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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) toys let kids have more than fun. These toys are perfect to allow youngsters to attain skills that would help them succeed in STEM subjects in school and beyond. STEM toys teach kids to learn through exploration, critical thinking and using their imagination. Of course, fun and play is also a big part of the learning experience. Getting your child a STEM toy will be much more valuable on the long-term than buying a regular toy. Stimulate your child’s brain, help him or she learn essential motor skills and introduce your baby to the art of logical analysis with one of the STEM toys listed below.

The Magic School Bus – Chemistry Lab


This extensive chemistry kid encourages creative learning and provides plenty of excellent hands-on learning activities. It’s branded with the popular learning cartoon, but kids can use the kit without having seen the show. The kit has many experiments kids can do that range from simple to somewhat complex. The kit has 50 laminated experiment cards to get inspiration from. Some cards are included to teach kids about using chemistry tools and how to stay safe when conducting experiments. Clear instructions are provided. Some supplies are required to get from home. These supplies are basic, like water, baking powder, pepper or corn starch. More science supplies, like litmus paper, pH paper, and goggles, are provided. A data notebook comes with the kit to show kids how to take experimental notes. The items come in plastic trays so it’s easy to keep all the little science tools well organized. All the items are included in a sturdy and handy case. Suitable for children over 8 years of age.

Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing


This multi color kit will allow kids to learn about the geometry and structure of crystals that form in nature. Kids themselves can grow dozens of beautiful crystals using the kit. Kids can mold their own crystals or conduct dozens of dazzling experiments. The classic science kit it perfect to teach children geology and a bit of chemistry. Kids are allowed to grow both big and small crystals. In the process, they can learn about the scientific process of crystallization, geometries of different crystal shapes and the chemical reactions behind the growth of crystals. The kit is tested to be safe and is suitable for kids aged 10 and up. The kit can be used to conduct 15 experiments. A 32-page full-color user’s manual is provided with important information for both parents and kids. The kit includes three types of chemicals that can be combined to get different colors and sizes. It’s also suitable for use as a long-term science project.


Piper Computer Kit – Minecraft STEM and Coding


Teach your child to become a world-class inventor with this kit endorsed by world-class inventors like Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of the Apple computer. This is a beginner’s computer kit that teaches small children the basics of hardware, how a computer works, and importantly coding. This kit is highly suitable to teach your kids building, electronics, coding, critical thinking, and problem-solving. This toy lets children tinker with and learn in the process. The kit lets kids assemble their own computer. Then, kids can learn engineering and programming via Minecraft gameplay and physical building accompanying a vivid storyline. Kids will learn how technology works, and how they can manipulate it to get things done. The kit comes in a gorgeous handcrafted computer case. The computer fully functions on a Raspberry Pi 3 Project Board. Specs include high-def LCD display, 1GB RAM, and a 1200 MHz Quad-Core CPU. Various electronic gadgets, such as buttons and buzzers, are included.

4M Magnet Science Kit


Let your kids learn the science behind magnets with this fun and educational play kit. The set includes parts to teach kids the physics and the effects of magnetic energy. Kids will learn by playing with a series of science experiments and fun activities. The play kit is suitable for children over 8. The set comes with a super magnet that the kids can use to make interactive objects like a super magnet racer, a mysterious danger, and a yacht compass. Other fun items to play with and assemble include a magnet wand and a superpower horseshoe magnet. Kids can perform about 10 experiments using ring magnets, set magnet handles and accessories like fishing rods, car chassis, wheels and magnetic fish. Kids can come up with their own racing and fishing games as well. It’s a great way to get kids to be active and learn new things. Instructions for assembling items and playing are provided.

National Geographic Mega Gemstone Mine


Send kids on a gem mining hunt with this kit from the acclaimed science channel. The kit comes with kid-sized archaeological tools so the players can “dig” to unearth naturally formed crystals and gemstones found around the world, like sapphires, quartz, and tiger’s eyes. The stones that are found can be added to a rock collection. The kit provides a detailed learning guide to teach kids about the each stone they find and how they are formed in nature. The kit would be excellent for any science lover or geology enthusiast. The kit includes a large brick that contains 15 faux gemstones. Excavation tools and a magnifying glass are provided to start digging. The dug up gemstones look very realistic. You can use household tools as well in addition to the ones provided. The kit is great as a playtime activity and also a homeschooling activity to give students and introduction to geology.


My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope


This is the perfect toy for budding scientists. This is not just a toy. The Duo-Scope is a real, lab-grade biological microscope. Unlike toy microscopes, this one provides higher magnification as well as clarity. This children’s microscope has real optical glass lenses with magnification powers of 40x, 100x and 400x. Children can view slides or examine solid objects, like strands of hair, through each eyepiece. Kids can examine all manner of items such as different rocks, leaves, insect legs and more. The 10x eyepiece can be removed from the microscope and used as a separate magnifying glass as well. The entire kit comes with over 50 pieces of accessories. The microscope is AA battery operated. It’s designed to be portable, so a child can carry the microscope with ease. The entire assembly is quite lightweight as well and weighs roughly a pound. The frame is impact resistant, so a minor drop won’t damage it.

Think fun – Gravity Maze


This colorful toy is a falling marble logic game suitable for children 8 and up, as well as adults. The box set has 60 challenges with difficulty levels ranging from beginner to expert. This toy will be great to teach young children spatial reasoning and planning skills. The kit includes a single game grid, 60 challenge cards, 9 towers, a target piece and three marbles. It’s similar to a board game but requires critical thinking and the ability to apply logic in a more strenuous way than a game like Monopoly. However, it’s not a very difficult game to play. Kids will be excited to apply their reasoning skills. It puts children’s visual perception to test and will be great to home their skills that help them do the math later. The small structures accompanying the game are designed in visually stimulating structures. Each challenge requires careful thought to build the path to take a marble to the Target Tower to win.

Melissa & Doug Catch & Count Fishing Game


This fishing game takes children’s mental stimulation to the next level. The toy is a classic wooden magnetic play set. It comes with a highly realistic wooden wind-up reel. It’s essentially a fishing game that kids would love, but would also require them to think rather than mindlessly follow the rules. The game comes with 10 magnetic fish. Each is numbered and patterned, so the kids can match, sort and count the fish throughout the game. The wooden rods make catching the fish free of annoying glitches. The accompanying spinner can be used as a setup for a game. Kids can also manually assemble the pieces to enjoy collecting pieces repeatedly, like in a real-life fishing trip. The game can be played alone, or with another player. A maximum number of players is two. The game is suitable for children over 3. The set can be used to play several games. The kit comes with a handy mesh bag to store all the pieces without losing any.


Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Robot Pack


Get your kids an actual robot to play with and learn from. Dash is a real robot that is ready to play out of the box. The robot responds to voice commands and can navigate. It can do things like dance and sing to delight kids. But Dash is not just an amusement toy. The robot kit comes with several games built in to teach kids the basics of coding and gaming. The robot toy comes with accompanying apps and web tools so kids can learn to code by making Dash do things. The apps and the game present hundreds of challenges both big and small to teach kids the foundation of programming. The robot supports iPad, Android or tablets to access the Wonder Workshop apps to stimulate play. The robot comes charged and fully assembled. Kids are supposed to learn how to control the robot on their own. Instructions are not provided and are not necessary. The robot should be charged (it takes about an hour to fully charge). No batteries are necessary.

4M 3-Dimensional Solar System Mobile Kit


Kids can learn about the field of astronomy is a super fun way using this hands-on assembly kit. This kit can be used to create a mobile solar system that also glows in the dark! Kids who love sci-fi and having glow-in-the-dark room decorations will benefit from this a lot. The set comes with plastic planets that snap together, a hanging frame, string, two trips of paint, two glow paint tubes and a paint brush. Instructions are provided about how to assemble the solar system and paint it. A poster will also come with the kit that includes fun and informative facts about the solar system. The mobile can be hung in a bedroom or used as a sitting display. Some parts are small, so the kit is suitable only for children aged 8 and up. This kit is a great way to challenge a child’s imagination while making playtime a fun, educational experience.

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