Going to the gym is probably something that everyone jots down at the top of their New Year’s resolution list. However, if you are like most people, that promise gives out somewhere in the middle of January. So, how can you stay fit and not have to drag yourself to a glorified torture dungeon each day?

Well, the simplest solution to this problem would be having your own equipment at home. Of course, there are a lot to choose from, which can make deciding on the most effective one a bit difficult. Although it may not spring to mind immediately, a rowing machine is actually your best option. This is a seriously demanding piece of equipment that works out your upper and lower body.

To get the best possible workout, you need a rowing machine that is capable of providing what it promised. Fortunately for you, you are spared the effort of slogging through the results of a search engine page. We have all that you need, right here: