Best Toddler Training Pants

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It is no secret really that kids can be quite a handful! Their early years are some of the most significant of their lives. In fact, research states that the first six years of a child’s life are what shapes them as adults. Needless to say, this leaves the adults with quite a bit of responsibility. Aside from weaning babies off breast milk to move onto solid foods and teaching them to walk, potty training is also an important part of their learning. Diapers save your life most of the time, but as they grow into toddlers it is time to put them aside, and take on training pants. Yes, there are toddler training pants that are specially designed to help your little one get used to using the toilet normally. It is still very much messy business, but you have a helping hand. Here are some options for you.

Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swim Diapers


In the baby world, Huggies is a long standing champion. A name that has been around for years, it is a trust and reliable brand. They have a wide range of products for both babies and toddlers, including these training pants. They have suited both boys and girls since they come in both pink and blue, although these are small in size. Plus, they will keep your little one wide-eyed thanks to their Disney and Pixar designs. The stretchy sides are great for comfort, and they come with tear-away sides so it is easy to remove. Most importantly, it comes with a highly absorbent material that unlike diapers, does not swell when exposed to water. Even more conveniently, it has leak-guards that alert you to any accidents. Prices vary depending on what pack you opt for, but whichever you choose, it is still a great option. A comfort for both parents and baby!

GoodNites Bedtime Pants for Girls


This one’s for girls, as you can tell by the pretty princess packaging. These training pants are S/M in size and fit girls who are anywhere between 38-65 lb. So basically if they were clothes that are 4-8 in size, these will be suitable. This product has been specially designed for overnight use and comes with five layers for added protection. Not only that, they are also easily disposable. Plus, they are also odor absorbing so there is no interruption to sleep since it keeps clothes and bedding from being affected. These pants come with super-stretchy sides so it is comfortable and easy to wear. This also ensures a close fit for normal movement. There is a mix of Cinderella, owl and butterfly designs so your little girl can choose her favorite. Help them through a normal phase in their lives with the help of GoodNites training pants. This package comes with 44 of them and is quite worth the cost.

Earth’s Tots, Chlorine-Free Potty Training Pants


These are yet again a brand of training pants that are great for the environment. So if you are trying to live a more eco-friendly life, this will be a great option. This Earth’s Best pack consists of 26 training pants so it might not last you awfully long, but is great for holidays. Most suited for toddlers that are 32-40 pounds, these are not only chlorine free but also contain no latex, no artificial dyes or scents which make them incredibly pure and safe for use. Most intriguingly, they incorporate corn and wheat as their material which makes them incredibly absorbent. Since these are easily renewable materials, they reduce the necessity for petrochemicals. All around, it helps the environment. Additionally, it comes with a wetness indicator which not only helps you know when to change but helps your toddler identify it for himself/herself. For 26 pants it is a bit pricey, but given the numerous benefits is worth a thought.


Pampers Bedtime Underwear for Boys


Yet another well-known name in the industry, Pampers presents Underjams their S/M training pants designed for boys. It is suitable for bedtime wear, providing complete coverage thanks to its leak protection. Furthermore, it also comes with what they call ‘NightLock technology’ which is for keeping wetness at bay. This ensures that your little one has a sound sleep throughout the night, all the way till morning. Proper sleep is vital for growing children so this is definitely a major plus point. Additionally, its cloth-like material is not only comfortable but has no sound so even if they toss and turn all night, there will be no disturbances. Since it has a low waist, it is also discreet. In fact, it has been specially designed to resemble underwear allowing plenty of airflow and ventilation which is important for the skin. This helps to prevent rashes and other problems. This pack includes 50 training pants in it and is a little more expensive than others.

Gerber Baby and Toddler Boys’ Training Pants


These training pants are suited for boys. It comes in a pack of four, which is useful if you want something on-the-go. You can also choose from two different prints a light blue and a dark blue, depend on your preferences. Made out of 100% cotton, the material is incredibly comfortable for your toddler’s soft skin so they will not be irritable. Plus, they are completely safe for machine wash saving you a lot of trouble. The absorbent lining is highly effective, and what makes the pants work. It also comes with an elastic waistband which makes it easy not only to pull on but also take off. What is more, it is completely worth the buy seeing as how these pants are washable and therefore reusable. So instead of having to throw them out like other training pants, you can save money. They are not all that cheap seeing as how you get four pants, but since you can re-use them, it evens out.


Nature Babycare Eco Pull on Pants


These training pants are good for you, your toddler and the environment. This last one is a very important factor, especially in this age. Not only are they stretchy and comfortable to wear, their easy-tear sides make putting them on and taking them off a breeze. These are also super safe for your baby’s skin since there are no oil-based plastics. Seeing as how your toddler is beginning to explore and run around you will find that the soft material much like cloth, is great for this. It promotes flexibility and allows your child to move without restriction. Made out of natural, plant-based material, it is breathable and chlorine free. You really have peace of mind with this one. These are Size 5, and fit kids between 26-40lbs. This particular pack happens to include 80 and is somewhat more expensive than others in the market for the same count. However, its benefits far surpass them so it is still worth it.

Pull-Ups Learning Designs Training Pants


Time to get your toddler potty-trained? As any parent will tell you, it is quite the feat. Not impossible, but definitely challenging. Which are products such as training pants are a lifesaver, Why not look at these Pull-Ups training pants for boys? Not only does it offer complete nighttime protection, it is also great for daytime use. So if you are traveling long distances or out all day, these are perfect for an unhindered trip. They also come with sides that are easy to open so in case you do need to change it, there is no problem. What is more, they are more advanced than other training pants for a very good reason. The graphics on the pants are designed to fade when wet, so your little one can learn to tell the difference. Plus, they are a great fit for extreme comfort and include soft sides that are stretchy. Since they are much like regular underwear, he can learn to take it off and put them on himself.


Seventh Generation Baby & Toddler Training Pants


For anyone who knows Seventh Generation, you know that as far as safety goes this is one of the best options for your toddler. All their products just like these training pants are free of chemicals such as chlorine and petroleum. Additionally, they also do not contain any sort of fragrances or latex so your child will have a pleasant experience. Since their skin is incredibly soft and sensitive, they are prone to rashes and allergies which can lead to irritability and extreme discomfort. They are also hypoallergenic so if your toddler has any allergies, you need not worry. Seventh Generation baby items are so gentle that you can use them with peace of mind. These even come with inner leak barriers offering the best possible protection which is great especially when traveling. They are medium-sized, so bear that mind before purchasing. Quite worth the cost seeing as how it has 100 units as well.