Buying a conventional backpack is an easy task and you don’t need any background knowledge. But if you are going to use the backpack for extreme use, such as trekking, hiking or mountaineering, you need a bag that can withstand heavy sun, rain or wind and other tedious weather conditions and that is where you need to get yourself a specially designed Tactical bag. Also, a bag that is specially designed for rough use has to have the ability to carry extra weight, thus having an extra set of gear is also important. These special tactical bags are designed with rugged seams that will not pop out with time and they have a unique strength-to-weight ratio as well. These are well organized and designed to let you easily access anything and everything in your bag. Following list was created considering the size, ruggedness, strength, look and many other factors in tactical backpacks and these are the best tactical backpacks on the market.

1. 3V Gear Velox II Tactical Assault Backpack

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This is one of the Best Tactical Backpacks, ideal for hiking, mountaineering or military purposes and it is made with enhanced durability. The material used is 600D nylon which is backed with nylon and this combination ensure that the bag has a superrigidity and weather resistance. This rucksack has a storage capacity of 1628 cubic inches that allows you to store tons of equipment and required gear easily. The zippers are large and self-healing to make sure the convenient access to the compartment at anytime, anywhere. The main compartment has a wide clam shell opening and this is the easiest way to get access to other small compartments. This Tactical Assault rucksack is designed to be compatible with attaching various and different gear conveniently. The most important feature of this Velox II is that it has a built-in hydration bladder. You receive a lifetime warranty from 3V Gear to ensure that this is the perfect solution for your needs.

2. Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

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Making its way up to the second spot in the Best Tactical bags in 2018, the Condor 3 Assault is equipped with a lot of features that makes it unique. The shoulder straps are made to be super strong, following the BOlive Darby Contour design and the straps have a D-ring to attach external equipment like a headlamp, water bottle etc., and the bag has a strong waist belt as well. After packing the bag properly, you can compress it using the straps on the side as well. The handle on the top of the bag is extremely strong and it can support the large capacity of load that the bag is carrying. The Condor 3 Assault has seven different compartments and the main pocket is equipped with strong gear straps that can safely hold all the extra gear that you are carrying. All the compartments have grommets for drainage when the bag is flooded. The back of the bag also has large compartments for storing more gear and the bottom compartment is 12.5 inches long and 6 inches wide. The second bigger compartment is ideally designed to carry radios and maps or documents.

3. CamelBak Motherlode Mil Spec Hydration Backpack

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A backpack that gives you the perfect features for a lower expense, CamelBak Motherlode Mil Spec Backpack is the ideal solution for people who like camping. The backpack is made out of 420D Nylon which has a higher density, thus allowing the backpack to withstand more loads and stresses without failing. The shoulder harnesses are adjustable and made with pads to ensure the load is distributed equally onto the shoulders. The CamelBak Motherlode Mil-Spec has a capacity of 3L of fluid and can store water as well. It is rated to have a total capacity of 2258 cubic inch and the bag weighs only 4.9 pounds when empty. The torsos are 16.5 inches long and you have the freedom to choose the bag from a range of colors.

4. Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack

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This Tactical backpack is made out of 1000D nylon to increase the durability of the product. It has a height of 24 inches and a width of 11 inches and it weighs only 6 pounds. The strengthening part of the backpack is carried out carefully with an aluminum cellular on the inside together with a frame sheet made out of heavy duty plastic. This unique combination ensures the carrying capacity of this rugged rucksack. The bag is always properly aerated due to its unique padding system that is backed by a ventilation system. The bag can carry two hydration kits, each being 3 liters. You can place the bottles in the side mesh pockets or inside the backpack if you are carrying water in hydration bladders. The main compartment is more spacious than the other conventional bags and this backpack includes a rain cover as well. It is a lightweight cover that is stored in the bottom compartment and can be pulled out at any time you want.

5. Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment Backpack

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Military grade is preferred by the military personal, obvious enough, but are suitable for hiking and mountaineering as well. The new Explorer Tactical Backpack is equipped with gun concealment which makes it the ideal and the best tactical bag if you work in a military sector. This heavy duty is 20 inch high, to make it look compact for the ease of handling. And it has a number of different compartments to store gear as well as secure gun compartments. The straps are made with double webbing to ensure they are well aerated and the shoulder straps are padded with durable cushion material to ensure the comfort of carrying the load. The strap system is advanced M.O.L.L.E, thus you can conveniently wear the bag with extra heavy loads, without getting too tired of having shoulder or neck pain.

6. Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack

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A tactical bag has to have the perfect storage capacity and if the bag has too much or too less capacity, it makes using the bag inconvenient. The Falcon II is one of the best Tactical Bags in the market in 2018 especially due to the perfect size of its capacity. It has a storage capacity of 1520 cubic inch and can store 25 liters of liquid. The bag is made out of 1000D nylon and it is coated to enhance the properties. The coating is triple layered polyurethane and this ensures the water resistance of the bag while keeping the bag weatherproof. It has a fine DuPoint Teflon protector to repel other foreign elements and keep the bag safe and durable. The zippers used in the bag are made following the YKK design to ensure the smooth movements. The handles, modular attachments, and all the straps are made with military grade nylon for enhanced ruggedness. All the stress points are sewn with a composite thread to ensure the seam strength.

7. Modern Warrior Tactical Military-style Backpack

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The modern warrior is a high-end military-grade backpack ideally designed for military personnel. And due to the extreme ruggedness of this tactical backpack, this has earned a special spot in the best tactical backpacks in 2018 list. This bag has a height of 18.5 inches and the look is vibrant and stylish. The high-end polyester is used to develop the seams and the final design of the backpack, ensuring its extreme durability. It has multiple compartments and they add up to a huge value of storage more than any other bag offers in the market. You can choose your favorite color from a range of different styles and it is guaranteed that this tactical backpack will satisfy all your needs if you are a trekker.

8. Fieldline Alpha OPS Daypack

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This back is made out using heavy-duty polyester and has adopted the unique design of US Marine backpack. You can choose the backpack from two main colors. The main compartment of the backpack is extra-large to ensure the convenience is storing and it contains mesh pockets that can be closed using zippers. The front compartment is also equipped with a zipper to close the accessory compartment. The secondary or the medium compartment has good visibility and storage space to organize all the gear you want. The shoulder straps are equipped with a sternum slider which is fully adjustable and the straps are yoked and padded for comfort and strength. The backpack includes two side pouches to store 2l hydration bladders as well.

9. Red Rock Outdoor Gear Large Assault Pack

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This is a military grade heavy duty tactical backpack ideally made for military personnel and diehard hikers who travel in the wilderness. The pack is made out of 600D durable polyester with a PVC line to enhance the quality of the construction. This is a 20 inch high, 11-inch wide rugged backpack with a reinforced carrying handle that can withstand heavy loads and weight capacities. The bag weighs only 3.25 pounds and it MOLLE webbing that enables you to attach additional gear conveniently. The shoulder straps can be easily adjustable and the straps are fitted with heavy duty plastic D-rings. They have enhanced comfort because of the contoured pads. The external pocket has a capacity of 2.5 liters to store many of your survival gear. The sternum and waist straps are also fully adjustable. The back of the backpack is made sure to be well-aerated with the mesh pads and they add comfort to your journey as well.

10. Sandpiper of California Bugout Backpack

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Another USA-made high-quality Tactical backpack, the Sandpiper of California Bugout Backpack is the perfect solution if you are looking for a backpack that is not only tactical with humongous storage capacity but also looks stylish. The Sandpiper backpack is made out of 600 Daniel nylon for enhanced durability and it has a touch of canvas to ensure the bag looks cool enough. The back straps are made out of aluminum to prevent load concentration and corrosion. Also, this bag has built-in compartments for carrying water that makes the bag perfect for hiking and mountaineering. The main compartment has a higher space when compared to other similar backpacks and it also can be expandable even more. The shoulder straps are wide and comfortable and the backpack is equipped with a waistband for extra comfort and convenience. The waistband is padded properly to make you feel comfortable when carrying a bigger load. The exterior of the bag is made to be abrasion resistant and durable to suit all your trips and operations.

11. SOG Opord Tactical Day Pack

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If you are someone who is always on the go, then you need to have a durable and dependable backpack to take with you on your adventures. The SOG Opord Tactical Day Pack is easily one such backpack. This durable and rugged backpack is the perfect option to go with if you are someone who spends the majority of their time in the rugged outdoors, are a hunter, or work in the field. The SOG Opord Tactical Day Pack Is made out of a durable polyester that is able to withstand the test of time as well as the elements. This backpack features a large main compartment that is ideal for bringing along necessities like clothes, food, and tools that you would need out in the wilderness or out in the field. Along with the large main compartment, you will find a front accessories pocket with different compartments to help you organize your personal items. There is also a front accessory pocket that is perfect for storing frequently used smaller items like a flashlight on a knife. Lastly, you will find a compression stash pocket that allows you to store other frequently used items as well.

Some of the tactical features that the SOG Opord Tactical Day Pack allows you to take advantage of is the MOLLE  webbing that allows you to attach other objects that might be a little too awkward to fit in the main compartment. These can include everything from your extra hydration packs to your hiking shoes. If you prefer to carry around your hydration in a bladder pocket, then there are both left and right tubing ports that allow you to access the hydration bladder pocket. With the water capacity, you will be able to tote around an impressive 39.1 liters of water to help you get through your adventure. And if you are traveling around for an extended period of time with your SOG Opord Tactical Day Pack, you can look forward to some comfort features that make it bearable to tote your Tactical backpack around. Some of these comfort features include padded shoulder straps that ease the pain off of your shoulder. There is also a waist belt that helps to alleviate some of the load as well.

12. Tactical Tailor Operator Removable Tactical Backpack

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Many tactical backpacks have only the straps to carry the bag and sometimes it is a hassle, even though the bag is rugged, it cannot be used as an assault pack. The Tactical Tailor Tactical Backpack has moved on to our best tactical backpack list with its unique feature to be attached to modular vests. This is very helpful and it can be used as an assault pack that stands alone as well. the main compartment of the backpack is large when compared to the other products in the market and all the compartments are equipped with heavy duty rugged zippers that have the dual pull feature to offer you a hassle free operation. You can easily attach extra gear onto the external body of the backpack with the super strong and durable external webbing. The shoulder straps are designed with cushioned pads and they are stable as well. The backpack is equipped with a sternum strap that allows you to use the bag as a day pack.

13. The 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack

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The Tactical Rush 72 is designed to withstand almost all the heavy weather conditions and the rugged and durable look confirms its strength. The bag has a large internal storage and it is also equipped with many exterior pockets. The bigger shove-it external pocket gives you extra space and the bag has two side zippered compartments which are gusseted to make your life easier. And the other exterior pocket is crescent shaped and situated on the top of the back for the ease of access. The body is made out using 15D nylon and it is coated with the PUx2 coating that makes the whole outer body water repellent. Interior compartments are also coated with 21D 118T water-repellent coatings. This bag also has a quickly accessible compartment with fleeced lines that prevents scratching and making it ideal for storing your sunglasses. Another hydration pocket is included with zippered pull tabs and it is padded with closed cell foam to increase the smoothness. You can choose this strong and stylish bag from a range of 7 different colors.

14. The North Face Unisex Recon Backpack

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The North Face Recon is an American made tactical backpack that can be used by both genders without a problem. You can choose your favorite bag from a range of colors and different designs. This is a fully synthetic bag and the compartments are padded with durable cushioning materials to prevent your valuables being harmed. The main compartment has a 15-inch laptop compartment that is ideal for you if you are a travel blogger. The laptop compartment is fleece-lined and properly padded to protect your electronic device from the bumps of a rough ride. The bag is equipped with two mesh pockets for carrying water bottles and it has a fleece lined external pocket to carry your sunglasses as well. The front pocket can be stretched and has side panels for extra storage as you prefer. The bag is made to be extra durable and stylish and this unique combination makes this one of the best Tactical bags of the year.