If you are like most people, one of your safe havens is your shower. It is here that you slowly wake yourself up and ready yourself to face the day. Then at night, it wears you wash away the troubles of the day and give yourself time to relax. This shower time can get a lot less relaxing if you have soap bars slipping around or shampoo bottles falling on your foot. To prevent such an annoying scenario, you need a shower caddy where you can store and organize all of your soaps, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, and more. Peruse through this list and you will be able to find one or more that will suit your needs beautifully:

1. Vidan Home Solutions Shower Caddy

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This shower caddy is easy to set up and incredibly versatile. Although it may not look like it, this shower caddy is actually held up by suction cups. It offers up incredible support and able to take on a considerable amount of weight. It also has a sleek and minimalistic look, making ideal for any modern bathroom. This shower caddy has been created to ensure that there is plenty of room for all of your bottles. The two shelves are far apart from one another, allowing for bigger bottles. At the same time, it is not overly large and will work well in a smaller shower space as well. There is also a separate, elevated section where you can store your soap bar. It is also equipped with three separate hooks, allowing you to hang any additional shower items you might require. The caddy has been constructed from stainless steel and is guaranteed to be both corrosion and rust proof.

2. Zenna Home Shower Caddy

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Unlike many other shower caddies, the Zenna Home shower caddy is made from aluminum. This allows it to be lightweight but still incredibly strong. The company also guarantees that the caddy will not succumb to rust for the duration that you use it. In order to use it, you just have to slip it over your showerhead – the slip proof collar holds it in place. The additional suction cups make sure that the caddy stays affixed to the wall and that it does not move around. There are three different shelves on this shower caddy. The first two can be used to store bottles. There is plenty of space for bottles of all shapes and sizes. The final level has been designated for a soap bar. It is a deep shelf to make sure that the bar will not slip out on its own. There are two hooks for loofahs and towels.

3. Umbra Shower Caddy

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This is certainly an interesting and lovely design. It is great if you want to add an eye-catching feature to your shower area. You can hang this shower caddy over the shower head, although it works just as well on the shower curtain rod. The baskets are made of polypropylene and the chains, as well as the hooks, are made of stainless steel. Therefore, you will not have to face any concerns about the caddy deteriorating or rusting out. Now, this is more than a piece of art. The Umbra shower caddy is useful for a number of reasons. First, with three baskets there is plenty of space to put whatever you want. Second, as the baskets are quite deep, you will be able to make sure that taller bottles will not be tipping over. Last but not least, there is a drainage system on the bottom of each basket, allowing the water to drain through and not collect.

4. Gecko-Loc Shower Combo Caddy

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This simple shower caddy is quite nice to look at, but also very effective at handling its intended purpose. This simple basket sticks to your shower wall with powerful suction cups, making it possible to secure in one place and later move it to another spot without affecting the wall in any way. The suction is so powerful that each cup is capable of holding up to 44 pounds worth of weight. The basket’s deep design keeps tall bottles of shower essentials like shampoo and conditioner in place without risking them toppling over accidentally. Natural rubber suction cups and genuine stainless steel resist rust and wear effectively, ensuring you get years of use out of this item. Reviewers report this caddy as being exceptionally secure when installed on flat, non-porous surfaces.

5. Maytex Mesh Bath Organizer

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It is unfortunate but true – many bathrooms do not have a lot of space. This can mean that putting up racks or other large fixtures is not an option. In this case, this Maytex Mesh organizer will come in plenty handy. You don’t need a lot of room as you can simply hang this through your shower curtain pole. Then, you have six pockets of varying sizes to store all of your shower accessories. Due to the design, there is no limit to what you can put there. It also ensures that the items will be secured in the pockets and you will not have to worry about them falling out. This curtain is made of one hundred percent polyester, mesh pockets. The grommets are produced from rust-proof grommets. All in all, this is definitely an organizer that has been designed to withstand the shower environment. Best of all, it is machine washable. This means you clean it with ease.

6. mDesign Shower Caddy

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This is definitely a versatile shower caddy. It can easily fit around regular showerheads as well as handheld ones. There is a suction cup at the bottom that further supports the position of the organizer. This, however, is not the defining feature of this mDesign shower caddy. Most people tend to use bath products that are sold in bottles. Well, this shower caddy perfectly accommodates this bottle collection with its unique design. Here, you can store up to six different bottles. You can simply slip in and slip out the bottles without any hassle. Now the perks don’t head here. You also get two smaller compartments where you can store soap bars or other smaller items. There are also two hooks for loofahs, towels, or razors. The shower caddy is made from steel that has been layered over with a rust proof coating. You can get this shower caddy in four, elegant varying tones.

7. Simplehuman Tension Shower Caddy

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If you are looking for a shower caddy that is simple to install yet effective, then this Simplehuman design is for you. It works off the tension that is created between your ceiling and shower floor. You simply extend the caddy until it fits in snugly between these two surfaces. You will not require any tools or other materials to set it up. Now, not all bottles are created equal in size. Some are smaller while others are tall and large. With this shower caddy, it is no longer a struggle to deal with these discrepancies. Each shelf can be moved up or down to create the perfect amount of distance between each other. This caddy has more than just shelves to offer, however. It also has hooks and even a shower hanger. This allows you to hang brushes, loofahs, or other items here. The whole caddy is composed of stainless steel and anodized aluminum.

8. Handy Laundry Shower Caddy Tote

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If you live in a dorm room, you do not have the luxury of having your own bathroom. This means that you cannot permanently store all of your various bath products. Instead, you have to transport them back and forth. This Handy Laundry tote takes a lot of the hassle out of this trip. It is made from extremely breathable mesh. This way, the water drains off quickly and the bag dries out as well. You will not have to worry about spending hours drying out the bag and risking mold growth. There are also seven large, deep pockets. With all of this room, you will never have to carry anything else in your hand. All of your belongings will comfortably fit in here. As the pockets are deep as well, there will be no bottles spilling out on your way to showers. You can choose from several different vibrant colors for all of your style needs.

9. InterDesign Tension Shower Caddy

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This shower caddy fits snugly between your floor and your ceiling. It works for smaller rooms as well as those that may slightly higher ceilings. This InterDesign caddy has incorporated constant tension technology. This means that regardless of how little or how much the bar is stretched out, the tension will be the same. This prevents it from slipping or moving around. The design also ensures that it can snugly fit into corners, taking up as little space as possible. The four shelves are of differing depths and sizes. All bottles and tubs can easily be stored on one or more of the shelves. This shower caddy also boasts two hooks. The shower caddy is made from metal but is coated in a reliable coat of rust-resistant layer. This design is also available in four, lovely different colors. It is the perfect feature if you want something that is sturdy but you do not have too much of space to utilize.