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Winter is as glorious a season to look forward to as any other. But it is not without its own fair share of weather hazards. The perfect way to ruin your day would be some massive snowfall that would render everything from your driveway to the shop next door unrecognizable and uninhabitable.

Naturally, something has to be done about that, which is why there is our modern assortment of snow throwers to check out. Far from the ones that needed you to pull hard to get them running, these get the job done a lot quicker with minimal effort. If you are living in an area where it snows heavily, you have come to the right place. We have assembled a list of the best commercially available snow throwers right now. All of them are proven to be highly efficient at clearing away snow and making your life in winter a whole lot easier and more manageable. And some them offer a little bit more than that.

So wrap yourself warm and take a long hard look at our list to see which snow thrower will be coming to your home in a few days.

Husqvarna Power Steering Snow Thrower


Product Info
  • 208cc Husqvarna engine
  • Remote Chute Deflector/Remote Chute Rotator
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty and 5 Year Engine Warranty
Why we like it: She is all the power you need for a day out clearing snow, and reliable enough to supply a three-year warranty.

Editor’s rating:

We are traditionally accustomed to power steering as a feature you get on a car. Well, guess what? Now it is on a snow thrower as well; specifically this one, the aptly named Husqvarna Power Steering Snow Thrower. Along with an electric start mechanism, this snow thrower is good for 208cc, which is plenty in terms of power. It will clear away unwanted snow accumulated between 2 and 12 inches, and it will take absolutely no prisoners on that.

As we mentioned earlier, power steering is a standard feature on this snow buster. Other standard features on it include the 208cc Husqvarna engine, an LED headlight, a clearing path of 24 inches, a remotely operated rotating chute system with a range of 180 degrees, plus a remotely operated deflector, 12-inch ribbon augers with improved performance, a friction disc transmission, a gearbox made from aluminum, 15-inch wide tires, a generous 2.7 liter fuel tank, and heated grip handles. And it is all wrapped in a formidable package that comes with 3 years of warranty for everything besides the engine and gearbox… they get a 5-year warranty.

EGO Power+ 21″ 56-Volt Lithium-ion Dual Port Snow Blower


Product Info
  • Peak Power technology combines the power of 2 EGO POWER+ 56-volt batteries
  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • 21-inch clearing width
Why we like it: This one is built to take on the big messes that can really spoil your day and has the hardware it needs to clear up in no time.

Editor’s rating:

Some snow throwers will shiver in fright when you show them snowfall that is deep, heavy, or wet. The particular one likes to take on those challenges head-on. It was designed from the onset for heavy duty labor. And we do not doubt it at all. It combines the power of two EGO 56-volt ARC lithium batteries that can power through even heavy, thick, and wet snow.

With an easily adjustable variable-speed auger, you can control just how far the snow is thrown and this can be up to 35 feet. It contains two bright LED lights that make it incredibly convenient for removing snow early in the mornings or late at night.

If you are looking for a reliable and convenient snow thrower that is incredibly powerful then you are in luck, this snow thrower will do just the trick!

Briggs and Stratton Dual Stage Snow Thrower


Product Info
  • 24 Inch wide clearing path with a 20 inch intake height
  • Powerful 950 snow series 208cc Engine for 9.5 foot pounds of torque
  • Friction disk drive system and equipped with an electric start for effortless starting
Why we like it: It has oodles of power that clear the way easily on a sidewalk or driveway and comes with a reassuring 3-year warranty plan.

Editor’s rating:

It has an engine that fires away 208cc of power and 9 and a half foot-pounds of torque. With power like that, the Briggs and Stratton Dual-Stage snow thrower will obliterate blockages on sidewalks and other frequented areas with ease. It will make you a clearing path at least 24 inches wide and can take in snow as high as 20 inches. That makes it the ideal snow busting machine to take with you for a stroll down the sidewalk or driveway.

It has an electric starting facility, of course, so firing it up requires nothing more than pushing a button. Also installed is a friction disc system with 6 forward gears and 2 reverse gears plus a 12-inch steel scroll auger. The gearbox is made from aluminum which is very light as it is strong. Warranty for both this snow thrower including the engine is valid for 3 years. We know for a fact that this manufacturer is second to none in terms of the build quality and reliability of its products.

Troy-Bilt Electric Start Snow Thrower


Product Info
  • Powered by a dependable 208cc 4-cycle OHV Electric Start engine and a push button electric start makes clearing large...
  • Clears snowy walkways up to 21" wide and 13" deep in one pass
  • The polymer chute is equipped with a 2-way remote chute control with 190 degree rotation for efficient snow displacement
Why we like it: TheTroy-Bilt snow thrower is right up there with the rest of the competition with its updated and improved functionality and warranty plan.

Editor’s rating:

With snow throwers are now incorporating powerful motors and electric start mechanisms and such, Troy-Bilt has not been one to lag behind. Their Squall 2100 snow thrower uses a 4-cycle OHV engine which produces 208cc, and a simple push-button electric start system. None of that strenuous pulling exercise will be necessary to start it up anymore. You can save those for your gym workout. And it proves to be just as convenient when you are using it. We just had to give it a try.

The Troy-Bilt Squall will clear a path that is 21 inches wide and 13 inches deep. That is more than respectable if you intend to do a little community service on the sidewalk or your own driveway. The polymer chute has a rotating axis of 190 degrees so you have a wide range of directions on where you think the snow should be displaced. All the more reassuring is that it comes with a warranty plan worth a good 2 years.

Snow Joe Ion Cordless Brushless Snow Blower


Product Info
  • Lightweight: lightweight design (Only 32 lbs) to easily clear sidewalks, driveways and decks
  • Cordless: 40V 4. 0 Ah iONMAX rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery provides up to 50 minutes of whisper-quiet runtime
  • Auto-rotate Chute: 180° auto-rotate directional Chute throws snow up to 20 feet
Why we like it: One of the most sophisticated snow blowers we have come across with a level of comfort and functionality that few others can match.

Editor’s rating:

Cord? What cord? Welcome to the Snow Joe Ion Cordless – that’s right – Cordless brushless snow blower. And we realize of course that we have a fair bit more explaining to do before we can persuade you of its greatness. So now we have a rechargeable 40-volt lithium-ion battery system which by the way has a patent pending on it. And because it is battery powered, it houses some unique benefits. You have up to 50 minutes of super silent runtime and absolutely no carbon emissions whatsoever.

So indeed, there no pull cords, no gas, no oil, or tune-ups, or tangle-happy extension cords to worry about. This Snow Joe Ion truly represents what is so great about modern snow blowers. It is a whole lot more user-friendly than ever before and just as efficient at getting the job done. You can start it up with a single push of a button and adjust the handle to your convenience before using it. The steel auger with its dual rubber blades is no stranger to heavy lifting, able to dispatch nearly 500 pounds of snow every minute.

WEN Snow Blaster Electric Snow Thrower


Product Info
  • Lightweight: lightweight design (Only 32 lbs) to easily clear sidewalks, driveways and decks
  • Cordless: 40V 4. 0 Ah iONMAX rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery provides up to 50 minutes of whisper-quiet runtime
  • Auto-rotate Chute: 180° auto-rotate directional Chute throws snow up to 20 feet
Why we like it: It clears a decent size path for you and is highly maneuverable.

Editor’s rating:

Winter is always a time to look forward to… until Mother Nature decides the joke is on you gets you trapped inside with an onslaught of snowfall. In these irritating moments, you can rely on the WEN snow blaster to level the playing field. It will clear your way 18 inches wide and 10 inches high. Using its thirteen and a half amp engine, it can pick up unwanted snow and fling it up to 20 feet away easily wherever you want it.

The rate at which this thing can batter snow out of its way is a colossal 490 pounds a minute. Its pivoting snow chute contains a hand crank that will easily adjust the direction of the blast up to 180 degrees. Crucially, it is also quite light and roles on top of 6-inch wheels. Therefore, it is highly maneuverable in extremely cold conditions. And being a WEN product, it comes with a dependable 2-year warranty and very friendly customer service.

Power Smart DB5023 Electric Snow Thrower


No products found.

Why we like it: Clever design all round that makes it the ideal tool for getting rid of nuisance snowfall in a hurry.

Editor’s rating:

The exhausting chore of winter that is snow clearing will seem a lot less so with the Power Smart DB5023 electric snow thrower at your disposal. It uses a 13 amp electric motor that is good for clearing away a path 18 inches wide and 8 inches deep in one pass. Its auger is rubber tipped and extremely durable. And it can hurl snow up to 30 feet away. That is just vicious. There are other appreciable features about it too.

Thanks to a chute that is adjustable to 180 degrees, you can hurl your problem snowfall in just about any direction that takes your fancy. The chute handle is deliberately oversized to allow it to fit perfectly when you are wearing gloves, which only makes sense in a snowy climate. The hand grip is foam coated so you can waste time feeling how comfortable they are before moving on to the actual snow clearance. Another oversized feature is the auxiliary handle that makes for easy shifting of the whole thing.

GreenWorks 16-Inch Corded Snow Shovel


No products found.

Why we like it: This snow thrower is not only immensely capable, it is also responsible towards the environment and that is just the type of progress we like to see.

Editor’s rating:

With the GreenWorks snow shovel, you get the opportunity of using a snow thrower that is not only good at clearing your way in the winter but also does its bit to save a few polar bears in the process. Yes, we are talking of device that whose carbon footprint is an absolute zero. Consequently, that number also describes how cool it is. As you would expect, the motor is electric and produces 10 amps, enough to take on heavy-duty challenges.

GreenWorks also likes to scoff at the industry standard in terms of build quality and assurance. So they have gone ahead and given this snow thrower 4 years of warranty. If that is not a head-turning feature, we do not know what else is. On a single pass, it will clear an area that is 16 inches wide and 6 inches deep. And its chute mechanism can hurl snow up to 25 feet away. And the 14-foot impeller can shift snow at a rate of 600 pounds per minute.

Toro Power Shovel Electric Snow Thrower


No products found.

Why we like it: It is compact, lightweight, and easily maneuverable and because it is electric, does not need much in the way of maintenance.

Editor’s rating:

You would imagine going by its appearance that the Toro snow thrower would not be of any use at all if a serious tonnage happens to seal you in. But make no mistake, it has the muscle to shift at least 300 pounds of snow every minute. It has a clearing width of 12 inches and depth of 6 inches and while that is not exactly astonishing, there are gains elsewhere. This snow thrower is incredibly light, so you will be able to shift it around faster and easier.

The weight in question is just 13 pounds. A compact and lightweight snow clearing mechanism is not only ideal for shifting around and storage, it also takes less of a toll on your body, reducing the stress exerted on joints and back. It is quick, effective and requires minimum effort. And maintaining it on a daily basis is a breeze thanks to a lack of gas or oil, spark plugs, and time-consuming tune-ups that all done away with by an electrical system.

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