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If you travel abroad for business reasons on a regular basis, an important possession that you need to own is a durable, high-quality suitcase. Such a possession will not only enable you to transport your belongings easily, but it will also keep them safe during your journey. When you have a suitcase for yourself, you will not lose or misplace your things easily. Also, it will be easy for you to carry them around since they are all locked up in one big case instead of being packed into several bags. When purchasing a suitcase, you need to focus on the size, capacity and durability. Listed below are some popular products in the market which you might like.

Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight Rollaboard Luggage


Product Info
  • A half pound lighter than the maxlite 4 version, this expandable 26 inches Rollaboard suitcase with lightweight yet...
  • High performance ball bearing wheels and lightweight yet sturdy powerScope Lite handle with stops at 38 inches and 42.5...
  • Expands upto 2 inches to maximize packing capacity with tapered shape to prevent tipping; Features low profile top, side...

If you are looking for a durable and dependable suitcase set to take with you on your next adventure, then the Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight Rollaboard Luggage is the set that you want to opt for. This set features everything you would need for both business travel and leisure travel. For starters, the exterior is one of the most durable yet that you could ask for in a suitcase. It is made out of a polyester fabric that is not only stain resistant but water resistant too thanks to the Dura Guard coating. Along with the exterior, you can look forward to an ergonomic high tensile strength zipper that will last you many years. Toting around your Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight Rollaboard Luggage is easier than ever thanks to high performance ball bearing wheels. There’s also a Power Scope Light handle that helps you control your luggage so that it is easy to roll and smooth to navigate when you are at the airport. The handle has a height measurement of 38 inches to 42.5 inches so that you can find the right height you need. 

When it comes to packing up your belongings, you can take advantage of the 2-inch maximize packing capacity. This is unlike other suitcases, as this two inch extension will not cause your suitcase to tip over that to the tapered shape it takes on. Inside you’ll find plenty of room to organize your belongings thanks to the full-length interior lid pocket as well as the side accessory pocket. There is also an adjustable hold down strap that allows you to pack accordingly as well. The overall the dimensions of the Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight Rollaboard Luggage come out to 26in by 18.5 in by 11 in. If you ever run into any issues with your Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight Rollaboard Luggage,  you can take advantage of the limited lifetime coverage set the brand provides. This warranty covers everything from damages that are sustained at the airport to other minor replacements that your suitcase may need.

Delsey Expandable Trolley


Product Info
  • Lightweight and Durable: Made of 100% Polycarbonate, which is a material that is extremely resilient to cracking or...
  • Superior Maneuverability: The double spinner wheels assure exceptional maneuverability and keep ZERO weight on your arm.
  • Largest Capacity: This suitcase expands up to 2 inches for additional packing space. This feature is great for packing...

If you are looking for a stylish and reliable travelling suitcase, you have found just the one! This imported product is manufactured fully out of polycarbonate and therefore offers an impressive amount of durability. Since polycarbonate is incredibly resilient to breakage, you will be able to use this product on the long-term. This suitcase is available in a number of vibrant colors including titanium, emerald green, and cobalt blue and brushed charcoal. The suitcase comes with double spinner wheels which will enable you to move the product around without any physical discomfort. These wheels not only keep the weight off your arm, but they also make no noise when you drag the suitcase. Moreover, the suitcase has more than enough space to pack your belongings. The additional space and the flexibility of the suitcase will prevent you from cramping all your items. Also, the product has a 10-year limited warranty and therefore can be used for a long period of time.

Skyway Luggage Mirage


Product Info
  • Gain increased packing capacity with the simple pull of a zipper, perfect for packing souvenirs
  • Exterior dimensions is length 30 x height 20.5 x width 11, item weight 8.5 pounds
  • A side carry handle provides additional assistance when lifting your case into the overhead bin or off the baggage...

This particular suitcase has a number of features which makes it an ideal travelling companion. First of all, the product is made of 100% polyester and therefore has a hard and durable quality to it. Secondly, the 30” width and the 20” length offers you more than enough space to store your belongings. Thirdly, the product only weighs 8.5 pounds. Thus, you will not have to put in much physical effort when moving it around. This lightweight quality will make mobility much easier when you are travelling. The product comes with a side-carry handle which further makes carrying a less stressful task. The baggage has a full-length mesh pocket where you can store your small and easy-to-lose items. Moreover, the product also comes with a five-year warranty. So, if the suitcase breaks down within this period due to a manufacturing deficiency, you will be definitely offered a refund or a replacement.

Olympia 33 Inch


If you have the habit of over-packing for your travels, then you need to get yourself on these. This product of Olympia offers a generous packing capacity for travelers as it has a space capacity of 33 inches. One of the best features about this product is the fact that it can be both carried and pushed around. The suitcase is constructed out of polyester and therefore you do not have to worry about the durability at all. Since the suitcase has both handles and roller wheels, you will be able to use it according to your level of convenience. Also, the suitcase has 8 separate pockets. This will enable you to coordinate and pack your things in a highly organized manner. Moreover, this particular suitcase is available in a number of vibrant colors including hot pink, dark lavender, royal blue and of course, black.

Delsey Aero Trolley


Product Info
  • Lightweight and durable polycarbonate shell that is extremely resilient to cracking or breaking; manufactured with an...
  • Four spinner wheels assuring a stable base with multi-directional rolling with zero weight on your hand for easy travel
  • Integrated 3-dial TSA approved combination lock for security; suitcase expands up to 2 inches for additional packing...

Durability, visual appeal and comfort are the three strongest features of this product of Delsey. Since the hard side of the luggage is constructed of polycarbonate and the light side is made out of polyester, you do not have to worry about durability at all. The suitcase will withstand the weight of your belongings without falling apart. The product is available in various vibrant colors including cobalt blue, emerald green and titanium. The nylon lining and the rectangle shade further add to the visual beauty of the product. Finally, the suitcase offers a high level of comfort and easy maneuverability as well. The soft-touch top, side handles and the durable wheels will enable you to transport your belongings without having to ensure any physical pain. The incredible dimensions of the suitcase are another plus as they five you ample space to pack your belongings. Furthermore, you will get a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer.


Samsonite Winfield HS Spinner 20


No products found.

If you hate carrying around a suitcase during your travels, you need to get yourself one of these. The lightweight and easy-to-carry quality of this baggage will influence you to pack your belongings without any hesitation. The suitcase has four wheels and therefore you can drag it around easily. This means that you do not have to carry and strain your arm unnecessarily. The product also has a full-capacity packing design that will enable you to utilize every inch of space that is available. Since the suitcase has many in-built pockets, you will be able to organize your things in an easy and accessible manner too. The suitcase has beautiful brush-stroked colorations that add to the visual-appeal of the product. The baggage also comes with a side-mounted TSA lock which ensures the safety of your items. Furthermore, since the product is constructed of 100% polycarbonate, you need not worry about the quality of the product. This structure makes the suitcase extremely durable and therefore you will be able to use it for a long period of time.


Samsonite Winfield2 28-Inch


Product Info
  • 28" SPINNER LUGGAGE maximizes your packing power and is the ideal checked bag for longer trips
  • PACKING Dimensions: 28.0" x 19.75" x 12.5", OVERALL Dimensions: 31.0" x 20.0" x 12.75", Weight: 11.5 lbs.
  • 10 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: Samsonite products are rigorously tested to ensure our products meet stringent standards. This...

With this product of Samsonite, you can transport your belongings in an easy and stylish manner. Although this product is extremely lightweight, it is equally durable due to its 100% polycarbonate structure. Since this suitcase is capable of flexing when it is under stress, you can be assured that none of your belongings will be damaged. The suitcase comes with an elegant brushed pattern that will get rid of all the scratches and scuffs that might occur during your travels. The beautiful brush-stroke exterior of the suitcase increases the visual-appeal of the suitcase and gives it a certain sense of uniqueness too. Thus, you will be able to easily spot your luggage in the airport without losing it. Moreover, the product comes with more than 10 zippers and a side-mounted TSA lock. Therefore, you need not worry about the safety of your belongings either.

American Tourister Fieldbrook II


Product Info
  • Ultra light-weight construction
  • Reinforced corners defend against the harshest travel conditions
  • Multiple exterior and interior pockets keep you well organized

The best feature of this particular suitcase is its lightweight quality. This feature will enable you to move around with the suitcase without feeling any physical discomfort. Although it is lightweight, the suitcase is extremely durable too. This means that it will not bend or break regardless of the amount of things you back on the inside. The suitcase comes with reinforced corners that will maintain the quality of the product during harsh travelling conditions. Since the suitcase has multiple pockets on the inside and outside, you will be able to keep your belongings organized and easily accessible. Thanks to the push button locking handle, you need to worry about the safety of your belongings. Moreover, since the product has a smart sleeve on tote, you will be able to carry it on your shoulders too.


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