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Our stagnant lifestyles are much worse than you think they are. Sure you read about it everywhere, but only a few take the right measures to fixing it. Obviously working out or getting in some sort of exercise on a weekly basis is at the top of the list. Many of you probably scoffed at that bit; after all, with so many hours invested at work and other personal commitments eating into your day, how can you have a spare hour to yourself? Precisely for this reason, fitness experts around the world began putting their heads together and coming up with equipment one could easily use at home. From fully-equipped home gyms to exercise balls, resistance bands, and now strength training equipment, you have it all covered. Strengthening your body is critical so find out which of these work for you.

1. Nayoya Gymnastic Rings for Full Body Strength


Have you ever heard of a workout called suspension training? Even if you have never done it yourself, you might have seen the term around. It is actually quite an intense workout regime and one where looks are most certainly deceiving. Though it seems fairly easy to do, it is not; considering its beginnings can be linked back to the Navy SEALS, you can imagine how tough it can be. However, suspension training as a part of strength training is one of the best things you can do. Of course, the right equipment such as this gym rings offers a helping hand. These can safely fit into any place as long as you have space to spare. They also come equipped with straps and buckles for sturdy use. Plus, the handles also incorporate a textured PC plastic material so as to enable better grip and preventing slipping. With the ability to support up to 2000lbs, it takes all but 5 minutes to setup.

2. TTLIFE Hand Grip Muscle Wrist Exerciser


This is a different strength training tool, however, is incredibly effective. It is a hand grip strengthener, which has been designed to improve the functionality of wrists, fingers, and forearms. If you are wondering who would need that, think about golfers, athletes, and pianists perhaps. Aside from providing you with the strength, you need in those areas, hand grip strengtheners are also used to rehabilitate from physical ailments such as arthritis and carpal tunnel. Since it is both cheap and compact, you can just grab one for yourself and carry it around with you to use wherever you want, whenever you want. This particular one happens to include stainless steel tension springs and features an ergonomic design for both men and women. The handles are covered with durable, comfortable rubber material which prevents slipping and offers protection for long-term use. Change your life for the better with this handy little gadget that offers a host of benefits.

3. Jade Active Hand Exerciser Strengthener


This is yet again another hand exerciser strengthener by Jade Active and comes in a bright green color. It offers 2 in a pack so you can train both hands at the same time offering a balanced workout. Not only is it suitable for strengthening your wrists and hands, it is also great for releasing tension. Since they are portable, you can pretty much take them wherever you go for a workout on-the-go. What is more, if you or someone you know is recovering from an injury then this will do very well to help with recovery. Do remember to consult a doctor on this first, though. Made with the best possible material, it is long-lasting and able to withstand even everyday use without a problem. It might even make a unique gift for someone who is into fitness! Definitely, something that would be an interesting addition to a home gym setup for both toning and healing.

4. Home-Complete Resistance Exercise Loop Bands


This one is as affordable and easy-to-use as a home-based gym tool can get. All this includes, are 4 resistance loop bands so if you were hoping for something more then you need to keep looking. This is actually great for beginners because they are simple to use. Built out of professional grade material, they are excellent are improving your flexibility and strength both. No matter what your fitness level is, it does not matter since anybody can use it safely. Each of the bands is 12 inches long and though incredibly elastic, are also quite tough to withstand even the most rigorous workouts. Plus, it also comes with a convenient carry case so even when you are on holiday, you can squeeze in a quick session. The ten-year limited manufacturer’s warranty should further propel you towards making a purchasing decision. Suitable for use anywhere, they also come in different colors for variety.

5. Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press Push Up


This is a push-up training system; a highly effective method if you are interested in building up your strength and stamina. If you are a beginner, you are advised to start off slow to avoid injury and eventually make your way to tougher routines. It is a color-coded board which is designed to target specific muscles such as chest, shoulders, back and so on. It works through a ‘Power Press’ system and includes several different positions for maximum definition. Not only can you build your strength, you can also burn calories along the way. It is easy to set up, portable and includes a QR code which you can use to access YouTube workout videos to help you along. With non-slip hand grips and cushioning, it is safe and though a little on the pricey side, totally worth it. Since you get a range of different workouts with one piece of equipment, you need not take up half your house in space for gym machines.

6. Jumping Resistance Parachute for Power Speed


Your first thought would probably be that you might look silly having this strapped onto you. That is because this is a unique piece of strength training equipment; it comes with a parachute attached to it. Yes, a parachute. With a diameter of 56”, it provides ample resistance for optimal strength building. Basically, how it works is depending on the speed you run, the resistance from the parachute changes. So the faster your speed, the higher the resistance and the tougher the workout. If you are contemplating strapping a parachute to your back, well you should know that this can accommodate another to take your workout up a notch. It comes with an adjustable Velcro fastening to ensure it stays in place comfortably. Surprisingly, it is not all that expensive so if you do not mind being seen with a parachute trailing behind you, this could be a very useful option.

7. Weider Power Tower


For this one, you are going to need to set aside some space since it is the bulkiest of the lot so far. It will also set you back around $100 so buy it only if you plan to use it. If you are just starting out with strength training, you should probably opt for something smaller until you reach a stage where you are sure you will be continuing. This is a Pull-Up station to be exact and features padded hand grips for better gripping by preventing slips. It is especially great for those looking to build up their biceps, shoulders, and forearms. There is actually a whole host of exercises you can do with this contraption although you are well-advised to seek the advice of a professional before you begin. Perhaps consider hiring a personal trainer if you can afford it. Make sure you always put your safety above all else.

8. fitGevity Heavy Duty Resistance Band Handles


These are to be used in conjunction with your resistance bands for a superior level workout. They are heavy duty, which means that they are extremely durable and also safe. Featuring foam-padded handles for comfortable exercising, they also come with sturdy carabiner clips that allow you to switch between resistance bands. You can choose to use either one or both handles depending on the level of your workout. They have an extra-large grip which is especially great for those with big hands. What is more, when you purchase this, you also get free workout sessions with resistance bands to try out as well as a lifetime warranty. As far as price is concerned, they are not all that expensive and given their benefits, is a completely worthwhile fitness investment. You can enjoy a versatile workout session every single time which is important in keeping up your motivation as well.

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