Slip and slides make for the perfect adjunct activity to fun summertime events like pool parties and trips to the waterpark.

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Slip and slides offer the distinct advantage of quickly rolling out in your backyard, making them the perfect alternative to a swimming pool (or a fun activity for kids when placed next to one).

Today’s slip and slides are available in exciting designs that provide hours of entertainment for toddlers, kids, and even adults.

Check out our informative guide for the best slip and slides of 2019, including:

  • Impact free slides designed for toddlers
  • Giant racing slip and slides with dual lanes
  • Waterpark slip and slides featuring exciting adventure themes
  • Sleek, compact slip and slides ideal for small backyardsRead on to discover our picks for the best slip and slides of 2019

Wow Super Slide

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The Wow Super Slide is the ultimate giant racing slide, coming it at twenty-five feet long and six feet wide. The Wow Super Slide includes its own sprinkler system, uniquely designed to keep each inch of its surface slick and ready for play.

We especially appreciate the Wow Super Slide for its durable PVC vinyl construction and easy assembly. The slide also includes two mini surfboard sleds, for a maximum waterpark like experience. We recommend the Wow Super Slide for summer cookouts, birthday parties, and other events.

Blast Zone Hydro Rush Water Park

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Blast Zone’s Hydro Rush Water Park encourages hours of play and social interaction with its playground style design. We love the Blast Zone Hydro Rush for its durable vinyl construction and easy assembly.

While the Hydro Rush is suitable for children as young as three years of age, it’s also an option that older kids are sure to love. The set includes two overhead sprayers to keep the water (and fun) flowing.

The Hydro Rush Water Park features a ten-foot slide and splash and play area, ideal for cooling down on those hot summer days.

Blast Zone Tropical Splash Water Slide

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Blast Zone makes our list once again with another winning option for kids ages five to twelve. The Tropical Splash Water Slide is a compact, small scale inflatable water slide that packs in the fun.

Although the Tropical Splash slide stands at five and a half feet tall, its modest design features the same action-packed fun as other sets from Blast Zone–including a climbing wall, splash area, and plenty of room to play.

The Tropical Splash Slide is ideal for small backyards, apartment complexes, and small children. Due to the Tropical Splash slide’s compact size, it’s also lightweight and easy to transport.

Like other products from Blast Zone, the Tropical Splash Slide features durable vinyl construction that is resistant to punctures and tearing. For parents in search of a waterslide that offers simple storage, the Blast Zone Tropical Splash is an ideal choice.

Little Tikes Slam n Curve Slide

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The Little Tikes Slam n Curve Slide is an excellent choice for children as young as four years of age and can accommodate children up to age twelve. The slide accommodates up to four children easily and features a large splash pool.

The Slam n Curve Slide also features a rock wall, suitable for children ages five and up to climb on their way to the slide. We especially appreciate the Slam n Curve for its rounded, curved slide and padded design that cushions falls and allows small children to land easily from the slide into the splash pool.

Kids will also appreciate the slide’s included ball and hoop, transforming the Slam n Curve Slide into a mini basketball court on hot summer days. The slide features highly durable vinyl that is resistant to punctures and tearing, so you can place the Slam n Curve in most areas of your backyard.

Parents looking for a slide that is easy to fold away in storage may want to opt for an alternative, as the Slam n Curve Slide’s ultra-durable design can be tricky to store in smaller spaces when not in use.

Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Waterpark

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Another waterpark style slide from Blast Zone, the Crocodile Isle set provides hours of entertainment for children ages five to thirteen. Crocodile Isle is a large water park set, featuring a giant crocodile design that includes a climbing wall and splash pool.

The set includes dual slides, both of which come equipped with overhead spray mechanisms. We especially love the placement of the set’s climbing wall, located directly in the middle near the splash pool.

In comparison to other inflatable water parks and slides, the centrally located splash pool allows for less tracking of mud and grass into the playset, because children do not have to exit the waterpark to climb the wall.

In addition to the centrally located climbing wall, Crocodile Isle features grip handles located on the climbing wall to accommodate younger children and enhance safety.

Like other waterparks and slides from Blast Zone, Crocodile Isle promises tough, extremely durable construction and seams that withstand wear and rough play. Overall, we love Blast Zone’s Crocodile Isle for its imaginative design, durability, and large size that encourages hours of social interaction and play.

Wahii Waterslide

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The Wahii Waterslide holds the distinctive title of biggest backyard waterslide in the world, with the ability to connect to other slides to form a massive backyard water slide adventure.

The Wahii is available in two giant sizes: fifty or seventy-five feet long. The sheer size of the Wahii waterslide alone provides hours of entertainment for adults and kids while making an excellent conversation starter among summer party guests.

Due to its massive size, the Wahii waterslide is designed to lay on hilly backyards that will accommodate its expansive length.

To ensure a safe and comfortable riding experience, the Wahii features ultra durable fasteners that lock the slide in place on top of the grass. We recommend the Wahii Waterslide for ultra big yards that can accommodate its length, or as the ideal water slide for events like summer day camps.

Intex Ocean Inflatable Play Center

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The Intex Ocean Inflatable Play Center is the ultimate island getaway waterpark for children ages five to twelve. Featuring a large scale size, durable construction, and spacious wading pool, the Intex Ocean Play Center easily accommodates multiple children.

We love the multifunctional design, with areas designed specifically for younger children, older children, and a wading pool that can accommodate parents assisting little ones in and out.

The Intex is an ideal option for large families with children of varying ages, as well as summer pool parties. We love the Intex for it’s simplistic, durable design and easy assembly.

For added fun, the Intex Ocean Inflatable Play Center includes a ring toss game that both little ones and older children are sure to enjoy.

Intex Surf n Slide Play Center

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Another waterslide option from Intex that is suitable for younger kids, the Surf n Slide Play Center features a fun shark design that is sure to delight.

The Surf n Slide is specially designed to accommodate younger riders and is padded with a cushioning, impact free construction to ensure a gentle play experience for little ones.

The set’s runway design rolls out to about fifteen feet in length, a medium scale play center that fits easily into most backyards.

The Surf n Slide’s fun shark mouth design gently propels riders down the impact free slide, into the wading pool. The set also includes two surf riders for kids to lounge on or practice surfing in the wading pool.

Overall, the Intex Surf n Slide Play Center features ultra-durable construction, easy assembly, and a gently cushioned impact free design that we recommend for children under five years of age.

Intex Dinosaur Play Center

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Another ultra fun option from Intex, this dinosaur inspired slide and waterpark will provide hours of entertainment for both young and older kids alike.

This set features a moderately scaled design, suitable for hosting small backyard waterpark parties and accommodating guests. We love the set for its durable construction and simplistic, yet exciting design.

For maximum fun, the Intex Dinosaur Play Center includes six balls for kids to toss into the roaring dinosaur’s mouth.

Team Magnus XXL Giant Water Slide

[amazon box=”B00IMZ4KEC”]

As its name implies, the Team Magnus XXL is a giant waterslide that outsizes most other slides on the market. At thirty-one feet long and five feet wide, the Team Magnus XXL is the ideal racing water slide.

Team Magnus XXL is the ideal slide for neighborhood parties, large families, and other summer events.

Team Magnus XXL includes two lanes, perfect for either racing or playing together on the slide at the same time, with a buffer zone that comfortably separates riders. The slide features durable construction made from PVC vinyl that is resistant to punctures and tears.

We recommend The Team Magnus XXL Giant Waterslide for large families and summertime backyard pool parties.

Blast Zone Spray n’ Splash 2

[amazon box=”B000KI111Y”]

Another top-rated option from Blast Zone, the Spray n Splash 2 features a sleek, attractive design that provides hours of fun for children ages two to eight years old.

In comparison to other slides and waterparks from Blast Zone, the Spray n Splash 2 features the same durable construction, large splash pool, and climbing wall.

The Spray n Splash 2 also features the smart design of Blast Zone’s other sets, including an inner located return wall that prevents tracking mud and other debris from entering and exiting the splash pool.

The set’s climbing wall features safety handles and footholes, perfect for accommodating younger climbers and enhancing safety. We love the Spray n Splash 2 for its convenient, easy storage. Once deflated, the set folds away with ease to store when not in use.

Banzai Speed Blast Dual Racing Slide

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The Banzai Speed Blast Dual Racing Slide is a mid-sized racing slide that easily accommodates dual riders, coming in at eighteen feet long and just under five feet wide.

The Speed Blast features a bright, stimulating design with two sleek lanes that guide to a wading pool with fun flame designs. The Speed Blast is best suited to flat, mid-sized yards, and can accommodate children ages five to twelve.

Wham-O Double Surf Rider

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The Wham-O Double Surf Rider is a mid-sized racing waterslide that extends to about sixteen feet long, while comfortably accommodating side by side riders. Wham-O is the original family fun waterslide, with a history dating back more than fifty years. We love the Double Surf Rider’s updated take on the classic waterslide design.

The Double Surf Rider is made from puncture resistant PVC vinyl and includes a repair kit to ensure that the slide is always ready for fun. We love the Wham-O Double Surf Rider for its two included anchors and convenient inflation (which doesn’t require an air pump).

How We Chose Our Favorites

Accuracy is important to us, that’s why products featured on our Best Of guides earn a spot on our list through a rigorous research process.

Products featured on our Top Ten lists are sourced only from top rated choices in their respective categories, put to the test by our team of consumer specialists, then reviewed by a panel of experts before earning a spot on our list.

Buyer’s Guide: Features to Be on The Lookout for in The Ultimate Slip and Slide

Now that we’ve shared our picks for the best slip and slides of 2019 let’s discuss the criteria that went into our process to provide you with a foolproof buying experience.


First and foremost, safe construction is the most important feature of any slip and slide. The safest slip and slides feature cushioned, inflated designs that protect riders in the event of a fall.

Avoid thin, tarp style slip and slides in favor of cushioned designs. For younger children, inflated slides and water parks such as Little Tikes Slam n’Curve Slide, are ideal for providing a cushioned impact free experience.


Generally speaking, the durability of a slip and slide is as important as its overall safety. While slip and slides are available in a range of materials, opting for durable PVC vinyl that is resistant to punctures and tears is your best bet.

Durable slip and slides will not only last longer than poorly constructed alternatives but also provide a safer experience by reducing the risk of tears and punctures.


While fun may seem like the most noticeable feature to look for in a slip and slide, it doesn’t hurt to keep in mind while on the hunt for the perfect slip and slide to provide hours of entertainment at your next summer barbeque.

Look for multifunctional, smartly designed options that include ring tossing games, mini basketball courts, and exciting designs, like Blast Zone’s Crocodile Isle slide and waterpark.