It’s a dark and stormy night. Rain clatters against the window panes. Thunder rumbles outside. You respond with a soft blanket and a good movie… POW! Disaster, in the form of lightning strikes. With a pop, all of your power goes out. Smoke issues from behind your entertainment center. Fire follows swiftly. As you flee your burning home, you think “If only I’d had a surge protector…”

Best Surge Protector

While having extra outlets provided by power strips is excellent, there is nothing like the safety offered by a surge protector. Surge protectors, for those who don’t know, are devices that attempt to limit the voltage that comes through a power source. The best surge protectors are designed to protect against voltage spikes and electrical surges that can damage home electronics or sometimes cause fires.

Surge protectors are easy, relatively inexpensive insurance for your home and devices. It only seems logical that investing in one of these handy tools is a better idea than living unprotected and having to replace a TV, sound system, or (heaven forbid!) a new home. As is true with all industrial products, not all surge protectors are created equal. Fortunately, we’ve made a list to help you out.