While modern modes of transportation may have made it easier and faster for you to get around, it is not necessarily more comfortable. You often have to deal with cramped spaces, rigid, upright seats and other uncomfortable conditions. The gist of this is that it can be very difficult to get any rest or sleep while you are in a bus, train, or plane.

Fortunately, though traveling pillows have hit the market and can make your journey a lot comfier. As the name suggests, these are various cushions that perform the same function of the pillow you have at home. Essentially, as long as you have the right one, you should be able to get a couple of hours of shuteye at least.

Of course, the keyword here is the right pillow. Only cushions that have been specifically designed for travel purposes will actually be beneficial to you. So, to make sure you only get the ones that provide you with the utmost comfort and support, check out our list below: