Best Shaving Creams for Men

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Quality skin care products are not something that is reserved for women alone, although they are the better-informed gender. Men too have a luxurious choice in creams, gels and shaving apparel that allows them to take care of themselves. Shaving, in particular, is something that men deal with all of their lives, and seeing as how it is the face it is important to invest in quality products. What type of shaving cream you choose plays a big role in preventing ingrown, rashes, breakouts and other problems. However, a majority of men are none the wiser about this and end up swiping something from the shelf. Change your mindset and make an effort to be good to yourself. You will reap the benefits in the long-run. Those of you who have extra-sensitive skin should be even more cautious. This list should help you make a stress-free decision!

Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel


Aveeno is a brand that offers skincare products for both men and women. This happens to be their shaving cream in a canister. It has been specially designed for use on sensitive skin so if you have skin problems such as suffering from excessive dryness, you should consider this. It effectively soothes and calms the skin preventing irritation and controlling razor burns. Furthermore, it consists of natural oatmeal which is an excellent ingredient for exfoliating. This helps polish off dead skin cells, preventing ingrown and allowing new skin to pass through. Since it is intensely moisturizing, it hydrates your skin continuously, offering you protection for hours after you are done. This too is incredibly cheap and is definitely worth the buy considering its benefits. Great for first-time shavers since it lathers on its own and is not too complicated in needing additional tools such as brushes. Give it a shot!

Edge Shave Gel for Men Sensitive Skin


True to its name, this one promises an ultra-close shave… right to the edge if you will. This is also more a gel than a cream and has been formulated for sensitive skin. Since it contains aloe vera which is hailed for its intense nourishing and moisturizing properties, you can be sure of your skin’s complete hydration. Not only that, this infusion makes it easy for your razor to glide even over tough places. Plus, it consists of cooling conditioners that help keep your face feeling refreshed and clean for a long time. You can enhance its benefits by using it in conjunction with their razors. Choose from 6 different varieties based on your requirements. It is also conveniently packaged so if you are more comfortable using your own shaving cream on trips away, this will fit in neatly into your luggage. An option that is worth considering if you are looking for a switch.


Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream


As you might have guessed by the name, this too is a more elite shaving cream. Packaged in a quaint yet sleek and minimalistic tub, it helps you shave well whilst offering maximum moisturization. It combines sandalwood and red cedar which not only gives off a sweet, woody scent but is also incredibly good for your skin. Plus, it also contains lavender and rosemary along with jasmine and rose. Although these might sound like very feminine additions, they are for the most part masked by the two primary ingredients. What is more, it comes with a bowl included which makes it easy to lather. If you have been looking for a proper shaving cream that offers all-around results, then look no further. Though it is pricier than its contenders, it is still worth every dollar. If you have been looking to indulge a little, then you should go ahead and try this out at least once.

Vikings Blade Luxury Shaving Cream


This is one of the more expensive, indulgent shaving creams out there. If you are willing to shell out around $20, you can enjoy a truly luxuriant experience every single time you shave. To begin with, it hails from traditional Swedish heritage and includes both sandalwood and red cedar. Needless to say, these are two precious ingredients that have great benefits on the skin. Sandalwood, in particular, has been used in skincare for a very long time ago. To apply it though you will need a brush so it lathers up well. It has a very manly scent and is highly moisturizing as well. The seal has been uniquely designed and pops from the inside as it is well secured. You can maximize its results by using other equipment in its range including razor. You only need to use a little at a time and it lasts a while so is quite worth it.

Cremo Superior Shaving Cream for Men


Cremo presents their highly effective shaving cream in a handy little tube. This one happens to be foam free so if you are someone who prefers a shave without foam, this should be fine. It has been formulated to especially keep nicks and irritation from razors at bay, hence offers superior protection. Plus, it provides the cleanest, closest shave possible so you enjoy the results for a while. One of the reasons it is so effective is because it incorporates a range of natural ingredients. Some of these include aloe vera, calendula extract, papaya extract and olive leaf extract. Made in the USA, all you need to use is a thin layer. When combined with water, it results in a smooth concoction that allows your razor to slide easily. What is more, it is paraben free and has not been tested on animals. It is also incredibly affordable, so great if you are on a budget.


Barbasol Original Thick and Rich Shaving Cream


This one does not come with any fancy packaging as such but still gets the job done. You cannot expect a result as good as more superior products, however, for basic shaving it is fine. It is a thick and rich shaving cream which lathers well and allows you a close shave. If you have thick growth or a beard you want to get rid of, then this is perfect since it has plenty of foam. It is also quite affordable so you can invest in an economical shaving routine. Barbasol is not exactly a leader in the industry but has still developed a good name for themselves for the quality of their products. Better yet, this can is travel-sized so you can take it with you wherever you go. You can follow up your shaving session with their aftershave lotion. Aside from protecting your skin, it leaves you with a gentle scent that goes off fairly quickly.

Candid Essentials Organic & Natural Shaving Cream


This is yet another option that leans more towards the higher price tier. However, this is because it is a high-quality product. For starters, it is organic and natural making it perfect for those with sensitive skin. Furthermore, it includes oils, vitamins, and anti-oxidants, all of which are essential for healthy skin. Not only is this capable of providing you with the smoothest shave, it is also moisturizing and helps prevent razor burns. The best part is that you can apply this without a brush even though it does not foam. It offers you a close shave even in hard to reach places. Aside from leaving your skin stubble-free for longer, it also provides intense hydration which is especially important after shaving since it dries the skin out. This shaving cream also comes in a stylish, sleek package that is masculine and minimal making it a perfect addition to your bathroom shelf.

The Gillette Series Shave Gel with Aloe


You cannot ever talk about shaving without bringing Gillette into the picture. Gillette has been as they say, ‘The Best a Man Can Get’ and they have time and again proven this. They offer a large range of high-quality products that have satisfied the shaving needs of men for years. This one happens to be one of their newer introductions in The Gillette Series. It is also more a gel than a cream per se. Infused with the goodness of aloe, it is perfect for sensitive skin and also includes plenty of ingredients that aid in lubrication. This ensures a close and safe shave every time. Not only that, it hydrates your skin whilst protecting it and giving you an all-over fresh feeling. It also consists of a light fragrance which lingers around a bit after you are done prolonging that feeling. Make sure you shake well before use, as you should anything canned!