Umbrellas are one of those everyday objects that we think have become all they could possibly become. However, the tech community is adamant that they can be a little more livened up and relevant. The best umbrella models are really so much better at doing what conventional umbrellas do, and they can do more.

No, we are not talking about some James Bond style gadget that shoots poison darts or missiles out of its shaft. We are talking about advancements that are altogether more civilized, functional, and safe. What you typically need an umbrella for is shielding you from the weather you would rather do without. It could be rain spoiling your new suit before a function. It could be the wind messing up that expensive look you got at the salon, or it could be the sun catching you on a day you forgot to apply sunscreen. Whatever it is, a good quality umbrella can quickly alleviate your weather woes.

What to Look for in the Best Umbrella

The last thing you need is for the weather to turn sour when you aren’t prepared for it. It is important to have an umbrella with you when the weather is unpredictable, but you should make sure it is the right kind for you.  There are a handful of aspects that you should consider before purchasing an umbrella.

Color: If you want to withstand the weather in style, you will want to make sure the color is right. Some prefer a vibrant color that stands out from the see of black and blue umbrellas. Other like the traditional colors because they look good with any style. However, the color should only matter when you have found a model that can withstand the elements.

Materials: When most people think of umbrellas, they only think of rainy days. It is crucial to choose an umbrella that consists of sturdy, water-repellant materials so you are not constantly dripping everywhere. The shaft and handle should also be able to resist the force of the weather.

Size: Some people prefer smaller umbrellas that they can fit in their bag and only cover themselves in inconvenient weather. Others like large ones that can fit two or more people and keep them protected. Make sure you choose a model that fits your needs.

Type: There are several kinds of umbrellas to choose from, including the bubble umbrella, sun umbrella, full-size umbrella, and compact umbrella. The bubble umbrella is great for rainy days, and it typically has a clear canopy for you to see through. The sun umbrella does better at keeping the sun’s rays at bay. Thankfully, many umbrellas have multiple uses and can shield you from all sorts of weather.