Fishing has been a marvelous sport through decades and as many of you agree, fishing is not only a sport but also a passion that lasts lifetimes. If you are a professional angler, a spinning reel is one of the most important tools in your handy arsenal. And if you are a beginner in this particular activity, it is assured that a proper spinning reel is a must-have handy tool. A Spinning reel is a versatile tool that handles your light line with or without a bait when you are fishing. It freely sends off the line into the water and gives you the ability to reel it back securely towards you without creating backlashes and without making annoying tangles in your light lines. You can find a wide range of spinning reels in almost any retail shop but one must keep in mind that skills together with the right tools create the correct outcome. This comprehensive guide is made to direct you through the best Spinning Reels in the market in 2017 so that you can make the right choice without wasting a lot of money on low-quality unbranded tools.

1. Okuma Avenger Graphite Bait Feeder Reel

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Avenger ABF is a compact yet versatile spinning reel manufactured by Okuma. Its unique bait feeding system helps to disengage it from the spool and let the light line run free without even opening the bail. It is also equipped with the multi-disk drag system together with drag washers which are Japanese oiled felt. This spinning reel has 6 high-quality ball bearings made out of stainless steel and an anti-reverse roller bearing with the quick set mechanism. Pinion gear of the reel is machine cut and its final finish is extremely precise to offer a smooth movement. The whole body of the spinning reel is made out of graphite which highly corrosion resistant. The handle of the tool is designed to be rigid and it is made out of die cast Aluminum. Handle knob can be chosen from a range of sizes, from 40 to 80. Most important features of this tool are the patented S-Curve Oscillating System and the patented auto trip bait feeding system. You also receive a warranty of one year as well.

2. Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

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This spinning reel is recommended by plenty of professional anglers and the manufacturers have a history since the 1930s. The full body is designed with metal plating and the side plate together with the precise rotor construction offers a perfectly balanced gear alignment. It has 5 sealed ball bearings and they are made out of high-end stainless steel for enhanced friction reduction and durability. Battle II Spinning reel includes HT-100 drag washers which are made out of carbon fiber to offer the user a smooth and unique rotor movement. Bail wire of this reel is made out of heavy duty aluminum and it also has an anti-reverse bearing. You can choose this spinning reel in four different sizes depending on your requirement. It is one of the most used and best spinning reels in the market because of its unique rubber gasket that keeps the light lines steady without skipping or slipping.

3. Daiwa BG Spinning Reel

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Daiwa offers a range of spinning reels that can be used by professional anglers as well as by beginners. These tools can be used in shallow fresh water and also in heavy seas. The body of this rugged spinning reel involves a unique design called Hard Body and this improves the strength, fatigue life and the stability of the internal components. Body and the side cover of the reel are made out of aluminum alloys and machined to precise dimensions. It is corrosion resistant, scratch resistant and its body is anodized to enhance its life span as well. This new adonization procedure has improved the bonding ability of aluminum, hence this tool body will not peel or chip. It helps to keep its elegant look too. Digital gear design on this tool is equipped with advanced integrated gear mechanisms and Daiwa BG Spinning Reel has the biggest gear drive in their product series. This bigger wheel increases the contact ratio and provides a smoother rotation.

4. Shimano Spin Reel Clam

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This is a compact and relatively smaller spinning reel and it weighs only 8.6 ounces. The light weight enhances its portability as well. It also has a powerful drag and the maximum amount of drag is 7 pounds. Internal gears are machine cut and they offer a precise gear ratio of 4.1:1. The frame of the Shimano Spin Reel Clam is made out of high-quality graphite and the side plate of the reel as well as the rotor and the spool is made out of high-end graphite to increase the durability and toughness. This versatile spinning reel is recommended to use with Fluorocarbon, Mono, and PowerPro light lines by the professional anglers. The tool is equipped with the rear drag to enhance the rotor movements and offers a more comfortable fishing experience. Also, it has the unique Quick Fire II feature to easily release the light line without any unwanted hindrance or resistance.

5. Pflueger President Spinning Reel

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Pflueger President is one of the most lightweight spinning reels in the market. It is designed following the latest technology and it guarantees a hassle and tangles free fishing experience. The device is equipped with 9 high-quality ball bearings made out of stainless steel to increase the smooth movements of this reel. Instead of a roller bearing, this uses an instant one-way anti-reverse clutch bearing too. The body of the spinning reel is precisely machined and the unique blue and gold colors add an elegant look to this spinning reel. Also, its spool has a distinctive hole pattern. This is to reduce the weight of spinning reel. Also, the spool is ported and made out of double anodized heavy duty aluminum in order to enhance the corrosion resistance. You have the freedom to choose your Pflueger President from a range of load capacities and light line distances.

6. KastKing Sharky II Carbon Fiber Spinning Reel

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This is the latest spinning reel from KastKing and it has a stronger and more compact spool together with a compact body to offer you an unparalleled fishing experience. Also, this is a perfect gift for any angler as well. Your favorite Sharky II spinning reel can be chosen from a wide range of load capacities up to 19 kg and they provide an extra smooth reel action. This reel is equipped with triple disc drag made out of carbon fiber enhanced reliability. Its internal mesh gears are precisely machined cut and made out of brass for durability. The main shaft is a stainless steel design which increases the strength. Spool of this handy spinning reel is made out of heavy duty aluminum and it is machined to ensure a stronger and lighter design. Also, the lube retention is enhanced by the internal grooves and it has 10 corrosion resistant heavy duty MaxiDur Ball bearings. This is one of the best spinning reels in the market that offers you more line capacity than other typical products.

7. Piscifun Fishing Line Winder Spinning Reel

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Line winder is a clever tool which offers you a tangle and hassles free fishing experience and you can load this reel with Mono, Braid or else you can simply tie a fish hook to get the job done easily. This sleek device works perfectly with narrow spools as well as with wide spools. It has a 3/8 inch bushing that makes it ideal for working with string spools such as braid lines or mono lines. This product is designed with extreme precision to offer you three different reel movements. You can adjust the wheel fastener by tightening or loosening it and obtain bait caster reel, spinning reel or trolling reel as you desire. One of the most interesting features that make this one of the best spinning reels out in the market is that its well-planned compact design. It has an enhanced design to make sure that you have the ability to carry it virtually anywhere you travel.

8. Sougayilang Collapsible Handle Spinning Reel

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Most of the spinning reels are ideal only for one or two locations or conditions and that is a major con in these devices. This Spinning reel is designed in a way such that it can be used in ocean boat fishing, ocean rock or beach fishing as well as in fishing activities which are carried out in rivers, streams or lakes. The body of this tool is designed with ultra-thin streamlines and it includes a unique oscillation system for line laying. Line winding process of this device is also designed to be extremely precise with its S-curve oscillation system. The cast control of the spinning reel is convenient and fully adjustable, together with a spool made out of heavy duty aluminum. Internal gears of this reel are made out of high tensile metal and it offers gear ratios of 5.2:1 and 5.1:1. It has 13 ball bearings to ensure smooth movements and it is also interchangeable as you prefer.

9. Rose Kuli Metal Spinning Reel

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This is the advanced version of the old Rose Kuli spinning reel and this Bait Casting version is much stronger and lighter. It is a rear drag fishing spinning reel and it has 12 ball bearings. These ball bearings ensure a smooth and accurate movement while reducing the vibration inside the reel. They are made out of corrosion resistant materials and the device also has a one-way clutch. All the gears are machine cut to ensure the precision and they are made out of brass. Gears offer you a precise gear ratio of 5.2:1 and it includes a power drive gear for enhanced strength. The spool is made out of high-end aluminum to reduce the weight and the whole body is cast with reinforced materials. This also includes a main shaft that is made out of stainless steel and this together with other components offers you a silent and smooth performance. The whole system is properly sealed to prevent salt water corrosion and the design is waterproof and dustproof as well.

10. Pisifun Spinning Fishing Reel

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Another rugged yet versatile spinning reel that guarantees a ton of fun; Pisfun Spinning Fishing Reel is constructed with an excellent craftsmanship to satisfy all your fishing needs. You can choose your Pisfun spinning reel from a wide range of line and load grades. The frame of this reel is made out of graphite to ensure the corrosion resistance and ruggedness of the device. The rotor of this handy tool is also built to withstand the variations of loads caused by the waves. The spool of this spinning reel is made out of double anodized aluminum, thus it is lightweight. The reel is equipped with advanced multi-disk drag system and its drag washers are oiled felt. Pisfun Spinning Fishing Reel has 6 heavy duty ball bearings and an anti-reverse roller bearing with the quick set feature. The design of the device is carried out with corrosion resistant materials to enhance its life span. Also, this spinning reel is recommended for both freshwater and saltwater.

11. Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel

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Any angler would agree with that this is one of the best Spinning reels available in the market due to a good amount of reasons. It has the AMGearing system that provides a better and smoother rotor movement and an enhanced durability. The reel is equipped with 8 HPCR ball bearings which are made out of stainless steel. Also, it includes a roller bearing to offer the user a steady experience with an extreme corrosion protection. This has an improved gear design, optimized using computer analysis that allows a precise and efficient gear system. Drag system of the Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel is a Carbon matrix Hybrid system that ensures an unparalleled and smooth drag performance. Another important feature of this design is its body that is made following the Insert Molded C6 technology and it is combined with the x-crafty gearbox which is also made out using C6 carbon. This offers a lightweight construction and a perfect gear alignment.

12. Yoshikawa Bait Feeder Spinning Reel

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The most attractive feature of this spinning reel is the bait feeder, which offers a fully free mode of spooling. It has the ability to release the free running live line simply with a flip of a small lever without having to open the bail. It also provides a wider and more accurate drag adjustment as well. The side plate of this reel together with its body is constructed using Titan graphite to increase the durability. The spool is also precisely designed with anodized aluminum. Handles of this versatile device are made out of heavy duty aluminum and they are left/right interchangeable and foldable as well. It also includes a main shaft made out of stainless steel. Bait feeder reel is equipped with 10 corrosion resistant ball bearings to offer you a perfectly smooth rotor movement and its internal gears are machine cut and have an accurate gear ratio of 5.5:1. You have the freedom to choose your spinning reel from a range of sizes and capacities.

13. Sixgill Fishing Spinning Reel

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Holding a solid place on the Best Spinning gears available in 2017, the Sixgill Fishing Spinning Reel is equipped with multi-disk drag system and it has felt drag washers as well. The body of the reel and its rotor are made out of high-quality graphite for enhanced corrosion resistance. The main shaft of this spinning reel is made out of high-end stainless steel and it also has a lightweight spool which is machined from aluminum. You can choose this spinning reel from a wide range of Karve Series and the range varies depending on your load requirements. It includes 10 heavy duty ball bearings and all of them are corrosion resistant and durable in order to provide a better and a smoother rotor movement. The bearings enhance the strength and the ability of reel to withstand wave loads. This device is made and serviced in Texas and it is recommended by professional anglers.

14. Goswot Interchangeable Fishing Spinning Reel

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Goswot’s Spinning reel has a collapsible rocker arm and it has the left/right interchangeable feature to offer you a more customized and reliable fishing experience. It includes 12 high-quality ball bearings to reduce friction and also a metal cup to hold and release the light cable as your preference. Handle of this spinning reel is made out of wood for enhanced comfort and its delicate design, together with its materials ensures the light weight of the also backed by the advanced oscillating system for laying the light line and the body of the reel consists of ultra-thin streamlined to enhance its performance and efficiency. This tool is equipped with 12 heavy duty ball bearings which are corrosion resistant to provide a smoother reel movement.

15. Booms Fishing Omani Spinning Reel

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Omani Spinning reel is an ideal fishing reel for salt water because its body is made out of carbon fiber and its spool is designed with aluminum. Both these materials that are involved in its construction not only make it corrosion resistant but also lightweight. It is equipped with 10 advanced ball bearings and an anti-reverse roller bearing. These bearings offer the reel a steadier and a smoother performance while keeping the friction as low as possible. Materials together with its unique design offer this tool an enhanced abrasion resistant property as well. This device has the front drag system to provide a better drag and an anti-tangling line roller to make your life easier with a hassle free laying of light line. With a purchase of this Omani spinning reel, Booms Fishing offers you a warranty of 1 year as well.