RC rock crawlers stand out next to other RC toys because of their more all-terrain design. Rock crawling is a pastime using modified vehicles to traverse terrain normal cars couldn’t. RC rock crawlers miniaturize that pastime and make it accessible for a wider audience.

It also gives remote control toys an interesting twist. The frames are set higher from the ground, the wheels have thick tread, and the engine has high torque for better climbing and traversal. Below are some candidates for the title of best RC rock crawler when compared to their rivals.

Comparison Table

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How We Chose Our Ratings

an rc rock crawler with mud on its wheels

Image Source: Pexels.com

When choosing the best RC rock crawler, the freedom of movement will be an important factor to consider. Each product will also be judged based on affordability, the design of the vehicle, and other unique features.

When choosing the final rating for the best RC rock crawler candidates, the feedback of multiple reviewers will be taken into consideration. The rating will also weigh comments and hands-on experience from testers and users of the product. All of this will be combined with this review’s initial rating to give a final, cumulative rating.

Each RC rock crawler on this list has the potential to be the best RC rock crawler, so a lower rating doesn’t indicate a bad product. Instead, a higher rating indicates an RC rock crawler has more unique features or stood out more during the time testers spent with the product.

The final rating will be given using a five-star rating. All products are listed from top to bottom according to the ratings they were given. Each RC rock crawler offers something unique, so depending on your personal preferences, a product with a lower rating could easily stand out more than one above it.

Top 5 Best RC Rock Crawlers

The best RC rock crawler candidates are listed below. Each RC rock crawler should offer something unique. Each brand is represented only once, to make a more diverse list. This should give you more options to choose from while at the same time highlighting several top of the line models.

Redcat Racing Everest-10 RC Rock Crawler (Four And One-Half Star)

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The Redcat Racing Everest-10 is a one-tenth model of the larger rock crawling vehicle. This model also shares parts with many popular RC rock crawlers, making it easy to repair and customize for enthusiasts.

This RC rock crawler has front and rear suspensions, and each is a multilink system that can bend and contort to better match difficult terrain. It also has a front and rear transmission systems, allowing it to allocate torque to the parts of the rock crawler that are most stuck on difficult terrain.

This RC rock crawler uses a 2.4GHz transmitter to avoid crossing signals with other RC vehicles. The Everest-10 is waterproof, so you can run it in the rain, through puddles, and into any pool of water that doesn’t fully submerge the device.

The shock absorbers are capped with aluminum and filled with oil. Carefully placed ball bearings and these shock absorbers guarantee less bouncing and rolling on difficult terrain.

The Redcat Racing Everest-10 receives a four and one half star rating. It has possibly the best handling and suspension of any model on this list. It is durable and at the same time parts are easy to replace. While it doesn’t have as many unique features as others on this list, nearly every basic feature is above average in some regard.

Traxxas 67044 Telluride Extreme Terrain RC Rock Crawler (Four Star)

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The Telluride Extreme Terrain RC rock crawler is a hybrid creation. It has the versatility and climbing of a rock crawler, but the speed and handling of an RC car designed for racing.

Traxxas is a veteran producer of RC vehicles, and this vehicle takes advantage of that experience. It features a Titan 12-turn motor and can reach a speed of 30mph with ease.

The Telluride comes with a battery that can last twenty minutes. One massive advantage this model has over its rivals is charging time. It only takes an hour to charge, allowing you to use it again much faster than other rock crawlers.

The transmitter has a training mode that cuts the power to the motor in half. This makes the Telluride Extreme Terrain easier to handle, which is good for teaching kids to use an RC device or getting a handle on the rock crawler.

The Traxxas 67044 Telluride Extreme Terrain RC Rock Crawler receives a four-star rating. Its consideration for new rock crawler enthusiasts stands out. The training mode and quick battery charging are impressive features. This model from Traxxas can function well in dual roles as either a rock crawler or a racing RC vehicle.

INTEY RC Rock Crawler (Three Star)

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The INTEY RC rock crawler bills itself as an amphibious, all-terrain vehicle. The traction and all-wheel drive system help this RC rock crawler to easily live up to those claims. This look does leave something to be desired, but what’s under the proverbial hood is exceptional.

The rubber tires have especially deep grooves for traction and are above average on mud and slick surfaces. The rubber design means the car can float in water, making this a true amphibious vehicle. The wheels have four independent suspension systems. This RC rock crawler is far more flexible than a standard RC car.

The wheels are equipped with an anti-collision system. There are two collision baffles which, when paired with the wheels, greatly help to reduce the impact on the RC rock crawler’s body. You’ll find that few RC rock crawlers can take an impact the way this one can.

It also comes with a package full of technical accessories, such as a screwdriver. These help you to fix and maintain the RC rock crawler and act as a nice addition if you purchase this product from INTEY.

There is one glaring issue though, which is the battery life. Some users noted it has a strange, almost faulty charging system. You must wait until it is fully charged before unplugging and using it. The battery only has a lifespan of fifteen minutes of constant use, so you may want to consider a replacement or a spare.

This amphibious RC rock crawler from INTEY receives a three-star rating. The anti-collision system, sealed frame, and accessories make this a very sturdy rock crawler. It doesn’t look as good as its rivals, and the battery is a major issue. Underneath the surface though, this model has numerous stand out features.

Exceed RC Rock Crawler MaxStone(Two Star)

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This rock crawler came with several recommendations as a gift for children or new RC enthusiasts. After testing, it became clear that this rock crawler is a bit slower and you must be more deliberate in controlling it. This does make its handling better though, which may be why it gives this impression.

Exceed’s RC rock crawler comes with a motor with very high torque. This makes it better than most rivals at the one thing rock crawlers are known for: off-road driving. It doesn’t function as well as others as a normal RC car, but that seems like a fair tradeoff.Its other nice feature is the design. This RC rock crawler has a brightly colored decal and seems reminiscent of monster trucks and other fun offroad vehicles. With an eye-catching design, simple handling, and an above average suspension system, this model is an easy recommendation for new rock crawler enthusiasts and children.

The largest flaw for this model is the controller. The steering device is made of plastic and isn’t as sturdy as other remotes. Neither the controller or the rock crawler have sealed frames so that water can be an issue as well.The Exceed RC Rock Crawler MaxStone receives a two-star rating. It has many solid, basic features. Poor remote design and below average waterproofing are significant issues. The sleek design and powerful motor make it an eye-catching model that’s good for new enthusiasts.

Axial SCX10 Deadbolt 4WD RC Rock Crawler (One Star)

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The Axial SCX10 Deadbolt is a four-wheel drive RC rock crawler. This jeep style RC vehicle has a plastic body that makes it lighter and faster than many of its RC rock crawler rivals.

The transmission is positioned on the underside for a lower center of gravity. A protective cage surrounds the transmission, preventing dirt or mud from being caught in the gears during usage. Several testers said that it remained functional even when this Axial RC rock crawler was fully submerged for a brief time.

The lightweight design of the Axial gives it better speed than many RC rock crawlers. Its parts share designs with many other RC rock crawlers, so it is easy to find replaceable parts as well.

It does have several key flaws when compared to other crawlers on this list. Instead of an all-terrain suspension system, the Deadbolt uses a rear-axle system. The crawler has efficient battery usage, but batteries are not included, either.

The Axial SCX10 Deadbolt receives a one-star rating. The combination of a lightweight frame and high speeds make it easier to roll than other rock crawlers. The internal mechanics are well protected, but the frame is easier to damage. While it is an excellent RC car, a bit more focus on features that compliment rock crawling would improve its rating significantly.

Buyer’s Guide

There are many markets for RC devices. RC rock crawlers set themselves apart due to their excellent handling and off-road capabilities. This means the key features to look for are the ability to handle watery environments and a high torque motor that can climb rocky outcroppings with ease.

Common Problems With Rock Crawlers

These features do come with a problem that applies across all rock crawlers though; intense energy needs. Rock crawlers often have a short battery life so a rock crawler with quick charging times, like the Traxxas Telluride, can be considered above average. You should always consider buying a backup battery, though.

Rock crawlers have to take a beating, so the material used in the frame and the protection around internal components are also very important. Most rock crawlers get covered in mud and battered by the elements at some point. This was a significant factor when choosing the final rating for Exceed’s rock crawler.

Models That Can Traverse More Terrain Types Will Be Better

The INTEYs model is the only fully amphibious model on this list. Its ability to traverse water and slick surfaces is exceptional. If you plan to use RC rock crawlers in mud or on other smooth surfaces, its treaded tires will also perform very well.

When it comes to climbing and rocky surfaces though, high torque is an essential element. The Exceed product received a lower rating on this list, but it is the best RC rock crawler in this regard.

Different Functions Vs. A Reliable Experience

Finally, most users purchase an RC rock crawler with fun first and foremost in their mind. While testing the limits of an all-terrain RC vehicle is entertaining in its own right, many users eventually yearn for an RC rock crawler with some versatility.

A dual-purpose rock crawler may appeal more to you in that case. The Traxxas model and Axial rock crawler are both very fast and can serve as standard or racing RC cars as well. They both offer more options, but the Axial model is less favorable in this regard because it sacrifices some functionality as a rock crawler to be a dual purpose device.

If you want a simple, basic RC vehicle that focuses on functioning as a rock crawler exclusively, the Redcat is probably the best choice. The reliability of the model means fewer parts breaking and less time spent repairing your RC rock crawler. While it won’t blow you away with its unique features, its reliable performance was noted by every reviewer we convened with as well.

Featured Image Source: Pixabay.com