It has been two decades now since the prevailing mentality of the eighties, which was to own everything in excess. But we have since moved on to adopt a more purpose-driven, minimalistic attitude towards our life choices, even down to the elementary commodities that we purchase.

Of course, among these commodities are wallets. They used to be fat, sophisticated leather pouches that took up an often uncomfortable amount of space in your back pocket. But now a new design is fast growing in popularity. The slim wallet is a smaller, minimal and altogether more sophisticated substitute for the traditional design. It slides into pockets and remains barely noticeable. It encourages you to efficiently manage your money and cards and affords you a lot more protection against hazards like electronic pickpocketing.

There are many slim wallets on sale in today’s market, all of which are very attractive substitutes for the traditional fat wallet they seek to replace. But which one is best for you? To find out, we have assembled a list of 13 slim wallets which we believe to be some of the very best that you can buy right now. All of them offer an impeccable standard of design, efficiency and safety. All that is really left to do is factor in your personal preferences as customer and pick out the closest match.