is more than a fashion statement. It enables you to wear it on your arm like a bracelet so your hands are free to do other things. Being a double inverted umbrella contributes a lot to its practicality and convenience. Even after being used in the rain, it does not drip any water on the floor or carpets.

Waterproofing on this umbrella comes courtesy of pongee fabric. Enhanced wind resistance is achieved with double layer and black electric ribs which contribute immensely to overall durability and steadiness. Its opening and closing mechanism is a conventional non-automatic system which has a charm of its own we think. It is still fancy and practical enough to make a great gift for someone close to you. It is an impeccable blend of convenience, usability and durability that makes this one so appealing.

Scharkspark Windproof Umbrella

Why we like it: Tough and understated, you get both the looks and functionality for your money.

Editor’s rating:

This rain and wind beating bad boy has been beefed with up to 24 ribs making it incredibly strong even in the harshest storms you dare walk in. It has a broad surface area as well, easily able to cover a couple under its 52-inch wide canopy. Opening and folding it is a joy to do as well as behold. It is just so gracefully done thanks to a semi-automatic mechanism. And speaking of build quality, it has a comfortable grip fashioned out of leather.

Feel free to enjoy this thing, rain or shine. It can shelter you from a pelting thunderstorm, resist a sudden gust on windy days and save you the trouble of a sun burn on really bright days. And its simple styling helps it blend into so many different places. It does not matter if you are taking a stroll down the neighborhood, attending a seaside wedding, or sitting in a large stadium full of noisy spectators. There’s one umbrella to suit them all!

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