Your daily shower is a sacred time of day. It is when you get to cleanse yourself, relax, and rejuvenate. Whether you realize it or not, the shower gel that you use actually has a huge impact on this ritual. From the fragrance to the way it cleans your skin, shower gel will determine just how enjoyable your shower is. Not to mention, it is also responsible for the condition of your skin.

As you can see, you have to be very careful about the shower gel you choose. This is why it will not do for you to simply pick any old item off the rack. Instead, you will need to evaluate every option on scent, effectiveness and various other factors.

If this sounds like an absolute chore for you, don’t worry, as we have done all of the heavy lifting for you. Here you will find all the best choices that you have when it comes to shower gel. These will certainly cleanse you and uplift your mood. Check them out:

1. Puracy Natural Body Wash

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Why we like it: The Puracy Natural body wash is made from the gentlest, most natural cleansers and is well-suited for all body types.

Are you looking for a different type of cleanser? Perhaps one that is gentler and safer on your skin? If so, you will find that the Puracy body wash is just what you need. The cleansers used in this shower gel are coconut-based which means that not only is it safe on your skin, it is incredibly moisturizing as well. It also uses sea salt to further purify your skin, allowing you to feel that you really are clean after every shower.

What’s great about this body wash is that it doesn’t leave a residue on your skin. It washes off completely so that you don’t need to be worried about your pores getting blocked or having to deal with a grimy feeling. The scent given off this body wash is also incredibly crisp, which adds to the whole feeling of cleanliness. The shower gel has been specially formulated to be suitable for all skin types, so really, anyone can use it without an issue.

2. Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

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Why we like it: The Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash helps to thoroughly clean your skin while still being gentle and safe enough for everyday use.

As you are aware, there is an enormous amount of buildup on your skin each day. Sweat, dead skin cells, oils, grime, and pollution can all become caked on your skin, causing a number of issues. Not to mention, your natural glow will be dulled as well.

This body wash has a very strong defense and helps to wash fungi and bacteria from the skin’s surface. It also protects and defends the body form odor, jock itch, tinea versicolor, ringworm, athletes foot, nail fungus, armpit odor, itchy scalp, and other skin irritations. It is also infused with natural skin conditioning aloe vera, atlantic sea kelp, and vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, and E. The blend of tea tree, eucalyptus, oregano, peppermint, and a number of other oils helps to soothe the skin and leave it feeling wonderfully soft and healthy.

The concentrated formula is gentle enough to be used as a daily wash and can even be used as a shampoo. If you are looking for a body wash that is gentle enough to use every day, but also still gives you a strong and thorough clean then this is definitely a good choice for you.

3. Neutrogena Rainbath Shower Gel

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Why we like it: The Neutrogena Rainbath shower gel works to soften and moisturize your skin every time you use it, while also washing off easily.

The problem with many soap-based shower gels is that they are actually stripping your skin of its moisture rather than adding to it. While you need to clean your skin of all the dirt and grime, you still need to maintain the natural oils produced by the body. Well, the Neutrogena Rainbath shower gel protects your natural oils while also adding its own conditioning agents. This means that every time you get out of the shower, you get to have soft and supple skin.

While this shower gel is chock full of moisturizing agents, you don’t have to fear that it will clog up your pores or feel slimy on your skin. It lathers up properly but also washes away quickly and easily with absolutely no residue left behind. You simply get to enjoy the aftereffects of the shower gel. This is actually a multipurpose gel. It can also be used as a bath gel or even as a shaving product to help the blade glide gently across your skin.

4. Burt’s Bees Body Wash

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Why we like it: The Burt’s Bees body wash contains almost completely natural ingredients and is as moisturizing as it is rejuvenating.

It is always nice to use skincare products that are derived from natural ingredients. After all, you can’t tell just how much of it is being absorbed into your skin. Well, luckily, with Burt’s Bees body wash, there is no fear of that happening. This is because 99.9 percent of the ingredients are completely natural and wholesome. This means that it is absolutely safe for you to use, even if you have sensitive skin that tends to get easily irritated.

This isn’t even the main advantage of this body wash. It uses natural, plant-based moisturizers like glycerin, to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft to the touch. On top of this, the peppermint and rosemary do absolute wonders for your mood. They work to invigorate you and awaken your senses. So, each time you step out of the shower, you will feel relaxed but also revitalized, and able to start your day. In any case, it is definitely a product that you need in your shower.

5. Olay Ultra Moisture Moisturizing Body Wash

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Why we like it: The Olay Ultra Moisture Moisturizing body wash is great for anyone suffering from very dry skin and needs hydration.

If you have very dry skin, using shower gel or soap can often seem like you are making it worse. After all, there are far too many shower gels that strip your skin of hydration. This will not be a problem with this body wash however as it is incredibly hydrating. It is fortified with shea butter that is great at penetrating through several layers of the skin. This ensures that your skin is treated from the inside out for a much better effect.

The positive effects of this body wash don’t end here, however. It also helps to lock the moisture that is provided in your skin. This means that your skin can retain moisture and feel soft and supple for up to twenty four hours after your shower. Despite all of its moisturizing features, this shower gel is actually incredibly lightweight. Therefore, there is no need to fear that it will coat your skin unnecessarily or block up any of your pores.

6. ArtNaturals Essentials Body Wash

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Why we like it: The ArtNaturals Essentials body wash is perfect for anyone who leads an athletic lifestyle and needs additional measures to stay clean.

If you work out frequently, go to the gym and sweat, there is an increased chance of you developing a fungus or getting a condition such as Athlete’s Foot. This is why you need additional protection against various microbes. Now, using harsh chemicals to kill off these germs can be harmful and can even damage your skin. This is why you should opt for natural antibacterial agents like the ones found in this body wash. Therefore, every time you wash your skin, you can be sure that it is being thoroughly cleaned.

This is not all that this body wash can do, though. It is also chock full of natural moisturizers such as aloe vera, coconut oil and jojoba oil. These are super hydrating and instantly make your skin seem softer and smoother to the touch. They also add a healthy glow to your skin so that you look better too. This body wash can be specifically used on your feet, if you want to ensure that they are being kept as clean and as healthy as possible.

7. Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash

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Why we like it: The Dove Sensitive Skin body wash is perfect for anyone who wants to avoid irritation but also wants to add moisture to their skin.

It can be quite nerve-wracking to find the right body wash to suit your sensitive skin. This, thankfully, is made a lot easier with the help of this Dove body wash. It doesn’t contain any soap at all, so you can be quite certain that there will be no irritants present to cause an allergic reaction. It is also hypoallergenic and has been approved by dermatologists. This body wash also has been specially designed to be gentle enough for you to use every day.

What’s great is that while this body wash is suited for sensitive skin, it has plenty of other beneficial effects as well. For one thing, it is incredibly moisturizing. This shower gel can help your skin get all of the hydration that it needs from the very first time you use it. The more you apply this body wash, the more you will see it improve the condition of your skin. It also comes with a pump so that it is completely hassle-free to use.

8. Kiss My Face Anti-stress Shower Gel

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Why we like it: The Kiss My Face Anti-Stress shower gel offers a great way to unwind and relax. It also contains lots of nourishing ingredients.

Whether you shower in the morning or in the evening, this shower gel can work absolute wonders for you. This is because of the ginseng and woodland pine that act as calming agents. This helps to soothe your nerves and ease the stress out of your body. So, it doesn’t matter if your day is just getting started or if you are ending it – you are sure to be in a better frame of mind after your shower. In fact, using this shower gel can be just as therapeutic as having an aromatherapy session.

A relaxed feeling is not the only advantage offered to you by this bath wash, though. The shower gel also contains a lot of nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E and olive oil. These work to moisturize your skin every time you shower. So, you step out with skin that is soft, supple and absolutely touchable. Not to mention, it will look better too, as you will have a lovely glow to complement you. All the cleansers are plant-based, making them absolutely safe for you.

9. Alba Botanica Very Emollient Shower Gel

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Why we like it: The Alba Botanica Very Emollient shower gel is just the thing to wake you up in the morning and have you start off on the right note.

As you know, there is nothing quite like a citrusy scent in the morning to perk you right up and make it easy for you to face the day. Well, this is exactly what the Alba Botanica shower gel offers you. Just by lathering it on, you will find it that much easier to wake up. What really makes this bath gel stand out though, is just how great it is for dry skin. It is extra moisturizing and nourishing, which provides even the driest skin with all the hydration that it needs. The more you use this gel, the better your skin will look.

If you have very delicate skin or a dermis that is prone to irritation, you have to be quite careful about what you use on it. After all, it will not take much for you to break out or have another negative reaction. You can forget all about these with this shower gel, though. This is because it is hypoallergenic and has been especially formulated for sensitive skin. It is also pH balanced so that you can guarantee that it will not throw your skin off balance after using it.