Best Spy Cameras

Cameras come in all shapes and sizes these days and it really isn’t that hard to get a camera. Almost every phone you purchase nowadays will come equipped with at least a single camera. Of course, the camera quality will differ from camera to camera, so you must choose the camera you want to get based on your requirement. However, if discretion is your top most priority when getting a camera, then you probably might want to consider getting a spy camera instead of an ordinary camera. Spy cameras, as the name suggests, tend to be a lot more discreet than regular cameras and can secretly record or take pictures without the knowledge of anyone in range of the camera. The camera will either be small or it will be etched into an object such as a toy, to avoid suspicion. Here are some of the best Spy Cameras you can get in 2017.

1. Conbrov Mini Spy Hidden Camera


The Conbrov® 720P Night Vision Body Camera is a slightly more expensive option for a camera but it does have some great features too. It isn’t the most discreet spy cameras out there it still does have a reasonable amount of concealment to prevent it being spotted. The reason why this is one of the best Spy cameras is that it has true night vision, which is something that you might not find in most spy cameras. The camera has an amazing night visual range of about 15 to 25 feet. The camera is best concealed when it is carried with you or in your clothes. It is quite small to fit underneath your shirt or even a hat. The video quality is another one of the cameras main highlights as it can record videos that are in 720p quality. It has a good framerate of 30fps which should be able to capture videos with great clarity. The battery life of the camera is quite good as it can last for up to 150 minutes in the day time and for up to 100 minutes during the night time. However, to get the most out of the camera, you could attach it to a power bank which can prolong its battery life to more than 20 hours, depending on the power bank you use.

2. Titathink Enhanced Night Vision HD Wifi Spy Camera


This is another Spy camera which comes with night vision features built into the camera. The Titathink TT531WN-PRO is quite different to the other cameras we featured on our list as it comes disguised as an alarm clock. To those who are unaware, it will only seem to look like a portable alarm clock and they will be completely unaware even if they are being recorded. The picture quality of the camera is quite good as it can record in 720p resolution. Apart from this, it can operate over Wi-Fi, so you can get real-time video footage while the camera is in operation. This is not something you will find in most spy cameras, hence why it is one of the best spy cameras in the market. The only real drawback of the camera is that it is a little bit on the expensive side, costing almost $100 to purchase it off Amazon. Apart from only being able to provide video, it can also provide an audio feed as well, in real time. This make it a great camera to keep on your bedside if you are having suspicions of your spouse not being loyal to you.

3. PANNOVO Mini Spy Camera


The PANNOVO Mini Spy Camera is another one of the best spy cameras manufactured by the Pannovo company. The camera is quite cheap to purchase, costing only a little over $30 if you are getting it off amazon. It is one of the smallest cameras out there, and is not easily detectable. The camera comes with an 8GB card which can be used to store a reasonable amount of data. However, you can expand the memory of the device by installing a TF card for a capacity of up to 32GB. Apart from being small, it is also quite light in weight so you can carry it in your pocket or conceal it in an object without it changing the weight of it significantly. The resolution of the camera is one of the stand out features of it, as it can record videos in 1080p resolution, which is more than most spy cameras out there. The battery is a lithium battery which can support a recording time of up to 10 hours. Recharging the camera is quite simple and can be done via the USB cable.

4. AES Spy Cameras Hidden Spy Camera


This is another spy camera that is concealed within an Alarm clock. The alarm clock is fully functioning and has all the regular features an alarm clock would have, so no one would suspect that it has a camera hidden within it. Furthermore, the alarm clock is a Philips branded one, so it has a reasonable amount of quality to it as well. The camera on the other hand is a powerful 720p HD camera which can record at 30fps. The videos will come out date and time stamped for better reference when you watch it later. There is a 16 GB Micro SD card which comes included with the camera, so you can record a fair number of videos even at the high resolution. The camera supports a 32 GB Micro SD at maximum so you will be able to further increase the storage capacity if necessary. There is a motion detection sensor on the camera which enables the camera to automatically start recording soon as it detects movement. There is no setup required for the camera as you can operate it using plug and play.

5. FREDI Wi-Fi IP Hidden Camera


This is one of the most expensive spy cameras out there but also one of the best disguised models that you can get. It costs almost $300 to purchase, but is one of the only cameras that we found which offers such a great viewing angle. The camera comes disguised within a LED light bulb, which can not only illuminate the videos but will be the least suspicious of having a spy camera in it. The light itself is fully functioning so it can be used as a good LED bulb for having within your house. The camera has a 360-degree viewing angle and a 180-degree side angle which lets you grab footage from the entire room. It has night vision equipped within the camera so you can still take great footage with the camera even at night. Setting up the camera is quite simple and can be set up using Wi-Fi. This allows you to obtain real-time footage from the camera onto your android or iOS smartphone. The bulb has an international standard bulb socket so it will fit in most bulb holders all over the world.

6. Eovas USB Wall Charger Hidden Camera


The Eovas 1080P HD USB Wall Charger Hidden Camera is one of the best spy cameras that you can get in the ear 2017. It comes disguised in the form of a wall charger which will be one of the least suspected devices for having a camera. You can purchase the camera for around $100, or even less if you get it off Amazon. The charger is fully functional and can be used to charge your phone or electronic like you would with any phone charger. The camera is equipped with a 32GB memory card which lets you record videos continuously for up to 6 hours. The recorded videos are all in 1080p quality so you will be able to watch the videos with crystal clear resolution. The viewing angle is quite reasonable as it has a 75-degree viewing angle which can cover a decent portion of the room. There is a motion detection feature in the camera which can automatically begin recording video when it detects movement.

7. Conbro HD Spy Home Security Book Camera


The Conbrov® DV9 HD Spy Home Security Book Camera is another one of the best spy cameras, which comes in a great disguise and has very good functionality. The camera comes disguised within a security book, which you can place on your desk to prevent anyone suspecting its presence. The camera will cost you more than $100 to purchase, but should still be within $130. There is a built-in 1000mAh battery which allows for up to 30 hours of continuous video recording during the day time. The night time duration of the camera is a lot less as it can only record for up to 10 hours, due to the night vision feature that the device has. The standby time of the camera is up to 2 years, so there will barely be any battery drain when the camera is on standby. The design of the security book is quite good as well, as it is easy to carry and will not be suspected of having a camera. The camera records in HD resolution and comes included with a 32GB micro SD card.

8. Focuskylife DIY Wireless Hidden Camera


This is a spy camera that doesn’t offer the best in terms of discretion, but does have its strengths in various other aspects. The camera supports IP camera connection over Wi-Fi so you will be able to get real-time video footage from the camera. Apart from this, it can record audio as well and can shoot videos. The camera is compact in size and has a lower power consumption. Though it does not come disguised in an object like some of the other cameras out there, it can still be concealed quite easily in your clothes or in a toy. There is an option to switch off the light indicator via the app which is made for use with the camera. The image quality is quite great as it can record in 1080p HD video resolution at a 30fps frame rate. This will ensure that your recorded video is clear and the audio is clearly audible. The camera can be purchased for under $100 and supports a micro SD card storage capacity of up to 64GB.

9. Conbrov Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera


A picture frame is one of the least suspicious device of containing a hidden a camera, making the Conbrov T10 720P Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera one of the best spy cameras out there. It is on the expensive side however as it will cost you almost $250 to purchase the camera. We do suggest you get it on Amazon however, as it may cost significantly less if you are purchasing it off a sale. The lens of the camera is designed in such a way as to match the picture frame so it will be very hard to identify the lens for the unsuspecting eye. The camera has a night vision range of around 15 to 25 feet even under total darkness conditions. The built-in battery of the camera is a 1000mAh super battery which can allow for 30 hours under daylight conditions or 10 hours of night time recording. Furthermore, there are various other features integrated on the device such as PIR body motion detection and loop recording features. The loop recording feature will overwrite the old footage with the new footage to provide continuous recording.

10. Corprit Mini Pocket Video Recorder Camera


The Corprit Full HD 1080P Mini Pocket Video Recorder is another great spy camera to have if you are looking for a camera that you can wear on yourself. The camera is designed like a pen, with a pocket clip which contains the camera. It is quite cheap to purchase as you can get for less than $100. The camera is great if you wish to record things like meetings or conferences without anyone knowing that you are recording it. The camera can record in full HD at 1080p resolution with the ability to take still images as well. The battery is not the best though as it can only operate for an hour and a half at a stretch. There is motion detection features and loop recording as well which can allow you to maximize the usage of the camera. Therefore, getting this camera would be only suitable for certain scenarios where you will need the camera hidden within your clothes and don’t plan on making a lengthy recording.

11. Soled Mini Disk Flash Driver Spy Cam


This spy camera comes disguised in the form of a mini USB flash drive. The camera can record footage at a reasonable resolution and offers great discretion. The flash drive itself looks great and comes with all the features that a regular USB flash drive would have. There is a memory card slot on the device which can support a memory card of up to 32GB. It does come equipped with an 8GB memory card so this will be quite sufficient to take a fair number of recordings. There is a motion detection sensor on the device so it can automatically start recording as soon as an object moves in front of the camera. What really makes this camera stand out is that it extremely cheap compared to some of the other spy cameras that we featured. You should be able to get the camera for only a little over $20 if you get it off Amazon, making this one of the cheapest out there.

12. VOTECOM Hidden Camera Spy Detector


The VOTECOM Hidden Camera Spy Detector Full HD 1080P is not exactly the most well concealed spy cams out there, but it is well disguised in the form of a smoke detector. The camera is hidden well inside the object, so it will not be identified too easily by those who are unsuspecting of it. It does a good job of recording as well as you can capture full HD 1080p videos using it. The lens is quite wide but is only limited to capturing images that are in front of the camera. There is a motion trigger feature on the camera and it can operate as a remote control at 15 meters. The loop recording feature of the camera can delete the oldest files in the camera to record the latest footage, thereby allowing for continuous recording with the device. Charging the device can take up to 5 hours if you are charging it from 0 and once fully charged, it can operate for 16 hours straight.

13. MINICUTE Hidden Camera Spy Pen


The MINICUTE Hidden Camera Spy Pen comes in the form of a pen, which looks and works just like an ordinary pen would, except that it has a hidden camera within it. The camera operates with a simple click of the pen to start recording and click to stop recording. The battery of the pen can provide a little over 75 minutes of video so it may not be the best in terms of battery life. There are three modes that you can select from the pen. Audio, Photos and Video. The only drawback of the device is that you must keep it on you to record and it does not operate automatically unlike some of the other devices that we featured on our list. However, it still does get the job done as you can record without anyone suspecting it. The video resolution is quite decent, as it can capture videos in 720P resolution. The reason why this is one of the best spy cameras out there is due to its affordable price of less than $30. For this price, you will also get an ink refill for the pen and a 32GB SD card as well along with a card reader and USB plug.

14. eBoTrade Dirct Mini Hidden Camera


The eBoTrade Mini Disk Flash Driver is a more than capable spy camera to get if you wish to record with a fair amount of discretion. The Flash driver can support a micro SD card size of up to 32 GB, which should be sufficient to make a decent number of recordings. The video resolution of the camera is quite good as well, however it uses a VGA quality resolution. The camera can be used to take both pictures and videos. There is a motion detection sensor on the camera which allows the camera to automatically record videos as soon it detects a moving object. The battery capacity is 300mAh but it is still quite sufficient to record an hour of video. The charging time of the battery is about 1 and a half hours too, so it may not be the best option in terms of battery life.

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