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Ever had that claustrophobic feeling when you are in the kitchen cooking and you feel you can’t breathe anymore or the oxygen in the room is deteriorating. This is caused due to the increased smoke from the cook and the lack of an exit or ventilation for this smoke to go out. So it stays in the room and makes it uncomfortable and hot. This happened specifically in small compact kitchens, generally found in apartment buildings. These kitchens have little to no ventilation and no exhaust, so all the smoke from the cooking and frying circulated in the kitchen giving you a hard time practicing your passion or even preparing a simple meal. This is when you need a range hood that would swallow up all the smoke and keep the room cool and comfortable.

Broan QS130SS Allure Range Hood


The unique feature of this range hood from Broan is that it is especially quiet. The headache that traditional range hoods give when they operate with their exhaust making a riot up there right near your head is forgone when you get your hand on the Broan QS130SS Allure Range Hood. It has a charcoal filter that is a combination grease filter as well. This charcoal filter is removable and produces clean air by exhausting and re-circulating the hot air.

Broan QS136SS Allure Range Hood


Range hoods from QS1 are touted to be the quietest range hood within their category. This root from the facts that the exhaust fan built in the range hood uses axial blade technology that helps them keep it down when they are operating. The body is made of brushed stainless steel that makes it easy to wipe clean and collects minimal residue. The exhaust can be adjusted to two speeds, normal and high. Normal is ideal for everyday cooking while high is recommended when you want to rid the kitchen of unwanted aromas quickly if you happen to have a surprise visit. The hood has inbuilt halogen powered lamps that can be adjusted to two settings to provide the ultimate cooking experience. The hood also features a double filter for added exhaust and these filters can be removed and propped into a dishwasher enabling easy cleaning. The range hood can be attached either ducted or non-ducted. If you are planning to install the range hood non-ducted then it is best to choose a charcoal filter to get your range hood to work at peak efficiency, this filter can easily be bought separately. The added advantage to install a clean sense charcoal filter is that It gives an indication when the filter requires cleaning by changing its color, which makes it easier for people who live a busy life and have difficulty remembering mundane domestic tasks. The duct connectors on the range hood are adjustable, so if your carpenter has missed an angle or two while making the duct, installation of this range hood will not be a problem. The exhaust fan in the range hood is permanently lubricated so you can enjoy years of uninterrupted service.


Broan 403001 Under-Cabinet Range Hood


This range hood from Broan measures 3-1/4” by 10” which makes it an installation for a wide range. The range hood installs only on a duct opening which may either be horizontal or vertical. The under cabinet range hood is made available in a variety of colors so you can match the hood to your existing kitchen décor without compromising on look and style. The range hood offers more than just looks; it comes with an inbuilt lamp that throws light on your cooktop evenly. The exhaust on the range is designed to last a long time and is covered by a removable filter which makes it easy to clean and fit it back. The exhaust fan can be adjusted for speed depending on your exhaust needs. Sometimes for light cooking, you don’t really need to keep the exhaust on high and can do with minimal filter. The duct adaptor included in the range hood features an inbuilt damper the prevent moisture from building inside which further prevent corrosion providing durability to the range hood.

AKDY Stainless Steel Touch Panel Range Hood


This range hood from AKDY is ideal for island cooktops. The range hood is wall mounted and features an LED touch panel that enables you to control the exhaust fan speed and the light. If you are not doing any heavy duty cooking you can keep the fan speed to a minimum and for excessive smoke, you can increase the fan speed. The body of the range hood is made of stainless steel that helps make the cleaning process a lot easier and gives it a classy finish. Additionally, the filters are made of anodized aluminum and are removable. You can just pop them into a dishwasher and your cleaning routine for the range hood is sorted.

Kitchen Bath Collection STL75


Super sleek and super professional looking range hood from Kitchen bath is all steel. The chimney is a two piece installation to enable adjustment for height. The unique feature about this hood is that you will not be able to see any welded pieces even though it is built in parts. The whole hood gives a clean finish and looks like it has been crafted from one sheet of metal. The control panel on the hood is touch screen adding to its professional look. The hood features two LED-powered lights on either side of the hood each of which works with 49 bulbs giving sharp brightness to your cook top. You can adjust the exhaust speed in three ways according to your cooking requirement. The duct is of aluminum built and is flexible enough to be attached either to the wall or the ceiling. The grease filters, two in all, is removable and is dishwasher safe. The hood also comes with charcoal carbon filters if you happen to have a non-ducted fixture for the range hood.


Broan 413004


The non–ducted range hood from Broan is ideal for domestic use. It has a charcoal filter that is a combination grease filter as well. This charcoal filter is removable and produces clean air by exhausting and re-circulating the hot air. The cooktop features a lamp that lights up the cooking area and makes you feel oh so professional. It is also good when you have your cooktop located in a remote corner of the kitchen where the light is behind you and you really can’t say if you are roasting or burning the spices. The light is a handy tool in these situations. The range hood has switches that control the speed of the exhaust fan and the light. The range hood is available in white, black and almond color to blend with whatever interior your kitchen has. The body is stainless steel to give it a durable finish and a classy look.

Broan F403011 Two-Speed Four-Way Range Hood


Broan seems to be ruling the roost here on our list of the best range hoods. The Broan F403011 provides a 4-way compatibility that enables you to install the hood anywhere you desire. It does not depend on whether or not you have an under cabinet space or a free hanging chimney. You can install this hood either under the cabinet or freestanding without duct. However, if you are planning on using the hood non-ducted, it is advisable to replace the aluminum filters that are included with the hood with charcoal carbon filters. This will improve the efficiency and the life of the range hood. The duct adapter included in the hood comes with an inbuilt damper so it will not be required to purchase this separately. All the range hoods from Broan can be applied in an ADA-compliant environment.


Broan F402404 Two-Speed Four-Way Range Hood


This range hood is flexible and versatile and can be hooked onto any application. If you have an under cabinet space, or a round vertical ducting space, or a non-ducted air recirculation space, the hood will fit all of these applications easily. The other features include a protective lamp which works with a 75W bulb, dishwasher safe removable filters made of aluminum and Adjustable speed. The duct damper is not included with the range hood and can be bought separately. The range hood is designed to work in an ADA-compliant environment.

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