Sleeping masks can make sleeping comfortable while travelling or at home. These eye masks can block out any light so wearers find it easy to fall asleep without outside interference. Sleeping masks can also gently press down against the face like a pillow without causing friction. There are many other benefits of sleeping masks as well. A soothing and cooling eye mask can reduce puffiness during sleep. The heat and pressure provided by some fabric sleeping masks can provide temporary relief against conditions like sinus blockage and migraines. People with medically diagnosed sleep disorders can use eye masks to increase REM sleep time. Now that you know the many benefits of wearing a sleep mask, let’s look at some of the best sleep masks available for purchase online.

Zlipy Sleep Mask

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This is marketed as a therapeutic gel eye mask suitable for both travelling and at home use. It comes with an adjustable and a pair of ear plugs for sleeping sessions free of annoying light or noise distractions. This sleeping mask is made from a synthetic fabric covering that is breathable and soft. The gel pouch fits in the mask sleeve. Even with the pouch inside, this mask is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. Not only does it block light completely, the cooling gel is good for reducing swelling and puffiness around the eyes as well. You can wear it for sleeping, napping on the go or meditating. The gel pouch will not stain your bedding. You can apply the mask cold and hot. For cold application, refrigerate the gel pouch for about an hour before use. In the freezer, the gel will freeze solid. For warm application, place the gel pouch in warm water no hotter than 80ºC (176ºF) for 10 to 15 minutes and use. You can wear the mask without the pouch if desired.

Roybens Breathable Natural Silk Eye Mask

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This is a very soft and breathable mask that would feel like soothing feathers against your face. It’s made from 100 percent mulberry silk that provides a cooling feeling and doesn’t heat up in the middle of the night. The material is naturally hypoallergenic so allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin can use without a worry. Though the material is breathable, this sleeping mask can block out all light without a trace. Secure this around your face using the flexible straps and you can sleep in any position. The mask doesn’t exert unnecessary pressure against the face so you won’t wake up with blurred vision or dry eyes. It is suitable for protecting the eyelashes while sleeping. This mask is ideal for napping during daytime. The fabric is easy to clean and is machine washable (but be careful of machine spin). The package contains earplugs to drown out annoying noises that interrupt sleep.

3D Sleep Mask

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This is essentially a sleep mask with cavities for the eyes to make sure the fabric doesn’t touch the eyes. If you don’t like regular sleeping masks that exert pressure on the eyes, this would be a good choice. The sleeping mask is made from fabric covered high density memory form. The mask only weights 0.4 ounces, which is nothing, and is about 0.6 cm thick. It can block light without touching your eyelashes. The Velcro strap is adjustable between 10 and 20 cm. You can secure the strap comfortably around the head without trapping hair. The mask is suitable for travelling and everyday use. You can fold the mask if needed because it won’t lose shape. You won’t have to worry about the mask getting crushed and misshapen when carrying in a bag or a purse. The mask comes with a silk travelling pouch and ear plugs to make carrying easy. Total weight is 19g.

Sleeping Mask with Bleeder Vent

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This mask is specially designed to fit the curves and contours of the upper part of the face. It has a special nose groove so that sleeping mask doesn’t feel uncomfortable against the nose. This is a problem most eye mask wearers face. If you especially have nighttime breathing problems, you might want to consider this sleeping mask that does not exert extra pressure on the nose. More importantly, this mask stands out because of the bleeder vents situated on each side of the mask. The vents keep the wearer cool throughout the night. If you are particularly sensitive to the feeling most sleeping masks exert, these bleeder vents might just be what you need. They don’t rub up against the eyes or eyelashes either. The mask is made from high elastic Oxford cloth for additional comfort. The straps of the mask makes it easier to wear ear plugs as well.

MZOO Sleep Eye Mask

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This sleep mask is sure to keep you comfortable all night long. It is made with low-rebound memory foam, which is both soft and comfortable. It leaves no pressure on your eyes, and the eye space is wider and deeper than other flat eye masks. Silk masks are known to oppress the eyes.

There is a unique heat-bonded technology used with this eye mask, rather than glue. This makes it sturdy and durable, and it won’t easily fall apart. The top-quality fiber fabric won’t stain bed sheets or pillows and memory foam makes you feel comfortable.

This eye mask is meant to fit all size heads, and there is a fully adjustable strap that’s easy to adjust and won’t catch hair. It effectively blocks lights and is loose enough that your eyes can comfortably blink.

This mask is ideal for yoga, meditation, napping, travel, and insomnia. This is one purchase that you won’t regret!

Sofysticat Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs

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This contoured and breathable sleeping mask is ideal to block out intrusive sources of light and sound. It’s suitable for home use, travelling, yoga and meditation. If you are suffering from a migraine or a similar ailment that might disrupt your ability to fall asleep, put this on and then sleep like a kitten. This eye mask is really easy to adjust. Some eye masks lost the elasticity of straps after frequent use. This mask comes with an adjustable strap so you can always make the mask comfortable as you like. The popular contoured design is universal and will feel comfy against most people’s faces. This mask offers nose support; if you are prone to snoring or have minor breathing issues when sleeping, this feature can come in very handy. The more comfortable you are when you are about to fall asleep, the you will have longer sessions of REM sleep, which results in more relaxed and stress-free mornings.

Xo-Fit 3D Contoured Memory Foam Mask

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This is one of the better contoured memory foam sleeping masks that have hit the market in recent times. This mask will not exert undue pressure on your face. Also, the memory foam will fit the unique shape of your face, and will not feel uncomfortable or slip away as you toss and turn at night. The ergonomic design is optimized to ensure comfort. Also, the gentle material will keep cool at night so you can sleep without any interruptions. This sleeping mask is very durable and comes highly recommended for long-term use. The foam fibers will completely block out any light, and more importantly, will make your sleeping position more comfortable. The sleep mask is intended for multipurpose use, such as for sleeping and travelling as well. It’s lightweight, so it won’t add extra bulk to carry-on luggage. It also comes with a lovely pouch to make carrying easy. This is an ideal sleep mask to have when you have to go to bed when there’s still light or the environment you are in is noisy.

KEKU 3D Memory Foam Eye Mask

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This sleeping mask is perfect to block out lamplight, TV screen lights, sunlight and any other light that might interrupt sleep. It’s lightweight, comfortable and fits like a custom-made mask so you can fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep without problems. The contoured design does not touch eyelids or eyelashes, which some people prefer to stay comfortable. The mask comes with a long Velcro strap to adjust as you wish. The edges of this mask are smooth yet firm, so they won’t form lines against facial skin. Also, the material won’t face with use, won’t attract mite and bacteria, or cause odors. The memory foam makes this mask suitable to use regardless of size of face, which make this sleeping mask quite suitable for children as well. It’s highly portable and ensures complete blockage of natural light when travelling. Wearing this sleeping mask on a regular basis may help solve under eye puffiness issues.