Before USB storage sticks and SD cards were available, people only had recordable DVDs to store large files. While DVDs are largely going out of fashion thanks to digitalization, recordable DVDs can still be highly useful as storage and archival hardware.

Flash storage is not really considered reliable for storing data for archival purposes. A recordable DVD can store files for hundred years or more! They are also great for storing files on hardware that online hackers cannot get access to. While it may be convenient for you to store your home movies, music, and photos as digital files, you can lose them all with a single hack. You can keep these files for the rest of your life when you store them on recordable DVDs.

Recordable DVDs are also great for backing up data in case your computer’s hard disk fails. You can make home movies or mix tapes and burn the files on to a DVD for use with a variety of gadgets like DVD players. To do all this, you need reliable blank discs that can store files accurately. Here is a list of the best recordable DVD packs you can buy right now:

1. XtremPro DVD+R DL 8X 8.5GB 

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Why we like it: These XtremePRO DVD-R discs can record data worth 240 minutes.

The XtremPro comes with a 12-month warranty replacement. The blank discs in the spindle are highly compatible with drives and offer a wide range of format capacities. It is best to store the discs in cool to room temperature areas because they may be damaged in hot or humid places. To prevent scratches and fingerprints, do not touch the surface of the DVDs. Before using check that the recordable surface is clean and dust free because dust will affect the performance of the disk.

Use a felt tip pen when writing a label on the disc.

Do not use a ball-point pen or other hard tip devices as it may damage the recording surface. Xtreme Pro storage capacity is 8.5GB it is perfect for recording data movies, videos music photos, and much more.

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2. AmazonBasics 4.7 GB 16x DVD-R

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Why we like it: This is an amazing value pack with high-quality writable discs. The versatile discs are perfect for most data backup needs.

This is one of the cheapest recordable DVD packs you can buy online. And you get great value. Even though Amazon is not a major name in physical storage, these recordable DVDs are as reliable as a Sony or Verbatim product. Each pack comes with 100 discs that can record 4.7GB of data per disc. That means you can burn a video file for around 120 minutes on a disc. The pack as a whole offers excellent perks as hard storage for data backups, videos, music, movies, and even games. You can even burn HD files quickly.

These discs record data at 16x speed, which is practically the speed of light in the recordable disc world. Even at high speed, data is transferred accurately and there’s no corruption. Burning a disc is really easy as the blank discs work with any brand of disc burn software. The discs are highly versatile, so you can use them with computers, DVD recorders, or external optical drives. We found the plastic case provided for the pack by Amazon to be sturdier than most. The bottom part is thicker and secures like a bottle cap, so your discs will not easily fall out.2.

3. Sony 50DMR47SP 16x DVD-R 4.7GB

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Why we like it: These high-quality Sony writable DVDs are the perfect solution for burning homemade movies, personal music CDs, and backup images for your hard drives.

Sony is one of the biggest brand names in tech. So we had high expectations for these discs. We got 50 discs in a single bundle pack, so it’s a huge bargain. These DVD-R discs can each hold 4.7GB of data, which is rather standard. They can also record data at 16x speed, which is the highest speed rate currently available for DVDs. These discs are the perfect solution for storing homemade movies, mix tapes or backup data files that only you can access. You can burn a full feature-length MPEG movie in one of these discs.

These discs work with any modern optical drive that can write to a DVD. Impressively, the discs are compatible with both old and recently released DVD recorders. The discs even work with modern Blu Ray players. That’s right; you can burn a high-def movie and any decent Blu Ray player will be able to read the disc. So function wise, these discs are highly versatile. The discs are scratch resistant as long as you keep them in the protective case. You can use these discs for both home and professional use without a worry.3.

4. Maxell 16X Write-once DVD-R Spindle

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Why we like it: This may be a small recordable DVD pack with only 15 discs, but each disc can last 100 or more.

This is a no-nonsense DVD-R set for casual users. Not everyone wants a massive 100-disc recordable DVD pack. If you only have minor data storage needs, like occasionally burning a home movie or backing up your music folder, then this small pack is definitely for you. It costs little and you get 15 discs. Each disc has 4.7GB capacity and writes at 16x speed. So the quality is as good as what you find on a pro-grade Verbatim pack. This disc set is optimized for recording video and data. It’s speedy as expected, and records information accurately.

You can record about two hours of video on a single disc. According to the manufacturer, one of these discs can last for about a century. Well, that’s probably longer durability than you need. Then again, if you have grandkids, they might even be able to watch that home movie you shot when they are older on an antique DVD player. In any case, these discs are compatible with just about any gadget that can play DVD-R format. You can store over a thousand photos and music files on a single disc. This is definitely an ideal product for preserving data on the long term.4.

5. Smart Buy 100 Pack DVD+R 4.7gb 16x

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Why we like it: Smart Buy recordable DVDs are surprisingly affordable and highly durable. One of these discs can be read over a million times.

We highly recommend this DVD pack for cash-strapped budget users. This brand is cheaper than better-known brands like Verbatim. So you will pay less per disc than with a famous brand. But cheap does not mean lack of quality. We found these Smart Buy recordable DVDs to be just as reliable and accurate as a better-known brand. The 100 unit pack comes with 4.7GB DVDs that can write at a 16x rate. You can store 2 hours of video, about a thousand photos, and more than a thousand other data files on a single disc.

The discs in this pack also come with a label that is easy to write on. Most DVDs have labels with a plastic-like film, which makes it nearly impossible to write on with ball point pens or markers. The labels on these discs have a wonderful matte finish, so you can write using practically anything you can find. We were impressed with the writing quality of the discs. You can burn a file in less than 10 minutes. Also, the discs are highly durable. Each disc can be read over a million times, so you know this is a purchase you can depend on for years to come.SEE MORE

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6. Memorex 16X DVD-R 10-Pack Spindle

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Why we like it: It’s hard not to love Memorex recordable DVDs that come beautifully color coded for users’ convenience. Also, the discs support both DVD-R and DVD+R formats.

Have you ever wanted to color code your burned DVDs? Most DVD packs come with discs in a single color. Not Memorex. Each of the Memorex discs is color coded in vibrant shades. Even the writable sides of the discs shine brightly like a kaleidoscope. While we were impressed by this unusual perk offered by the brand, we were equally impressed with the reliability of the discs as well. If you are looking for recordable DVDs to build an external movie, music, or a data library, then this is definitely the product for you.

The other big perk offered by these Memorex discs is that you can choose between DVD-R or DVD+R for recording. Both disc types record data in the same way. But the dash or plus sign determines which brands of players support the DVD. DVD-R discs are mainly supported by brands like Toshiba, Pioneer, Panasonic, and Hitachi. DVD+R discs work with Philips, Sony, HP, Yamaha, and Ricoh devices. So you can choose the format to best suit your home DVR. It’s also a highly useful perk that will allow you to use your discs with a variety of optical drives.SEE MORE

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7. Philips DVD+R 16X 4.7GB 100PK Spindle

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Why we like it: This Phillips bundle offers 100 high-quality DVD+R discs that can retain most file types. The pack is optimized to keep data uncorrupted.

Most recordable DVDs come in the DVD-R format. This Phillips pack has 100 discs in DVD+R format. These discs work perfectly with Phillips optical drives and DVD recorders. Also, if you have any other device that can play +R DVDs, these discs would post zero issues. There’s little difference between DVD-R and DVD+R discs. However, some brands optimized their gadgets for one format over the other. If your home device plays DVD-R discs slowly, switching to DVD+R might solve the problem. Also, don’t worry, this format is compatible with pretty much all DVD players out there.

These DVDs come with write speeds that vary between 1x and 16x. That means you can choose the speed on the software you use to burn discs. Most files burn at speedy 16x. But if you have high-def files, the varying speed rates will allow the software to write on the disc using the most suitable speed. The important thing here is to maintain the accuracy of the data, and that’s exactly what these discs are made for. You can reliably burn up to 4.7GB of data on a single disc. The DVDs are designed to last, so your data will be stored uncorrupted for decades.7.

8. Verbatim 4.7GB 1x- 4x DVD plus RW

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Why we like it: This is one of the most affordable Verbatim products that offer DVD+RW discs. You can write data and erase them later with these discs.

This is a mini Verbatim pack that comes with 20 discs. Most writable DVDs come in DVD-R or DVD+R formats. These discs are in DVD+RW format. The RW here means rewritable, as some of you may know. The advantage RW discs offer over R discs is that you can burn files and erase them later. Therefore, each disc is highly reusable. If you need extra space, you can delete unwanted files and make room for new ones. This is the ideal format for those who want to transport temporary data. If you have files that you don’t need to store permanently, then these discs would be helpful.

These Verbatim discs are compatible with any device that can play DVD+R discs. You can use these discs on a PC, Mac or a Linux easily without any issues. The DVDs have a writing speed of 4x, which is the standard max speed for rewritable discs. The undersides of the discs are layered with Super Eutectic, which optimizes both read and write speeds. So you can generally burn a disc in 10 or 20 minutes. According to Verbatim, these discs also have longer life spans than regular +R discs. If you are looking for a durable disc that you can somewhat edit, then this would be a must-have product.8.

9. HP DVD-R 16X 4.7GB 100PK Spindle with Handle

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Why we like it: This HP DVD-R pack is easy to like largely thanks to the sturdy case that comes with a convenient transport handle.

One of the biggest reasons we like this HP blank DVD pack is the sturdy spindle case that even has a handle on top. Not only is the case easy to store, it’s easy to carry as well. The case is perfect for those who want to keep a big disc storage set around. The pack has 100 HP DVD-R discs. The discs are of reasonably good quality. Each can hold 120 minutes of video and writes at 16x. You can have a full DVD movie burned in less than 20 minutes thanks to this speed.

The discs are perfect for storing media files and backup images of devices. This 100-disc pack can seem too much for home use, but if you have massive external data storage needs, like for a home office, then this pack would be a great solution. We can recommend this pack for offices too, especially because of the spindle handle that makes transportation easy. We found great success burning various types of files onto these DVDs. The discs can even hold high-def content. All in all, this a great product for the money spent.