Best Thin Minimalistic Wallets

The trend of this decade when it comes to personal belongings is slim and sleek. There is a reason that this is a continuing fad. Items that are smaller, less obtrusive and lighter are much easier to carry around and perform the same function with less bulk. This is why minimalist wallets are the reigning style of the moment. They look better and more convenient than their heftier old-fashioned counterparts. Of course, not every minimalist wallet is made the same way. If you want the best thin minimalistic wallets for 2017, you are going to want to read down this list.

1. Mutbak Slim Wallet


If you are looking for the best thin minimalistic wallets then look no further than this Mutbak model which has received high praise. There are several reasons why this wallet rises to the top above all else. First, there is a great quality. This wallet is made top grain vegetable tanned leather. Combined with nylon stitching, this is a holder that promises to last you a long time. It is also incredibly light and thin, with a width of just 0.375 inches. Despite this, you can actually fit quite a lot into the wallet. This includes around up to eight credit cards on the inside. The magnetic money clip can take up to 10 money bills as well. This wallet is rounded off with a RFID blocking clip that helps to keep all of your credit card and debit card information secure. You are provided with an unconditional one year warranty on this wallet.

2. BASICS Slim Wallet


The reason that this BASICS Slim Wallet is featured so high up on the best thin minimalistic wallet list is because how efficient it is. It is small and compact yet manages to do a great deal with this minimal space. For instance, this wallet is actually able to contain up to fifteen different cards. If you are wondering how you are going to be able to sort through such a large amount, this has been handled. Thanks to one of the features, pulling on the tab will bring your four most used cards out. The rest of the cards can be fanned out when you need them. There is also a pocket included within the wallet in which you can store paper money or coins. The materials and the construction of the wallet are also excellent. It features medical grade elastic and genuine leather. It is held together with tough double stitching.

3. Serman Brands Wallet


Serman Brands has pretty much thought of everything when designing this minimalistic wallet. The key features, as you can imagine, is that it is incredibly thin with a thickness of 0.4 inches. This does not prevent it from being incredibly useful. It is easy to access pocket where you can store the card that you use the most. There is also a slot for your photo ID. Inside of the wallet, there are two additional slots where you can store the rest of your cards. A red tab allows you to easily pull them out when you need to use them. There is also a clip where you can place bills. It is also incredibly stylish, made from full grain leather. One of the standout features of this minimalistic wallet is that it contains a RFID blocking chip. It can be used to block RFID signals of 13.56 MHz or higher.

4. MEKU Slim Wallet


If you are looking for an item that is ultra, ultra, thin then this MEKU option will be the best thin minimalistic wallet for you. This is because it is just 0.08 inches in thickness! At the same time, there is more than enough room to store whatever that you will need on a daily basis. There is an ID card window where you can display most forms of identification. On the other side, there are three separate slots where you can place your credit or debit cards. There is also a middle compartment that can comfortably fit paper money or similar sized items. The wallet is made from premium, genuine leather assuring you that it is of high quality and quite durable as well. This wallet comes in plenty of colors, which makes it perfect for business, personal, or any other type of use. You can even carry it discreetly in your front pocket.

5. Hammer Anvil Slim Wallet


If you are looking for an affordable yet effective and stylish holder, the Hammer Anvil will be the best thin minimalistic wallet choice. While it is reasonably priced, the company certainly has not skimped on anything when creating this wallet. It is made from genuine leather that is equal parts stylish and tough, making it the perfect candidate for daily use. You can store cards that you need to reach quickly in the front slots. There is also a separate compartment where you can put your money and other notes and know that it is safe and secure. In terms of security, the Hammer Anvil wallet also delivers with RFID blocking technology to protect your sensitive financial information. This wallet is capable of holding up to six cards. You can choose to wear it in almost any pocket at all. Due to the thinness of it, you will not be able to see the outline of the wallet.

6. Vaultskin Chelsea Slim Wallet


This Vaultskin wallet ticks all the right boxes when it comes to style. Made from Italian leather, this minimalistic wallet exudes a fashion sense while maintaining its durability. The company is so confident about their quality that they actually have a six-month warranty. The exterior portion of the wallet can be used to store one or two cards. Money and other cards can be placed inside the wallet. This design comes equipped with a smart strap. By pulling it out you have easy access to your cards and money. However, it quickly goes back in by itself to make sure that your belongings are protected. An additional security measure with this wallet is the RFID blocking technology. In particular, it can be used to block 13.56 MHz RFID / NFC standard signals. While designed for credit cards and money, you can also use it to carry forms of identification and business cards.

7. SimpacX Slim Wallet


The SimpacX wallet can be considered one of the best thin minimalistic wallets due to its bifold nature. This means that you can store more items and be reassured that they are secure. Despite this design, it still manages to be one of the thinner wallets. The front of the wallet has a quick access design for your most used card. Inside, there is a window for your driver’s license or another form of identification. You can also store more cards here as well as currency notes. Altogether, it can contain about ten cards. In order to minimize the bulk, there is a pull-up tab that lets you access your cards and cash with ease. This wallet also has RFID blocking technology that can block signals about 13.56 MHz. The SimpacX is made from high-quality leather that allows it to maintain that sophisticated appearance as well as its toughness.

8. Dapper Hide Slim Wallet


This wallet has been created with size and efficiency in mind. A width of just 0.2 inches means that the Dapper Hide wallet is really thin. This makes it ideal to be stored anywhere on your person and not draw attention to a protruding or bulky region. This wallet has been designed to ensure that it will fit in well with your daily routine. There is an outside section for you a card that you tend to favor. There are also compartments to store money or other cards that you may need. You can fit up to about eight bills or three cards, depending on your preferred arrangement. Made from genuine leather and canvas, this minimalistic wallet is the ultimate style statement. You can choose from either the brown or the black option to complete your look. The stitching on the wallet has been carefully done, ensuring that this wallet is going to last you a while.

9. Urban Tribe Slim Wallet


If you want a unique looking wallet, then this is certainly the one for you. It has got an interesting design that really makes it stand out from other wallets. This is not just for style purposes, however. Unlike many other minimalistic wallets, this one has been made from both types of leather as well as carbon fiber. This provides it with that extra toughness and durability. Another exemplary feature is that there is plenty of space for currency bills if you prefer to use the paper money over cards. At the same time, there is also room for about five cards, which is more than enough for most daily use. The money clip is embedded with a RFID blocking chip. This means that your credit card or debit information cannot be stolen via a RFID reader. It is an efficient yet distinctive and attractive alternative to traditional wallets. Not to mention, it is quite slim as well.

10. Alpine Swiss Slim Wallet


This Alpine Swiss minimalistic wallet is certainly what you need if you want a wallet that is slim yet incredibly stylish. This model offers up several different colors for you to choose from. This not only makes it perfect for both men and women, it is also great for a variety of occasions. Despite the variances in color, all of the wallets are made from high quality, genuine leather. They are also just three-eighths of an inch wide, making it in an intensely thin wallet. The wallet is perfect for a night out as it has a window for some photo ID. There is also enough of space for three credit or debit cards as well as a money clip for bills. This allows you to carry everything that you need without creating any unnecessary bulk. It is thin enough to be carried in your front pocket without anyone even noticing that it is there.

11. Chalier Slim Wallet


If you are concerned about whether or not the information on your credit cards or debit cards is secure, then this Chalier wallet is optimal. This is because it contains a RFID blocking component that has been thoroughly tested by a lab to determine its proficiency. It can block frequencies for 13.56 MHz. While it is a little thicker than most other minimalistic wallets, it does contain plenty of slots and room for everything you may need. There is a window pocket that you can use to store your ID. There are also several compartments for all of your cards and even some of your paper money. It is also quite compact, meaning that it will easily fit in most pockets. The wallet is made from high-quality PU leather. It comes in three different colors, to allow you a greater option when it comes to style. It is also quite affordable.

12. HUSKK Minimalist Wallet


The HUSKK wallet has the benefit of not only being incredibly thin but also appearing to be quite secure. All of the items fit snugly inside this minimalistic wallet, ensuring that you will not lose or misplace anything. There are two slots on the inside that provide you with quick access to cash or cards. These can hold between one to two cards. Inside, you can store between six to eight cards, depending on how much of cash you keep there as well. While the interior is safely enclosed, there is a self-retracting tab to help with that. With just a gentle tug, you will be able to retrieve your cash or cards without a problem. The wallet is composed of beautiful, full-grain leather. You can get in shades of brown or black. In addition to the leather, there is a fabric in the wallet that works to block RFID signals.

13. Bellroy Hide and Seek Wallet


If you want a minimalistic wallet but still prefer the aesthetic of traditional wallets, then this will be one that you will be pleased with. It looks a lot like a regular wallet, just a lot thinner. This also means that you can fit a greater number of cards and bills in the wallet. You can place between five and twelve cards in it, as well as cash. There is even room for some coins too. Many of the designs for this wallet are also fitted with RFID blocking features. This allows you to prevent anyone from stealing your credit card or debit card information. The Bellroy brand also has beautiful options to choose from as well, though not all are equipped with the RFID blocking technology. It is made from high-grade leather allowing it to exhibit quite a bit of durability. The company guarantees a three-year warranty with this wallet.

14. Kinzd Slim Wallet


This Kinzd minimalistic wallet hits all of the right notes in both sizes as well as function. It is incredibly thin but has strategic slots to make the most of the minimal surface area. As a result, you can actually store quite a lot of items in there. In addition to several cards, you can also put folded bills in the wallet. The bill slot, in particular, has been designed so that the opening is conducive to taking money in and out. There is even a window slot that allows you to display your ID card. The wallet is made from genuine Napa leather will improve not just the quality but also the physical appearance of the wallet. Despite the thinness of the wallet, it still boasts a RFID blocking feature with it. This means that you can feel confident knowing that all of your financial information is secured against criminals.

15. RFIDWallet Slim Wallet


This minimalistic wallet really does seem to have covered all of the bases with its design. This is a great option for you to carry around with you every day. This wallet strikes a great balance between its slim profile and its ability to carry important items. While it is quite thin, you can still carry about four cards, money, and some form of identification. Even with all of this, it will still maintain its svelte shape. You will find it quite easy to retrieve your cards and money due to the shape and opening of this wallet. There is also nothing to fear with carrying this wallet around with you either. This is because it has superb RFID features. It blocks frequencies with a range of 13.56 MHz which is conducive to most credit cards, debit cards, and other important personal tools. It is available in varying shades for a nice pop of color.

16. ROCO Slim Wallet


This Roco’s wallet is a unique and modern looking wallet. In fact, it will be difficult to even discern it as such due to the interesting design. This is because it is composed of high-grade aluminum and a flexible silicone band. There are two bands sent with this wallet. This is so that your cards and cash are well secured whether you are carrying a small amount or a large amount. You can carry up to twenty cards with this wallet, which is quite an achievement. The silicone band can also act as a money holder, allowing you to place about twenty bills in its grip. That’s not all, to round off this minimalistic wallet, it is also incredibly secure. Due to the RFID blocking technology, you can ensure that your credit cards and debit cards will be safe at all times. Therefore, you get a cool looking wallet that is actually really functional.

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