Whether it’s taking a selfie or recording memorable moments, cameras play a significant role in the daily social interaction of our lives. Cameras are everywhere, recording everything, be excerpts from the concert you saw last night, or memorializing an impressive picture of your latest latte to send to your BFF.

Cameras are embedded in our smartphones, laptops, and tablets. This multitude of cameras has multiple purposes and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to cater to your preferences. But which is the best spy camera?

Best Spy Camera

It’s well known that cameras are used by many public services. But they can be used to serve private interests as well. You may be familiar with the term “surveillance cameras.” These are cameras used to discreetly monitor parking lots or catch mall shoplifters. Such cameras, sometimes known as spy cameras, are readily available to homeowners, corporate officials, and police officers.

A spy camera is just a hidden camera that can discreetly take pictures or record videos of the scenario of your choice. The best spy cameras can protect a home from a robbery, witness an important incident, or serve as crucial evidence. Features like audio recording and motion detection may also be an option in some camera units. There’s a common misperception that spy cameras are too expensive for the average person to own. Below we have compiled a list of some of the highest quality spy cameras available for you, a surprising number of which are quite affordable!

1. Fredi 1080p Mini Hidden Camera

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Why we like it: A tiny device packed with a quality camera, motion detection, and night vision, all at an affordable budget. It even comes with remote viewing capability!

If you want a spy camera with a high-quality image, the Fredi Mini Hidden camera has you covered. Though the Fredi Mini Hidden Camera may not be the best-disguised camera, it can easily be hidden under an object, like a hat. When looking for a high-resolution spy camera wireless is definitely the way to go. This spy cam fits the bill, also coming with an abundance of features such as wifi compatibility for Android and Apple devices and loop video recording. The camera also supports real-time recording in which all of your videos are date and time stamped so that you know exactly when they occurred. Need to see images during the night? Won’t be a problem at all with this powerful little camera’s night vision mode that’s able to record up to a range of 16 feet in total darkness.

This spy camera is available for a reasonable expense and has additional features such as a vertically rotatable 140-degree wide angle lens and a bank of 10 LEDs around its lens as well. The portable mini spy camera also supports motion detection and remote viewing. Just be sure you don’t need to record for more than 2 hours; thankfully, this small drawback can be fixed with an external battery power pack. Once an Amazon bestseller, this mini spy camera is compatible, portable, and comes with many great features.

2. EXCEPRO WiFi Spy Camera Clock

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Why we like it: This spy camera is designed as a modern-looking clock that comes with great features, including motion detection, night vision, and remote control capability.

Of all the things you can disguise a spy camera as, a clock has got to be one of the better ideas! The brand EXCEPRO cleverly disguises their spy camera as a modern style, cube clock which will easily go undetected! More than that, the EXCEPRO Spy Camera Clock is wifi-compatible and comes with commendable features. For starters, the camera comes equipped with remote control capability, which allows you to view and record footage on the camera from another device (Android or iOS). The spy camera also features enhanced night vision, with its two pieces of high power, invisible IR LED lights which allows you to see clear footage in up to 26 ft of darkness.

This camera is easy to set up, with its accompanied app. Simply scan the QR code and follow the note of the app and within 3 minutes, the setup will be done. As noted by the manufacturer, choose the 2.4G signal in your dual channel router. The spy camera supports local loop recording for motion detection which is automatically activated when you insert the micro SD card. In addition to that, if your camera detects motion, it can send you Gmail alerts and snapshots, which further enhances the safety of your home. Be mindful though, this camera is a bit expensive and comes in around a hundred dollars. Still, with its 3 year warranty and cool features, this camera earns a spot on our list.

3. Fulao Hidden Spy Hook Camera

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Why we like it: A cleverly designed spy camera, which provides HD-quality video and audio recording and can take photos all while being inexpensive!

The Fulao spy hook HD video camera gets our vote with this highly-disguised design. Not only does the camera look like an actual clothing hook, but it can also even be used as one, and is capable of holding clothes and coats. This sleek spy camera is also compact and small in size, which enhances the camera’s disguisable quality. The spy camera requires a 16GB micro SD memory card which, unfortunately, is not included. Nevertheless, this spy camera is capable of HD video recording and photographing, and even ranks high in motion activated spy camera reviews, since it comes with motion detection! This spy hook camera can even record HD images under low illumination.

Featuring a 1280p HD-quality camera, this spy camera will give you pristine footage. The spy camera has been also noted to be easy to set up with no additional software needed. To use the camera, all you have to do is simply press the camera’s button which will activate the indicator light, letting you know it’s ready to record! The camera also comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that you can easily charge with the camera’s included USB cable. Users will get a bang for their buck with this simple, quality spy camera that can be placed anywhere inside the home!

4. Fuvision Electrical Outlet Hidden Spy Camera

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Why we like it: A quality camera with a discreet design that features a great battery life suitable for long-term recording.

The Fuvision spy camera, cleverly disguised as an ordinary electrical outlet, is anything but ordinary! Although the camera can’t function as an actual outlet, its features will make you unconcerned that it doesn’t have outlet capabilities. This camera features a 1080p quality HD video camera and comes with a reasonable 16 GB SD memory card for a decent amount of memory storage. All the video recordings are also timestamped so you know exactly when they took place. Not to mention,the spy camera comes with complimentary 3M mounting tape, so you can stick it to any wall in your home or work space and have this camera up and ready to record in less than 30 seconds!

Although this camera is a bit more expensive than some of the other ones mentioned on this list, the battery life alone makes the camera worth it. This covert spy camera has an impressive battery life of up to 15 days when you put it in PIR activation mode. The camera also comes with two batteries which can simply be swapped if one is low, meaning no more excessive charging! This camera is a great product to have for long-term recording needs and for when you go out of town. Although some customers argue that the design of the camera isn’t all that impressive nor disguisable, we say the clever design and most importantly the camera’s features earn this spy cam a place on our list.

5. Conbrov Hidden Spy Camera

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Why we like it: This camera is very small in size and is easy to be hidden. It is also packed with great features such as night vision, motion detection, and a lengthy battery life.

Looking for a spy camera that’s small in size and easy to take with you on-the-go? Well, look no further! The Conbrov brand spy cam may not have designed a camera with the most unique disguise, but with its mini size, this camera gives you endless options of hiding it. The Conbrov hidden spy camera also has a wide selection of features and, of course, can be used to capture footage on the go! The spy camera sports a decent 720P image resolution and comes equipped with night vision so that you’ll be able to record clear footage throughout the day or night. With its small size, the covert spy camera can be hidden it anywhere on a bookshelf or in a corner, making this wireless spy camera ideal for capturing footage in areas where traditional wired hidden cameras can’t be installed.

Although the camera’s budget is in the mid-to-upper range, the expense is certainly worth it for the camera’s standby battery, a built-in 10,000 mAh Super Capacity Battery which can last up to a year! This camera is uniquely designed with a rotatable head which allows you to adjust the camera angle 180 degrees vertically. Combined with its wide-angle lens this offers a wider viewing angle, making the camera perfect for recording everything. The spy camera is very light in weight and features a front-mounted PIR sensor, which actively records if it triggers any movement. This feature helps to extend the already lengthy battery time. With this camera’s top quality features and design, it deserves a spot on our list!

6. GSmade Pen Spy Camera

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Why we like it: This spy pen camera is uniquely designed as a pen which (get this) is actually fully functional! The pen camera also features loop recording and an HD image resolution. Anyone who has ever watched James Bond and dreamed of owning a spy pen camera, this is definitely the spy pen for you.

Need a spy camera that will not only get the footage you need, but also act as a writing utensil? GSmade has you covered with their spy camera designed as (you guessed it) a pen. The Sharpcam Pen Spy Camera looks like your average pen, with full functionality, meaning it writes! The spy pen camera also contains some well-above-average features, such as motion detection and loop recording which allows you to save space on your camera’s memory. This spy camera also nicely features a 1080P image resolution camera, providing crystal clear video footage.

The spy camera is easy to use with its one-touch operation feature. Not only that, but this spy pen also comes with a plug and play function whereas you can simply plug it into the USB port on your computer with the included USB cable to view videos or charge the camera. The pen camera is equipped with a durable, built-in rechargeable battery with a 260mah capacity. Do note however, that the spy pen camera can only support video recording in 1080P for up to 75 minutes, making this pen camera more intended for short-term recording, such as during a meeting. Nevertheless, the pen camera actually comes with its memory card and includes a 1 year hassle-free warranty.

7. Littleadd Hidden Camera Detector

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Why we like it: It’s a covert spy camera designed as a smoke detector! This smartly designed spy camera has a pristine 1080P image resolution and is remote controllable.

If you thought spy camera disguises couldn’t get any better than a clock, then think again. The brand Littleadd changes the game with their spy camera designed as a smoke detector! The Littleadd Hidden Camera Detector not only has a smart design, it also has some smart features. The spy camera comes with 1080p image resolution and a reasonable 78-degree field of view lens. Unfortunately, you won’t get night vision with this video camera, but it does support 10 hrs of continuous HD video recording when fully charged and used as a webcam. The camera is also energy efficient and easy to charge when connected with your PC via the included USB cable.

This nifty spy camera features remote viewing and control from 15 meters away. Simply sync the camera’s video recording time with your PC to display the accurate time in the video. The spy camera also supports motion detection video recording. When motion is detected, the video camera will be triggered to record videos. This camera also supports micro SD memory card loop recording up to 32 GB, meaning as long as 8 hours per HD video. The camera is also easy to install by simply mounting it on your wall or ceiling with the screws included. This cool disguised camera is a great option.

8. Conbrov Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera

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Why we like it: A highly discreet, quality hidden camera with impeccable features such as night vision, motion detection, loop recording, and a lengthy battery life.

The Conbrov photo frame spy camera definitely impresses us with its inconspicuous design that can easily go unnoticed by the naked eye. Hidden inside of a photo frame, this camera sports a decent 720p camera for good video quality. One of the camera’s coolest features is its advanced, no-light night vision technology, which uses a black LED light to record seamlessly through the night, undetected. The camera is also equipped with a guaranteed night vision range of up to 25 feet in total darkness. The photo frame spy camera also timestamps the videos so you know exactly when each recording occurs.

Although the spy camera falls at the more expensive end of the scale, its outstanding capabilities make this product definitely worth the purchase. The camera features PIR body motion detection recording, mute recording, and loop recording that can be turned on or off at your discretion. The camera also has a standby battery life that can last up to 2 years and features up to 30 hours of daytime recording and 10 hours of night recording. This camera sports an impressive amount of features for a spy camera while also adding a touch of decor to your home!

9. MONY Mini Hidden Spy Camera

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Why we like it: A multifunctional mini spy camera that features a 1080P HD video image resolution, motion detection, and a 140-degree wide-angle field of view.

So we’ll start off by saying that this next spy camera on our list doesn’t have a cool design (which we know is a bummer). Still, though the MONY brand didn’t come up with a cool disguise for their hidden spy cam, they did make it small enough in size to be easily hidden. On top of that, the MONY Mini Hidden Spy Camera has some pretty great features.  The spy camera features superior, wide-angle-lens 1080p image resolution for clear footage. The spy camera also comes with motion detection recording. Best of all, this spy camera has the ability to record and charge at the same time!

If you plan to record video while you charge your camera, it will automatically enter into the 720p image resolution mode. The mini spy camera is very compact in size, making it easy to carry on the go or hide it around your home or office. The camera is equipped with an infrared night vision function, which allows you to record video in total darkness. The camera supports real-time recording and even has a built-in microphone for audio recording. You can connect this camera to your TV to make it a TV monitor. The camera supports a maximum memory storage of 32GB. What is also nice is this camera’s affordability. For its plethora of features and great value, we’re happy to recommend this product!

10. Mliyam Wifi Wireless IP Bulb Hidden Camera

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Why we like it: Featured in a discreet lightbulb design, this spy camera comes with motion detection, has a 360 degree field of view, and supports a memory storage of up to 128GB.

So far, we’ve looked at spy cameras disguised as a pen, clock, smoke detector, and even a photo frame. Now, we come to a spy camera by the brand Mliyam that is designed as a (wait for it) lightbulb! The Mliyam IP Bulb Hidden Camera comes as a super disguisable lightbulb, but also comes with a decent 960P image quality and some great features. The spy camera comes equipped with a fisheye lens which gives you 360 degree, super wide angle field of view with absolutely no blind areas. The spy camera also supports live viewing and recording with a micro SD card  (a max of 128GB) which, unfortunately, is not included.

Nevertheless, this handy spy camera is WiFI compatible and supports two-way talking for both iOS and Android devices. This camera is easy to set up with the help of its accompanying camera app and is remote controllable (with your smart device). This spy camera also comes with a motion detection function which will send alerts to your phone or tablet if any motion is detected, further increasing the safety of your home. The spy camera can be easily installed onto your ceiling. Not only that, but the camera can also be used as a functioning light bulb (though the wattage is a bit low at 3W). Though this camera comes in a bit expensive, it is a great option if you’re looking for a wireless spy camera with an optimal field of view and reliable features.

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