When iRobot released their Roomba in 2002, it was an immediate and unprecedented success. This set off a wave of innovation and invention that has only heated up more recently. There are now over a dozen companies worldwide producing robot vacuums. With each new generation of vacuums, small improvements have been made to battery life, navigation, object avoidance and overall cleaning power. While we are still quite far from a Rosie robot like many of us dreamed about thanks to The Jetsons, that day is perhaps not as far off as some might believe.

Our robot vacuum buyer’s guide should be a boon to anyone hoping to hop into the robot vacuum marketplace. And, needless say, there are a lot of options to choose from. But as with all new technologies, some of the products on the market are excellent examples of modern engineering, while others are horrendously embarrassing for everyone involved. We’re here to help you sift through all of the technical mumbo jumbo in order to figure out which robot vacuum best suits your needs.

Chuwi ILIFE A4

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The Chuwi ILIFE A4 provides a high level of cleaning power for the price. The device uses an a very standard level of cleaning functions, including dual side brushes and a traditional central brush. This device uses a random cleaning pattern, but comes with a relatively long 2-hour battery life, which can be extended to around 180 minutes with lighter cleaning duties.

The Chuwi ILIFE A4 uses a mixture of sensors and bumpers to navigate itself around obstacles. Overall, the biggest draw to this device is its powerful motor and long battery life. Although it struggles to get around some areas such as rug tassels and small wires, it is simple to use and overall inexpensive.

Moneual Rydis H68 Pro

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The Moneual Rydis H68 Pro looks and feels like a robot vacuum that should be fully functional and effective. However, serious design flaws limit this robot’s ability to clean effectively. This robot is marked by poor cleaning functionality, mediocre object avoidance, extremely poor battery life and very limited and almost non-existent accessories.

bObsweep Pethair

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Getting straight to the point, bObsweep is one of the quirkiest robot vacuum companies around. Unfortunately, character does not make a robot vacuum effective. The bObsweep PetHair has some distinct advantages, and is very usable in some cases. However, it has severe limitations in other areas. The short battery life is one of the most unfortunate aspects of this robot vacuum. Indeed, the battery life is so poor, there is some question as to what bObsweep was thinking during the product testing.

On the positive end, this is one of the most enjoyable robot vacuums you can use, especially because of the remote control. The large number of accessories also distinguish this device from its competitors.

Ecovacs Deebot D35

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Ecovacs cannot be faulted for their attempts at making friendly, inexpensive robot vacuums. Therein lies the problem, however. Effective robot vacuums need to be more powerful, with more features and technology than Ecovacs is generally willing to invest. This leads the Ecovacs Deebot D35 into the dark zone. As Ecovacs typically does not include high-quality parts on their machine, it struggles to clean properly.

The only really positives of this device are that it’s very cheap with a good battery life. As such, it’s a fairly decent robot vacuum for those who are just getting their feet wet in the robot vacuum market, and would like something inexpensive to give it a try.

Neato Botvac D80

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All of Neato’s robot vacuums follow very similar designs. The only differences you’ll find among their products are in the technology they include and the features. The Neato Botvac D80/D85 is a step down from the Botvac connected. The only real thing missing between the two devices is a lack of wireless connectivity and a partner application.

This also means that the primary issues with the Botvac D80 are the same as what you’ll find with the Botvac Connected: long charging times, tendency to get stuck, issues with hair in the brush. The battery life continues to be a draw for the Botvac, and the physical design can easily be stressed as a benefit. The price is also in a good spot for this device, making it a good alternative for the Botvac Connected.

iRobot Roomba 650

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As the lowest-end robot vacuum from iRobot, the Roomba 650 has a lot to offer, while still coming short on quite a few areas. iRobot packs this device with its core basics, including dual brushes, a standard, high-quality motor and a limited suite of sensors to help the robot avoid objects and clean effectively. However, it does not include any mapping technology, and is extremely lacking when it comes to offering any advanced features.

The battery life can be a bit lacking as well at only 45-60 minutes to charge, which is reasonable for some jobs, but can result in other rooms taking multiple times to clean. On a positive end, iRobot has started to increase the number of accessories you can purchase with their devices. This means the iRobot Roomba 650 can be highly accessorized and fixed up.

iClebo Arte

A high-end contender with some rather noticeable faults, the iClebo Arte is a good robot vacuum for those willing to spend a good bit of money on extra features and good battery life. iClebo makes a wide range of robot vacuums. The Arte is one of their more expensive ones, justifying the cost by including many state-of-the-art features that are difficult to find on other robot vacuums. The failings on this robot vacuum unfortunately reside in the area that is most important: cleaning ability.

Ecovacs Deebot DM85

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Ecovacs presents rather respectable robot vacuums into the marketplace, with equally respectable features and functionality. Their Deebot DM85 is among their highest priced robot vacuums, although admittedly not their best. Despite its lightweight features and excellent battery life, this robot vacuum has several issues that limit its usefulness. The included wet mop, which is highly touted by Ecovacs, and adds to the product’s price, is effectively useless in doing more than adding a wet layer to the floor.

Most importantly, this bot is known to have issues returning to its base. These issues effectively complicate the automation factor that buyers expect from their robot vacuums. Given those issues, the price is a bit high.

iRobot Roomba 980

The Roomba 980 from iRobot mostly lives up to the iRobot name. As the company that single-handedly popularized the robot vacuum, there are some expectations any potential buyer should have. First, that the robot works as intended. Second, that the price is as premium as the device. For the Roomba 980, both of these are stunningly true. The two areas where the robot failed the most were related to accessories and cost.

The Roomba 980 is feature-rich, cleans exceptionally well, and has more technology than you can shake a side whisker at. But Roomba is capitalizing on its position within the industry as a name brand leader. This device is priced higher than it would be if a company with no name had the same exact features and functionality. This is not too surprising, but should be a consideration for those looking for something more cost-effective.

The Eufy [BoostIQ] RoboVac 30C Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Having a robotic vacuum can work wonders when it comes to keeping your house orderly and clean. The Eufy [BoostIQ] RoboVac 30C Robot Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best options to go with when you are looking for a powerful and dependable robotic vacuum cleaner. The Eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner gives you back the power of time because you can easily set up boundaries that you want your Eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner to work in.

When it comes to the dimensions, you will find that this robotic vacuum cleaner features a slim body that only measures out to 2.5 inches. This rather compact body brings with it the power of BoostIQ Technology that allows it to automatically increase its suction power in as little as 1.5 seconds. This technology allows your robotic vacuum cleaner to detect when more power is needed, and it will automatically adjust to it. When it is working, you will barely know it thanks to its quiet cleaning. Unlike other robotic vacuums, the Eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner will operate at a volume level that is equivalent to that of your microwave oven. 

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The Eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner is very durable as it features three different cleaning systems. There are three brushes in conjunction with the strong suction power that will work together to loosen up the dirt and stuck on grime so that you get a clean finish every time. When it comes to the suction, you can look forward to1500pa of suction power for a spotless clean every time. Each set of your Eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with 13.2 sea of boundary strips.

These boundary strips are what allow your robotic vacuum to stay within the boundaries that you wanted it to. If you have items lying around including objects again furniture, the automatic cleaning, and 9 anti collision infrared sensors work together to help keep your robotic vacuum from bumping into these objects. In conjunction with your automatic cleaning, the vacuum will simply turn around and continue on its way in a different direction when it encounters a barrier With any cleaning session, your Eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner will be able to work for a full 100 minutes for a thorough cleaning.

And when it comes to the surfaces that it can operate on, your Eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner will be able to work on both medium pile carpets and low pile carpets. You can also use it on tile, laminate, and hardwood floors. If you are looking for a way to simplify you are cleaning routine, then the Eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner can be a great way to do that.