If you are looking for your daily nutritional boost, then you are probably going to fix yourself a smoothie. It is an excellent way to get your vitamins and minerals in a delicious and easy-to-gulp manner. So it’s no surprise to find a smoothie craze sweeping the world.

Get Your Own Smoothie Machine

However, heading to your local smoothie spot can get quite expensive, especially if you make a habit of it. This is why more and more people are buying smoothie makers so they can make their own drinks at home. Not only is this a lot cheaper, you get to customize your drinks however you want with your own smoothie machine.

Now, your health drink will only be as good as the machine that you use to make it. Thus, you need the best possible smoothie maker to get you started. Here, you will find some of the highest quality devices available.

1. Vitamix Professional Series 750

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Why we like it: The Vitamix Professional Series 750 is a blender and smoothie maker that is incomparable in power, features, durability, and versatility.

Vitamix is a brand that is well-known for its blending power. Of course, it is a bit expensive but it is certainly worthy as an investment. If you want a blender that can essentially do anything, including make wonderful smoothies, then the Vitamix is definitely for you. There are a lot of features with this blender, including various programs and speeds. This makes it well-suited for blending various smoothie ingredients at different speeds or powers. This way, you can get the perfect consistency each and every time. You will never have to deal with another chewy smoothie again.

Due to all of that power, the motor comes with its own cooling aspects. Even if you are trying to blend something incredibly tough, you will not wear out the motor. The blades are also aircraft-grade which also allows you to tackle ice and hard fruits and vegetables with ease. Even the most complex smoothie will take only a short while to make. The large container lets you make drinks for as many people as you want or to make drinks ahead of time and store them. The container has measurement levels which allows you to see just how much of the drink you are making.

2. Cleanblend Smoothie Blender

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Why we like it: Whether it is for your home or for your buisness, the Cleanblend Smoothie Blender gives you the power to make great tasting smoothies right at home.

With the new Cleanblend Smoothie Blender, you can take advantage of making some of the best smoothies right in the comfort of your own home. If you are someone who runs a restaurant business or small shop, then this is also an ideal commercial blender to have in your place of business as well.

The power of the Cleanblend Smoothie Blender lies in the fact that it is so incredibly versatile. This commercial blender allows you to blend everything from smoothies to fresh juice to ice creams and even salsa dressings and soups. Because of its versatility, this is the ideal appliance to have on hand if you make a wide range of drinks and foods.

The Cleanblend Smoothie Blender uses a food grade stainless steel 8 blade system that has sealed ball bearings that allow you to get the best quality blend every time. This stainless steel system is what allows you to make commercial smoothies and milkshakes. For even more power, there are variable speed controls and pulse features that allow you to get the consistency and texture that you want. While you can certainly make single serve batches of drinks, the Cleanblend Smoothie Blender is super helpful for making several drinks at once. With the bpa-free 64 Oz container that comes standard with this blender, you can make enough drinks to serve a party without having to blend for several sessions.

3. Jamba Appliances Blender

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Why we like it: The Jamba Appliances blender has enormous power and can make quick smoothies. It is still an incredibly quiet machine.

One of the main complaints about blenders and smoothie makers are the noise. The whirr can be incredibly loud, especially if you are trying to blend hardy fruits and vegetables. The Jamba Appliances blender takes care of this excessive sound by having its very own ‘Quiet Shield’. As a result, the sound is significantly used while this blender is working. This is a good thing considering that the smoothie maker motor boasts 1.6 peak horsepower. This really is a heavy duty blender that can cut through practically anything that you put into it. Your smoothie will taste better and be healthier too.

There are numerous speed settings on this blender which lets you make a smoothie precisely according to the texture and consistency that you like. It also allows you to make sure that ingredients of varying toughness are blended down to the same thickness. The 32-ounce container is completely shatterproof which means that it is going to last you quite a while, even if you use it every day. There is also a 20-ounce container that you can take as a to-go cup, complete with its own lid. All of the containers are BPA-free and can be used regularly.

4. Ninja Master QB900B

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Why we like it: The Ninja Master QB900B is powerful enough to blend ice and frozen fruits to make delicious frozen smoothies. It is also a hassle-free device.

One of the ways to make an ultra-nutritious smoothie go down a little easier is to make it frozen. Of course, one of the scariest things to do to a blender is to drop ice cubes into it. With the Ninja Master smoothie maker, there’s no need to worry. The blades on this are able to reduce the ice to a slush-like consistency in just moments with no harm done to the machine itself. You can see the same action performed on any frozen fruit or other frozen drinks such as orange juice or even yogurt. Nothing will slow this maker down.

This is also the perfect blender if you want to make smoothies for several people. The processor is capable of containing up to two cups of ingredients. There is also a smaller chopper bowl that will help you get through fruits or veggies that are a little tougher. Not only is the Ninja Master easy to use, it leaves no mess behind at all. There is an anti-splash guard and easy flip spout. This means that you don’t have to fret over splatters or spills, even as you are pouring your smoothie into your cup. All in all, it is a great smoothie making appliance for your kitchen.

5. Nutribullet 12 Piece Mixer System

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Why we like it: The Nutribullet is specifically designed to tackle smoothie making. Its powerful motor means that any ingredient can be added to your smoothie.

Nutribullet is one of the most well-known names among smoothie makers and with good reason. A hallmark of this blender is its motors and blades. With 600W behind precisely designed blades, the Nutribullet is capable of making any vegetable or fruit into a smoothie-like consistency. This is an excellent option for anyone who likes to add raw vegetables into their daily drinks. Even nuts and similarly tough foods can be ground down to a smooth consistency. The benefit of the blender doing this is that all the nutrients are captured and will remain in your drink. This makes your smoothie that much healthier.

The other advantage with this blender is just how easy it is to use. Once the cup has been placed on the base, it is simply a matter of pushing down until your drink has reached desired consistency. When using the Nutribullet, you can choose between the tall mug and small mugs to decide how large you want your drink to be. That’s not all, it is easy to convert these mugs into to-go cups. All you have to do is use one of the lids provided in the package and you can take your smoothie with you. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

6. Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

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Why we like it: The Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is an excellent option for smoothies on the go. It is powerful yet compact, offering a great start to your day.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and starting your day off with a smoothie is an excellent decision. If you are strapped for time in the mornings, this Hamilton Beach blender will make sure that you leave home with a smoothie in your hand. This is because it doubles as a travel mug. You can do all your blending in the same container and when you are done, you just need to put a lid on it and leave. While this blender may be on the small side, it doesn’t lack in power. It is more than capable of cutting through sliced fruits and veggies to produce a delicious smoothie.

Not only is this blender travel sized, it is also likely to fit into most cup holders in a vehicle. It also has a sturdy base and will not topple over. This means you can sip your smoothie on your way to work. In fact, this blender is so small, you can take the entire machine to work with you. Since the container doesn’t contain any BPA plastic, you can use it on a daily basis with no worry. It comes with a drinking lid that is equipped with a spout. This makes drinking from this cup a lot more comfortable and helps to prevent a mess too.

7. Epica Personal Blender

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Why we like it: The Epica Personal Blender is a powerful, small blender that performs as a smoothie maker and the perfect travel bottle.

This blender may be compact but it has a motor that can perform at 250W. This means that most fruits and vegetables will be easily pulverized, leaving behind a perfectly made smoothie. You can certainly widen your range of foods that you want to put in your drink with this blender. If you think that the blender is oddly shaped, there is a reason. This is because once you put a drinking lid on this container, you have got yourself a travel bottle. The lid can be sealed so that not even a drop of your drink will be spilled either on your person or your car.

What is truly impressive about a blender this size is its durability. Made from BPA-free plastic, the container is unlikely to get scratched or cracked even when taking it on your daily commute. In fact, the blender comes with a risk-free, two-year warranty. Pressure is not the only thing that this container can resist; it is great at monitoring temperature too. Once your smoothie is in a cup, it will remain unaffected by temperatures ranging from -40°F – 120°F. This also means that you can even pop this bottle in the freezer for a nice, frozen treat during the summer.

8. CHULUX Personal Blender

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Why we like it: The CHULUX Personal Blender is the perfect fit for an athlete or for someone who is on the go. It is well-equipped to be carried around.

This is certainly one of the smaller smoothie makers on the market. Nonetheless, it does not compromise on motor power. The 300W copper motor means that all of the ingredients will be blended smoothly together to make a refreshing drink. In addition to making your favorite smoothie in a matter of moments, this blender works incredibly quietly. This is definitely something that you don’t mind using to make your morning smoothie. Also, its mini-size means that it will fit well even in the smallest kitchen. The non-slip design ensures that the blender remains in place while it is working and that there is no mess made.

What truly stands out about this smoothie maker, however, is just how well-equipped it is for sports enthusiasts and busy people. The blender easily converts to a sports bottle, complete with its very own non-slip grip for when you are on the move. The lid is made to create a complete seal on the bottle and it is absolutely leak proof. Furthermore, it is equipped with folding hooks on the lids. This allows you to place it almost anywhere. It has been designed to not only fit in vehicle cup holders but also bottle holders on bicycles as well.

9. Oster My Blend Blender

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Why we like it: The Oster My Blend Blender is perfect for athletes or anyone who is always on the go. This smoothie maker offers a compact solution for making drinks.

If you are someone who prides yourself on being healthy or likes to fill up on smoothies when working out, then you will be impressed with this device. The My Blend blender is a sports bottle and smoothie maker in one. All you have to do is place the container filled with smoothie ingredients on the base and your drink will be ready in moments. Then, it is a matter of detaching it and voila, you have a to-go sports bottle on your hands filled with a delicious smoothie. There’s no need for additional containers and you also managed to avert a bigger mess.

While this blender may be compact, it doesn’t make it any less effective. In fact, the motor and the blades are strong enough to cut ice if you need it. Furthermore, if it does happen to overheat, there is a built-in resettable fuse that will have the blender working again in minutes. When you are done with your smoothie, you can wash it out and convert it into a water or drinks bottle with ease. The bottle is made from BPA-free plastic and is completely safe to use on a daily basis. Clean up is also a breeze as it is dishwasher safe.

10. BELLA Rocket Extract PRO Power Blender

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Why we like it: The BELLA Rocket Extra PRO power blender is a smoothie maker that can do it all. You can chop, grind, crush, and puree with ease.

The BELLA blender is as sleek as it is powerful – and it certainly is potent. The motor on this blender is capable of producing 700W of power! This makes it ideal for individuals who like to add a little something extra to their smoothies. So, if you want to make a super-smoothie complete with grains or nuts, you can dump them right in. this blender will make short work of these ingredients and have them pulverized enough to completely mix in with the rest of the liquid ingredients. All fruits and vegetables will be similarly handled and turned into a delicious smoothie in a short time.

The BELLA Rocket is so much more than just a blender, however. It is also excellent for storing the smoothies that you have made. This machine comes with five tumblers – three tall ones and two short ones. Thus, you can make smoothies for numerous people. You can also make your drinks ahead of time and store them. There are three sealed lids that will let you keep your smoothie in the fridge. There is also a drinking lid so that you can take one of these tumblers with you when you are on the move. You can’t ask for anything more from a smoothie maker.