Best Sewing Kits

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No household is complete without a sewing kit. After all, you can’t really run to the local store for needles when there’s a sewing emergency. Sewing kits make it easy for you to organize all the small tools needed in one place. You can make your own sewing kit by buying everything by spending extra. Sewing kits already come with a number of items that you won’t have to purchase again. Most modern kits are also easy to carry, store and take with you on a plane ride or a camping trip. Sewing kits are also great for gifting during the holiday season. Read ahead to find out the best sewing kits currently available online:

Embroidex Sewing Kit for Home & Travel


This is a complete sewing kit with all the things you need for home included. The kit comes in a PU leather carrying case perfect for travelling. The close is zippered and the case opens all the way for easy access. You can easily reach the items you need, be it a spool or a tiny needle. The kit comes with the standards= supply of 23 spools in the colors that are most needed during emergencies. Other tools included are a pair of steel scissors, assortment of sewing needles with a protective casing, shirt buttons, sea rippers, a thimble and a foldable tape measure. The sewing needles included or useful for your regular household mending. Some needles included are suitable for more intensive tasks such as embroidery as well. If you need extra shirt buttons or a spool, the kit does have a limited amount of space for these. Get this kit for low cost, high portability levels and ease of use.


Vellostar LLC Compact Sewing Kit


This is a slightly larger than average sewing kit that comes with a sturdy a durable carrying case. The case looks a bit like an old CD holder, and it can hold a large number of sewing items and regular size spools. It’s very convenient to travel with either. The kit includes items you need for mending rips, tears or holes, sewing back unraveled hems, fixing missing buttons and other similar household emergencies. The kit opens flat completely for convenient access. This kit is closer to a professional kit than a beginner ones. The kit includes 12 regular size spools in all the necessary colors, durable scissors, tape, needles, thimble, seam ripper, needle threaders, pins and buttons of different shapes. Some kits include bonus safety pins, black buttons and four extra spools of thread. This kit is suitable for home use, travel use, keeping in dorm rooms or to take out on long camping trips. It will also be a great holiday gift as well.

CraftMate Modern Sewing Basket Kit


You can have all the sewing accessories you need within reach with this lovely basket kit. The basket has a chic contemporary design. It’s small and compact, so it’s easy to store. The basket is designed to be quite portable as well. The lid secures well with a magnetic button so you don’t have to worry about accidental openings. The inside of the basket is a little bit different than most other similar products. The lid area has a pouch for items like scissors. The pin cushion is attached to the lid interior as well. So when you sew with the basket open, you can easily access items from the lid. The space of the basket has a small separator for spools. Items included are a pair of scissors, needle set, tape measure, needle threader, 40 dressmaker pins, thimble, seam ripper, 40 berry pins and 12 spools of thread. The basket has plenty more space left to add items of your own.


Sew Simply Sewing Kit


This is definitely one of the most expansive sewing kits you can buy anywhere. It comes with over 60 pieces of sewing supplies plus 20 bonus colored threads. This is suitable as a beginner’s sewing kit, emergency sewing kit and as a traveler’s sewing kit. The kit comes with a lightweight bag, that’s easy for carrying and also very convenient for storing in the closet or a drawer. Included are both essential and premium supplies that would come handy at home or when you are off somewhere. The complete kit includes 18 sewing thread (plus 20 bonus), a pair of sharp, stainless steel scissors, and an assortment of Japanese made needles. If you want to fix a loose button or sew back ripped seams, this kit would be all you need. The number of supplies provided eliminates the need to purchase extra sewing items. Also, the variety of colors the spools comes in include black, blue, brown, beige, red, light blue and the rarely needed beige and gray.

Evergreen Art Supply Sewing Kit


This is a gorgeous and very pragmatic sewing kit that comes in a beautiful box. If you are purchasing this for gifting, then you can gift without even needing to wrap profusely. The kit comes with a compact carrying case. It’s lightweight and perfect for travel. The small size makes it easy to fit in a glove box or a small drawer. This kit is well noted for its quality. You won’t find any cheap plastic thimbles and scissors in this one. All items are premium quality. You will get Japanese made needles, a metal thimble, a metal crochet hook along with a colorful collection of spools. Even the carrying case is made from top quality faux leather that will last for a long time. Inside the case are elastic straps to secure everything in place. So, after you travel, when you open the sewing kit everything won’t come pouring out.

Michley Lil’ Sew and Sew 100-Piece Sewing Kit


This sewing kit comes with a large assortment of spools in varying colors. Most sewing kits offer only a limited number of spools. If you are one of those people who really need spools in all the colors of rainbow and variations, then this is a good kit to have. It’s affordable and comes in a plastic case that’s easy to store. While the case is small and compact, it’s not really designed for traveling. So it’s best to buy a carrying case separately in case you need this sewing kit for traveling. Other items include only the essentials like a pair of small scissors, thimble, tape, and an assortment of small needles. Keep in mind that all items are plastic. The scissor handles are plastic as well. So the items do have a cheap, kindergarten quality to it. However, they do last so you don’t have to worry about durability too much.

Singer Vintage Sewing Basket 07281


If you are looking for a gorgeous sewing basket that can hold more than a kit, then look no further. From Singer, the brand that is synonymous with sewing, comes this beautiful, vintage-style starter kit. Don’t mistake that this is an actual vintage sewing basket. It’s not; it’s simply inspired by the style. Also, this will function best as a starter kit. It can hold everything that a beginner seamstress needs, and then some. Most sewing kits that come in carrying cases don’t offer much space for things you might want to add later. You won’t have that problem with this sewing kit. The basket comes with 8-inch sewing scissors, 10 assistant hand needles, 100 dressmaker pins, a needle threader, a pin cushion, 10 mini spools of thread, a thimble, a 60-inch measure and a seam ripper. There are accessories included that you don’t usually get with a regular sewing kit. The basket has a removable plastic tray to keep the items organized and easy to access.


Best Sewing Kit Bundle


This is closest you will get to a professional-grade budget sewing kit. It comes in spacious carrying case with a zip close and sturdy elastic holders. The case is made from waterproof nylon fabric. The zip secures well and prevents spills even after bumpy rides in a car. It’s ideal to take on the road because of the superior carrying case. It’s intended for both professionals and beginners. The items in the kit include a pair of scissors, a thimble, an array of needles, pearl needle, needle threader, thread cutter, safety pins, measuring tape and buttons. Twelve spools of threat in assorted colors are also included. While the case is of good quality, the items included are mostly plastic and may break. If you have large fingers, you may have trouble handling the plastic-handled scissors provided. However, these annoyances are easy to fix. If you need a travel sewing kit or a backup kit, this bundle would be a great choice.