There’s nothing like a sandwich maker to make mornings more tolerable. These neat little gadgets can make the family crispy and melty sandwiches with as little hassle as possible. This essential home electronic is also a great gift for holiday seasons. Not only is a top-quality sandwich maker a useful gift for a family, it’s also a quirky one too. Modern sandwich makers offer more functionality than the one your grandmother probably own. New models combine different aspects of breakfast preparations, so you can get through mornings more quickly. As there are a number of sandwich makers available in the market, refer to the below list to find out the best one for you, or a giftee.

1. T-fal EZ Clean Sandwich and Waffle Maker

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This is a very convenient and hard to find sandwich maker that comes with removable plates. Traditional sandwich makers have to be cleaned by hand while the plates are attached to the machine. Obviously, this is a hassle. There’s also a risk of water getting into the internal circuitry when cleaning in this manner. That’s why this model comes very handy. Once you are done using, you can let the sandwich maker cool, then remove the plates and wash by hand or put them in the dishwasher. The device alternates as both a sandwich maker and a Belgian-style waffle maker. You can have both and save space in the kitchen. The sandwich plates make crispy brown pocket sandwiches you can fill with anything. Parts of the device include on/off/ready indicator lights and cord storage. Be aware that the parts of the plates used for removing stick out of the sandwich maker. When on, they can be a burn hazard so handle with extreme care.

2. Proctor-Silex Sandwich Maker

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This cute little sandwich maker is perfect for preparing traditional square and pocket-style sandwiches of your choice. It’s very compact, so it will fit even on small kitchen countertops or dorm rooms. The small size also makes storage very easy. This sandwich maker is faster than regular ones, possibly due to the size. It can heat up in less than a minute. It’s very easy to use and keep clean. The grids are flat so there’s little opportunity for food to get stuck and be difficult to clean later. The plates are non-stick coated as well. The device locks without a problem, but don’t stuff sandwiches that are too thick. The exterior has a stylish chrome finish that will look great inside any contemporary kitchen. The sandwich maker comes with preheat lights and a cord wrap. This machine is suitable for business use as well. It’s currently only intended for bread sandwiches, so don’t put bagels and muffins inside.

3. Cuisinart WM-SW2N Sandwich Grill

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This is neat, traditional style sandwich maker that will make you a delicious toasted or grilled breakfast. This is also one of the rare sandwich makers that still has the grill function. It can make two sandwiches at once. You can also use the machine to make French toast or omelets without a problem. The lid of the sandwich maker locks down well to give that perfect grill. The ridges around the plates are raised to keep cooking ingredients, like cheese and egg, inside without oozing out. The baking plates are nonstick. They are fixed and cannot be removed for cleaning. However, the coating doesn’t retain food, so it’s easy to clean with a wiping cloth. If you want a hassle-free breakfast, lunch or dinner sandwiches, this machine will get the work done fast with little effort as possible. If you purchase directly from the manufacturer, this sandwich maker comes with a three year warranty.

4. Diablo Stovetop Toasted Sandwich Snack Maker

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This is a rather unconventional sandwich making handle. It doesn’t latch and lock likes most modern sandwich makers. It’s intended to make toasted snacks with deep fillings. This device is essentially an upgraded version of the stovetop sandwich makers from the 1950s. You can pile bread and other ingredients high on this sandwich maker and then heat or cook on a stove top. It’s safe to use on electric, gas, ceramic or Agas stoves. Your sandwich will be ready in a couple of minutes. This sandwich maker will be perfect when you want to make unusually shaped sandwiches with a lot of ingredients that conventional electric sandwich makers don’t support. Unlike the traditional stove top sandwich makers, this one comes with a sturdy titanium coating that’s easy to clean and doesn’t stick. It should be noted that the filling area is a bit small, so you may have trouble stuffing in regular square shaped breads.

5. Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker

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This convenient machine can make sandwiches without a hassle. The non-stick plates are very easy to get clean by simply wiping them down. The plates are sturdy and heat quickly as well. It’s recommended to add some cooking grease, oil or butter to the plates. The plates can take close to 10 minutes to completely heat up. The machine folds in a way that makes it easy to store. The lock handle is on the lid and securely tightly when closed. The handle doesn’t get hot even when the lid is warming (still, it’s recommended to use safety mitts just in case).

6. Smart Planet SGCM‐2 Peanuts Sandwich Maker

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Want to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich with Snoopy and Woodstock toast stamps? Then this is the machine for you. Kids, even the picky eaters, will love eating the sandwiches with cartoon characters on them. If you know any avid Peanuts fans, this sandwich maker will be a wonderful holiday or a birthday gift. You can make two sandwiches in one go. The manufacturer says the machine is specifically designed to make grilled cheese sandwiches without spilling out all the cheese. It’s every simple to use and you can have your sandwiches ready in less than 10 minutes. The cooking surfaces are nonstick and very easy to wipe clean. No additional washing is required. This sandwich maker is also quite small, which makes it very easy to store or use with limited space. On the flip side, the small size means you cannot put anything in except think slices of bread.

7. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

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Mornings can be hectic, so having this multi-part sandwich maker will allow you to prepare a hearty breakfast in a matter of minutes. This sandwich maker has several layers for bread, eggs, cheese and meat. The sandwich assembly starts at the bottom with bread, then precooked meat, cheese, and then eggs and another slice of bread at the top layers. The sandwich can be ready in as quickly as 5 minutes. Users are allowed to use any ingredients as they wish for the perfect morning sandwich. It’s difficult to fry the perfect egg with most sandwich makers. This model, however, comes with a non-stick cooking plate that slides out. Using fresh ingredients is not a problem either. English muffins, small bagels and biscuits also fit inside. The surface on all layers is coated in non-stick material. Some parts can be dissembled and put in a dishwasher, so cleanup is very easy. The coating is very durable and does not easily come off with prolonged use.

8. MaxiMatic Elite Cuisine Sandwich Maker

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This is a highly affordable and multifunctional sandwich maker that will be very useful in the mornings. It has attached plates with non-stick cooking surfaces, perfect for grilling grilled cheese sandwiches without making a huge mess in the kitchen. The typical sandwich can be prepared in 2 to 5 minutes. A grilled cheese sandwich can be toasted to perfection in about 5 minutes. This machine allows adventurous chefs to try different recipes within reason. If you want to make empanadas, apple pie pockets with bread crusts, or quesadilla with tortillas, this sandwich maker can handle it. It has a cool-touch exterior, which means that you don’t have to worry about hot latches or lids when the device is heating up. You can make two sandwiches in one go. The device is suitable only for 750W power outlets. This sandwich maker is very compact and comes with a cord wrap for easy storage.