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Most toddlers and young children own an incredible amount of toys and stuffed animals. All of these items typically mean one thing – a big mess. To avoid stepping on toys every time you enter the room, you are going to need appropriate storage facilities. Now, toy boxes are quite different from what you might use around the rest of the house. After all, these need to cater to small children who are going to need to be able to take out and deposit their toys with each. If you are tired of your children’s messy rooms, these following toy boxes are going to soon put an end to your worries. These are some of the best quality toy boxes available:

Little Tikes Primary Colors Toy Chest


Little Tikes is a trusted brand for producing quality children’s items. This toy chest is certainly no exception to it. For starters, it is quite large and is able to adequately hold a great number of toys. There are also two small trays that can be pushed beneath the larger chest. This is ideal for smaller toys that you do not want to get lost in the bigger box. The construction of this chest is quite safe as it is made of a lightweight material. As such, it is very difficult for children to get hurt around it. As an added safety measure, you can simply remove the cover so that it will not be falling on little fingers any time soon. This chest is particularly suited to younger children as it is easy for them to put in and take out their toys. The bright colors make it a pleasant addition to any child’s room.

Sauder Pogo Bookcase/Footboard


Why have a separate bookcase and toy boxed when you can have both of them in one? This is precisely what this Sauder toy storage does. At the very bottom, there are two curved storage areas. These have ample space where toys of all shapes and sizes can be placed. The division allows for a neater placement of the toys. Above that, you have an area that can act as a bookcase, where even large books can be placed. This can easily be converted into an area to put stuffed animals if you want to. Topping these features off is a flat surface where you can place other little trinkets. This really is a handy little toy storage indeed. In addition to being incredibly useful, this is also a beautiful toy storage. It has a lovely design and has been painted a soft white. It works well both as a functional and aesthetic piece.

Levels of Discovery Bench Seat with Storage


If you are looking for a toy box with a little something extra, then this Levels of Discovery box will certainly interest you. For starters, it looks absolutely nothing like a toy box. Instead, it looks like a fairy bench for your little girl. It is actually able to take about a hundred pounds of weight and it is quite sturdy. One of the best features of the box is a little lid that you can lift up to find the toy box beneath. The storage area works well for small toys, stuffed animals, and puzzles. The toy box lid also comes equipped with safety features. The lid has been fitted with a slow closing hinge that will prevent it from falling on small fingers with great force. It makes a great addition to any little girl’s room, especially one that loves fairies. It also saves you some space as it has two different functions!

Badger Basket Three Bin Storage


For those who are looking to make cleanup easier for their little ones, this Badger Basket cubby will come in quite handy. This is due to the three separate storage areas. You can choose to place different types of toys in each section. At the same time, it also means that there will be less of a mess made when your child is taking out their toys as well. The sections are designed so that there is no lid required. Therefore, you will not have to worry about any injuries taking place. The item has been made from wood composites and is quite sturdy. It also does not take up too much of space in the room. This toy box has also been designed to be stacked. This means that you are able to store other cubbies on top of each other easily. It is available in a vibrant blue shade.


OrganizerLogic Canvas Storage Bin Toy Storage


Your little one may not be able to appreciate it but this OrganizerLogic canvas bin is incredibly chic, especially with the word ‘Toy’ printed on it. It is also made from natural canvas and there are no toxic substances such as bleach used anywhere in the bin. This bin may be simple in design but it works well. It is quite durable and sturdy, as it has a wire frame for additional support. The bin is capable of holding a large number of toys. You can choose to either set it down on the floor on its own or use it as an organizer on shelves. The bin comes with two handles, making it easy to move around the room. It can also be collapsed and folded when it is empty. As it is meant to be around children, the bin is also has a waterproof lining in case there are any spills nearby.

Tot Tutor’s Toy Storage Organizer


One of the great things about this Tot Tutor’s Toy storage organizer is that is great for kids of all ages. Regardless of how young or old your child may be, this organizer will certainly come in handy. There are twelve boxes that can be easily detached from the rack. In addition to its admirable storage ability, this toy organizer is a great way to avoid future messes. This is due to the twelve different boxes all varying in size and color. This allows children to separate their toys in a neater and more organized way. This way, they can simply remove the box that they want instead of having to rummage through everything. The boxes are also sloping downwards making it easy for kids of all heights to reach their toys. As this organizer is taller than it is wide, it is also a great way to save some space.

KidKraft Austin Toy Box Cherry


This KidKraft toy box has everything that you are looking for in a toy box. As it is made from medium density fiberboard, it is quite tough and can be used for a long period of time. The box itself is also quite large, which makes it ideal for storing a greater number of toys. As there is a lid, all of the toys can neatly be hidden out of sight. However, the lid does come with a safety hinge. This means that your child’s fingers will be safe should the lid accidentally fall down. The toy box also looks quite sophisticated as well. You can get it in a variety of colors including espresso, red, white, blue, gray, natural, and others. Once the lid is closed, this toy box can also act as a seat for little ones. You can use it by itself or place a cushion on the top.


Delta Children Deluxe Book & Toy Organizer


The best way to get your kids to put away their toys is to make the toy box as fun as possible and this organizer certainly does that. Depending on your child’s favorite movie, you can get either a Princess one, Dora organizer, Mickey or Minnie, or Cars. They each come with their own unique design. Not only is this organizer fun to look at, it also offers numerous storage options. There are five different baskets for the toys to be placed. There are three smaller ones and two larger ones, allowing you to easily sort the toys. Additionally, there is also a long bookshelf that you can use. Above that, there is more space to place several other items. All in all, there is much that you can use this organizer for. It is also at an ideal height making it easily accessible to children of all ages and sizes.

Step2 2-in-1 Toy Box and Art Lid


If you do not want to use up too much of space in your child’s room, then the Step 2 toy box is a great solution. This is because in addition to being a toy box, this chest also doubles as an art table! The toy box itself is light, with plenty of space for toys and stuffed animals. The lightweight materials make it a lot safer for young children to use without the fear of getting injured. Once the lid of the toy box is closed, it instantly transforms into an art desk where papers can be easily clipped onto the lid. There are also two smaller containers on top that can be used to store various art materials. It has been designed so that even the smallest child can use the box as well as the table with ease. This chest is available in two different, bright colors.


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