Who doesn’t love blasting music on the go? Radio is still the best way to listen to free music. Portable radios are the best gadgets you can own to listen to your favorite channels regardless of where you are. These devices allow users to fine tune channels in a capacity that is not yet available on smartphones and other smart gadgets.

Most portable radios are highly compact and also affordable. You can easily carry one around without feeling like you are lugging a small suitcase. A portable radio is obviously better than a wired one when you want to switch music between rooms. These gadgets are highly useful when you are out camping. You can listen to music and also get news when you are officially disconnected.

Modern portable radios offer additional perks like built-in alarm clocks. You can wake up listening to your favorite tunes. Here is a list of the best portable radios available on the market to refer to when shopping:

1. Sony ICFP26 Portable AM/FM Radio

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Why we like it: This pocket radio from Sony is small and highly affordable. It will fit in a small handbag, and can be powered hassle-free with AA batteries.

Sony never disappoints when it comes to nifty little gadgets like radios. This portable radio is example number one. Not only is it super cheap this portable radio is super compact as well. In an essence, it’s like a textbook example of a portable radio. The gadget is so small and square, this radio is like a tiny, weightless book. You can easily fit it in a handbag, backpack or a large pocket (like ones on overalls). The radio uses a telescoping antenna, so you can definitely get radio signals just about anywhere.

This portable radio even comes with a convenient carrying strap. The workmanship is impeccable. The radio requires two AA batteries to power, which frees it from having to be charged every 10 hours. The case comes with two LED indicators, one each for tuning and battery power. You can hold this radio in hand to listen to music, news, and whatever else. This is really the gadget you want when there’s a power outage. We highly recommend including this radio in an emergency kit (what’s with all these hurricanes and all). All in all, you won’t find a better pocket radio anywhere else.

2. Sangean H201 Radio

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Why we like it: What if you could have a portable radio that is water resistant and won’t be expensive? Well, now you’ve found that perfect purchase.

You know those radios that wake you up in the morning as well as play music? Sangean is one of those radios. It’s small and very portable. It has a beautiful white exterior too, so it’s like a radio version of the classic iPod. The radio has a built-in AM/FM antenna. The best thing to like about this radio is perhaps the digital tuning. With old radios, you have to spend hours turning a dial. There’s no such hassle with this radio, which has fully automated digital tuning. You can tune into any station and save settings for up to 10 stations!

And the other major perk this portable radio offers that others don’t? Water resistance. That’s right; this portable radio has JIS7 standard water resistance! You can use this by the pool, near a bath, or any other area with high moisture. It won’t disturb the circuits. That makes this portable radio just perfect to take on camping trips. It even has a massive, backlit LCD screen that wonderfully displays time. The bracket and the hangar are easy to apply as well. Considering the budget, this portable radio is one of the best purchases you can make.

3. Sangean PR-D18BK Radio

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Why we like it: This portable radio will play your favorite station, and also wake you up each morning. It’s affordable, durable, and offers excellent bang for the buck.

Have you seen old movies where the characters are woken up by the radio? That’s because those movie people have radios like this. This portable radio beautifully combines a sophisticated alarm system. There are 2 alarm timers that you can adjust by the radio’s Humane Wake System. It’s a tech that wakes you up to a radio station at a time you specify. There is a buzzer of course so you’ll wake up listening to your favorite morning show. This is a great gadget for those who have trouble waking up in the morning. The radio station will stay on, unlike snooze.

You can definitely wake up to an important news report or the day’s weather, which should jolt you awake without a hassle. In addition to the alarm, there’s also an adjustable sleep timer so you can sleep exactly for 8 hours each night. This portable radio has a big speaker and an easy-to-read LCD screen. The screen is backlit of course. You can preset 10 stations, 5 each of AM and FM. This radio was more compact than we expected, and thus easier to carry. It has easy to push rubber-coated buttons too. Overall, we highly recommend this product.

4. Epica Digital Emergency Solar Radio

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Why we like it: This groovy portable radio is a combination of a flashlight, phone charger, and an actual radio. This product offers so much for so little.

This portable radio is affixed into a flashlight! Speak of innovative design and multi-functionality. To be clear, this is not a flashlight. The portable radio has a rectangular shape, and on one end is a flashlight. It comes with a handle and a mount as well. Despite all the features packed into this device, this portable radio is amazingly lightweight. It has a 3-band radio, a flashlight with 3 LED lights, and a mobile phone charger port. And it’s powered in three different ways, via a crank, plug-in outlet, and a solar panel! You will definitely get your money’s worth with this gadget.

The radio comes with not only the standard AM and FM frequencies, but also NOAA VHF weather frequencies as well. And all tuning is digital. Forget the annoying analog tuning that usually yields weak signals. The digital tuning in this radio is precise and very convenient. You may think that with the flashlight and charger and all, that this portable radio must be quite huge. It’s really not. You can slip it into a large jacket pocket. It will fit easily in a backpack or a handbag. To top it all off, this product comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee too.

5. Kaito KA500 Radio

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Why we like it: There is no better emergency radio that is actually affordable. It gives access to emergency channels, and can be powered in 6 different ways!

Kaito intimidated us at first. It looks like a super complicated gadget that geologists use. There are dials, frequency numbers, antennas, and whatnot that can easily confuse. But despite the looks of it all, this portable radio is rather groovy. It’s packed with more features than we could count. It has a super cool yellow exterior and dials to access 2-band and full-length AM and FM radio frequencies. You can analog tune, hence all the dials. You can also access NOAA weather channels and 7 are pre-programmed. It gives access to the PEAS (Public Emergency Alert System) in U.S. and Canada.

This tiny radio is powered in 6 different ways, believe it or not. It has a solar panel, a hand crank generator, a wall power adapter, USB outlet, a built-in NiMH rechargeable and replaceable battery pack, and a compartment for regular batteries. In other words, it’s the perfect portable radio for campers and survivalists. The telescopic antenna of the radio extends to 14.5 inches and is suited for high sensitivity reception. It’s supported by advanced semiconductor circuitry design. Oh, and the case is made from sturdy ABS plastic that is impact and water resistant.

6. iRonsnow IS-088 Radio

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Why we like it: This portable radio doubles as an emergency kit with a phone charger and an LED light. It has 3-way power-up options, with a great hand crank when there’s no power.

This adorable portable radio has a sleek red exterior and throws in an LED flashlight as a plus. It’s perfect to include in an emergency or an outdoor camping kit. In addition to being a cool radio, you can use it as a flashlight or for charging your phone when needed. When there’s a power outage, you will definitely appreciate this gadget even more. It packs a good amount of power as well. The flashlight can last 30 minutes. It comes with a self-charge hand crank, a solar panel, and an external recharger. Even with all these features packed, this portable radio is very lightweight.

It has a small 300mAh battery inside. A minute of hand crank can support about 5 minutes of radio playtime or 5 minutes of talk time on the cell phone. You can charge this by USB too. In addition to AM and FM radio frequencies, you can get access to NOAA weather forecasts as well. The brand specializes in making emergency equipment, so you know you can rely on this. We were impressed by how well this performed outdoors. You can definitely use this at home too, especially if your area suffers from blackouts.

7. Sony CFDS70BLK Radio

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Why we like it: This Sony portable radio seems supplanted from the nineties with a modern twist. You can not only listen to the radio, but you can play your old CDs and cassettes on this as well.

Return to the nineties with this throwback Sony portable radio plus CD player! It’s not an old model, mind you, but is a cool new gadget that will let you play your old CDs and even cassette tapes! Bring back the nostalgia, right? This radio is designed especially to play music. It has two giant speakers that support full-function stereo sound. The device supports digital tuning for AM and FM frequencies. You can preset up to 30 stations! You can connect this portable radio to a wall outlet, or use the internal battery that can last up to 19 hours on a single charge!

This radio even comes with an Aux audio output so you can connect a digital music player or external speakers for an even better listening experience. Oh, the inbuilt speakers have a mega bass boost that cut out low frequencies to enhance bass playback. There are other cool features like programs to shuffle music tracks when playing CDs or cassettes. We recommend this radio for home use. It’s portable enough to carry between rooms. This radio is very easy to use and has a durable exterior. We were really impressed with the amount of flexibility this radio offered. If you are looking for a good radio player to use when chopping vegetables, then this is it.

8. KIPOZI Solar Hand Crank Radio

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Why we like it: Tired of having to dock your portable radio for charging? Then you will love this solar portable radio that comes with a hand crank.

You know how annoying it is to charge a portable radio every 10 or so hours? Some radios are powered by wall outlets, but that, of course, makes the portable radio much less portable. If you are plagued by such charging problems, then this solar hand crank radio is the perfect solution. It can be charged using a micro USB outlet the regular manner. But when you are not near a power outlet, you can charge it using the solar panel or the hand crank. Both can be operated at the same time to boost the charge.

The hand crank gives about 5 minutes of playtime for 1 minute of cranking. The portable radio has a flashlight attached. A minute or two of hand cranking can power the flashlight for about 30 minutes! It’s super powerful and is the perfect solution for power outages. This portable radio is also perfect for extended outdoor trips when you don’t have easy access to electrical outlets. You can get AM and FM radio bands as well as NOAA frequencies to access emergency reports. The radio has 4 different interfaces too. Plus, it comes with a 12-month warranty.

9. Northpoint 190503 Radio

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Why we like it: This is a beautiful vintage-style portable radio with manual analog tuning. You know, just like it was back when radio was the equivalent of the internet.

This is a gorgeous vintage radio with ostensibly modern features. If you love antiques, then you will definitely enjoy the 60s style look of this radio. It’s not an actual expensive antique, of course. You will be instantly transported back to the height of the radio era, minus the technical problems. This radio has a rotary telescopic antenna and is powered by 3 AA batteries. It comes with a generously large carrying handle that folds when you don’t need it. True to the antique style, you will have to manually tune the radio.

The radio has a giant frequency dial that is easy to read when you tune the device. You can access both AM and FM channels, and every other band in between. The rotary telescopic antenna is extendable, so you can point it in the most sensitive direction to get the channels you want. You can access emergency channels in addition to commercial radio. This is one of the lowest power consuming portable radios we have come across. The three AA batteries will last a long time, mostly because there is no digital display to consume power. If you love the elegant vintage stuff, then you will definitely love this portable radio.