If you have recently started working out or hitting the gym, there is something in particular that you should be doing. This is getting healthy nutrients into your body after exercise. Exercise experts recommend gym goers to consume protein at least thirty minutes after a workout. Now, the last thing that you may feel like doing is downing a protein-heavy meal right after a workout. Furthermore, even if you do, there is no guarantee that you are getting the protein that you need. To ensure that you are getting the right amount of nutrients, a protein shake is your best option. Of course, when you are at the gym, you do not have a blender at your disposal. This is when shaker bottles come in handy in making your protein shake. Here are some of the best ones you can choose from:

1. Blender Bottle ProStak Shaker Cup

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As far as shake bottles go, Blender Bottle is one of the best in the business. One of their more popular products happens to be this one and it is easy to see why. First off, this bottle has been optimally designed. The spout has been created so that you can easily drink from the bottle without spilling any of your shake. The cap is also leak-proof meaning that it will not leak in your bag. You will be able to fill up to 22 ounces in this shaker bottle, ensuring that you are nice and full after a workout. The shaker ball is made from surgical grade steel and will mix up the water and the protein powder into a smooth shake. As an added bonus, you can also simply throw this bottle in the dishwasher to clean as it is dishwasher safe. Finally, there is also a little loop top at the top of the bottle that allows you to easily carry it around.

2. Hydra Cup Dual Threat Shaker Bottle

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Hydra Cup has clearly thought of everything when it created the Dual Threat shaker bottle. Are you the kind of person who likes to have a protein shake both before their workout as well as after? Well, if you are, then this bottle will be optimal for you. You will not have to worry about cleaning out so that you can use it again. No, this shaker bottle has two separate sections that are completely disconnected from one another. This means that you can store two different shakes in the same bottle without being worried that they will mix. There is also a small compartment that you can store supplements, protein powders, or anything else that can fit in there. Just in case that was not enough, you can easily pop off the caps and use them as mini scoopers when measuring out your protein powder. These shaker bottles also come in a variety of bright and bold shades.

3. Spectrum Shaker and Blender

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For those who are looking for a fuss-free shaker bottle, this Spectrum model will certainly appeal to you. It is tough and durable, ensuring that it will last you for a considerable period of time. Also the blender ball that accompanies the shaker bottle is quite powerful. This will come in particularly handy if you enjoy particularly thick and frothy shakes. It does not matter what the protein powder is, this blender ball will have no problem at all making certain that it mixes well with the water. You can fill up to fourteen ounces of liquid into this shaker. The cap has been optimally designed to make it easy to consume the shakes from the spout. While this works especially well with protein shakes, you can use it to shake up a variety of ingredients. It even functions well if you want to scramble eggs or even make pancake batter!

4. VALI Stainless Steel Shaker

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Most shakers are made from plastic so this makes the Vali stainless steel shaker bottle quite unique. One of the problems with plastic shakers is that they tend to absorb the smell and the taste of the protein shakes. Especially, if the shakes have been left there for a while. With this stainless steel container, there is no danger of this happening. You will no longer have to deal with funny tastes or odors. Thanks to the mixer built into the shaker as well as the blender ball, you will have the tastiest protein shakes. The liquid will not include any of the lumps or unmixed powder floating around. In addition to being able to contain about 24 oz. of liquid, there is also another container able to hold about seven ounces. You can put protein powder there, supplements, or any other substances. This shaker bottle can easily be cleaned up by simply placing it in the dishwasher.

5. Gabor Fitness Octo Shaker Bottle

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The Gabor Fitness bottle comes affixed with an octo mixer. This is an eight-bladed mixer that ensures that all of the powder is mixed and dissolved in the water. This way, there will be no residue left behind. The top is also completely leak-free and will not make a mess while you are carrying it around. The flip top is also easy to work and will stay open or closed, until you move it to a different position. In addition to the mixing bottle, there is also a dry compartment and a pill container included as well. The dry compartment can be screwed in below the bottle. Here, you can store your protein powder until you want to make your protein shake. In the pill container, you can store your supplements or even nuts for a small but nutritious snack. The pill container has a separate lid and can be placed in the dry compartment.

6. Fresh O2 Combo Set Bottle

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If you are looking for a bottle that does it all, then look no further than this Fresh O2 combo bottle. It comes with a stainless steel blender ball. This allows you to use it like a protein shaker. You simply add the protein powder, the water, and throw the ball in and close it up. With just a few vigorous shakes, you will be ready to chug your nutritious drink. That’s not all, however as the bottle also comes with an infuser. If you are looking for some tasty water to hydrate with during your workout, just simply slip in some fruit slices. The leak-proof cap can be opened with a button and guarantees to not let any of your drink spill. It also comes with a handy insulation sleeve that will ensure that your drinks stays nice and chilled. There are also a variety of colors to choose from, to make things a little more fun and bright!

7. Bonison Shaker Bottle

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The Bonison shaker bottle is proof that some of the best things are often simple in design. With this shaker bottle, you are able to carry around about 20 ounces of liquid. With the aid of the helpful measurement scale on the side, you will be able to accurately judge just how much protein shake you are making. It is both a shaker and a mixer combined – you get a blender ball with this shaker bottle. This works well to make sure that there are no leftover lumps of protein powder in the drink. The top and cap fit securely on the bottle. The cap is completely leak proof. Even if the bottle is upside down in your bag, you will find that not a drop of liquid will have escaped. If you don’t want your shaker bottle moving around while you work out, the bottle is equipped with anti-skidding ridges as well.

8. 321 Strong Stackable Shaker Bottle

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What’s better than a shaker bottle that also has so many different compartments to store things? This shaker bottle comes with four separate compartments, all which can be stacked on top of one another. The main bottle can hold up to 21.5 ounces with liquid. It comes with a cap that has a powerful whisk attached to it. This large whisk ensures that the powder and the water will be mixed together very well. If you like to take supplements while you work out, there is a different section for this. There are also two other containers where you can choose to put protein powders or other items there for safekeeping. When it comes time to store the bottle, all of these compartments fit easily and neatly inside the main container. All of this is topped off with a secure lid that guarantees against spills or leak, even while you are traveling.