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Remote Control Cars have gone a long way ever since they were first released. Their purpose is usually as a play toy for kids, however, they may have other uses as well in the fields of engineering and IT. Programming an RC car is not as difficult as it used to be, however, purchasing one brand new isn’t too expensive as well. The another advantage of purchasing an RC car is that the remote will be a lot more responsive to the car, rather than if you were to make it yourself. The body of the car is another important factor when selecting a good RC car. Some of these cars are based on real car models, so they add a more realistic experience to controlling the car. Here is a list of some of the best RC cars that we could find.

Fisher-Price My Easy RC Vehicle


If you came here looking for an RC car which is a lot suitable for kids, then this is probably the right one for you. The car isn’t cheap, however, as it costs a little more than $30. The design of the car and its build quality leaves a lot to be desired in a general perspective, however, it may still be quite attractive for kids. The remote control is quite responsive and is very easy to use. This car uses a one press control system, compared to the two stick controls that you get in most RC cars. The car can move in four directions, which can all be controlled by the remote. What makes this car ideally suited for kids is the fact that you can control the speed of the car in two levels depending on how fast you would want your kids to be able to drive it. There is also an auto shut-off feature which can help it conserve battery.

TOZO Electric Power Buggy Remote control Truck


Picking the best RC car out there was quite difficult. However, the Tozo Buggy RC Car was the best one that we could find. The car is by no means cheap as it costs close to $300, however, it does go on sale occasionally, during which time you can get them for less than $100. The car is suitable for use in off-road conditions as well since it is based on the model of an actual buggy. The car has a top speed of 50km/hour which is quite fast for a remote-controlled vehicle. This may make it not entirely suitable for kids as it can cause harm if the user is not careful with it. The build quality of the vehicle is another reason to get this car, as it is made of a very tough PVC shell. There are shock absorbers built into the suspension system and rubber wheels which allows it to grip the surface with ease. This makes it well worth the price if you can afford it.

RW Lamborghini Remote Control Sport Racing Car


If you want an RC car that is a lot more affordable, then the Lamborghini Veneno is one of our top picks for RC cars. The car costs only around $20 and though it does not offer the same features as our top pick, it still does give you a very realistic feel to it. The car is officially licensed by Lamborghini, so you can expect it to be as accurate of a replica as it can get. The can has a top speed of around eight to ten mph, depending on the amount of friction that it experiences. The remote is also quite powerful, as it lets you control the car from around 30 to 40 meters, depending on the amount of interference in the path. There are two color options for the car. You can either go for the red colored model or the silver colored car, which costs a few dollars cheaper. The car runs on two AA batteries which do not come included with the product.

RASTAR LaFerrari Radio Remote Control Model Car


This is another replica of an actual car model which we found to be quite good. This RC car is modeled off the Ferrari La Ferrari, which is officially licensed as well. This car is slightly more expensive than the Lamborghini replica we reviewed on our number two spot, as it costs just over $30. The remote control that comes with the car is easy to use and you can use it to make the car move forward, backward, stop or making it turn left and right. There are also headlights and rear lights which you can turn on and off. The suspension system of the car has also not been neglected, as it uses an independent spring suspension system for the wheels. Another neat feature about this car is that the doors can be opened, which replicates the same opening mechanism as the actual Ferrari model it is based on. The car does not come included with batteries so you will have to purchase them separately.

RASTAR BMW Radio Remote Control Sport Racing Car


Since some of the high-end RC cars may not be suitable for all, we decided to feature one which is a lot more affordable as well. The Rastar BMW I8 RC car costs less than $20, which makes it one of the cheapest on our list. There are two different models of the car, the white and the silver colored model. The latter costs a few dollars more but is well worth the extra dollars, since it looks a lot better. The remote control has an effective range of a maximum of 30-40 meters, which is like the replica RC cars we reviewed previously as well. The remote control lets you move the car in all directions and has a very good response time with the car. The car can move at a maximum speed of 10kmph which is on the slow side. But considering its cheap price, this can be overlooked. The car operates on 3 AA batteries and the remote requires 2 AA batteries as well. The batteries do not come included, so you must purchase them separately.

Distianert Electric Off-road Remote Control Car


If you aren’t too particular about getting an RC car which is modeled off an actual car, then you could consider the Distianert 9300 Electric RC Car Off-road Remote Control Car. The car costs around $100 if you want to purchase it brand new, but it does give you your money’s worth for the features that it comes packed with. For one, the car has 2.4GHz four-wheel drive, which lets the car conquer even the toughest of terrains. This makes it an ideal RC car to use in off-road conditions. The car also has large rubber wheels with a very good grip which allows it to be suitable for such terrains. The durability of the car is another thing to like about it as it is made of high-quality parts. The car can achieve a top speed of 30 Mph which is faster than most RC cars that you may find for this price. The controller is also highly responsive so you will be able to get complete control of the car.

JJX-Tech RC Rock Remote Radio Control Cars


This RC car is quite like the Ditianert model that we reviewed previously, however it is a lot less cheap. The car uses 2.4GHz Four-wheel drive as well, just like the Distianert, however, it does not match the same durability and controls. It is almost half the price, however, so you will still get your money’s worth with it. Another feature of this car that we liked is that you get five different color choices that you can choose from when purchasing the car. Some of the colors tend to be more expensive than others, so pick one that fits your budget best. The wheels of the car use independent suspension systems, so they maintain perfect balance always. There is also a direction spinner at the bottom of the car which automatically adjusts the path of the car when it is not moving in a straight line. The tires of the car are made of a high-quality PVC material which is quite soft and elastic in nature. This makes the car ideal for use in off-road terrains.

Midea Tech Grand Sport Vitesse RC Model Car


This is another replica based RC car that we really liked. This car is modeled off the Bugatti Veryron, which is one of the most stylish exotic cars that are out there. The car can be fully controlled by the remote controller, which is modeled off a steering wheel to give it a more realistic feel when controlling the car. The car can move in all four directions and responds with minimal lag with the remote controller. There is also a detailed interior in the car which looks almost identical to the actual car. The car costs only about $30 which makes it another affordable pick for an RC car. There are also head lights and tail lights which make it suitable for use in low light conditions as well. The car comes pre-assembled right out of the box so there is no assembly required when you purchase the product.

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