If you have not already got a sewing kit at home, you are at a distinct disadvantage. This means that you will either be visiting the tailor regularly or doing an excessive amount of shopping every time your clothing loses a button or sustains a rip in its material. A sewing kit allows you to eliminate the extra expense by allowing you to repair your clothes on your own.

Do not just buy any sewing kit because some of them are not worth the expense. You should maintain a high standard when reviewing your options on the market. Some sewing kits might seem extravagant at first glance and have a budget that screams of premium quality but in reality is actually quite terrible at helping you stitch back your clothes together. It is always good to look at basic factors like feedback from previous customers, value for money, quantity, and diversity of available tools before choosing which sewing kit is best for you.

And to make life easier for you, we have followed the aforementioned criteria and compiled a list of what we believe to be the best sewing kits that are commercially available right now. They are all products of top-notch brands that carry a genuinely good reputation. The sewing kits themselves are well equipped, organized, user-friendly, and very portable so have fun choosing which one you would like to have.

1. Sew Simply Sewing Kit

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Why we like it: Contains an excessive amount of components that leave you with nothing short.

We have come across quite a few expansive sewing kits before but this one seems to have dialed it all the way up to eleven! All in all, you get 60 sewing pieces as well as 20 bonus colored threads. We reckon that beginners and travelers will love this the most. It will also work very well as an emergency sewing kit. It fits into a lightweight bag, so it is quite easy to store away or carry along with you.

So let us take stock of what components are part of this sewing kit. There are both basic and premium components included here, and it’s very affordable. 18 sewing threads (not counting the bonus 20), stainless steel scissors, and an exquisite selection of needles all manufactured in Japan. You cannot ask for a better kit than this to help you take care of loose buttons or misplaced seams. There is bound to be a matching spool for every repair as they all come in many diverse colors.

2. Singer Vintage Sewing Basket 07281

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Why we like it: By anyone’s standards, a truly great sewing kit that is well equipped and well sorted.

You may be already an experienced user or on the lookout for an introductory sewing kit, but either way, it will not matter too much. This sewing kit is user-friendly enough to cover both cases. It has plenty of storage space as well as an organizing tray. A drop-down handle and firm fastening mechanism make it ideally portable and safe for storage. It is also well-equipped, containing just about every component you might need for a sewing job.

With the basic notion pack, you get a needle threader, seam ripper, pin cushion, thimble, a 60-inch tape measure, 8-inch fabric scissors, 10 assorted hand needles, 10 mini thread spools (10 yards each), and 100 dressmaker pins (size 17, 1 1/16”). That is more than what you get with many other sewing kits, and it all comes in a charming, vintage style package. What’s more, you can keep this array of components thoroughly organized as well, so they are easy to use.

3. INNOCHEER Sewing Kit

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Why we like it: Keeps a sewing kit down to its bare essentials but includes a few pleasant surprises as well.

INNOCHEER does not believe in excess when it comes to sewing kits. They have reduced their assortment of tools to the most basic needs and settled for nothing less than the highest quality. The way we say it, they have played wisely. Most sewing needs you are ever going to have involve misplaced buttons and jumpy seams. However, what components it does offer will make the repair quick and thorough. It is really simple to use for both beginners and pros.

The brand has adopted a minimalistic attitude towards its sewing kits but even so, it is still quite reasonable to assume this to be a quite a stocky unit. It has a pair of stainless steel scissors, a needle and thread storage package, a syringe plus 4 needles, a magnet, fabric pencil, 4 spare buttons, 5pins, 6 color pins, 10 beading needles, 24 thread reels, and 30 hand sewing needles. You also get tweezers and a magnet, make of that what you will.

4. Vellostar LLC Compact Sewing Kit

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Why we like it: Reliable, compact, and lightweight so it is very appealing to a broad customer base.

Vellostar created this sewing kit for particularly dire circumstances. As such, they have felt obligated to include as many components as you would find in a screaming ambulance, and we really appreciate that. Not only is it well stocked with high-quality parts, it also manages to remain compact and practical to use. Everything is well sorted inside a strong canvas zipped casing and held together via elastic holding bands.

Being a compact and lightweight kit, it will fit just about anywhere; in your drawer, backpack, glove box, and even your purse. As such, it also appeals to a wide selection of customers, men, women, children, campers, anglers, office workers – basically anyone. Perhaps it can even solve the conundrum you are having about buying a good birthday gift. It has all the components you would expect from a high-quality sewing kit and can be relied upon year in and year out.

5. Best Sewing Kit Bundle

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Why we like it: Tough casing keeps components safe from wear and a full money back guarantee.

This is about as close as you can get to a professional level sewing kit on a budget. It comes in much the same packaging as any other high-quality unit, in an amply sized carrying case sealed by a zipper and held together by elastic holders. It is made from waterproof nylon fabric. The zip seal holds tight even against the bumpy ride of a car. This kit is suitable for professionals.

The sewing items you get with this kit include a pair of scissors, a thimble, a vast selection of needles, a pearl needle, a needle threader, thread cutter, measuring tape, safety pins, buttons, and twelve spools of thread in assorted colors. The whole set is lightweight and portable so it works well as an emergency sewing kit. It truly is a great buy, which is also backed up by a full money back guarantee.

6. Embroidex Sewing Kit

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Why we like it: Well equipped, organized, practical and user-friendly, this kit really comes into its own in emergency situations.

A lot of things can go wrong when your sewing kit is not organized. It can be difficult to find specific tools, you might injure yourself with scissors or needles, and your thread spools could become entangled with each other and take a long time to separate. But the Embroidex sewing kit is all about organization, practicality, and user-friendliness. It offers a diverse array of tools that are systematically arranged and amply available for most of your knitting needs.

A lot of us end up visiting the tailor for even the simplest of repairs when we are actually more than capable of doing them ourselves, even if we are not full-time professionals. The Embroidex sewing kit is user-friendly even for beginners, so you can save some of your cash for snacking and pick up on your sewing skills. And since it is compact and well equipped with scissors, needles, and thread spools of different colors, you can finish your repairs in a jiffy and carry the kit along with you if necessary.

7. Kangaroo’s Professional Sewing Kit

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Why we like it: User-friendly, well equipped and reliable, you can use it as an emergency kit or even if you are just starting out in the art of sewing.

Kangaroo’s Professional sewing kit contains a grand total of 98 sewing items packaged inside a compact travel faux leather case. It is mainly intended for use as an emergency sewing kit but will still do well as a beginner’s sewing kit, a mini sewing kit and a portable sewing kit. There are 38 spools of thread available in many different colors including white, black, grey, brown, yellow, beige, green, ivory, 3 blue tones, 2 orange tones, red, pink, magenta and purple.

Also included in this kit are a large plastic needle and sewing needle, scissors, a magnifying glass, seam cutter, fabric pencil & 4 snaps, measuring tape, thimble, needle threader, 4 buttons, a tube containing 4 pins, 5 safety pins, and 30 different sized sewing needles. All of these items fit in perfectly with what this sewing kit was designed to do. And within the case, they are perfectly organized and distinguishable so they are quite user-friendly and practical too.

8. Craftlab Sewing Kit

Why we like it: Fully equipped with the highest quality in materials that can do the job day in, day out for several years at least.

Craftlab is one of the best-selling sewing kits, and it is not hard to see why. Not only does it contain the essential items you need for basic sewing tasks, but it also in the highest quality too. Everything is organized and stored in a compact carrying case, which you can easily take along with you where ever necessary. All in all, there are 78 components fit in, to provide customers with as complete a sewing kit as they can get at a very reasonable rate.
So what exactly is stocked under that case? Well, there are 30 needles of the highest quality, a thimble to keep your hand safe,
12 spools of threads in all the most popular colors and black and white spools of thread, 6 shirt buttons, and a threader, stainless Steel Scissors, Seam Ripper, Measuring Tape, Pin Cushion, 10 Safety Pins, 2 premium threaders and elastic holders to help keep it all organized all of it fits into a compact carrying case. And on top of the abundance of available sewing assets, they are all of the highest quality so they can last for years on end. Also, you get a copy of “The Hand Sewing Survival Guide” with 30 pages of in-depth, step-by-step instructions to help you, master, hand-sewing skills to repair all clothing, buttons, seams, rips, and holes. Read on any device or print out A copy for easy reference.

9. Evergreen Art Supply Sewing Kit

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Why we like it: Blows its rivals out of the park with superior components and sheer volume for a mini sewing kit.

It can be universally agreed that wardrobe malfunctions including rips, button popping, and ruptured seams all appear to strike us at the worst possible time or the right time if you are a self-loathing masochist, God forbid. In cases like this, you could really wish for nothing better than to have a quick, detailed sewing kit at your disposal to fix the problem immediately. Welcome to the Evergreen Art Supply, a mini sewing kit designed specifically to save you embarrassment.

First off, it is a little hard to call this a mini kit when you take a look at the list of components it has 30 premium quality needles made in Japan, stainless steel scissors, a metal crochet hook, seam ripper, 4 spare buttons, 4 snap buttons, 4 safety pins, 18 regular pins, a colored marking pencil, a magnifying glass, and a tape measure to name just a few. Mini sewing kit, huh? It certainly is still incredibly compact and well organized, just what the doctor ordered for a dress in distress when there is a whole lot of press.